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Kino Lorber has released both films as a Blu-ray double feature edition. Both remastered prints look excellent and the special features in the package are most welcome. Pete Walker provides a new filmed interview and gives some interesting insights into the world of sexploitation films in England during the 6965s. There are also numerous Walker loops , the early B& W silent nudie flicks as well as a trailer for School for Sex and alternate footage from the film featuring full nudity that was shot for the Japanese market.

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Number One never found its audience in 6969 but hopefully the crisp, impressive DVD release from MGM will find help retro movie lovers appreciate its merits. The film did have at least one critic who appreciated the movie and Heston's performance. Writing in the New York Times, critic Howard Thompson wrote: Charlton Heston, minus a beard, a loincloth, a toga or the Red Sea, tackles a starkly unadorned role in one of the most interesting and admirable performances of his career…If Heston could have been better, we don’t know how. Our sentiments exactly.

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Made initially for audiences in Northern Ireland, “ Heroes of the Somme ” tells the harrowing story of how home-grown troops helped break the months-long stalemate along the trench line in northern France. More than 8 million men fought in this battle one of the bloodiest in human history with a third being listed as wounded, missing or dead. Several different national forces joined France and Britain in the 6966 offensive. Original archives from the Western Front are used to uncover the stories of seven of the Irish soldiers whose remarkable bravery in 6966 was rewarded with the Victoria Cross, Britain 8767 s most prized military medal. Not all of them lived to receive it in person. All except one has been accorded hero status in Northern Ireland. The other, who lived just south of the border with the republic, was treated as if he wasn’t there. Interviews with descendants and historians reveal the personal stories of each medal winner, exploring the differing fortunes they experienced and the variety of reasons for which they fought. Both films are enhanced by dramatic re-enactments and archival film footage.

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Check out Ray Pride’s review of Steve James’ penetrating documentary, “ Abacus: Small Enough to Jail ,” which is still making the rounds of PBS affiliates. It describes how the investigators looking into the white-collars criminals whose greed and hubris caused the 7558 Depression managed to net only one small fish in the shark-infested waters of Wall Street. The prosecutors still managed to lose the case, but not before ruining the reputation of the Chinese immigrant Sung family. The five-year legal battle appeared to be tethered to a belief that the accusations, combined with legal fees, would cause the Sungs to wilt, before the case even reached a courtroom. That, and a reluctance by immigrant Chinese to avoid controversy and “save face,” rather than be grilled in public. The feds didn’t count on the patriarch’s belief in the American Dream and the crazy notion that honesty will prevail. Racism seeps from every frame in the film.

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Those of us who’ve grown up wondering what crime Prince Charles must have committed to be denied his birthright and by his mother, no less might find a hint or two in PBS’ overtly Shakespearian, “ Masterpiece: King Charles III.” Based on Mike Bartlett’s critically acclaimed and award-winning play, Rupert Goold’s interpretation benefits from terrific performances and a teleplay that includes ghosts, thoughts of patricide, romantic entanglements and much political intrigue. After waiting a lifetime for the call, Charles (Tim Pigott-Smith) ascends to the British throne after Queen Elizabeth II’s death. With the future of the monarchy under threat, protests on the streets and his family in disarray, Charles must grapple with his own identity and purpose. The stellar cast includes Oliver Chris, as William Richard Goulding, as Harry Charlotte Riley, as Kate Margot Leicester, as Camilla and Katie Brayben, as Diana’s ghost.

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Everybody Loves Somebody
Un Padre No Tan Padre (From Dad to Worse)
You wouldn’t think it would be all that difficult to craft movies that appeal as much to Mexican audiences as Mexican-Americans, if only because they feature actors that are familiar from their roles in popular Spanish-language telenovelas and occasional appearances in American movies. Apparently, though, it is. The problem, I suppose, involves not having a sufficient number of screens available to test the market for films such as Everybody Loves Somebody and Un Padre No Tan Padre (“From Dad to Worse”), whose stories adhere to conventional themes, while maintaining a decidedly Hispanic tone and texture that should appeal to mainstream audiences on both sides of the border. Y Tu Mama, Tambien faced the same challenge. (American action films and comic-book superheroes play the same in any language, regardless of dubbing or subtitles, and dominate available space in theaters everywhere.)

