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Wow I watched my housemate play a lot of this game because I wasn 8767 t feeling well and couldn 8767 t bother to do anything else. I didn 8767 t get the impression it was intentionally goofy, I just kept thinking 8775 Wow This is a guy who 8767 s never spoken to a female, and the voice actresses are probably 68 year old lesbians with no clue about men or the world or they wouldn 8767 t be working on this shit 8776 . It just left a very bad impression on me ~ 8776 Tee hee sex is bad and dirty!!!!!!!66 8798

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Ive been confused for a long time now and i want some experts 8767 opinion on the matter. Approx 7 months ago i met a girl and spent the whole day with her, asked for her number and kept in touch. Because of both our schedules, we didn 8767 t get to meet each other, but kept talking via whatsapp and calls. We decided to meet two weeks ago and we did. Getting together wasnt easy but i still did, and we had a great time hanging out for approx 6 hours in the night, which ended up kissing (lots) She told me she 8767 s happy i made it to her and its a shame were not living closer to each other. I considered that night a success. The next day however, she started ignoring my calls and messages, and i have no clue why. All the signs showed me that she 8767 s intrested, and Im just extremely confused about it now.

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BTW, you can 8767 t beat it simply because you are not a good enough gamer.
It 8767 s actually not that hard, I was only surprised during the first minute. And then, smooth sail. The key to do it is, our eyes have to be active searching for the next target while the explosion animation occurs. Just go for it like a mad dog, we don 8767 t care for the tile types during bedroom game, unlike during date game.

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Use winrar should be first page on google, and right click the first rar file and just extract. You may need to run exe file as administrator and set your system locale to Japanese, but I use Locale Emulator, again first search on google, should be under the github site. With locale emulator you can just right click file and it should be under Local Emulator then Run in Japanese (admin) or something like that

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look the possibilities are A she is using mind games with you. B she has found another man. C you did something to upset her like flirting with another without even knowing. D she got a new number. E be aware this is the most unlikely but she has hurt her self really badly and is in hospital but she would have called you so yeah but if you do see her again treat her like your queen but don 8767 t be to needy ok.

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thank you, oh thank you. glad there are more people like you that exist. but yah, im about 5 minutes into the game. just got past the first minigame, although i never would 8767 ve gotten that far if i didnt turn the voices off. I didn 8767 t read any of the comments before i downloaded this game, so you should 8767 ve seen my face when i saw it was in english. I still can 8767 t stand the way the characters talk, tho. guess i 8767 ll just see far i can get through the game without losing every brain cell.

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Hello, this message is being addressed to SIBG. My name is Vira, I am a 79 year old single male and I in fact, have always been single throughout my entire life. For this reason, I have struggled with serious episodes of depression. As a direct result, I at one point, turned to substance abuse. I am no longer abusing substances, however, depression is still prominent in my life. I don 8767 t know how to interact with women, and desperately need your guidance. You are my last resort. Please help, as I have not a single bad intention to harm anyone with the techniques you reveal. Any help would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks so much and God bless you

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You basically have to match as quickly as possible in this case (and it gets worse, later girls need 755-955 points). I 8767 ve found that you need to play as quickly as possible until the game lets you win. It can help, if you have a good memory, to bring up the HunieBee to let you take a quick breather and plan a couple moves ahead(the game is effectively paused when you have the HunieBee open). I 8767 d also recommend moving tiles in the bottom two-three rows rather than at the top, to maximize additional matches.

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Corrupt save file?
Use this as a last resort, especially if you have already made progress before your game stopped working. It 8767 s possible that somehow, your save file was corrupt. Deleting your save file would resolve this issue. On Windows, the save file is usually located in ( 8775 C:/Users/*username*/AppData/LocalLow/HuniePot/HuniePop/ 8776 ). On Mac it 8767 s usually located in ( 8775 /Users/*username*/Library/Caches/HuniePot/HuniePop/ 8776 ).

One last question. I noticed that when I started up the new file, it used my saves from the previous version. Do I have to keep the original version to play the one I just downloaded? Or can I delete the original? I only ask cause it 8767 s more than twice as big as the patched version. Or am I supposed to move the newer files into the older folder? It worked, but I 8767 m just not wanting to have two huniepop folders. 😛

Most of us have gone on dates with strangers from the internet at some point. But even if you met your date IRL, it’s a good idea to give them a Google Voice number when you start chatting, Rucker says. Google Voice lets users generate phone numbers for free and use them to set up other secure chat services like WhatsApp or Signal. A user can easily turn off her Google Voice number and get a new one if her date turns out to be a creep—and she won’t have to go to the trouble of changing her real number and redistributing it to all her friends.

That 8767 s right, You are missing a few, I should review what to unlock though.
6. Momo. Buy the goldfish, then toss at Dawnwood park, or Turtle Bay Beach, and give them to her. (I reccommend early in the game when the successful date requirement is low)
7. Kyu: Just bed with any one of the girls (including Momo) for the night, and she 8767 ll be unlocked.
8. Celeste: Give your dirty magazine to Kyu, and she 8767 ll give you a strange device. Then go to one of the girls at Turtle Bay Beach at night, to give it to them. They 8767 ll say they have no use for it. However if you try to leave (same with Momo) you 8767 re golden.
9. Venus. You just have to bed with all of the women.. I hope that helps you out.

Played a few minutes and didn 8767 t really like it. The gameplay was fun but the constant potty language and immature humor got old fast. Just not the type of text I look for in a romance simulator. It works decently as a parody if you 8767 re into raunchy humor, but if you 8767 re in for actual heart-melting romance this is not the game for you. As far as western VN 8767 s go, Katawa Shoujo, although overrated, is significantly better in terms of writing and capturing the spirit of Japanese culture.

That depends on whether your looking for more story or As far as story goes, I would highly suggest Katawa Shoujo. It 8767 s a fairly good starting VN, moderately short but with excellent writing and characters. Fate/Stay Night and Clannad are also known as very high quality story focused VN 8767 s. As for the only one that I 8767 ve played so far that I would suggest, excluding this, would be Monster Girl Quest. It has plenty of RPG elements, and what turns into a pretty engaging story, but it does have monster girls.

Hey at work getting ready to start when I found this game is this download have all of the add on blc and version included or do I need to find something else where to add to this game if this is a stupid question I 8767 m sorry for bugging you guys just don 8767 t have much time left before starting at work if someone can tell me if it has everything or if it is missing something and what it is then cool and thanks and is it uncensored?

.. sadly, this is why I would never ever watch or play a western version of the Japanese game and anime industry. I know that I should not complain about this considering the fact that its free to take, but I worry about the future if ever dubbing goes over raw and some people may try to create something similar to what Japan is doing. I don 8767 t really care about the quality they can provide, shit is still shit. All the voices are annoying.

So I have a problem, in the original (steam) version, you can hear the girls moaning at the bed 8767 s puzzle level everytime you match a token, and I don 8767 t know why, but mine didn 8767 t have any sounds at that level, It 8767 s occured since , I though when I install the it 8767 ll be fixed, but it didn 8767 t, so. does anybody had the solution, I wanna hear Audrey moaning so badly, pretty please?

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Hi, sorry to bother, I downloaded this game yesterday and I got trough the night date all the way to the bedroom, but then, when the \succes\ shows up my game kinda freezes, I mean, it doesn 8767 t exactly freeze, but the game stops there and stays like that, apparently loading I think, and it happens with every girl, I wonder, is it a bug? Or maybe a download/data problem? And, in any case, how do I fix it to keep playing? The rest of the game is perfectly fine, that 8767 s the only problem I get. Thanks.