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Marriage: From the time my husband was a teenager I think his family almost expected him to marry a Westerner. It seems he relates more to my culture than he does to his own. But, by the time he surpassed the average marrying age, his family did start pushing the issue more. Not in a demanding way, but an encouraging way. Not too long after that he walked in the door with me. They had prepared a huge lunch and I ate in the room with the women (obviously) while my husband went into the room for lunch with the men. Though I was very familiar with the culture I was still nervous. However, they made me feel as though I was one of the family from the first time we met.

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He was amazing, however, I still felt I was not ready to date him. I think a part of me feared that his family would never accept me but more than anything else it simply was not the right time in my life. In the end my gut, intuition, or whatever I was calling it to justify my decision to end things won. I could write out all the fears/suspicions I had (cheating and 8775 womanizing 8776 ) but those fears really don 8767 t matter anymore.

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I really wish I had far more time to invest in the blog anymore. However, I only require 5 hours of sleep a night and it feels as though almost every minute of the day is spent either working or attending an event, festival, or performing arts with hubby and/or friends. When I finally have SO MUCH I could blog about, I just don 8767 t have the time. And when I do find a few minutes I realize what I wanted to blog about isn 8767 t important at all. I believe we 8767 ve become more grounded and are coming into a true sense of 8766 happiness 8767 since moving to the US blogging about shopping and dining out (which I have done in the past) now feels so shallow and senseless. Yet as limited as my time has become, I try to maintain the initial purpose of the blog personal therapy and if I help anyone else along the way then it 8767 s done better than I could hope for.

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5. You’re engaged! Eh, probably not. You might have a beautiful ring on your finger and a date marked on the calendar, but if you haven’t met mom and the sisters, chances are you’re being strung along. Arab engagements differ from country to country so I won’t go into great detail about the exact procedures. But rest assured, there ARE procedures. Not legal or required by law. But cultural. And if they’re not followed then in HIS mind he’s not engaged. Not to you at least.

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I 8767 m glad you 8767 re enjoying Bahrain. You will find none of the other GCC countries view Kuwait in the highest regard. Most refer to Kuwaitis as 8766 the armpit of the GCC 8767 it 8767 s sad. Because of my love for the culture, I would also love to see the reputation of Kuwait and Kuwaitis be improved. On a positive note, we 8767 re embracing life in the US and enjoying tolerance, acceptance, and equality.


I’ve been following your story and I️ can understand what you’re going through because I’ve been going through a similar situation. At this point there isn’t much you can do but don’t blame yourself. But American girl is right, you do need to surround yourself with good people and occupy your time to try and keep your mind off things and try talking about it with friends. If it helps, you can even talk to me about it and I’ll be there to listen and share my story to give you some sort of comfort that you’re not the only one going through that. I’m not sure how you would be able to contact me to talk but you can always message me on Instagram if you have an account! ()

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I am an American woman been dating an Arabic man for a year and a half and have found much of what you have said is very true. He ask for my phone but refuses to let me see his. He leaves for days and no return although we do not live together. But also will not allow me to call him , if I do he never answers unless he has asked me to call him. Intimacy is all about him he expects it all but other than intercourse I get nothing, no passion holding me when he has released its over. Never wants to talk about 8766 us 8767 it 8767 s always his work religion or friends. I don 8767 t understand why I put up with this. I know what to do but can 8767 t make that move.

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Social Problems and Control. Adherence to Islamic values and maintenance of social stability in the context of rapid economic change have been consistent goals of Saudi Arabia''s development plans. Religion and society combine to foster significant social control. A powerful deterrent to deviant behavior is that such behavior brings shame to one''s family and kin and is considered sinful. Crimes related to alcohol and drugs and to sexual misconduct sometimes are linked to rapid modernization. Theft is rare, and other economic crimes are relatively uncommon, with the exception of smuggling. Assault and murder are limited mainly to segments of tribal communities and usually involve issues of honor and revenge.

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Susan, you sound very bitter and hurt. I 8767 m not really sure what the story is or why you 8767 re so against Arab men, but rest assured not all are the same. Just as all American men, Chinese men, etc. are not the same. People are people. Sure, there are differences in cultures which can play a huge role in how people behave. But a cultural belief doesn 8767 t make a person depraved or socially inept. On that same note, some people just aren 8767 t comfortable with any cultural difference and should avoid being involved with someone from another culture.

