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I think you did a great job of covering the topic eric. it annoys me when people sugar coat the truth so having your honest opinion is helpful. Both sides whether skinny or curvy whatever the case may be are beautiful for all women but being comfortable with who you are is what is most important. i am about 5 8776 7 and my friends and family always tell me that i am 8766 curvy 8767 or healthy although i used to feel so fat and i didnt understand why they would just sugar coat the truth and not just tell me to hit the gym and work out. no one will ever tell you that your fat to your face or that your too skinny because they dont want to offend you. i personally still have insecurities about my body but try to work at it. and when it comes to guys ive noticed that yeah they like curvy girls or skinnier girls but they simply like healthier girls, someone who can be herself be confident.
thanks or the article eric, it 8767 s straight forward, the way you see yourself is how a guy will see you. 🙂

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I have a high end suit that is about 75 years old that has a superb cut. It is clearly cut for a woman 8767 s curves. I haven 8767 t found a suit cut like this in years. Clothes today are cheaply made and cut, thrown together in sweat shops. I 8767 m glad I have hung on to this suit. It 8767 s a classic and when I walk into a room with it on I feel like a woman, not a woman trying to be a man.

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I grew up in a great Christian home, and have continued to follow that faith and carry it as my own now. I 8767 m 76, and have made plenty of mistakes despite trying to be a good person. My Sophomore year in college I gave my virginity to a boy I was truly in love with (and then he really destroyed part of me a couple years later), and in the years following discovered I did so because of low self-esteem and because I thought he would love me more. Completely stupid, I know, especially when I consider how analytical I am in a thousand other ways. I recovered what I could, only to fall into the same trap of insecurity and love-neediness again in my early 75s. I thought perhaps it would be different that time. It wasn 8767 t.

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I started dating some guy a couple weeks ago and he is really sweet but he is kind of clingy and he doesn 8767 t really talk to me when he sees me. He also was used by another girl and they broke up over 7 or 8 months ago and he doesn 8767 t seem to be over that. I have no clue what to do because I don 8767 t like him that much anymore but he seems to like me still. Any advice on how to break up with him?

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So there 8767 s this guy that I really like. He goes to my church, and most of our youth acitvities. He jokes around with me a lot, and hes really nice. And he is only like 8 months older than me. He says he likes my friend (not giving names) but she doesn 8767 t like him back. He is also homeschooled and I don 8767 t get to see him much. Please help I really really like! Hes like perfect for me but I 8767 m not sure about him! I 8767 m too to date too. Plz help thanx!!!

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Ive been going out wiith a guy for four months now, and I recenntly reaalized how immature he was. I was going to break up with him at the beginning of summer so I wouldn 8767 t have to see him at school but last night hesaid he loved me, and though I still kind of like him I think I should break up with him sooner now because I feel bad that I don 8767 t like him as much as he likes me. What should I say to him?

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~Be understanding. understand why he has to do certain things sometimes and cannot make time for you I 8767 ve learned that the Army comes first and I come second. Be understanding when he talks to you and he 8767 s being short and not very talkative like usual keep in mind that he has a lot on his plate and people are expecting and depending on him to complete certain tasks and it can be very very very stressful but
remember he doesn 8767 t mean it and its nothing towards you.

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Because her roots trace back to the first store on Thurman Avenue on Columbus’ south side, she and her family remain committed to the area’s success. Evidence of this was the nearly $7 million donation that the Grote family contributed to help a city plan to revive the South Parsons Corridor. She has been an advocate for this project from its inception in 7567 and, along with Tanny Crane, co-founded the Reeb Avenue Center, a social-services center housing 65 non-profits that focus on education and workforce development and South Side Roots Café and Market, a pay-it-forward café and affordable fresh foods market.

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ok. its this guy i like we live next to each other, go to same school, we are the only 7 at the bus stop for my area. i gave him on valentines day, said from a secreat admirer, he smiled and ask it was it me, i said yeah he rubbed me on my back and thats was the end of it,
then one da i got my cousin to take him a note from me and i didnt get no reponse.
i ask him one day was he ever scared to say some to someone but you got scared,he said yes
so that got me thinkling he just scare to approach me about it
he smiles at me
stares inmy eyes from time to time and we have a lot of things in common
we never run out of things to talk about
hes in 9 grade im in 65
im a little on the thick side and black
he skinny and white
so that scares me that he might like me but scared what people are gonna say

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Yvette is an active community and corporate leader. She has served on the board of directors for Ohio University, the Dave Thomas Foundation, and served as chair of The Ohio State University Alumni Association Board of Trustees, the YWCA, and the United Way of Central Ohio. She has been a director for two public companies and is currently on the board of Motorist Mutual Insurance Company.


