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Who was the sponsor of this study?
What are the qualifications of those who performed the study?
Where is the data and how many schools did you consulted?
What is the power of the different variables.
What is the goal of the study and was it mentioned in the introduction?
Who would benefit of the conclusions?
Is it possible to describe how study was conducted? (. Methodology)
What is your experience in data analysis? (What other works have you published continental and international)?
These and other unanswered questions affect the way I consider this article. However, I am proud of the idea to rank schools is great.

Romance Scammer Martin James from Accra (Ghana), Achimota

Uhm sweety the list was definitely not compiled by someone from Zimbabwe because they would have included schools like Falcon College instead of Hamilton, CBC wouldn 8767 t be on number 68, Mount Pleasant High School wouldn 8767 t be there. Don 8767 t try blame Zimbabweans for some shitty list. Just cause we are quiet doesn 8767 t mean that we don 8767 t think its dodgy cause we do. We are just too humble to do what you are doing.

Dating Scammer Angelina Osie from Accra (Ghana), Agona

I do believe ranking is subjective and like you put schools need to put African problems first and educate to solving the. I don 8767 t agree with the list on bases that I 8767 ve never come across a school in Ethiopia that is in the list that has produced that is prominent in Ethiopia. All leave the country after they graduate from the schools to the western countries. So please think about it.

Romance Scammer Lucas James from Accra (Ghana), Kabul

What a load of uneducated and unadulterated bullshit of the first order. There are far too many idiots with small brains and wannabee egos that have suddenly found the internet and along with it the self proclaimed tights to judge the best countries, best food, best this best that and now we have best schools. Well aside of the fact that my school wasn 8767 t on the list, which is in part the reason for this outrage, I have to say some of the schools are of dubious origin. I am so tired of self proclaimed experts vomiting their so-called expert lists online and even more tired of those that give them credibility.

100 Best Secondary Schools in Africa, Does Your School

Alimamy, it 8767 s lnded a jelousy on your part to discredit this publication, the simple reason is because your beloved prince of Wales is not considered among the rated schools. Coming back to your prominent people that your beloved Prince of Wales have produced! is no doubt an achievement for your school kudos for that! what really disgusted me in your comments is that you failed to mension prominent people that were also groomed by Methodist Boys 8767 High school. To you M B H S is not fit to be on the list! why the envy? my humble opinion to you is that you should be happy our country Sierra Leone is up to the task to have a school to be rated among the top schools in Africa rather than opposing the publication. The truth is the publishers made no mistake to have selected my M B H S to be on the list. so my question for you is why the envy for Methodist Boys High School?

The Flecker - Summer 2015 - Issue 1 by Dean Close School

I have gotten to spend time in a number of considered 8766 top schools 8767 across Africa, and South Africa in particular. There is *NO* way that Crawford Sandton or *any* of the Crawford schools belong on this if you only consider academics. This is not intended to defend the list the author made an effort and is transparent about his/her approach but just a repudiation of the assertion that Crawford Sandton should be on it.

Dating Scammer Janet Mark from Abeokuta (Nigeria), Accra

Well, I went to one of the schools mentioned, but disagree with both your rankings and methodology. You have not included entry criteria into the schools which in many ways determines the expected output. Even Harvard is judged by the quality of students it accepts. For a school in Kenya that only takes in from the top 7% of performers to be judged against a school of commercial considerations is to me not acceptable. Secondly, you include schools for which you have no idea of their graduation rates and university placement success (in your own words) that is absurd. Without data you are navigating blind. I saw the list because my wife sent it to me unfortunately this arm chair result will form a point of reference for far too many parents and that is a disservice to the parents. When provided a platform please use it wisely.

Tutti i Cognomi

This is one of those lists where you either approve of the methodology used or you don 8767 t. The only problem is that every single one of you disagree and immediately suggest the school you attended,so drop the ego and look at the bigger picture. I attended Grey College for 67 years and it is not just about statistics it also entails the environment and Grey is a place where you are taught to be the best,no excuses,a place where 655 year old traditions are drilled into you. I personally enjoyed it even though I am gay and would never have considered coming out during my time there but unfortunately that part of the country is still filled with ignorant folk.

Hahaha and Port Shepstone?!? You 8767 ve got to be joking!? Surely then you missed schools like Dundee High School and Sarel Cilliers High School in Northern KZN? And no mention of Treverton where education is about so much more than just 8775 hitting the books 8776 ? And where Zambian, Zimbabwean, Malawaian and parents from even further afield choose to send their children because of Treverton 8767 s well rounded approach to education (inside and outside the classroom) and brilliant results! And surely Weston Agricultural should feature too, or is it assumed that a good education is purely based on academic and sporting results?

Some of you make fair points, but to those of you who are angered by this list I tell you what, if you can draw up a methodology and do the research (get the proof) of how certain schools are better than others, by all means there will be no complaints. The more we are willing to take criticism, the more we are willing to improve But the more we get defensive, the more we stunt our future greatness. I ask that we all become more proactive and stop complaining about facts with no evidence/facts to back it up. Please change the wrong things in the right ways.

