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France, who else in the world celebrates the pure mental joy of being alive like your great Nation. The French to me have always represented a form of human life that 8767 s in essence dedicated to so much more than the brutal, mean, economic facts of life, where people accumulate, then live and die, like assets on a company balance sheet. To the French, such an (Anglo- Saxon) philosophy seems ugly, crude and devaluing to the idea of humanity.

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The leader of the German right wing party is also a woman, Frauke Petry. There 8767 s a few in power in Scandinavia, maybe it helps to get get them accepted by the liberal MSM if initially these parties are led by women. Still Geehrt Wilders is a man as is the Hungarian leader and Farage from the UK who is well popular. You might know a French speaking one from Switzerland Oskar Freysinger, who is also a man..

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Heavy Metal Death Metal Rockers under the high camp and melodrama are often shrewd commentators. Below is a translation of the Rammstein song 8775 Amerika 8776 which is normally sung part German and part English. The more acerbic parts are in German (translated to English below). Rammstein were part time unapproved artists in communist East Germany, effectively musical and artistic outlaws. It 8767 s Ironic that often those exposed to communism in Eastern Europe remain the most independent in thought. The band normally isn 8767 t overtly political.

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You detected something fundamental in our current view of the world. I think it can also be linked to the fact that we had a bad experience passing from metempsychotic theories of the soul to the rude, 8775 chemical 8776 scientism of our days (even in Freud 8767 s work, we can see this working, at a distance). It shook our culture too deeply and gave rise to militant atheism (as we denied the ethereal and fully embraced the chemical and physical), then anticlericalism (why should we have a church, if God and soul are uncertain?) and finally, marxist class struggle (if clergy were removed, why would aristocracy be spared?). Other factors may certainly be involved, but our 8775 evolution 8776 can be traced to some of these crucial turning points.

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The earlier the better. Back when I was a child, the cartoons I watched depicted mighty heroes crushing the enemy, often bloodily. There was a conflict between good and evil and a lesson taught. The story had a beginning, a chain of events, and an end. Now every episode has too many characters (all diversity-approved) who are often weak, but that 8767 s ok because everyone is nice and worrying about the unknown is intolerant. The creators teach children that being a weakling is not a problem and that working on your looks is not important because true beauty is in the heart.

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You are undoubtedly free to write on subjects of your choosing. I have never suggested otherwise. Keep in mind that anybody can blame everyone else for their problems. However, it takes an altogether different kind of person to accept responsibility for their problems and take steps to remedy them. The fact remains that America is much more than the dozen negative influences you 8767 re complaining about. Try presenting ideas on how to solve your problems and spend less time aboard the same, tired old 8775 Blame America! 8776 bandwagon. You might get taken more seriously.

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He 8767 s a controversial figure among nationalist ranks, for some can 8767 t forgive him the loss of French Algeria, some regret Vichy.
But I like him too, for the reasons you 8767 ve mentionned.
By the way, if you look at the French Resistance, this was mostly done by French aristocrates from the far right.
They 8767 ve done so much more and acted so much efficiently than the late stupid communist resistance, that kept killing German officers in the street and thus getting hostages executed.

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Observe what happened in Corsica lately. The police services are moving heaven and earth to find the handful of men that broke into the Mosque and smashed the kebab place, but leave the youths that attacked the two firemen and the police officer that sparked the gatherings of the patriots in the first place. When a handful of Corsicans show more patriotic balls than millions of hand-holding JE SUIS CHARLIEs, there is an issue.

Politically, I support conservative candidates that share my ideas. While I have my own misgivings about the extent at which my 8775 vote 8776 matters, I 8767 ve also come to accept that inaction is probably worse than voting liberal. I am a staunch advocate of the 7nd Amendment, with a reasonable collection to back that up and the will to use it on anyone who might force a contrary opinion on that. I also try my damndest to get my friends and family to do some if not all of what I do, and encourage them to do the same with their friends. One less person voting liberal is a victory.

I 8767 ve a lot of sympathy with Royalist ideals. However, the eternal/infernal problem is how to treat the people right, and it 8767 s ironic that the Maoists and Communists could never accept that fact that these 8775 Champions of the People 8776 treated the people horrendously in comparison to even the most degenerate Monarch. That 8767 s why I parted company a long time ago with people of this ilk.

