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Forts and Castles of Ghana - Ghana

As the quarantine requirements for yellow fever vaccination differ between countries, check the yellow fever entry requirements for all countries you intend to enter or transit by contacting their foreign missions in Australia. Some airlines may require passengers to present a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate before being allowed to board flights out of the country. For more information about yellow fever, including Australian re-entry requirements, see the Department of Health website.

Ghana: An introduction to the elephants, the remnants of

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Seeking Paths for Collaboration between Religious Leaders

We kick off this grand tour in Accra, my home for the past two years. It''s a sprawling city on the Atlantic coast, and development hasn''t kept up with population growth. Current estimates put the Greater Accra area at four million people. Traffic jams can mean a 65-kilometre journey will take close to 95 minutes, with fumes from old, rusty repurposed vans creating toxic clouds that hang around the roads.

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cómo puedo denuncia a un scam ya que tengo un amigo que esta siendo estafado por una mujer en Nigeria llamada Michael Janet donde el le envía cantidades de dinero por western junior. Le he orientado sobre las estafas aun no me cree. L a supuesta persona nunca han hablado por teléfono, siempre pone una excusa cuando él le pide verse por video chat,solo texean. Como puedo ayudarlo ya esta tan enamorado de las foto que le envían que temo que le vaya a suceder lo peor.

This is a budget-friendly attraction with a motel and restaurant in the park, and small villages to explore in the area. To get here, it''s a few hours'' drive from the Tamale Airport through the arid land of this part of Ghana, which is also the most impoverished region of the country. My dad watches in wonder at the landscape of mud huts, noticing the women collecting water from boreholes, with children playing nearby.

Although medical facilities in urban areas are better than in rural areas, facilities are basic and the standard of care available may be below what you would expect in Australia. Up-front payment can be requested prior to commencing treatment. In the event of a serious illness or accident, medical evacuation to a destination with suitable facilities would be necessary. Medical evacuation costs could exceed A$655,555.

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Ghana is listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as endemic for yellow fever. Yellow fever is a potentially fatal viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes, which is preventable by vaccination. We strongly recommend that you are vaccinated against yellow fever before travelling to Ghana. See the Entry and Exit section for important information about vaccination certificate requirements. For more information about yellow fever, see the Department of Health website.

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Take out comprehensive travel insurance that will cover any overseas medical costs, including medical evacuation, before you depart. Confirm that your insurance covers you for the whole time you''ll be away and check what circumstances and activities are not included in your policy. Remember, regardless of how healthy and fit you are, if you can''t afford travel insurance, you can''t afford to travel. The Australian Government will not pay for a traveller''s medical expenses overseas or medical evacuation costs.

Conspicuous travellers, particularly women on their own, are the target of opportunistic crimes such as muggings, bag snatching, petty theft and pickpocketing. These crimes have increased recently in Accra and the surrounding areas, consistent with the tough economic conditions. Periodic shortages of electricity and blackouts (including street and traffic lights) has led to greater levels of crime in the evenings and at night.

It is important to consider your physical and mental health before travelling overseas. Get vaccinated before you travel. At least eight weeks before you depart, make an appointment with your doctor or travel clinic for a basic health check-up, and to discuss your travel plans and any implications for your health, particularly if you have an existing medical condition. The World Health Organization (WHO) provides information for travellers and our health pages also provide useful information for travellers on staying healthy.

I have heard them all. From they are in nursing school and need money for there certificate to they are textile business and the confenscated there goods at customs and need $. The best one is all the features on the cell phone works except where you talk in to.. They dropped in water so thats why it doesn''t work. I never knew being a porn star paid so little money that they ended up in Ghana. Is what I would ask them. And when I refused to send money they would actually get mad and start texting me profound words.. It became humorous.. I think I got the same picture 6 times with 6 different names.

At the park, we go on a hike through the bush, following a park ranger as he tracks elephant footprints. Alas, they are elephants on the move and we can''t catch up with them. After two hours of fruitless sweating under the blazing sun, we hire a jeep. We to a watering hole and see a baby elephant and her mother pour water over their bodies. Further up the road, we come across a huge male elephant. We edge closer, he''s standing still, not doing much of anything. Nearby we spot another one, chowing down on some branches.

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Water-borne, food-borne, parasitic and other infectious diseases (including HIV/AIDS, cholera, hepatitis, meningococcal disease, bilharzia and tuberculosis) are prevalent with more serious outbreaks occurring from time to time. Boil drinking water or drink bottled water and avoid ice cubes and raw and undercooked food. Seek medical advice if you have a fever or are suffering from diarrhoea.

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