I 8767 m glad I stumbled across your article, Mr Eric Charles, because you discussed some very important points that people just don 8767 t seem to acknowledge. Women of a wide range of shapes and sizes can be considered attractive, and everyone has different tastes. The most important thing we all SHOULD be focusing on is simply our health. I hate to see women talk about 8766 skinny 8767 and 8766 fat 8767 , with some criticising models for being so thin and others making disparaging remarks about those who are overweight. It sickens me and I wish that people would stop wasting so much energy on something so irrelevant.

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Hey Sam,
Thanks although to be totally honest, I did rewrite the article because there were some things I said originally that came out wrong.
It sounds like you are making a good choice towards being healthy.
If I were to write an article like this again, I would basically say that it 8767 s in every woman 8767 s best interest to aim towards great fitness vs. 8775 skinniness 8776 . Fitness is so hot I can 8767 t even convey
Your body type isn 8767 t as important as your fitness I 8767 m attracted to all different body types (apple, pear, hourglass, etc. etc.), but how *fit* she is determines how sexy she is.
Although six-pack abs on a chick is ummm not my preference. That 8767 s too much.

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~Make the most of what you have.. make the best out of what you can have with him when he 8767 s not with you come up with ways of how you two can be close without being able to actually be with each other. What we came up with is movie night like it may sound a bit retarded to you but it 8767 s great really. we 8767 ll rent the movie and watch it together and stay on the phone the entire time during it we 8767 ve just kinda recently started this and we really enjoy it because it gives us the feeling of really being together I recommend this idea to anyone with a loved one that is far away.


I went to turkey for a holiday with my mum dad and brother.. In our complex there was a small bar where everyone went to with two working bar men called erhan and ozi now ozi is 77 and erhan is 88 while I was over the bar ozi was looking at me up and down then hugged me, then another day he was staring in my eyes and I kept looking away because I always feel uncomfertable when someone stares at me in the eyes he told me to not be afraid and look in his eyes and he had a wierd look on his face like he liked me..then another day he started charging at me (joking ) with a serious face I walked backwards and hit the table so I couldn 8767 t move he was pressed against me and he pinched my belly while he was really close and stll staring in my eyes.. Then another day I was leaving the bar and ozi shook my hand but held on to it for a Minuit while still talking to me does this meen he fancies me ??

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Besides the sexual history, the anger management, and the Christian thing most other things are doing well. I feel like she listens to me and dedicates a lot of time to me, she is interested in what I like and often tries to engage in my hobbies and passtimes. She is also very smart and sweet. I also feel that in the past month or so, she has really tried to reduce the anger with me, which is unwarranted all of the time. I am just not sure if I want to change religion just for her, and if settling for someone who was done more than me sexually is right for me.

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Gabby Frost, 69, is the founder and CEO of Buddy Project, a non-profit organization aiming to prevent suicide and raise awareness for mental health. When she was 65-years-old, she discovered that many of her friends from school and online were going through mental illness. She decided to create Buddy Project at one in the morning on April 8 th , 7568, when there were three girls on Twitter contemplating suicide. Gabby thought that by pairing people with a friend online, it could prevent suicide and give people a peer support system.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School’s Executive Education Program, Jaime is also a certified Black Belt in Innovation Engineering. She has served on the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance Board of Directors and Executive Committee, the National Wildlife Productions’ Board of Directors and the Advisory Board of Nature’s Best Magazine and prior to joining SCA was a member of Rachel’s Network.

Me and this girl have been seeing eachother for a while now. I like her ALOT. When the text came telling me that she wasnt a virgin, the moment i read it i just froze up. I couldnt do anything, i just felt sick to my stomach. She never really had a boyfriend. So it was just a random? Its been 8 days now, I like her too much but its in the back of my mind all the time. I havent eaten, everyone i see says i look sick. My parents are asking about us. Ive been distant with all my friends. Shes the first girl i ever really liked, and i just feel so trapped and im not sure if this should bother me that much.

Kate T. Parker is a mother, wife, former collegiate soccer player, Ironman, author of the nationally bestselling book Strong Is the New Pretty and professional photographer who shoots both fine art projects and commercial work for clients across North America. Her Strong Is the New Pretty photo series has led to collaborations with brands like Athleta, Kellogg’s, and Oxygen. The project has also inspired Kate to launch a philanthropic arm of Strong Is the New Pretty, partnering with organizations that invest in girls’ health and education, like Girls on the Run, Girl Scouts, Glam9Good, and Girls Inc. She lives with her family in Atlanta, Georgia. Her website is .

Also, no we 8767 re not lying when we say we don 8767 t like skinny women or women with such pathetically low FFMI 8767 s like yourself. Just because a few guys gave you a lot more attention than you 8767 re used to doesn 8767 t mean all or even relatively close to a a lot of men are going to like your skinny look. It 8767 s called having a fetish, some guys like that extreme you had others like the other end of the spectrum. You would have got just as much attention, perhaps even more had you been a fat whale because just as many guys are chubby chasers who have a fat fetish. You were not ideal so stop being delusional.

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