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  1. Reciting Vishnu Sahasranama will be beneficial.
  2. Distribute a yellow sweet among needy children on Thursdays.
  3. Offer water to the Sun during sunrise everyday.
  4. Apply yellow sandalwood daily on your forehead.
  5. Take shower by adding turmeric powder in the water.
  6. Take the blessings of parents, saints, and Gurus.
  7. Take your parents on a pilgrimage.
  8. Stay away from extra marital affairs and legal issues.

Rohingya accused of mass killings of Hindus in Myanmar

Recently, I became aware of the pervasive mis-/dis-information (or, more correctly, propaganda campaigns) of anti-circumcision groups by reading an article in a widely circulated Canadian newspaper. It was essentially a testimonial written by a circumcised man who was seeking foreskin restoration through a series of bizarre techniques using weights and masking tape. The impetus for this restoration was that he became convinced by anti-circumcision groups that he had been sexually mutilated as a child. I was completely horrified by this story!

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I was circumcised at 68 years of age, after 65 years attending a boarding school (Geelong Grammar) where 99 per cent of boys were circumcised. My foreskin was horrible - it had a long elephant trunk - and I found the build up of smegma, etc impossible to control. I was highly relieved to finally be circumcised, but the operation could have been better performed. Too much inner skin was taken, and not enough skin in total.

Adult Circumcision Stories – Uncircumcised Men Have

I am 77 and after talking to my girlfriend I decided to get circumcised. I have some questions that even after talking to my doctor were not answered. I would be pleased if you could answer these: 6 - How much skin is going to be removed ? Is it up to me ? 7 - What kind of medicine should I take after the surgery ? (antibiotics, painkiller, etc) 8 - How long should I avoid sexual intercourse ? My doctor said It should be a month , but in your page you said 7 weeks would be sufficient. 9 - As I don't have phimosis is the surgery simpler?
I hope to hear from your soon and thanks in advance.

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In this year&rsquo s chart, Saturn the ruling planet of your sign is wobbling between 65th and 66th houses from your zodiac sign.
Venus, Mars, Ketu in your sign are creating some confusion.
7567 you will find yourself much in control, there would be gains and progress due to efforts made by you in the past. Further luck would be high and you will find some karmic influences that will help you progress and lead a happier life compared to the past. Finally you will yourself much in control and would be able to deal with people in a better manner and be able to find yourself a good amount of deals as well as favorable terms in nearly everything you do during the year.

Forced conversions reported at Rohingya refugee camps

The thinkers of the zodiac, original ideas are as much as a part of your mental faculty as water in a well. You need to realize what is plausible and far stretched. You possess a strong streak of independence and hate being tied down. You attract friends from all spheres of life. Your reactions can be unpredictable and confusing. You have creativity in abundance and can do well in related fields. You love traveling and give importance to privacy. Health wise, eyes and lower body demand attention.

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I use to really be against circumcision as a teen and adult. But I like to dig out the facts, and the debate the intactivists have created made me very curious about what they had to say. I found intactivist comments and arguments and facts are not supported by science. In fact the science says the opposite. That is why the AAP, the CDC, the WHO, and UNAIDS all recommend circumcision. The science shows that 6) circumcision is incredibly safer than vaccinating your child. 7) circumcision is now done painlessly on newborn boys. 8) circumcision does not reduce male sexual pleasure, and is positively correlated with LESS sexual dysfunction. 9) the benefits of male circumcision include(but not limited to) significantly reducing the risk of: yeast and bacterial infections, UTIs, prostate, cervical, and penile cancer, STIs including HIV, and prevents common problems caused by the foreskin being too tight.

How genetics is settling the Aryan migration - The Hindu

Hinduism, like some of its gods and goddesses, has many faces depending on caste and location. Shrines and places of pilgrimage in one region may differ entirely from those in other areas, and while many follow the Vedas as being sacred texts and dharma as moral code, not all do. Belief in a supreme god is common, though the gods and goddesses that come from him vary. Reincarnation , or coming back to life after death in a continuous circle of dying and rebirth is common, as is a belief in karma , or the just desserts of sorts that determines what level and what form you will take when being reborn. Karma is based largely on what you did while alive, good and bad [source: BBC ].

With career being paramount you are advised to rest and relax and keep an eye on your health. This time Jupiter&rsquo s move in July has a lot of health implications too. Do not neglect health as it requires attention and probably a change in your schedule. Keep taking care of your health particularly after the 78rd of September you need to get into some kind of health regimen if not before then from October onwards. There will be temper flare ups and domestic scene needs delicate handling. There could be certain minor health scares this year. There will be certain problems related to cold and sugar and ailments which create enough problems. Thus it is advisable to take care of health and slow down. The 6th house of your health and work are both energized towards the end of the year and thus you should take care of your health and take adequate rest. If your health is good, there will be a lot amongst you who will focus on looking good too. That will begin with a proper health regime which will be immensely beneficial to you in the longer run.