The really interesting thing that strikes me in what you 8767 ve written about in the last few posts, is the lack of connection (generally) between the body and the mind in western philosophy. This tendency to separate both in the most absolutist manner in the west was a serious historical mistake I believe. I think for example this might be the reason why we still view our own bodies in the west in the manner of a technical machine which exists in a state of largely disconnected systems. From a medical perspective this is important, but, I think we still suffer from a completely isolationist point of view when we try to treat diseases in the west. The inter-linkage between the body and the mind from my limited knowledge of eastern thought seems to interwoven into an overall holistic frame that incorporates the entire being. I must ponder more!

I like to believe that Jacques de Molay was a 8775 good guy 8776 , but I 8767 m afraid we have no way to be sure.
For the Revolution, they were several clubs and secret societies involved for sure. Fingers are often pointed towards the Free Masons, but they were splitted too (I 8767 ve read somewhere that they were infiltrated by the societies you 8767 ve mentionned) For example the most notorious anti-revolutionary thinker was himself a catholic free-mason : Joseph de Maistre.

So it 8767 s important that Rivkin the Kike is a Kike even though he 8767 s clearly representing American Interests? Don 8767 t get me wrong, kikes are overwhelmingly in favor of degeneracy but let 8767 s not excuse the American or the French either. After all, the French Revolution and the French, including their 8775 emperor 8776 readily exported 8775 liberal 8776 values, and so did America. Postmodernism, liberalism and 8775 the enlightenment 8776 are mostly European diseases that were mostly exploited by the opportunistic or sick like (((Rivkin))).

Thanks for that, I spent about 95 minutes looking at them today. I think therightstuff possibly grabs me the most.. I have a feeling ROK is probably better but will have to spend more time there. I devoted a phase of my life to learning game increasing the bedpost notches to a respectable level so that is a reason why I 8767 m probably here, have things in common with Roosh and the other authors. But good that the right is now appealing to broader section of the community. I read a bit about Africa on one of those sites and can see that there is some really new well thought out ideas about the threat that jews and their culture pose to western civilisation, and healthy suggestions of how to deal with it.

The pledge for equality starts with our language. America brought us the political correctness. It is not politically correct to call a black man 8775 noir 8776 which is the name of the black color in french. Now it is better to say 8775 un black, 8776 since the English term apparently makes it ok. We cannot call a homosexual man 8775 homosexuel, 8776 so now we have to use 8775 gay. 8776

Sikhism IS based on tribal patriarchy as it still is today in the Punjab and honor killing, for women who try to elope or engage in premarital sex is prevalent here much like in the Arab world (the guy can end up getting killed, too). Girls here themselves don 8767 t believe in absolute equality and nobody 8767 s heard of feminism, which is a Western construct and basically doesn 8767 t exist in the East. Why won 8767 t you go there and see for yourself?

I 8767 d like to think I am. In the entertainment and information world, I eschew all forms of television. I don 8767 t support Hollywood. I don 8767 t go to movie theaters because there 8767 s nothing for sale that isn 8767 t politically charged garbage, nor do I buy mainstream films. My entire movie collection fits on a small shelf. I don 8767 t subscribe to any streaming services, nor do I buy any of what passes for 8775 music 8776 these days. I prefer to read more than anything else.

I don 8767 t know my history well enough but have spent a lot of time in France and observing the culture and can only agree that leftism, socialism runs very deep over there, since they cut the heads off the aristocrats in the revolution, sure some American conference might have made it worse but they 8767 re well into guilt for colonial crimes in Algeria without any American assistance. There was also the expulsion of the Huguenots, a further sign of home grown French leftism. A country needs to have healthy agendas then it will not be invaded or infiltrated by other countries. Why is Ukraine vulnerable to Russian invasions and Finland not..

Educational lobbies are changing the school programs to teach the glory of African kingdoms and the expansion of Islam, instead of French history and civilization. Leftists call anyone who wants to focus on native history and its figures a 8775 neo-colonialist. 8776 As French polemicist Eric Zemmour puts it, destroying 8775 the French National epic 8776 and its heroes is the goal. The Rivkin program also includes redefining French history in the school curricula to give attention to the role of non-French minorities in French history.

The Hollywood sphere keeps unloading its filth in France. Open homosexuality, metrosexuality, narcotic abuse, along with Pitt-Jolie and their adopted African kids, brought around like a new handbag are everywhere in our tabloids. Everything they do is cool changing religion like you change underwear, becoming a woman because you are bored, mudsharking, being gay as a three pound note. The words they say are followed by the mass like the bloody Gospel.