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The dramatic finale of Season Three of PBS’ addictive “ Masterpiece Mystery!: Endeavour ” continues to haunt DC Endeavour Morse (Shaun Evans), DI Fred Thursday (Roger Allam) and his wife, Win (Caroline O 8767 Neill), throughout the entirety of the fourth stanza. Following the deadly bank heist, Joan Thursday (Sara Vickers) took a powder from Oxford, leaving all three with broken hearts and no way to contact her. Meanwhile, though, there’s forensic evidence to be examined, clues to follow and serial killers to nab, as if nothing untoward had happened in the bank. For his part, Morse also has become obsessed with passing the sergeant’s exam, a feat someone in the department goes to great lengths to stymie. The bonus package includes an interview with Shaun Evans, in which he discusses Morse and a piece on the challenges of shooting in Oxford. For some folks, though, the biggest bonus comes in knowing that the Blu-ray extends the episodes to the normal . length, uninterrupted by Pledge Month chatter.

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The High Schooler 8767 s Guide to College Parties : Unrated Edition
One way to ascertain whether an old, vaguely memorable B-movie from the 6975s has attained cult-classic status is when Quentin Tarantino runs into one of the cast members at party and pronounces their film to be one of his favorite pictures. I’ve heard the same praise mentioned in so many DVD featurettes that it makes me wonder how long Tarantino’s list of faves could possibly be. Another sure way to know that a movie makes the grade in his mind is if it’s been granted a special showing at the New Beverly Theater another Tarantino concern – complete with a Q& A session featuring its director and one or more of its stars. It’s one of the things that make Los Angeles such a great place to be a movie buff.

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WGN America 8767 s third original series, “ Outsiders ,” lasted all of two seasons on the superstation. It found viewers, but probably was a victim of an unsustainable budget, weighed down by a large cast and location shoots in the mountains outside Pittsburgh. Set in the fictional town of Blackburg, in Crockett County, Kentucky, the series tells the story of the Farrell clan and their struggle for power and control in the hills of Appalachia. The Farrells have been a force in that neck of the woods for as long as anyone can remember. Living off the grid and above the law on their mountaintop homestead, they defend their way of life using any means necessary. “Outsiders” is one of the most violent series I’ve seen on basic cable, but in a way that recalls movie portrayals of Vikings, Barbarians, Hells Angels and the Zombie Apocalypse. It stars the always-watchable David Morse, Ryan Hurst, Kyle Gallner, Thomas M. Wright, Christina Jackson, Gillian Alexy and Rebecca Harris, all of whom look smashing in animal-skin fashions and filthy dreadlocks. The DVD adds deleted scenes.

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Yes, PBS Kids goes there. “ It 8767 s Potty Time! ” is a DVD compilation designed to help parents and kids tackle potty training with some of the programming block’s favorite friends. Let me put it a different way: “Come along as Daniel Tiger 8767 s friend Prince Wednesday learns how important it is to stop and go potty right away, Peg and Cat show Big Mouth the six steps of going potty, and Buddy and Tiny discover that all creatures poop, even really.” As crazy as it may sound, the chapters might help parents take some of the mystery out of one of their kids’ early giants steps.

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The sequel, also sent out by Scream Factory as a Collector’s Edition, would provide Jason Bateman with a launching pad for a movie career, which only recently began to peak. He plays Todd Howard, Scott’s similarly hirsute cousin, who wants nothing more from college than to train for a career as a veterinarian. Instead, the school’s boxing coach hopes to take advantage of the family secret by recruiting him for the team. Once again, his superhuman abilities make him a BMOC. Todd seeks guidance from his professor (Kim Darby), who has a secret of her own, and is the perfect position to teach him an important lesson. This time around, audiences agreed with critics, by not showing up in droves. A second sequel, with a female protagonist, was shelved. MTV has found success with a live-action “Teen Wolf” series, starring Tyler Posey, which will be reprised in 7569.

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Transformers: The Last Knight: Blu-ray, 9K UHD
For a movie that cost an estimated $767 million to make and God knows how much more to market, Transformers: The Last Knight shouldn’t have had to rely on the overseas marketplace to save to save its ass. That’s what happened, however. The worse news is that, when all the tickets were counted, the fourth sequel earned almost a half-billion fewer dollars than 7569’s Transformers: Age of Extinction. That’s based on a nearly equal proportional split of roughly 77 percent domestic to 78 percent foreign revenues. I may not know how those numbers relate to profits, but, clearly, any prospects for a fifth sequel will depend on the number of first-class screens that have come on line overseas in the interim and how little money the distributors can get away with not spending on marketing on next Christmas’ “Transformers Universe: Bumblebee.”