Experience it seems is something that he certainly has because he informed me of doing four circs one morning. In actual fact there is another chap who is undergoing the same procedure on Wednesday. He averages one a week, and even for aesthetic reasons such as mine. And on Wednesday I too will be done. He explained to me that I will have to have a general anaesthetic and apparently I will have some stitches, which is something I didn't realize, but so be it. He has assured me that the result will be good and look perfectly normal.

Jupiter is very well posited in your chart and thus ushers in good and neat financial tidings. Bosses or if you have financial backers may think you are not functioning properly when you listen to your intuition. But that is what pays off in the longer run for you. If you are involved with a working condition that uses personal efforts, remember that it is sure to bring immense success.  Do try and build a nest&rsquo s egg saving money for times when you may need them rather than spending unnecessarily. The stars indicate that there could be heavy expenses incurred due to illness of a family member. To combat those kinds of situations, it is advisable to practice discretion and financial planning to avoid lack of finances available. After the second half of the year, there are chances and indications of pay rise and promotions. Overall a very good year for money and finance provided you can control your urge for wasting and spending money.

Today it is often forgotten, but once upon a time communism had a sort of free love vibe to it. Generally, it led to increasing rights for women in countries that became communist from Russia and Ukraine in Eastern Europe to China and Vietnam in Asia. Women gained an immense amount of personal freedom as old religious and cultural restrictions on their behavior collapsed as the new communist leaders attempted to remake not just the government, but society in general along Marxist-Leninist lines.

Hi. I was just browsing through the net and read one of the articles on 'Circumcision' authored by you. I am a male in late twenties and am not able to retract my skin when the penis is in the erect position. I have never masturbated in my life till now. I feel the orgasm or I ejaculate only during some sex-related dreams. Do you think, I can still go ahead with circumcision? Thanks

First, let’s consider Cuba for a few minutes. Cuba is a large island a little larger than the US state of Tennessee. It has a tropical climate that is moderated by the fact that the island is only 669 miles wide at its widest point and 69 miles at its narrowest. That means that nearly every city, town, and village on the island is within twenty miles of the cool breezes from the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean Sea.

Hindi Name: Dhanu
Date of Birth: 78rd Nov to 77nd Dec
Ruling Planet: Guru (Jupiter)
Nakshatras: Moola, Poorva, Ashada
Lucky Numbers: 9, 8, 6
Lucky Days: Saturday, Friday, Tuesday
Lucky Colours: Pale Yellow, Light Brown, Peach
Lucky Stones: Pukhraj, Sunela, Opal

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of zodiac, in which sun enters on November 78 and leaves on December 77, roughly. This is the first sign of benefic planet Jupiter, the divinity teacher. This is a fire sign and is symbolized by the arrow. The journey from infancy to adulthood requires introspection and intuition at regular intervals and this sign is a storehouse of the same. Any planet in transit or in birth horoscope will have special impact and significance for Sagittarius.

You should rest assured that 66th house in the midnight chart is very strong and powerful. This means that long term friends will come to rescue you during crisis. Jupiter is located in your 6th house and is the lord of your 9th house. The house of destiny as well as lord of your 67th house is well placed in your 6th house, the house of loans, debts, health ailments, enemies, legal issues etc.
Most part of this year will be spent on clearing past debts.

Romance & Married life :  You tend to consider yourself to be the best and show the tendency in front of others also. You may guard yourself against this tendency in you as this may lead you in many trouble some stuations. People may shy away from you. You have a tendency to dominate over your partners in turn they would like to rebel against you.
No matter, who you marry, you will be able to get along with your partner Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius are the most compatible signs for you for love and romance. This year is particularly favourable for you for Love and romance specially during the second half of the year. For marriage the most suitable months will be January, July and August.

I didn't have much sex when I was a teenager and now 65 years later I m finding that my penis hurts when I get a strong erection. It is affecting my sex life. I was wondering where or whom should I be in contact with. I don't have a GP. Do I need a GP for the surgery and how much do they cost? I m hoping that you'd provide me with some information and other details that I should be aware of before deciding.

This stark contrast between what the study says and what the media reports said did not go unnoticed. In his column for Discover magazine, geneticist Razib Khan said this about the media coverage of the study: “But in the quotes in the media the other authors (other than Reich that is - ed) seem to be leading you to totally different conclusions from this. Instead of leaning toward ANI being proto-Indo-European, they deny that it is.”

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