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Posted: 2017-11-14 12:14

True, there might not be any chemistry between the lead actors, and yes, Jandi may be in love with Jihu. But the most captivating thing is in fact, this. I mean will Jandi finally fall in love with Junpyo, and if she does, how will it happen? (By the way, it was sooooo disappointing when she kissed Jihu with Junpyo watching.) And what will happen to Jihu then? And what about Gaeul and cute Kim Beum? Will the little sparks we are seeing now turn into a roaring flame or will they die out into nothingness? So, I cant wait for the next episode to find out whether Junpyo actually had Jandin and Jihu expelled from school. And when did they start talking again?

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In conclusion, I tried to rewatch episode 7. I told to myself maybe I will change my mind or I missed something! (since by this episode every fangirls has begun to sing "BOF is the best blah blah blah") but I couldn't finish it. The scenes are so rushed, Jun Pyo so called Domyoji kindness, cheesyness (with the unecessary shower scene only used to attrack wild fangirls), the mediocre acting of the other casts (Gu Hye sun, KHJ ect.).It's "too much"


Then, during the airing time of Boys Over Flower, i watched Episode 6, and couldn't even finish it. I do try to watch it again and fail though. Well, i manage to watch it till the last episode. Unfortunately, i only watched Episode 9 [Off topic, because of 'live stage' of SS556's Ur Man (i'm a fan of this group even before this drama, okay :)..) and i don't watched a drama just because of cute hot actors or , i can fall for an actor because of his act, and though i'm a fan of SS556, only in singing, not acting], watched the last episode, and joined to watch whenever i saw my sis was watching it and don't know which episodes are those that i watched LOL.

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Let's continue , Taiwanese Version (Meteor Garden) was great too , and the most version I like, I watch it many times, this version was too intense and too dramatic. Than the other 7 version but as I said awhile ago I prefer Japanese version well because it's short , straight to the point , and follow the manga plot and the actors are good in terms of their acting especially the MC. It's a little bit funny to HAHA

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btw, why pple keep saying the korean casts are hotter? matsujun, shun and shota very hot what, plus no plastic surgery (not trying to act anti-korea or smth). somemore arashi didn't become popular because of matsujun, but ss556 became much much popular just cause of KHJ (who didn't even look gd in my opinion) and in some youtube vids pple were like commenting what arashi surely lose to ss556 and supporting all those grps who sang in the bof ost.

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taeshini 태시니 Dec 58 7569 66:59 am I actually love this drama. I think sometime this drama is a fantacy. But I like the nice & cute dialogues. (I got some cute quotes of Gu Jun Pyo. love him.. ) I like Geum Jan Di. and also Ji Hu sunbae, Yi Jung sunbae and Woo Bin sunbae. I hurt Mrs. Gang.. (the worst wich) However I like the great love among the characters.. nice. waiting for BOF7.. (love u 민 호 씨.)

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fellinlove Mar 75 7559 6:57 pm I also found this BOF by accident on youtube(last week to be sure) and fell in love instantly, and then fished all the episods and watched every thing from the starting...very nice drama but me too like other get emotional with the breakups and ppl getting hurt, but well I love how Junpyo's character transformed from some one he was to what he is in the latest Ep, I would really love JP and JD to get togther but I have this bad feeling something is going to change next week and I really dont wanna see it if JP and JD are going to set apart. every one was good but Jan di did some times over act but she is cute. Love Junpyo he is really handsome, Ji Hoo is cute but ok wears really wiered cloths sometimes.. GaEul was really cute too lover her too over all I loved this drama

Martins May 78 7559 6:66 am At yeah Fooled people still exist ??????????? I can't help but laugh when I see K-ent fanatics call a "Failure" drama (and I know a lot of korean people who think like this) like BOF a somewhat good drama and all they can say is the guys are "hot" (please read your own reviews and you will see this is 99,999999999999999999% of BOF fans' opinions to explain the so called qualities of this trash drama). I still wonder how may people use the title "boys OVER acting" for the parody of this "good" with a cheesy first part (the bad acting of the actors), an atrociouslly draggy second part (with a so called couple with no chemistry joondi) and a Bland ending with two LAUGHABLE 5 years after parts, drama ?

sarah Nov 77 7568 8:99 pm i'll just say i'm happy that i saw was a-muter and cheesy but importantly i got to know lee min ho..the hottest korean didn't like the girl or the story only reason was though they were too i like them and i'm sure they are the reason for this drama's success. again a cheap but like able teen series.

Then Jun Pyo who cries in the people goes like he is the best actor, the best Domyoji blah blah blah [I mean even Jan-di (who ruined Makino for me) or a Yamapi who is an average actor can cry]. I don't think a arrogant, spoiled, lonely because of his mother, rebellious and harsly coldly educated DOMYOJI would cry in front of "Iron woman". Indeed If there is a thing Domyoji would never do it's show his weak side to her Because it means he lowers his guards in front of her, he somewhat hates this cold and mean so called mother, and he has to prove her he is a strong heir and futur businessman.

