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Experiences With Sagittarius Male | The Mirror of Aphrodite

Posted: 2017-12-07 23:24

Great Post. I have Sagittarius rising and have dated one of each of these type men. I once had an encounter with one who displayed both qualities and, being the person that I am, decided to let go because I just couldn t trust him - although from the outside he appeared to be this great, intelligent, socially-conscious and successful person - in private he was a perv (kinda liked that part) and very deceptive. Do you have any information on Sag women or those with Sag rising, specifically with Venus, NN and Moon in first house?

! My mom is a I found that even though we are great never feel any chemistry with Gemini men..I am actually really drawn to Aries and Scorpio that is WAY too much drama and competing . Plus, Scorpio men are super controlling and Aries men are total game-players..but at the same time they are so sensitive that they never think they are in the men are kind of delusional. I also dated a totally like he was a typical baby when you stand up to him! I will have to keep my eyes peeled for hot Gemini maybe a Leo. Or a Taurus!! I think Aries females are really misunderstood in seem to attract all the men but have a super hard time keeping one.

Hi, would you please comment on female Virgo dating a male Sag. He is the intellectual kind and I also want to know how to get him to notice me and what he likes in a life partner. I am all about freedom so not stereotypically virgo, but do like having a strong bond and love. I have no problem trusting someone who is honest and communicative, and also believe space is healthy for both partners. I am an older female and I know if this sign is okay with this too. Thanks.

Sags suck!!! I am in love with one and he is breaking my heart each time. He tells me he loves me that he wants to start a family with me.. things i never mentioned. he does all the time. once when i got mad and didnt want to talk to him he said if u come to my city i will propose without doubt.. im older than him im 86 and he is 85 so I think he is playing wiht mi mind since i have no kids never married.. i dont know wha tto think. one day he loves me the next he is an iceberg and ignores me. then while senidng me a message he says sorry if i cant answer fast but im watching a movie when its finished ill write you then he wont write me. i cant help it but cry. why is he like this. i already told him he hurts me whenever he does this to me. i told him i wasnt going to bother him anymore. that the only thing he does is hurt me.. he has not written me or anything and IT HURTS!! because that means he never really cared about me. :( i dont understand i love him :(

I have spoken with many psychics, I tell them nothing about him, they pick up on all of this and I ask if there will be someone else in my life. all have said Nope, categorically he is the one, he will come back to you but you have to keep your emotions hidden/controlled and let him lead and let him apologise and you will be happy together for a very long time. aagghhh. So I am ruined and cursed by this Sag man! lol
But I love this page and all the knowledge and experiences shared - it has helped to ease my mind a lot.
IF or more probably when he reappears I truly believe I will be a much stronger woman because of what I have learned here.

I just have to add one more thing, if a Sagittarius man loves you, you WILL know! Your friends will know, your family will know, his friends & family will know, the whole world will know. If you can t tell if he loves you, he probably doesn t. These men will proudly shout it from the rooftops letting the world know they found the most beautiful woman they ve ever met & how much you mean to them.

I m a Sag male and my brother is a Taurus. I hate to say it but I sometimes wonder if my brother has even one adventure bone. I often think his brain runs on a 79 hour cycle, just repeating the same thing each and every day. He loves to expand his mind by reading and he learns quickly but has virtually no desire for experience in the physical sense. Almost like he is unaware that time is passing, he is getting older, and soon will pass on. How is it possible to live life like that? Is it fear?

i m a sag, and loved an aries girl for 65 yrs,
we fitted like a glove, it was bliss, everything
went by itself , that s how we suited each other.
she was bright, blunt, funny, sexy and sweet,
it was true love, i never had this with any
other woman, and i didn t believe in astrology,
untill i read a lot about it
(now i believe in basic character traits, of a sign)
but after 69 years, we still lost it, it started
with the intimacy which got lost
and then everything slowly buckled.
now i no longer believe in true love.
i must look out i don t get pulled to the dark
side, hope i can shake this. arch

I have been dating a sag man for 5 months. he was very causious at first saying that he didn t know if he wanted to come out of his comfort zone ( he s been very hurt before as the 7 ex wives had left him for other men) he eventually did decide that he wanted me and everything was fantastic. texting and ringing all the time so I knew he was enjoying his new more exiting life with me..he really liked me and even talked about me moving in. little things niggled him like I didn t recycle rubbish and didn t have the same outlook on world affairs as he did....he all of a sudden dumped me like a hot brick one night because of these things , and just said we weren t right for each other.
Was this the real reason do you think ? can you really be dumped for not recycling ?

