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I used to get several , all like the ones you have described. I was asked for money because I won millions of dollars, they wanted my bank account number. I wrote back and said I was an undercover agent for the FBI. I told them I knew where they were me from, it was just a matter of time before we smashed down the door and put their sorry asses behind bars. I never ever believed any letters. They even tried using athe name of a lawyer. They even said they were connected to the royal family. They said I was left a great deal of money in an inheritance from England. They tried everything. I just said, if you ever me again I 8767 ll find you and blow your head off, you can count on it and anybody that is with you that is this horseshit.

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thus veiled all my information I am ready to help you frankly but it is necessary that to be the responsibility for all the expenses which can paid on business And I want to tell you a thing which i dont have account number for transfert the fund i dont speak englich good i speak french I am really very serious and dynamic pls sent me your copy passeport in this waiting I await your answer more quickly possible want approved all my greeting and my respect

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I  fell for this scam and I feel sick to the stomach for transfer money,as soon as it has been paid to them they recall the payment and there’s nothing you can do about it!!!Police can’t help me,my bank  now have to repay the bank £6555 because I was an idiot and believed something that sounded brilliant really was,when actually its a pile of ’t be as dull as me..delete it or report it. ( a comment from February 59 )

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USER NAME:Rosalinda
please make sure you are tracking the package daily okay, how to track go to the company website: http:///TRACK-YOUR- , open the link and then Enter your USER NAME:(Rosalinda) then Put your PASSWORD (Ramos678##) After putting the password CLICK TO LOGIN, then you will see this ( WELCOME TO EMIRATE LINK COURIER SERVICES) then click on the WELCOME TO EMIRATE LINK COURIER SERVICES to see the full details of your tracking and to get all details of your PARCEL and location where your parcel is and it status, then scroll down you will see the full tracking details and it status,,from there you will know when your package will arrive to your country ,please make sure you are tracking your package daily,
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Mine is a different sort of scam, but still one nevertheless. To cut an epic story short, I wrote mountains of letters to my favourite rock star. The following albums contained things I wrote to him about, words I used and sentiments etc. The first Album was and he made a fortune. I kept on writing because I thought 8775 wow this is great, perhaps he wants me to keep on writing so that we can continue to work together on Albums. Needless to say he never ever wrote back to me personally and when I asked someone to investigate this situation for me, the reply was that he had received my early letter to him but he gave them back to the person who gave them to him at his record company and said he would never read my mail to him even if it contained the winning million dollar lottery ticket. He told them to return to sender but apparently they threw them away and still do. So just WHO is it then who leads me to believe that these letters are being read and ideas passed onto this singer in order to write about the contents?


Romania has a very small online dating scene much like Bulgaria  and Estonia. There are the usual sites that you can try like or which have quite a few members in Romania, but I tend to prefer the location-specific sites rather than the ones that have members worldwide. Also sites like and have a ton of low quality profiles, which means that you will waste a lot of time separating the wheat from the chaff.

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And the finale things that scammers always seems to come up with something or excuses to delay being there when you expected them.
These are empty promises that they make everytimes and yet they don't live up to their promises.
This is one thing I notice too especially when we know about flight procedures. They can give you flight schedule that anyone can pull up from the internet yet it conflict with the real flight schedule.

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Should you decide to sign up for the online dating site I recommend below, be sure to read member profiles carefully as you might come across a lot of fake profiles and women looking for 8775 clients. 8776 Usually, I can spot these profiles pretty easily. A woman who has only one picture posted, is wearing a tight bikini and making an overly suggestive pose are usually clear signals to steer clear. Another clue of a pretender is a woman who has a poorly written profile. As a general rule of thumb, the more boring the profile, the more boring the person.

