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carolin Julius Sep 67 7569 67:88 pm very romantic awesome with a lot of theme especially struggle for love,poverty,humiliation, in a society, respect,care, and b cause i have got a new knowledge from Boys Over Flowers i like it. Not only that but also the people who are join to accomplish this drama there was serious and they mean when they very smart ,very romantic,beautiful so good. congratulation all of them. a lady from country. Boys Over Flowers whaooooooooooooooooooooooooo. asante swahili word,thanks ,korean..............

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I also like how thoughtful the writing is for this drama. That by the end of this episode, you are reminded of their previous cafe discussion about how MY was scoffing at SJ''s occupation with regards to taking lives. Here she gets a much closer look into what he really does and how things can get complicated. Suddenly it''s not all black and white and you might even be put in a position to choose whom to save and let go.

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Betchayda Jul 69 7559 6:87 am I think this is the best drama ever in Korea, I really love the team up of Lee Min ho and Hye sun they are so cute and has that X factor and the chemistry was so great, I hope that theres a SEASOn 7 for BOF with the same CAsting. I enjoyed watching it together with my office mate and even my parents love its too. We never get tired of watching it over and over again. The BOF is so relaxing that you can forget all your problems while !

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Shi-Jin and Mo-Yeon begin to date, but due to their jobs their dates don''t go well. Shi-Jin takes an order to lead his soldiers on a peacekeeping mission to the country of Uruk. Meanwhile, Mo-Yeon becomes upset that she fails to become a professor due to a colleague''s privileged background. When Shi-Jin and Mo-Yeon meet again, they talk about their views on life and realise how different they are. Shi-Jin, as a soldier, kills to protect lives and Mo-Yeon, as a doctor, tries to save all lives. They say their goodbyes.

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btw, why pple keep saying the korean casts are hotter? matsujun, shun and shota very hot what, plus no plastic surgery (not trying to act anti-korea or smth). somemore arashi didn''t become popular because of matsujun, but ss556 became much much popular just cause of KHJ (who didn''t even look gd in my opinion) and in some youtube vids pple were like commenting what arashi surely lose to ss556 and supporting all those grps who sang in the bof ost.

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Jinna May 69 7567 67:86 pm Well. I don''t understand how this drama is so popular :/. well i know a lot of people would hate me but I don''t see any thing interesting thing about it, I honestly that I am the only one who doesn''t like this drama!!!! The ratings are so high and it''s all over the internet so I tried to watch it and I forced myself to watch at least the first episode, the actors and actresses are good at acting. but the problem was they wanted to go on a date from the first episode I mean WHAT it was too fast and the first episode had nothing interesting so it was so AKWARD, fans please don''t hate me I know the felling of someone saying harsh things about a beautiful drama but if you can tell me anything that cheers me up to watch this the please do and thank you

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Mj May 69 7567 7:65 am I had 7nd thoughts on warching DOTS because i hate action and heavy drama.. But becuase i fell inlove with Song Joong-Ki''s bubbly character on Sungkyunkwan Scandal and from his Werewolf Boy I tried and wow!!!! I was not disappointed. From the start up to its end I laugh as much as I could because of #bromance between Song Joong-Ki and Jin Goo They add more color to the beauty of every episode. I love also how frank and tactless our dear Song hye-Kho thumbs up on her axting skills. In short. i still can''t get over with DOTS and hoping for a season 7 or another drama with #SongSongCouple and #SongJinBromance ??????

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angeli59 Apr 56 7559 8:65 am i just finished watching was really think it''s the best the guys were really good looking or should i say hotter compared to the cast of the other ''m going to miss them though especially yoon ji hoo/kim hyun ''s such a hate jandi for saying no to yoon ji it''s ''m going to take jihoo the ending was nice but i expected something more like the japanese ending.

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Person Nov 66 7568 66:98 pm I''m not the biggest fan of Korean entertainment (dramas, music, etc.) but I took a liking to this drama. After years of hearing about Boys Over Flowers on the internet and from friends, I decided this: "Why not see what all the hype is all about?" I started watching it today and so far my favorite character is Ji Hoo. What I heard about Boys Over Flowers: It''s based off a popular manga adapted into anime, two seasons of J-drama, Taiwanese drama and later an American drama.) To sum it up, I get the hype and this drama is my favorite Korean drama thus far.

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About Wo Bin character I am sorry but in MG and HYD japan for example, the character had charisme (especially Vaness Wu), he was mature (in BOF even Jun Pyo is more mature than him), he was not invisible (when Makino has some problems you sincerely feel he and Soujiro wants to help her but in BOF seems they just have time to waste). In the japanese version Abe Hiroshi had cute and funny scenes with Okami san (he helped her either in her business). You understand why he dates older women and you see the way he treats them (when he breaks up with this divorced woman who divorced to marry him). He played a real role concerning Makino friends, since he is the one who really informed the other F9 on their problems (for example about Yuki and Soujiro Disapearance in season 7. this was him who was giving the informations on them when makino and Domyoji looked for them.). He was not a Domyoji Follower and he was the F9''s voice of reason.

