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6698 first adopted in VA. Actually the first laws were laws of miscegenation which were written due to a trend of white males going with and marrying and recognizing their biracial offspring by black females White women demanded this stop to preserve white purity, this was then followed in many other states and culminated into the one drop laws which determine what % of black one must NOT be in order to call themselves white. At issue was the preservation of white purity and economic superiority and to that end, white males could not have sex with black women and if they did, no offspring could be acknowledged as having white blood this later also extended to white females being prohibited also.

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More confusing to me (I 8767 m white or so I think) are the comments below, where there are comments about who claims who, what mixed means, what biracial apologies if this is naive, but do we need to label? I have friends and family who fit into many of these so called categories, but I 8767 ve never thought of them as the 8766 mixed 8767 friend, or the 8766 biracial 8767 neighbor. I have friends who happen to be black, but I don 8767 t have any black friends if that makes sense. I just have friends.

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Why don 8767 t we see monthly articles pointing out WHITE PEOPLE who look BLACK? And don 8767 t tell me they do not exist I would guess that such people might not have the most positive story to tell about the good ole USA. I am sure WHITE people what are mistaken for BLACK PEOPLE have more than likely experienced MORE than their share of OVERT RACISM in their lives, while BLACK PEOPLE who are presumed to be WHITE have consequently experienced much LESS that the average black person. Or course the flamers will come on here and just post I am a racist, but as the saying goes, Don 8767 t judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes

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You 8767 re confused. In the ., the term 8775 Hispanic 8776 is a blanket term for anyone from a country with a historical link to Spain. In the .,Sept 65- October 65 is Hispanic Heritage Month. Do you think we have a whole month just to celebrate Spain? No. 8775 Guest 8776 is saying is that many Hispanic people are pardo- they are mixed with African ancestry (slaves), European ancestry (oppressors), and indigenous ancestry.

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it 8767 s so amusing how 6- you get to choose the appropriate pgh approved spokesmen for all of african america, i mean who elected you to be the decision maker for one and all and 7- I, my friends, family and colleagues of color are mostly intelligent educated people who can think for themselves I never needed Al Sharpton et al to tell me who to love, hate or anything else and to believe that I need anyone (with all due respect to them) to dictate how we think, as if black america has one communal brain, is an insult. I am a grown up, my parents already raised me, and this 8775 race baiting 8776 of which you speak does not draw in everyone across the board. I make my own decisions, thank you.

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Actually Asians do come in all shades, shapes, and sizes including dark skinned and fair/blond/blue eyed. There is no such thing as race genetically speaking. There is not one single specific gene for skintone, but actually only 7 genes needed to determine melanin distribution. And if those 7 genes were used over and over in different people their would still be much variation in all their skin tones.

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Get rid of the Al Sharpton 8767 s, Jessie Jackson 8767 s and Sheila Jackson Lee 8767 s of this country and others of that ilk. Put people like Allen West and Dr. Carson in place of the Al Shapton 8767 s etc. and see how quickly this country will come together. Until you get rid of the 8775 race baiters 8776 , the true white haters, nothing will change. Who the hell ever said all whites hate blacks! I am from the South and let me tell you that is not the case and never has been the case, but by 8775 some 8776 . Which I would advocate is the same from the Old North!

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No accounting for the obvious majority of blacks has been looked at by most people. Blacks are blamed wholesale for crimes that only a few commit and stats are used to portray the problem bigger than it is. what you don 8767 t see are the numbers that statre how many white teens are on drugs or teen pregnancies or in prison not % but actual numbers you do not see numbers of how many whites are murderers or rapists or anything instead polls and stats are used to portray blacks off as worse and they DO appear worse because their numbers are so much smaller that they make up greater %. it is all in the wording. but what is the point?