Are you shitting me. How can you put Achimota on this list. They haven 8767 t produced any good student in the last 85 years. Agreed Presec deserves to me on the list the others mentioned none compares to Accra Aca. Botwe deserves the #66, #65 for Adisco and #85 something for Holyco is too high a ranking for those schools. Gay hey deserves to be tanked higher but Achimota no way they should be on the list. We are not talking about glorious past and even that is questionable because Motown used to be a university college and was downgraded to a secondary school so you ask any old Akoro and they have another secondary school they treasure. Accra Aca have been consistent over the year. Botwe had a slump in the 85s through the early 7555s, it 8767 s just recently picking up. Peters is ok but I 8767 ll rank pope jones and Aquinas ahead of them and more school those are schools with around 655 students every year so it 8767 s manageable and yet their percentage is not anything to write home about.

I dont know how much research is put into lists like this, but Christian Brothers College, Bulawayo should be nowhere near a list of this nature after meting out corporal punishment to my son which verged on abuse. My complaint to the Head Master was met with a reply that if one is not happy with the rules and regulations of a school, then one can always remove ones son. Which I did. 6 cuts with a cane, followed by press-up in the prefects room and then being forced to sit in full uniform, including blazer, with backpack on back, in the full sun while others swam in the school gala. Needless to say that was the last day my son was at school. Reason for punishment: late from lunch break 8 times.

Jeppe Boys at 88 does not reflect the remarkable achievments made by this school over the last 65 years where they have outperformed KES ranked 8 and Parktown Boys ranked 88 in almost all departments as far as I am concerned Also the oldest boys school in JHB! I maybe biased as an old boy but I think this list is a bit random. Also surprised that (probably) the most prestigious school in RSA Michaelhouse only features at 76???

I doubt your research mythology failing to mentioned the oldest senior secondary schools in West Africa, . Sierra Leone Grammar School and Annie Walsh Secondary School (according to your research) and the leading in terms of public examination results (WASSCE) in west Africa since colonial days (The Athens Of West Africa) they have been heading the West African Exams even the present results they scored the best results with 8As followed by a Nigeria school for two years in a roll which the Sierra Leone Methodist Boys/Girls High School failed to do and in terms of age those above two mentioned schools are the oldest in West Africa. Please go back and do a proper research you should have never mentioned any Sierra Leonean school point.

I live in South Africs and I am a teacher in what I would regard as one of the top private schools in the country. I think your list is not accurate at all. I can not comment on the non SA schools but in SA, there is no way you can rank Micheal House or Maritzburg College so low down on the list. I will agree that Benoni High is one of the top government institutions but they are not in the same league as Michael House, never mind above them. Greys college as the top school for sure, but King Edward that high up is a joke and what is Park Town boys even doing on the list. There are also many top private schools which do not appear on your list at all.

This list is a joke. There are many great Afrikaans Medium schools in South Africa which have simply been ignored. I don 8767 t see the name of Eunice Girls School top-performing school in the Free State (academic and sporting) which consistently beats Grey College in results every year. The author also seems to concentrate on old-style boys 8767 high schools from the colonial era these schools having been modelled on the good old English public school from the last 655 years which is really rather silly in the context of modern-day Africa.

Couldn 8767 t have been better said. Definitely a lazy man 8767 s job. It 8767 s obvious the author 8767 s research was poor but I 8767 ll give him the benefit of the doubt based on the fact that you can 8767 t get detailed information online about high schools in Africa. So if you wanna sit behind your computer and rank these schools you 8767 re gonna get it all wrong and that is very evident in this work. I 8767 ll give him/her 65% for effort.

I was a Selbornian that know and played against many of the schools that are and aren 8767 t on the list. I guess the guestimation list will always be bogus or challenged by all of us (just look at the disgruntled comments above). On a positive note, it amazes me how many awesome schools are not on the list or are so low down the list. The conclusion has to be that Africa is a brilliant educational continent and that we should be way ahead of the rest of the world in most areas ..hmmmmmmmm .are we really as good as we think???????

Isn 8767 t it just spectacular that the first girls school is only mentioned in when I am 655% sure that some of the girls schools in Johannesburg St. Mary 8767 s Waverley, St. Andrew 8767 s School For Girls, Kingsmead etc outperform some of the best boys schools and are consistently voted the best schools regionally.. This is ridiculous Is this the perception of female education in our patriarchal society? Also Some of the schools that have female sister schools . Pretoria Boys, Parktown Boys, Jeppe Boys they only choose to mention the boys 8767 schools not the Girls, yes, we do not have males but Pretoria Girls, Parktown Girls and Jeppe Girls, probably produces people just as smart though not as male this is offensive actually NOT impressed.

Alush Alvin, you got it wrong to labelled Sierra Leone Grammar School as the Anthens Of West Africa. A gentle reminder for you is Fourah Bay college is the only institution in Sierra Leone that was often referred to as the Anthens Of West Africa. This is because it is the first higher institution of learning in West Africa. Not Grammar School! honestly, i have much respect for the schools you mentioned in your comments. Please respect the fact that the publishers made no mistake to have selected Methodist Boys High School and Methodist Girls High school to be rated among the best schools in Africa. I know you may agree with me that both the M B H S and M G H S are good schools. So why questioninq the publication!

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