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lol, wow you seem to have issues with woman altogether. Yes we can be very emotional,but you have to understand that is part of the science that makes us different then mean. In alot of cases where men Think, we Fee, We are Creatures of the Heart. And I do understand many of the complaints you have,like a girl taking to long to get ready & caring too much about how she looks (which I sadly fall victim too,lol). However, think a bout what we go through, from childhood to adulthood. Most of our mothers nagged & picked on our looks, if we weren 8767 t looking 8775 accordingly 8776 , we grow into thinking that men care #6 about our looks, regardless. Also our worth is based highly on our looks, do you look like someone a man would want to show off, like a 8775 trophy wife 8776 , or even 8775 trophy girlfriend 8776 . Yes, these things may not matter to you, but think how many smart,wealthy, not so attractive women are married to hot men, can you think of any?

What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About the Ivy League Hookup

But men don 8767 t ply by women 8767 s rules. So now you can take a huge chunk of those men with degrees and remove them because they don 8767 t require a woman to have a degree, so they as, or more likely to marry the waitress as a woman with a college degree. Look at any online dating site, and you will see that men often don 8767 t list any educational requirements, while women almost always do.

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And I can see how it might be annoying to be told to limit your pool to a group where the male/female ratio is so skewed. But that s part of the price of limiting your pool. If you want to restrict yourself to female engineers, and female engineers get more competition, that s the same as limiting yourself to rich women, or really attractive women, or any other group where there will be strong competition.

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You 8767 re so right! 
That is, I don 8767 t think taking a simplistic picture is irrational, but men can be just as picky/irrational etc as women.

Ever met a man that doesn’t know what he wants and that is translated in he is easy going
Sure I have! After a year of trying not to 8775 pressure 8776 him into spending more time together, I realized he wasn 8767 t over his ex-wife yet, and let him go.
When he contacted me again after a couple of years, I thought maybe he was ready now but when we met, he tells me he has recently 8775 discovered 8776 he hasn 8767 t been able to let his ex go!

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I understand that this what you want to happen, but as you are aware, it does not always happen.  I think this is what women seek out, but men do not at least they don 8767 t like women do.  While a lot of men and women who have degrees marry each other, it has more to do with the fact that more and more people earn degrees, and also the fact that people with degrees tend to run into each other more often.  While in college, you typically date other college people.  You form a circle let of friends you went to college with.  You live in the same areas of town.

I''m an Asian Woman and I Refuse to Ever Date an Asian Man

If that was supposed to make me feel bad, it doesn 8767 t. If my post above yours made you that mad, thank you for doing the men of America a favor by removing yourself from the dating pool. If something in my other posts made you that mad, don 8767 t know what to tell you. Life isn 8767 t about men just killing themselves to please ungrateful women. So long before you were glad you chose to opt out, I had already opted out of marrying unrealistic, ungrateful American woman. Having a 6 out of 65 chance of divorce isn 8767 t my cup of tea. I like better odds.

I agree with you on some aspects of your post.  Men that are successful and/or have a career and can support themselves, are not looking necessarily for a woman to support them.  And men are much more into visually appealing stimulation then women are it is a fact, I studies the difference in the sexes.  Successful men want some type of eye candy, whatever that may be and of course it is different for each man.

Ivy is later kicked out of the apartment after Lily uses underhanded means to sabotage her. Rufus feels sorry for her as she has nowhere to live and no family, and pays out of his own pocket for her to stay at a hotel ( Salon of the Dead ). Lily, upon finding out William is Lola''s father acts out of desperation to have Carol arrested and contacts Ivy. In exchange for her help, Lily will lift the blame from Ivy. Upon testifying against Carol, Lily writes Ivy a check for one million dollars, and asks her to leave and never return. Ivy begs Lily for her forgiveness and insists that she all she wants is to be a part of her family and to win back her trust. Lily declines and bids her farewell. Leaving the apartment, Ivy tears Lily''s check, revealing that Ivy truly wasn''t in it for the van der Woodsens'' fortune and that she was telling the truth to Lily ( Despicable B ). In the finale The Return of the Ring , Lola returns the inheritance money to Ivy, who promises to use it to take down Lily.

A woman telling me that she was an immigrant would actually be a good thing. Different cultures would not bother me. It would be about how we connected as people, two individuals. Maybe some guys simply fear what they don 8767 t know, while for me, it piques my curiosity. One cat prefers hiding under the bed, in his favorite and familiar spot, while another sits in the window, wishing he could get out and explore. If you find a lot of men rejecting you for that reason, it might be odd luck that keeps putting you in proximity to the cats that want to hide under the bed, instead of the window cats.

Plus, she assumes that just because a man does not insist that a woman have a degree similar to his, that he is shallow, and that the woman with the high school education, or something less than a bachelor 8767 s degree is also shallow. In addition, she assumes that a woman who has a degree would never cheat on the man, or would not him in divorce court, given the chance. I would like to see the research that backs up that wild claim.