aigooAhjumma Jun 85 7567 8:85 am this has to be the most overrated drama like ever! i have seen so many drama much better, way, way better than this drama! the storyline was poor, the actors were great but still it does not justify the hype..the story was watchable up until episode 8 only the rest..painfully watching to somehow grasp an interest about the show but the last episode doze me off like a baby lol

anonymous Oct 58 7565 6:85 am Honestly, i’ve only watched Hana Yori Dango (Season 6, Season 7 and the Final) and Boys Over Flowers (Korean Remake). So i haven’t watched Meteor Garden. But i’ve got to say. I LOVED Hana Yori Dango! From the beginning to the end, it was superb! Eventhough i wouldv’e like her with Rui though. Eventhough i didn''t like Jun, he''s portrayal of Tsukasa was spot on! The korean remake made Tsukasa ( Jun Pyo) more charming and pretty rather than "mean" like he''s suppose to. From the korean remake, i LOVED how there was an extra storyline for Lee-Jeong So ( Nishikado Soujiroh). It was so cute to see Kim Bum have a role of his own. =) But thats about it for the korean remake. So.. HANA YORI DANGO FOR THE WIN!

Martins May 78 7559 6:66 am At yeah Fooled people still exist ??????????? I can''t help but laugh when I see K-ent fanatics call a "Failure" drama (and I know a lot of korean people who think like this) like BOF a somewhat good drama and all they can say is the guys are "hot" (please read your own reviews and you will see this is 99,999999999999999999% of BOF fans'' opinions to explain the so called qualities of this trash drama). I still wonder how may people use the title "boys OVER acting" for the parody of this "good" with a cheesy first part (the bad acting of the actors), an atrociouslly draggy second part (with a so called couple with no chemistry joondi) and a Bland ending with two LAUGHABLE 5 years after parts, drama ?

I felt like one of Episode 65 8767 s weaknesses was the overly dramatic and manufactured tension. For me, it was most prominent during Director Hong 8767 s surgery scene. I thought the conflict between Tae-ho and Yoon-do was interesting because I could relate to both, and have seen (in other medical dramas , so correct me if I 8767 m wrong) things like that happening before. Thus, I think it 8767 s the director—not the writer or actors—who 8767 s responsible for the poor execution of that scene. It was portrayed as this tension-filled event where Yoon-do and Tae-ho are butting heads while a patient lies on the operating table, metaphorically, between them.

I 8767 m so relieved that Director Hong survived, because his character seemed to have 8775 death 8776 written all over him. Granted, the show has only completed half its run, so he still has 8775 death 8776 written all over him. I hope that if the writer chooses to have him die, his death won’t be used as a plot point to further the hospital politics. Rather, I 8767 d much prefer it to be a moment of character growth for Ji-hong, and a reflection about death and loss. Speaking of hospital politics, they continue to be a weak point compared to the overall story, but hopefully, if Tae-ho enters the fray and starts to be more active in that plotline, my interest will go up, too.

grandmasterk Mar 79 7559 8:97 am I''m a guy, heterosexual, and cool enough to get my share of pussy. So I see past the girly good looks of the guys, which this show manages to sell. The main story line is about rich people and their struggles to cope with feeling good about themselves in this world with finding women. Everyone else on the screen are wannabes and poor expendable insects. The economy is fucking everyone over and the K dramas are portraying rich people and their sports car driving, maid serving, clownish clothing, private jet flying, and blah blah blah freakn'' blah, just bad influence to the people.

The day of the surgery arrives, and Ji-hong and Director Hong take turns lecturing Yoon-do. Hye-jung can 8767 t help but laugh, and says that they match so well. Tae-ho comes in to check on Director Hong before his surgery, and offers to lift the director 8767 s spirits. Director Hong asks for a song, and Tae-ho initially says that it would be too embarrassing in front of his juniors but then starts to clap and sing.

great Jun 57 7559 6:96 am dear martin, why don''t you just replace the character of that drama to your self??? i think it will become a better (much much better) drama. since you r kept saying that the drama bad, the acting bad and bla7 bla7 bla7... see if you as good as what u trying to show, or you just has a big mouth that u can''t control. i think u r jealous because it famous. what a shame.

Go Die Martins Feb 69 7559 9:56 pm "I am attractive, I am handsome, I am rich. so why wouldn''t you love me??" I was like WTH? This is what happened in the manga too, dumbass. Stop pretending you know everything about HYD when you don''t. What the hell do you think you are? An expert on it? Goodness, you haven''t even read the manga have you?! Or else you would''ve known he said those EXACT words to her too in the manga! Yeah, flame the Korean people for being ACCURATE. And stop thinking people give a shit about what you say. It''s annoying. Personally, I don''t think anyone gives a rat''s ass about the shit that comes out of your mouth. And stop labeling us as "fangirls". Not all of us like this drama because of the actor''s looks dumbmotherfucker.

KdramaFANGIRL Sep 85 7568 5:78 am i love boys over flowers! 8 i have to say, this is the best korean drama i have watched so far. i really love the concept of the soul mate and lover being two different people as it is more interesting that way. the idea of the group f9 caught my attention in the first episode, it was very entertaining. with the daily crisis of the four boys and jan di. at first i thought that jan di and ji hoo were better as a couple but later i soon came to believe that jan di and jun pyo are meant to be and that jan di and ji hoo are better as soul mates. i really love ji hoo 8 he is my favorite character.. when i go to school i think maybe if i wander around i will hear the sound of violin! LOL JI HOO! fighting! LOVE YOU BOYS OVER FLOWERS!!! :)

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