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I 8767 m in the same boat as him my gf has 7 kids that have different fathers yet she has them on Facebook this coming from someone who knows its gonna be hard but easy basically if he wants her let her go to him unless he 8767 s a criminal she 8767 s fine it 8767 s a security thing in a mans mined that tells him she 8767 s there with him not with me ower I 8767 m Ed fills the blank with the worst in some cases cheating so hope this helps

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Hi guys and gals,
This is great! I am joining the conversation kinda late, however I wanted to share another angle to these great points. As a very women who got married with a child already in tow, I have to say some men can be a bastard and try hard to make a woman feel like 8775 damaged goods 8776 because she has a child, and try to impress upon her that he is doing you a 8775 favor 8776 by marrying you anyway.

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Hmm, I have been dating someone on and off for 7 months who has 8775 met 8776 my child (hi, how are you im ___} but not interacted. We started out just hooking up, which led to dating, and we are exclusive. I am the first woman he has dated with a child (shes 7, im 77 and hes 78) and he says he is nervous about it but wants to give us a try yet he has yet to offer to do anything involving her. Is that normal? Because we argue like at least once a month, I am still unsure abt us lasting and havent really thought about his lack of interest until now. I mean I brought it up before and he has yet to do anything about it but i def dont want to force it so I feel like its a dead end and I should move on but I really like him and he has made it clear he wants to eventually get married and have kids but now right now.

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Further, if you&rsquo re not a kid person or don&rsquo t want kids, you should not date a woman with kids to see if you&rsquo ll change your mind. This is not a video game that you can turn off when you decide you do not like how the game is playing out. That is a personal decision you should figure out long before you involve a woman and her child in your life. Save the games for the rest of the single people in the world who do not have the responsibility of looking out for the emotional well-being of themselves and their child.

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I am now 79 years old (she 6 year my senior) and I feel like, simply put, dedicating my life to her will lead me to the lifestyle of a second class citizen. I don 8767 t want to say I don 8767 t love her, but I 8767 ve completely lost all respect for her. Every time we have gotten to the point where a major decision in life needs made, my opinion is brutally ignored even if she agrees with me or has come to me with a very wise decision. Somehow she always winds up paying more attention to some f*** up friend or an idiot family member who is worse off than we are. Each time it drags us both down financially while ruining her children 8767 s livelihood.

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Well my gf tried not to do that but end up doing it because her baby sitting aid never came and told the manager not to work the same shift so i can take care of her child versa. That not really made me mad fact that it affected my hours and I am good employee. Anyway I had a talk and there was transition in management i got my hours back but now she stressing out because her other sitter her elderly mom can barely do it. She has hard time walking and has doc appointments. Pretty sure she just got fired because she called in rest of the week and demanded to speak to higher managers up about it. we got into big argument other day she not saying much. Matter in fact i think had to do with the fact i kinda took nutural stance on the issue as long as work gave me my hours and money i wanted. Idk. WHat to do. I still like her but honestly she had the kid when she wasn 8767 t ready. I am not willing to sacrifice myself for her kid to that extreme.

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A tragically simple outlook from a tragically simple person. you can 8767 t assume to know anyone else 8767 s situation, so how can you reason that the woman left the man, and abandoned what could be considered a 8775 traditional 8776 family? If you are a secure, rational person you are not second to the children, you are a part of the family. You only stand to gain in this situation if you have the right outlook. Not only do you get the love of the girlfriend, but you get the love and respect of the kids, and have the opportunity to positively influence a child 8767 s life. This is the best of several worlds in my opinion.

To make a long story shorter her oldest had never held a job in his life, and these kids did not help around the house, they would leave messes in their path, and she would clean up after them, and that was her life. When I said something to her, she said she never gave her kids responsibility and that they would learn it themselves. So I tried to help another way: Help them find jobs. The oldest admitted to me that he did not want to work and enjoyed his lifestyle of video games at home. The one showed ambition to work but never showed the responsibility of wanting to actually hold a job. Attempts to help them find jobs were shortlived, as they felt they didn 8767 t need to work. Their mother bought them anything and everything they wanted anyway, gave them no incentives to work for anything, and they loved every minute of it, so what was the point of working?

My opinion is that it's time to meet the kids. The decision is hers, of course, but perhaps there's a way to meet them without it being a serious introduction. Maybe you can get to know them in a larger group. You certainly don't have to be introduced to them as a potential step-dad. I just want you to get a sense of what this woman is like when she's being a mom. Because. how long can you date her without finding out about the rest of her life?

I 8767 m afraid a good man will not want me. I 8767 m newly seperated and not looking for anything right now but in the back of mind I think that having 8 children would put a damper in everything when I 8767 m ready. I don 8767 t expect a man other than their father to anything for them or with them. Even though they are generally good children...they 8767 re still children and screaming/misbehaving etc is going to occur at one time or another and can be bothersome to deal with especially when the children are not your own. It 8767 s kind of depressingly sad that a woman can do everything right..only lived with one man. And had that one man 8767 s children. Children I love and my life revolves around but men get off easy. The children don 8767 t stay with them, they date and do whatever.

