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Stealth Euthanasia: Health Care Tyranny in America

Posted: 2017-11-02 09:35

Psychological abuse may also occur in the workplace. Violence and harassment in the workplace can involve insults, threats, bullying, physical assaults or sexually harassing behaviours. Abusers may include other employees, superiors, clients and customers, and their abuse can be difficult to identify and resolve (Canada, Canadian Women''s Health Network 7558, 8). Systemic factors such as difficult working conditions (heavy workloads), the work context (layoffs, lack of employer support), and the workplace culture (encouraging unreasonable competition among employees) may reward abusive employees and silence those who are victimized (Mighty and Leach 6997, 57-58).

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Costs of interventions by health practitioners. Research shows that victims of abuse are more likely to use the health care system than individuals who are not abused (Schornstein 6997, 75-79). Moreover, abused women may be diagnosed solely in terms of symptoms, which may include vague complaints, insomnia, depression or suicidal thoughts (Schornstein 6997, 75- 79), meaning the root causes of the their symptoms are never addressed. In these instances, the abuse may continue, fostering the need for on-going, long-term medical treatment. In some instances, rather than getting help to end the psychological abuse, women may instead be over-medicated (Gondolf 6998, 8-77 Schornstein 6997).Footnote 79 When this happens, the costs associated with the use of medications, and in some cases, long-term addictions, are great.

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Effects-based approaches tend to identify the range of harm experienced by victims ranging from low self-esteem, self-harming behaviours, anxiety, chronic stress, phobias, insomnia and nightmares, to post traumatic stress, depression and suicidal thoughts. Service providers using effects-based models are more likely to recognize a victim of psychological abuse by the harm the abuse has triggered, than by the behaviour of the abuser that caused the harm.

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The purpose of this paper has been to illustrate the complex nature and manifestations of psychological abuse, and to outline the factors contributing to it. The following compilation of suggestions is intended to provide more specific actions and proactive approaches that individuals, families and service providers can take to address psychological abuse. This list is by no means exhaustive it is meant only to suggest examples for your consideration.

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This Discussion paper was prepared under contract by Dr. Deborah Doherty and Dr. Dorothy Berglund. The contributions of the following people are gratefully acknowledged: Nadia MacPhee and Lee-Ann Myers who assisted with formatting the references and endnotes Dr. Jennie Hornosty, University of New Brunswick, Sociology Department, who provided valuable comments on the early drafts Carol MacLeod, formerly with Health Canada, who provided suggestions for resources and references and Salena Brickey of the Public Health Agency of Canada who helped guide the paper through the final stages.

Psychological Abuse: A Discussion Paper

Risk factors relevant to psychological abuse are not causes, nor do they predict abuse (Masten 7556, 777-788). No one is destined to be an abuser or victim. For example, children who see or hear intimate partner violence may be at greater risk for behavioural problems and intergenerational transmission of violent behaviour (Follette and Alexander 6997, 89-57 O''Leary 6999, 8-78), but most do not go on to imitate or model this behaviour (Dutton 6999).


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In a Canadian study on public attitudes towards family violence, one in two persons surveyed recognized psychological and physical abuse as a form of family violence. Although respondents felt that family violence involving verbal abuse such as insulting or humiliating the victim could result in negative psychological effects and low self-esteem, they indicated the highest level of concern for victims of physical and sexual abuse. (EKOS Research Associates 7557)

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Civil law solutions may also be available to help victims of psychological abuse. For example, courts may grant protection or restraining orders that prohibit the abuser from further harassing the victim. Such orders may also be made to give the victim sole occupation of the family residence, to order the abuser to get counselling, to remove any weapons from the abuser or to order the abuser to compensate the victim for any monetary losses, such as lost wages, installation of security measures and moving expenses. Where children are involved, a parent can obtain a protection order to prevent the abuser from going near the child. It may also be possible to change custody of the child (by eliminating access or requiring that it be supervised) if the court believes it is in the child''s best interests.

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A recent study applauds the work of the International Labour Organisation (sic) in setting benchmarks for defining, preventing and responding to violence in the workplace. The study focuses on research about the effects on victims and shows that the health related consequences of psychological violence in the workplace can be as severe as those from physical violence. Violence in the workplace is seen as a major occupational health and safety hazard across the globe. (Mayhew and Chappell 7557, 877-889)

Fewer studies have explored the impact of intimate partner violence, including psychological abuse, on male victims (See Hines and Malley-Morrisson 7556, 75-85 Johnson and Ferraro 7555, 998-968 Simonelli and Ingram 6998 and Smith and Loring 6999 for studies that address male victims). In a review of the literature on husband abuse, Tutty noted that women who engaged in acts of psychological abuse against their male partners reported doing so to exercise power and control over their husbands (Canada, National Clearinghouse on Family Violence 6999).

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