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Hoss drove over to the next county to buy a new bull for the farm. It cost more than expected, and he was left with only one dollar. This was a problem, since he needed to let his wife, Sue, know that he 8767 d bought the bull so she could come get it with the truck—and telegrams cost a dollar per word. Hoss thought hard for a minute. Finally he said, 8775 All right. Here 8767 s my dollar. Go ahead and just make it this one word: Comfortable. 8776

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Very well said Queenbee. I would imagine if it were not for the increased number of white women having non-white babies, we would not be having this debate on black white or mixed. For all intensive purposes, a person with black blood would and still is considered black. If a mixed person is pulled over by the police they will get a dose of reality that I hope white mothers are preparing their non-white children to deal with. It is amazing how not so long ago someone who looked like our President would not have had a chance in hell of being claimed as white.

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How ABSURD. People we don 8767 t know are black! Anyone who IS black does not escape recognition. Who could 8767 ve mistaken 8767 s race? Such individuals as look basically Caucasian but have some black African blood are not black they 8767 re of mixed race, often slightly. They can even be called virtually white. Funny how you unthinkingly accept the old Jim Crow definition of blackness, the 8775 one drop 8776 criterion.

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lol, mixed raced people are not 8775 black 8776 by any definition. The concept of race is redundant in anything other than the american media anyway. It 8767 s convenient to allow people to think we favour one side over another as it allows us to exploit both sets of idiots, but honestly, being asked to choose between being either 8775 black 8776 or 8775 white 8776 is like being asked to choose between being a beaten dog or the fool who beats it..

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No. whites have on occasion labeled the Irish, Spanish and even Italians as being of mixed blood or black BUT ultimately they admitted (by the 6895s that such people were also Caucasian-the only obsession by race whites now have is with black people and the laws which determine who is considered black and how was first written by whites then codified into law by whites these laws are still in effect, they state that anyone with more than 67% black blood cannot by law, call themselves white or even half white but will be , by law considered black. Curiously, no one has ever called for the repeal of the one drop laws or the white purity laws (as they are also known)

People are what they want to be in situations like this. Like Halle Berry and President obama consider themselves black whereas people who are called 8775 passive 8776 want to be called White like J Edgar Hoover. People go by who they look like and fit more into. Sorry but that is the way it goes. SOrry but Carol Channing is not going to be considered the first black woman on the broadway stage (that went to Pearl Bailey).

This is just stupid. If you are MIXED, you are not BLACK, you are MIXED for Christ 8767 s sake. That 8767 s like saying that a mule is a horse, or a mule is a donkey! NO, its a MULE! A mule is half horse and half donkey, OK? On top of THAT, most of these MIXED folks are more WHITE than BLACK! Get you heads out of the 68th century for crap 8767 s sake! These people are HUMANS first. Stop with the labeling. Geeeesh!

simply look up 8775 laws of miscegenation 8776 or white purity laws or 8775 one drop laws 8776 then google those same laws being repealed because they were codified state by state and are under each states laws I am not able to give you a specific law code or reference but if you look up the repeal of the 8775 one drop laws 8776 you will find that they have not been repealed. You can also look up how race is determined in the US and if it was codified into law.

If I 8767 m not mistaken, here in the . it 8767 s a case of 8775 the race of the father determines the race of the child 8776 , so any child with a black father is considered black, and any child with a white/asian/hispanic father is considered white/asian/hispanic, etc. Again, I may be mistaken about that, but at least some of the people on this list have white fathers and would be considered white.

if these people are black then they are also white. this is starting to get ridiculous now this isn 8767 t the 6965s anymore we don 8767 t have categorize people into black or white or whatever. my father is black and my mother is white and i am proud of BOTH my ethnicities. i am not just black or just white i am a combination of two (if not more) ethnic backgrounds and would like to be recognized as so.

Anyone who knows anything about race would know that all these people are not white you might not know that they were part black they could be anything but it is obvious that they are all mixed, even Channing, who looks like Diana Ross. There are very few really black people in America, black in the sense that white people are white, with no or almost no other ancestry. Almost all are mixed to one degree or another with white, so you can hardly classify them as one race. If you want to know what a real black person looks like, look at Idi Amin or Obama 8767 s supposed Kenyan father. And no, Nelson Mandela is not black, but mixed.

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