Such an articulate way to describe the exact same predicament that I find myself in. It 8767 s not snobbery to want a partner who matches you in intellect but a desire for full-filling compatibility. Whilst not a scholar, I am an intelligent and educated woman with a partner who has little formal education. Does this mean he is unintelligent? Of course not just that his 8766 smarts 8767 lie in other areas that I feel are mismatched to mine. This leads to extreme frustration at times and despite the fact that he is a lovely man I find myself longing for someone who stimulates me mentally. This was something that I never thought I would have to compromise on and as a result, despite all the good things we share, I find it hard to picture us in the long term. In response to Evan 8767 s quote, I don 8767 t want to be the one standing alone at the end of the dance and wonder if it 8767 s worth sacrificing a trait that you thought was non-negotiable in a partner.

The Lebanese culture stresses on importance of family period. But many times parents love their kids so much they give give with out too much rules and you know it creates a spoiled person, then their are the parents who are super controlling, we love you so much we are anxious and gonna keep you close eventually the rebel. Every culture has those parents. In the end, every parent wants their kids to marry the 8775 right person 8776 who can benefit the family and or son and daughter.

O n a warm February afternoon, I visit Andrew Lohse at his mother&apos s house in Brattleboro, Vermont. Almost 77, he is a handsome kid with tousled brown hair and a polite, almost self-effacing manner. The aggressively preppy look he once favored x7568 ratty Oxford shirts and Nantucket Reds, a style one of Lohse&apos s former friends refers to as go-fuck-yourself fashion x7568 has been significantly toned down. In the dining room, his Macbook sits on a table surrounded by legal pads, newspapers and books by Noam Chomsky, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Jay McInerney. He&apos s writing a memoir: a generational tale that he hopes will be part Bright Lights, Big City , part The Sun Also Rises and part This Side of Paradise , and describes as a one-way ticket to the secret violence at the heart of the baptismal rites of the new elite. At which point he stops himself. I bet that sounds incredibly douchey and brash and stupid.

Also, what do you do if you 8767 re just not light? I 8767 m snarky, judgmental, cynical and pessimistic. I embrace these characteristics and consider them integral to who I am, and I 8767 ve carried them with me throughout my adult life. I was under the impression that I was okay because there are so. many. men who share those characteristics, especially among the intellectual/less religious set.

And one last thought.  Why would a woman be advised to date a man with less education, while a man would not be advised the same thing?  Easy.  Women are earning 695 degrees for every 655 that men earn.  Do the math.  There aren 8767 t enough men with degrees to go around for women with degrees.  Add to this the fact that most men do not require a woman to have a degree, in order for him to date her.  So not only do they not need to be given the same advice the fact that they already do this means even fewer men with degrees for women with degrees.

That attitude of inherent entitlement often carries over after graduation. One of the few dependable ways into the one percent is via these elite feeder systems, like Dartmouth, says David Rothkopf, a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the author of Power Inc., which examines the influence wielded by multinational corporations in the global era. These schools are about their role as networked conduits to the top as much as they are about education.

Margaret, I find your response to be disproportionate to the point Rusty was attempting to make.  Perhaps the wrong words, but to verbally assault men as losers how bitter, how sad, how ill-informed.
Bitter, angry men could make the same assertion about women, for many men feel that women make no effort anymore.  To assert that men need women more than men is, frankly, misplaced anger and it 8767 s dead wrong.  Men and women need to be each others 8767 advocates, to retire the shaming and alarmingly hateful speech that serves no other reason but to destroy some part of another person or a group of people.
I 8767 m sorry for whatever it is that happened to you to motivate you to behave this way, but I am absolutely certain that your roiling vitriol is an exception to the way women consider men to be.

When we first meet a woman, we don 8767 t have much to go off of aside from her looks. Once we start to talk we can get a sense of her intelligence, but for men it 8767 s not about the number of degrees you have or the prestigious school you went to. It 8767 s not about your income or your workplace achievements. While all of that may be very impressive, it 8767 s not really what attracts us the way it might attract a woman. If I 8767 m a Star Trek nerd I 8767 ll be more drawn to your ability to discuss Star Trek than your Harvard MBA. If I 8767 m into cars I 8767 ll be far more interested in your ability to talk engines and such than in your salary. Most men aren 8767 t looking for a provider. We 8767 re looking for someone fun who can make us feel and appreciated, interesting, and sexy.

For a dude who s mission statement is to help the nerd get the girl Nerdlove seems more interested in purposfully writing insulting and sensationalistic posts for the sake of perpetuating his image as Hardass Nerd Who Finally Discovered The Light And Now Tells It Like It Is Hardcore Style® while not caring so much about the fact that a lot of sensitive and messed up people are going to be discovering this blog in search of much-needed information and straightening-out and are instead lumped together with sexists, misogynists and creeps for no apparent reason.

But according to the survey quoted in that same Times article, 75% of female students and 75% of male students have “hooked up” with 65 or more people. That sounds like a lot. But wait — 65 or more people over the course of four years in college? That’s only two to three partners per year. Moreover, the definition of hookup spanned from kissing to intercourse. Of those women and men who had hooked up with 65 or more people, only 95% of those instances involved sex.

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