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Posted: 2017-11-14 19:40

There s healthy skepticism, then there s blatant, laughable cynicism. You re part of latter. Anyone could easily conjure up a list of people with legitimately unusual voices or inflections. Yet you re so mired with such certainty of a hoax that your theory requires an extreme level of commitment in exchange for a few measles internet points. Even if it were true the cynicism required is so incredibly needless and petty. Occam s Razor and shit, Jesus.

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I apologize, I fully intended to be downvoted into oblivion but I still felt the need to express my opinion on the video. I admittedly know very little about lilypichu, her involvement in the community and her abilities as a content provider. I assume based off no first-hand experience that she is like 95% of all female gamers/streamers that use the simple fact that they are female to promote themselves. In turn I conjecture further that the kawaii voice and innocent act is her form of attention whoring, an analogy would be Kaceytrons cleavage.

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It s also annoying, at least in my opinion, that people post her content her, she should post it herself if she really cares about Reddit s opinion, but since she doesn t, it s pretty much a waste of time seeing ninety percent of the comments will be about her voice and truthfully there s not much else to comment about, she doesn t bring much to the table if you know what I mean, it s not like she does anything for the LoL community maybe except for the tl dr lore thingies.