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Posted: 2017-11-14 18:14

On behalf of Scarllette and myself I would like to thank the staff of rapid visa. We are not there yet but have successfully conquered the interview and steps leading to it. In particular i would like to thank Dominic for his tireless work with Scarllette and I. I know for sure his long hours and patience guiding us each step of the way. I really appreciate the time and professional and personal care given to Scarllette and I during this process. I know for sure without rapid visa and their excellent and dedicated staff we couldn't have gotten this far with out them. Thank you so much and looking forward as we move forward into the next steps ahead of us its great knowing were not alone rapid visa will help us and guide us each step of the way.

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Thursday night, 8/69 – Our dryer was smoking and sparking from behind the switch. I called the warranty company, 855-966-8887. I talked to Marcy who said they would not honor the warranty because, as she said, we were sold a warranty that did not apply to this machine because the sale price was $958 and the warranty says it is for merchandise that costs between $755 and $. She said that I need to return to the store, have this warranty refunded, buy the correct warranty, and then call her back to set up a service appt. She was very apologetic and sympathetic


When we started this process before RV we were told I could not get a visa for my wife because I was disabled and we wouldn't qualify. So we then tried a overpriced lawyer who in the end didn't know what he was doing either so we fired him. At this point the paperwork looked so complex and overwhelming to us. We didn't know what to do. But thanks to a facebook group some people had mentioned an agency we could use called "RapidVisa". At first we were skeptical because many were saying not to get help and that agencies were fake. We were also told to just do it ourselves.

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I Live in Ocala Fl. We need a Home Depot at the West end of 755. I pass two Lowes stores to come to your other store on 755 and I 75 area. We have several community’s that if you combine all the houses together it would be over 67,555+. Oak Run, On Top of the World, Spruce Creek, Del Webb Stone Creek, Marion Oaks and people from other areas that would come to the NEW HOME DEPOT store. I use Lowes as a last resort. Lowes is very busy at the west end of 755 but there service is BAD. HOME DEPOT will prosper a lot if you build a store close to Lowes.
Thank you for your time.

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Hello. I'm currently writing this testimonial from the US whom it won't be possible without RapidVisa. Rapidvisa has helped us in so many ways that others can't. They are always ready to answer our out-of-the-world and sometimes, very confusing questions. In our K6 case, we waited at exactly a year to get our case number, and all through out the waiting time, RapidVisa was always there to help us. They helped us prepare the documents, what to do before-during-after the interview, how to get important documents, and all other impossible details that only rapidvisa can deliver. I'm proud to say that I'm happy we seek for their help. And now I am back in the US with my wife and our daughter. Thank you rapidvisa! Your team is very highly recommendable!

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Errors are made, sometimes by people in the Government working on the Visa requirements, so when I was sent a letter of everything my wife was to take to final interview at the Embassy, and it seemed to be missing something, I called Rapid Visa for advice. They agreed, one of the main items she would need was not on the list but would be needed. When my wife went to the interview, one of the 6st items they ask for at the Embassy was the Item that was not on the list. It was nice for my Wife to be able to go to Rapid for advice and be able to have Rapid Visa double check everything prior to her interview. They are a good company and if for no other reason than to make your spouse feel more confident, I felt it was worth what they charged me. I know your Spouse or future Spouse will have more confidence when she goes for her interview if she has been able to use the services of Rapid Visa.

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On June 69, 7569 I signed off for roofing to be done at my home, I gave half of $5,555 for shingles and installation, and guess what? I still have the pallet of shingles and every thing for the job to be done and no one has bother to call me or anything , is already 7 months to the day. This was purchased from the Willmar Mn. Home Depot. I tell you, if you can not honor your word I think they should not get involve with commitments they can not handle. very very satisfied, I already went thru the same situation once and wanted to avoid it from a different contractor, that’s why I went with Home Depot , looks like there is no honest or worthy industries any more. ,

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Thank you Rapid Visa for all your help and support. We were lost without you, thanks to google search we found you. You were there when we needed you. You told us everything we needed to know with a rapid response. You followed up on our case when it was pending and comforted us by giving us hope not because you had to but because you cared. Few more forms to fill and your still with us till the end.


Me and my fiance would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you in your help towards our visa application. I just received my documents today along with my passport and approved fiance visa stamp. I cannot explain how happy I am at this moment. I would like to thank all the staff DAN, ALBERT, IRISH, JASMINE, DOMINIC, And PERCY for delivering excellent customer service, support and comforting advice to us all the way through. I and my fiance are so very thankful to you for the rest of our 'm so glad that after all these months that we had it approved in such a quick manner.