I m dating both and I think you all are correct and hit the nail on the head. Of course, perception is everything so it depends on how you look at things. I m an Aquarius and am always very positive but everybody needs to be friends before anything and understand that when anyone tries to control you, it s not fun and exciting anymore. but you cannot be happy with anyone, if you re not happy with yourself. PERIOD

I have never read anything more true ! I am a Sagittarius female , and Sagittarius men will sweap you off of your feet and then BAM! Drop you to the ground. They will disappear without warning for months or years and then suddenly contact you out of the blue and expect you to still want to be with them???? They are the biggest pigs ever !!! I have never met one that s a good person , my advice would be that as soon as a man tells you his star sign is Sagittarius , run for the hills! They also seem to just want to get sex out of you and when you say no , they will do anything to try and presuade you. They are disrespectful , big headed and liars! Stay far away from them.

ya they r honest nd blunt.. bt u cannot understand a sag so dont try to..coz u ll fail,nd sag dont care to make sm6 understand wat they r doin for wat reason,unless they r very close to him/her,they ll do anything to make their love happy,smile..
m a scorpian female nd my brother is sag..
i think piscean,taurus,aquarius can never understand sag.
breaking down boundaries does not have to be reckless. Because of their spirituality, Sag have wisdom, and surely can break down falsehood without being reckless. Only the false boundaries have to be broken. True boundaries are no problem, on the contrary. A Sag enjoys very much leaving the reins to an honest open minded woman. Remember that Sag love to share, power too! If a person is bad, then I guess their sign won 8767 t matter!

Karim Gayraud.. VERY well said..

Im dating a Sag man who is 8 years then me. He likes to drink,smoke pot
he is not very ambitious and not financially secure. Not sure what he has been doing most of his adult life. No kids and never married! he should have money in the bank. He is very affectionate and makes me feel like im the only woman in the world. In the long term where will this go???, most of his girlfriends have been about 75 years then him!

I ve just discovered you also have an Experiences with Taurus blog with 955 + comments too, I never clicked on older posts to see that one before. Was that set up at the same time? I always find Taurus very straightforward so no idea why so many posts on that!

Sag women rock I have to say. They are a positive light force and a joy to be around. Part of the sisterhood. I can see how many men would be attracted to an energetic and wise sag sister.

Quote from Anonymous We do push boundaries as long as they crumble. If they do, it is only because they are false and have no reason to be. If someone insists on staying in falsehood then, no problem, we give them exactly what they ask for. Sag do need their partners to be their true friends first.

I do agree with this statement, plus I would like to add a few thing well the best way to know a characteristic of a person is by pushing them and depend on how they react should give you a hindsight on what kind of person they are. Not because you want to be a jerk but more so to see what lying beneath the facade.

Experiences with series on this site has experiences with an Aries, a Virgo and a Sagittarius. Why does the Sagittarius one have 78 comments, the Virgo one 8 and the Aries one 778? Was the Aries one put up months before the other two? Or do women just have confusion with Aries the most?! I wonder if Aries are the best and worst sign rolled into one? . Aries will be the best time of your life whilst it lasts - but, they are the sign that takes the longest to get over and/or you never forget that time and them as see that sign as the perfect Prince Charming, whilst it lasted but then they broke your heart.

I am a capricorn woman ( moon Libra, rising Leo), and have been extremely attracted to this sag person for some time now. He keeps disappearing and then he appears. He s driving me s also extremely insecure around me and is going out of his way telling me I know nothing, I am too arrogant, too rigid, etc though I am a career woman with a PhD and he is just finishing his Masters and doesn t even have a job ( though a great potential). His temper can be quick and crazy and I am not the type letting him win his battles in general. I also don t have options to let this go due to my many baggage at the moment and I think my tolerance is very high around him, or it could be the kinky crazy sex... but I am wondering, should I just get used to this and enjoy the sex when it happens or should I stop bothering?

Secrets? OMG! My perfect Sagittarius husband has many ugly secrets that have torn our 65 year marriage apart. Everything was wonderful until I uncovered a 65 month affair he s been having with the SAME woman he cheated with on his first two wives! Now I m finding out about so many other horrible things including MORE women and murder for insurance schemes! I was never so happy and now I m devastated!

I m a sag teen. I feel I agree with a lot of what was said. Those are some of the few traits to the complex sag. And reffering to the comment debate, I don t understand why people get so worked up about this persons opinion on sag traits. There s much more to your natal chart making you different in comparison to the traits explained. Just because you have sag sun, or rising doesn t mean your like this. And we all know its your Venus and partially mars that predominantly affects how you are in love. So ladies, look more into depth of our natal chart if your going to use it for checking compatibility. And to throw a twist on this, I m dating a cancer female happily, even tho its such taboo for a sag to date an emotional sign. Its not that bad, really :P

it s natural for sagg to go to where as they want
because they born to be adventurer, high learner,and truth seeker.

Sagg don t like stuck in one people and one place, they like travel and travel. to search and find something new

And surely if sagg discover a new one, he will leave you for moment , until he statisfied or get answer , he will back to you (that s natural for sagg)

and sagg don t want have deep feeling, so that s reason why sagg always keep smiling in all situation

if you don t want sagg people just keep away, or try not to fall to his/her great charm