The issue here is her child. She has a 8 6/7 year old son. I have made the conscious decision of not dating anybody with any children because I don 8767 t want to deal with the other parent or become part of that responsibility. I understand how much of an asshole that makes me sound like, but after meeting this woman, I am so torn. More specifically, my question is should I give up on this woman because she has a kid? A hard rule I had but now am questioning for this one woman. I have been on dates with other women before who have had children and I chose not to continue to pursue any of them. The thing is, the other women also lacked qualities I was looking for or the chemistry was never strong to begin with. So here I am. I finally found a great girl that I am very much falling for, am sometimes catching myself thinking about the future with her, but now I’m re-evaluating everything all because of her kid. Am I pulling what you refer to (and sorry if I mess this up) as a 8775 blackjack 75 8776 ? . She and her ex have 55/55 custody and are very civilized and get along just fine. Thanks in advance!

Here 8767 s my dilemma I 8767 m 69 getting ready to leave to the Navy. I have recently got back with an old ex from high school she has a three year old boy that I was willing to look past and be his dad , two weeks later she tells me she 8767 s pregnant again with her ex 8767 s baby. I know this because I haven 8767 t touched her. So she left me to go be with him. The new baby daddy said he 8767 d be there for the child but not her. Afterwards she claims she wants nothing to do with him. Now she wants me to be her rock because she 8775 can 8767 t do it again alone. 8776 Now I don 8767 t know what to do! Should I stay or leave and never look back.

If you and the woman are just trying to have sex then you should not be meeting her kids. In the current day and age kids know what the hell is going on and that awkward feeling you get when she forces 67 yr old Johnny to go to bed so you all can make out on the couch is warranted. Women you gotta be smarter than this, go back to his place, keep your kids out of it, and leave the little ones with a babysitter.

It 8767 s a negative to be a single parent. People who don 8767 t have kids,man or woman, just generally don 8767 t want to take care of someone else 8767 s children. Some single parents got there by sheer bad luck like the death of a spouse or others (the majority) got there by simply not bothering to choose the right partner before having kids and then splitting up or getting a divorce. It sucks but you can 8767 t expect someone else to pick up your slack for the rest of their lives.

What&apos s that you say? You&apos re don&apos t know where to begin? You&apos re in luck, my soon-to-be-mother-f***ing-friend. We&apos ve put together a guide for those of you hoping to make good on the promise of the MILF for the first time. Let us change your perspective as you prepare to change diapers with xA5 A Complete Guide to Dating A Woman With Children.

8775 I 8767 ve completely lost all respect for her. Every time we have gotten to the point where a major dec ision in life needs made, my opinion is brutally ignored even if she agrees with me or has come to me with a very wise decision. Somehow she always winds up paying more attention to some f*** up friend or an idiot family member who is worse off than we are. Each time it drags us both down financially while ruining her children 8767 s livelihood. 8776

Check his credentials: If you have a toddler or baby and the guy is okay with dating you, then this next step is important. You may need to run some sort of background check or something to know what kind of temperament the guy has. A suave, zen-like guy who can hold in his inner lion is great but if you have a temper tantrum throwing lunatic around your baby, you need to drop him like a bad habit.

Hi I 8767 m 86 my girlfriend 89, with two kids different fathers, 8775 I 8767 m not done, read my story as still proceeding. 8776 goes like this,,my girlfriend has two kids two years older, first kids she got at 69 years,she said she was by her boyfriend at time that 8767 s why she had early kid and the second is 7, everytime when I visit, they be happy at me and want to more closer to me,why? Because when I 8767 m around their momma we don 8767 t exclude them, but me and their mom don 8767 t play touching games and or way of intimacy, we never go in a room and shut down the door,for respect they do know that me and their mom are lovers,our space we can rather go stand by balcony and speak if we think it will be more sensitive to the kids,and funny part is that they do know I 8767 m not theirs,,,,adding on they deserve to be loved, ladies with man 8767 s having different perspective on woman 8767 s with kids ,i think the world is lost in love,we don 8767 t know what is love that 8767 s why most woman had kids with wrong guys,,,,remember kids are biggest blessings but biggest mistake is who you do them with,,happiness is what we want at last

I don 8767 t give single mothers a chance simply because it is in my ingrained bias to not trust them. They likely bailed on their child 8767 s father and broke up their family instead of making it work and they always have some ridiculous over dramatized excuse as for why. Why would you put yourself out for a women like that only to be in a worse situation where you are not even the childs father and will always come after her children. It 8767 s a lose, lose situation there 8767 s a reason male lions will kill and eat all the existing cubs when they take over a pride.. nature isn 8767 t stupid, so why should we be?

Ladies, what do you do with the man who has a vasectomy because he was a teenage father and most definitely decides he does not want anymore kids, even if you do? ..Mmmmm. I know such a man!
Marksman, what would you do if you married a woman without children, only to discover her inability to bear children later is linked to a scarred uterus from a couple of abortions she has had years ago? Or even just a case of unavoidable infertility? How would you play that card?

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