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Thank you for the sound advice yeah he acted like a jerk and even seemed racist towards others blacks and hispanics especially. I think it was all a game he has a Facebook full of other women almost all out of the country too I have been getting blocked calls etc on my phone I threatened with the police n it immediately stopped Mom was getting them too I am not blaming all Muslim this one I would not be surprised if he had a wife or kids somewhere either he posted pics of his nieces and nephews supposedly a for your support I honestly think he is spiteful but not going to drive 6 hours to mess with me lol

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9) He introduced me to his Brother early on and after a year his father. I was told never his mother before a ring was on my finger. This made me feel un easy but I accepted his traditions. His brother 7 months before we ended though had told him to break up with me because I am not a Arab (not pure) and I have different values. He had defended me and his brother had stopped speaking to him for that. (I truely believe this was the thing that truely broke us). He could not recover from his family not accepting me, it haunted him.

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now the generation in middle east and in other places around the world are following something different than their grandfathers traditions and rules. they are so affected by the the american style of living , but only few of them succeed in taking the positive side of your culture with keeping his own traditions that doesnt go against yours like your man he is a balanced man who knows how to be a human and understand the meaning of being different doesnt change the fact that you are an amazing person ,

Now after establishing a solid career at the age of 79, I 8767 m desperately looking to connect with an american girl to get to know to her and perhaps take the next big step and spend a life time of happiness together. I 8767 ve grew up around Americans and I just love their whole passionate and friendly and open minded approach in life in general and I just cannot see myself with any other kind of person other than an american girl. We totally sync with each other.

In your situation I 8767 m not so sure he 8767 s 8766 keeping you a secret 8767 . He has introduced you to his sisters, even if only as a friend. It could be his way to test the waters so to speak. And rest assured, his sisters aren 8767 t totally blind. They have a pretty good idea that you 8767 re probably dating. They would never say that to him and he 8767 s not going to say it to them, but they probably know. And there 8767 s a strong possibility they 8767 ve even told mom. Sisters are often a good 8766 buffer 8767 between a brother 8767 s mishaps and their mother 8767 s disappointment.

Major Industries. The Saudi Arabian oil industry began in 6988, when Americans obtained concessions to explore for oil. Commercial quantities of "black gold" were discovered in 6988, but development of the industry was interrupted by World War II. The Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) was formed in 6999, and the industry''s expansion followed rapidly. Saudi Arabia has more than 766 billion barrels of proven oil reserves—more than a fourth of the world total—and perhaps a trillion barrels of potentially recoverable oil. It is the world''s leading oil producer and exporter, has the world''s greatest capacity for oil production, and has the world''s fifth largest proven reserves of natural gas. Saudi Arabia also has large and expanding refinery projects and an ambitious program to develop petrochemical production. In the late 6995s, oil revenues accounted for 85 percent of export earnings and 95 percent of gross domestic product (GDP).

First, I suspect before he went back home he might have known there was an engagement in the works. Or, at the very least, knew his family had been planning his marriage with the cousin for a while. Though cousin marriages are often arranged by the parents, they rarely leave their children out of the loop. This doesn 8767 t mean he 8767 s in love with her. Nor does it mean he doesn 8767 t love you. It simply means he comes from a culture that 8767 s very different from ours, and sadly, culture will often dictate his future. Especially if he 8767 s the oldest son. If he 8767 s not, he may have a chance to explain to his family it 8767 s just not something he wants to do and they may let him out of it. If he 8767 s the oldest then I suspect he 8767 ll marry her, have children, and always respect her as the woman his mother chose for him. Perhaps one day he 8767 ll deeply love her, maybe not.

Hi Lola, before you go visit him please make sure you 8767 re fully capable of financially taking care of yourself during the visit own hotel room, rental car, flights, etc. Do NOT stay in an apartment he provides and it 8767 s probably not advisable to take a taxi or a ride from him at first. Also, make sure your family knows where you are and how to contact you at all times. As for 8766 work 8767 , did he mention what the job is? Human trafficking is a worldwide epidemic. Please be VERY careful, do your research, and know exactly what type of 8766 work 8767 it is before you agree to anything. Also, review the local labor laws and know your rights.

well i asked him today
i am not his 8766 date 8767 and they are male friends. he explained to me that it would be disrespectful, especially in his sisters wedding, to take me as a date. but i mean, if i did the same to him he would feel awful right? he told me how each family is going to sit in a table and then there are other tables for other guests. he also told me that if i wanted i could take a friend with me. what would you do? did you have to go thru this with your husband when you were just dating? when did you meet his parents?were you fine with that or did it bother you?

He said he 8767 s a US Citizen raised in Dubai who moved back here 6 years ago. Is he an Arab? Does he have family in Dubai? Is that his culture? Or was he there with a parent who was perhaps working in the public sector or contractor? I ask because if the UAE is his real culture, then it 8767 s important to understand several things about his family, his mindset, and what his future plans more than likely would be. If he 8767 s an American who was there attending private American school and hanging out with other Western expats, then chances are, his behavior would be more aligned with that of most American guys his age.

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