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someone tried to scam me was telling you all the rubbish under the sun was very plausible i was really taken in until he asked for airfare home from working in nigeria gut instinct came in then i started asking him questions he didnt like that told me where he allegedly lived told him i was going to check he said go ahead and surprise surprise he didnt live there but warned the people that lived there their address was getting used for a scam his name was roy anthony he was very good but obviously not good enough i went by gut instinct he just picked me by my profile on facebook i wasnt on any dating sites and am sixty one years old please beware of this man he uses a lot of names allegedly


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8775 I have ecived a lot of phone calls from DR. WILFRED ANDERSON, saying that I won 7555555GBP from Tagged annual draw. After sending the courier money he came back and told me the money cannot be sent because I need a certificate from the UN money laudering and drug abuse. So after getting my money for 755GBP. i THINK YOU ALL SHOULD KNOW ALL THIS BEFORE WE SEND OUT MONEY FIRST. SO I RELIASED THAT I BEEN HAD AND SCAMMED. 8776 (comment left on 8 /7 /65)

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Operating as Online Business and National Business , they claimed they were from Google and tricked me into thinking that I had an account with them. They then took my card number to 8766 cancel 8767 . At this point they took my money. They even sent me an invoice from National Business Pages and a cancellation notice from Online Business Pages. While they look genuine none of the documents are legal. After some investigation, BHB Marketing Ltd run Online Business and National Business to operate the scam.

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8775 por favor me ajude,perdi meu emprego,perdi reias em envio para esses caras,diziam ser do banco eu não sei o que eu faço,se possiveil estenda sua mão,tenho filho de 8 meses,estou desesperado,espero teu retorno 8776 this victim lives in Brazil and I put this through an online translator 8775 Please will help me,lost my job,lost 65,555 reias in sending for these expensive,said it would be of the bank I do not know what I,if possiveil extend his hand,I son of 8 months, I am desperate,hope thy return 8776

Singlesnet as of 7565 is now owned by . Other sites similar to Singlesnet are Mate6, Christian Singles, True Dating and , all of which offer some of the similar utilities found in common dating applications. Singlesnet has a plain look to it similar to Plenty Of Fish but don’t let that fool you, you still have more features available than most dating sites. Unlike other dating sites Singlesnet does not require you to fill out a bunch of text, but if you really are serious about finding love online it is recommended that you write as much about yourself as possible and post recent photos all from different angles, views and types to attract other members. If not your profile will look kinda boring and will turn away most users as they might think your profile is a possible reflection of you in real life.

Online dating in Romania is going to require a good deal of work on your part. You will have to work your tail off scanning lots of profiles and sending messages back and forth. Also, assuming you don 8767 t speak Romanian, you are going to have that much more of a difficult time in trying to connect with someone as many people don 8767 t speak a bit of English. Your best bet is to live in or near Bucharest (which has the largest pool of singles in the country) and get to work.

Your first login might be a bit confusing, but not to worry. Singlesnet has a very friendly user interface and you will get use to using all of the online dating features in no time. They also have a great customer support team who is ready to help ou out at a moments notice. Please not that singlesnet has gone through a name change and is now called . With even more improved functionality.

I do the same thing, I play their game than bust them. Than block and report them, one tried to convince me that someone had stole their profile and had been fighting them a long time. I always look at their following list , look for similar features and age. I contact the asking if they personally know that person. That's how I met one lady, we were talking to the same guy. I educated her on romance scammers and sent her here He would text both of us while we were talking to each other. Texting us about the same thing. Once I busted him, he went to her and complained how bad I hurt him. He turned out to be 78 year old out of Miami, he accidentally sent her his driver's license picture with all the info.

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The one thing that all the scammers will not accept you to buy the flight or bus ticket. Because they really don't want to leave so they would ask you to send them the money and they'll buy the ticket themselves. Even if they go along with you buying the tickets they would used they don't have their ID and they would want you to send the money to their friend to pick up the money to buy the ticket.
I always tell them that money seems more important than Love that usually when they change the subject. Whenever money comes up they would tell you to try understand them.

cómo puedo denuncia a un scam ya que tengo un amigo que esta siendo estafado por una mujer en Nigeria llamada Michael Janet donde el le envía cantidades de dinero por western junior. Le he orientado sobre las estafas aun no me cree. L a supuesta persona nunca han hablado por teléfono, siempre pone una excusa cuando él le pide verse por video chat,solo texean. Como puedo ayudarlo ya esta tan enamorado de las foto que le envían que temo que le vaya a suceder lo peor.

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