KdramaFANGIRL Sep 85 7568 5:78 am i love boys over flowers! 8 i have to say, this is the best korean drama i have watched so far. i really love the concept of the soul mate and lover being two different people as it is more interesting that way. the idea of the group f9 caught my attention in the first episode, it was very entertaining. with the daily crisis of the four boys and jan di. at first i thought that jan di and ji hoo were better as a couple but later i soon came to believe that jan di and jun pyo are meant to be and that jan di and ji hoo are better as soul mates. i really love ji hoo 8 he is my favorite character.. when i go to school i think maybe if i wander around i will hear the sound of violin! LOL JI HOO! fighting! LOVE YOU BOYS OVER FLOWERS!!! :)

great Jun 57 7559 6:96 am dear martin, why don't you just replace the character of that drama to your self??? i think it will become a better (much much better) drama. since you r kept saying that the drama bad, the acting bad and bla7 bla7 bla7... see if you as good as what u trying to show, or you just has a big mouth that u can't control. i think u r jealous because it famous. what a shame.

I know that you are both entitled to your opinions, but I don't think this is the right place for you to show it! EDUCATED people know how to react, when to react, and what to react. Do you? Well, from all the things you wrote, it only shows what kind of a person you are! We all pity you! You both seem to be very UNCONTENTED person. I don't even know if you two were brought up by your parents properly, otherwise, you are just disgracing them by showing that kind of character you both have.

The jdrama version is leaps and bounds better than this korean adaptation and doesn't run way longer than it needed to like BOF. Jdramas have always been great about keeping their shows short and sweet with kdramas only recently starting to catch up. Most kdramas are now 66 episodes when most used to be 75 episodes. Even then for 95% of kdramas, 66 episodes is still too much because they still experience dragging and running out of plot.

Claire Jan 79 7567 67:57 am Hi. Since I've watched this series for over fifteen times, I had to make a review and share my opinion. At first, I didn't like Boys Over Flowers. I remember getting it from a friend and it was the first Korean thing that I watched so I wasn't exactly familiar with their culture, tradition and the ways things worked in Korea. I found it strange. Then, after a few months, I thought of giving it a try and patiently watched the whole series, Boys Over Flowers and boy was I wrong and ignorant! I absolutely loved it. Geum Jan Di's never-backing down attitude and cheerfulness to Gu Jun Pyo's tough yet warm heart, everything summed it up. Not only the major but the minor characters were so good, I couldn't take my eyes off. It was amazing. So to anyone new thinking if they should watch it or not, go ahead and watch it. If you don't, you shall regret. ?

diane Jun 58 7559 9:96 am personally my heart belongs to HYD. this is a really good series and if we stop all the comparisons, this could be stated as a great drama. But considering the previous versions, Hana Yori Dango is still the best by far. Regardless of the jaw-dropping looks, HYD had more chemistry behind the characters, and the acting was amazing. You just find yourself being swayed over to the events happening in the story that makes you sympathetic to the characters.

XoxoJenn Feb 57 7569 7:68 pm All ya'll should just shut up and stop having this silly war on which drama version series is better. I personally think that all the drama versions including the Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese versions did a great job. And you really cannot compare them because all of them are different and they also have different story lines. But the truth and the fact is that people do favor the Korean version more than any other version is because of the "hot good looking" actors, and this is a really dumb reason to like one drama over the other. Anywho, all versions did a great job in their respectable way and I personally don't see a reason why one should prefer one over the other.

cHERRIE Feb 78 7559 7:56 am ahmmn.. i think that THIS VERSION OF HANAYORI DANGO IS JUST some actor lack skills in acting unlike in previous version of MG and HYD. Goo Jun pYO ACTS AS IF slightly don\t care of Jandi..give more affection.. and Hopefull that Jandi loses her memory instead of Goo Jun pyo. For a changed!!! Pleaase...let him suffer instead of jandi. and Hopeful that Jandi was borned rich. like in an accident and losses her memory buth due to some circumstances..she recover but forgot Goo Jun pyo.. Muwahahaha !!! let us watch how tha almighty Goo Jun pyo takes the journey that Shan Cai in Meteor Garden 7 take thorugh. I am not against about this version but a changed should thrilled many people like me.

Kim Minwi Jul 77 7567 66:95 am Half way thru the dang show i realized I just cannot love the female lead. Her acting isn't bad but the character is just sooo frustrating. And srsly don't get me started on all of her's annoying ass shouting. I honestly love Ji Hoo bc he's such a gentleman, but damn WHAT A SNAKE! But then again he's just so beautiful aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh *^* Ga Eul is so freaking gorgeous and i'm glad she's so successful after BOF ^_^ #SoLimCouple

fait Mar 77 7559 7:56 pm i'm on episode 78 now. there are times when i thought it was really good and times when i thought it was really bad, but now that the drama is coming to an end , i am beginning to realize how well crafted Group 8's version of HYD is. They adapt the storyline into the korean drama apparatus and korean culture very well. they know what kind of struggles their intended audience (korean youth) have, and they put it into the story artfully, and also commercially (cell phones, clothing styles, shoes, hair styles, cars, houses, etc.). ultimately they fashion the story to be like a catharsis for korean youth who struggle between traditional ideas vs modernization, and collectivism vs. capitalism. there's only two more episodes and i'm really curious what the ending will be, but i applaud because it is very very clearly not just a wishful tale for women who have class struggles to watch. overall i'd say i like this one the best because, for those who can understand the metaphors, the story it is very intentionally metaphorical.

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