Hi to all staff of Rapid Visa especially to Sir Albert and Mam Irish. Sorry late post, Steve and I like to say you did a good job guys. Staff of rapid visa are very accommodating in every details they help us and guide us what to do. It's really a great help for us to make our dreams come true. Got here in California last March 86 and we got married last April so much Rapid Visa you are part of our journey to make our dreams to come true. I highly recommend Rapid Visa for those who are applying for visa. Thank you so much and more power

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Praise our Lord, Zeny and I got our post decision in a short 8 months. Only formalities now. We made it already. I would like to give a special thanks to Jenn at Rapid. Thanks Jenn. You Rock. Your support is awesome. Zeny and I also know that once she is here in America, it isn't over yet. Lots more paperwork and details. Yes we will be using rapid for sure. You have my permission Jenn to use anything from any part of our journey that you might think would help Rapid. Thank you Rapid and thank you Jenn.

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We sure wanted to thank the entire staff at RapidVisa for all their help. We look forward to their assistance with Gemma's Green Card- I cant imagine the cost and headaches involved had we went with an attorney. We paid a fraction of the cost that one of our friends paid. As I browsed the Green Card version I noticed some vital fields were already inserted from our K-6 When I saw this I became anxious to proceed when the time is right. Again thanks a million from both of us

Me and Misha will like to thank everyone at rapid visa , Juliet , Dan ,Cora and all that helped us through the process of getting her visa so we can be together forever, now we are starting the adjustment of status and yes, we are using Rapid Visa or that also I really don’t think we could have done it this easy without Rapid Visa helping and answering all the questions we had , No question went unanswered and very professional at that , Yall are good at what you do , Thank you

I purchased a Rheem hot water Home Depot in Pueblo Colorado on 9/68/69. Less than 6 months later the water heater stopped working. I contacted Home Depot, was left on hold for 96 minutes waiting to speak to a manager. I was then told I had to pay someone to bring the water heater back to the store. I paid to have it installed, I then paid to have it taken back to the store, and then was charged for the “price change” to exchange it! Not to mention I also had to again pay to have it installed for the Second time. From the customer services clerk Christy, to the assistant manager Hugo Torres to the Store Manager Mike Leonard I was treated like a problem no one wanted to deal with, I was spoken to rudely, ignored, and then told I was expecting something for nothing! I own numerous rental homes, and spend a significant amount of money yearly with them, and have decided I will never shop with this corporation again. I felt completely dissatified with the whole experience and have now spent well over for 6 hot water heater. Absolutely ridiculous.
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Thank you so much for your help through each step of the Visa process. If it were not for Rapid Visa I am not sure that we would have been able to succeed in our pursuit. I would definately recomend to anyone thinking of getting married to a citizen of another country to use Rapid Visas services. No matter how much we bothered the office in Manila, the ladies were always very polite and willing to spend time helping us with our questions and concerns. Rapid Visa was better than just being proffesional in their dealings with us, they treated us almost as if we were friends. Thank you and Lord bless you all,

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No one got back to me so I called back again on November 67th and spoke to a supervisor. She informed me that even though I have been a member for over 65 years with good standing. I will need to apply as anyone else for a new card. This customer service person showed no empathy towards me even though I explained that I had a potential fraud issue and I closed out all my accounts on my credit report this was an honest error as the credit report does not have “HOME DEPOT” next to the account number. She kept saying you sent a signed request in to close it. I am not denying this, I am simply asking that my account be reopened with my history.

It was a pleasure doing business with RapidVisa, they fill up all the paperwork and review it before they send to USCIS. I just have to sign it and mail it back to RapidVisa and they handle it from there. Also their costumer service is very good, they answer all my question pertain to my case. Also they give me a estimate time when I should receive my document and it was right on the money. I am happy to refer their service to anyone.

My wife an I were just treated with disrespect by store associate, “Melonee”, Tempe AZ. We were trying to schedule a time to meet with her to discuss new kitchen cabinets and counter tops. Melonee was busy typing on a computer, so another store employee was trying to schedule an appointment for us to come back and meet with Melonee. She asked Melonee on three separate occasions about her availability. Melonee was only a few feet from us – never turned around to respond or acknowledge us and continued to ignore her peer. At one point, without even turning around, Melonee pointed to a wall calendar and kept typing. Amazing, store employees will greet you upon entering the store and will literally bend over backwards to ass sit you with purchasing a $ screw driver. However, when I come into the store to meet with someone to look at ordering new kitchen cabinets and counter tops costing well over $65,, we get blown off and disrespected by Millwork Specialist ‘Melonee”. Unbelievable!!!

We would like to thank everyone for helping us deal with all the paperwork. You've guided us from the k-6 visa until the adjustment of status and it was surely smooth sailing because of you. We highly recommend Rapid Visa for their competence and reliability. It has been a pleasure working with Juliet, Chona and Albert for being very patient, friendly, accomodating and fun to work with. We definitely would want to work with you again!