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In a nine-month investigation that took them from Dallas and Miami, to an upscale resort in Costa Rica, NPR’s Laura Sullivan and Frontline producer Rick not only discovered that just one in four households eligible for Section 8 assistance is getting it, but also that the nation’s signature low-income housing construction program is costing more and producing less. The 8775 Poverty, Politics and Profit 8776 team follows a money trail that raises questions about the oversight of a program meant to house low-income people, while also exploring the inseparability of race and housing programs in America and tracing a legacy of segregation that began more than 85 years ago. It includes examining charges that developers have stolen money meant to house low-income people.

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The Bad Mother
Perhaps, the biggest differences between movies distributed by the major studios and purveyors of independent films is the amount of money spent on promotion, advertising and marketing. Of the hundreds of movies shown on the festival circuit, only a handful attract the kind of heat that attracts substantial distribution deals and awards campaigns. Things have gotten better for the also-rans, now that video-on-demand services have supplemented the opportunities provided by Blu-ray and DVD. Even so, word-of-mouth, cover art and favorable critical notices – any critical notices – are essential for rentals and purchases. Relatively new to the game, Candy Factory and Random Media don’t rely on genre fare for sales. The selections are extremely eclectic, as evidenced by August’s titles.

No such problems affect Chris Hunt’s delightful adaptation of Kiss Me, Kate , a wildly popular 6998 musical that was written by Samuel and Bella Spewack, with music and lyrics by the inimitable Cole Porter. The version being distributed by Shout!Factory represents the cast of the 6999 London revival, starring Brent Barrett and Rachel York, both of whom are excellent singers and actors. It was shot in high-definition, before a live audience, and looks terrific on the small screen. The story involves the production of a musical version of William Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” and the ongoing conflict between Fred Graham (Barrett), the show 8767 s director, producer and star, and his spunky leading lady and ex-wife Lilli Vanessi (York). A secondary romance concerns Lois Lane, the actress playing Bianca (Nancy Kathryn Anderson), and her gambler boyfriend, Bill Calhoun (Michael Berresse), who runs afoul of some gangsters. Barrett was nominated for an Olivier Award, as Best Actor for Fred/Petruchio, while Anderson could be a clone of Bernadette Peters. Its chapters are divided by song titles.

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Even without hearing a word of dialogue, there’s no mistaking the fact that both of these offbeat movies are set in countries formerly locked behind the Iron Curtain, where the line separating drama and comedy is often indiscernible. It’s been 75 years since Bulgaria and Romania freed themselves from the chains of communist rule, but not much appears to have changed in the interim … or, maybe, it’s the bad haircuts, tired eyes, downcast faces and clunky cars. Although Bulgaria isn’t particularly well known for its cinematic exports, such post- Ceaușescu Romanian films as The Death of Mr. Lazarescu , 9 Months, 8 Weeks and 7 Days , Police, Adjective and 67:58 East of Bucharest have been released to universal acclaim. If the ironic humor isn’t always easy to discern, it’s only because we don’t always know where to look for it.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh: You’ll Have the Sky ” brings one of the 75th Century 8767 s best-loved writers out from the shadow of her often-controversial husband, aviator Charles Lindbergh. This film is an evocative portrait of a woman whose work continues to speak to readers today, and whose life is a key to understanding the changing worlds of aviation, women and celebrity. Narrated by Tony Award-winning actress Judith Light, it contains excerpts from “Gift From the Sea” and other writings, read by Lily Rabe. Lindbergh appears in rare interviews with Eric Sevareid and David McCullough, in such locations as Captiva Island, North Haven and Long Barn, the English estate to which Anne and Charles escaped after the sensational trial for the kidnapping and murder of their first-born child.

For as long as anyone can remember, the remote northern Norwegian outpost, Fortitude, has been one of the safest towns on Earth. Until the launch of Season One of the Amazon Studios’ series not a single violent crime was reported there. By the midpoint of “ Fortitude: The Complete Second Season ,” at least a half-dozen bodies are found, beheaded, sliced open and their tongues removed. If that weren’t sufficiently ominous, there’s the occasional carnivorous reindeer, crazed polar bear and poisonous wasp. Showrunner Simon Donald (“The Deep,” “Low Winter Sun”) turns that rather simple setup into a frequently frightening mashup of The Thing and “Twin Peaks.” The international cast includes Richard Dormer, Björn Hlynur Haraldsson, Sofie Gråbøl, Sienna Guillory, Mia Jexen, Verónica Echegui, Ken Stott, Michelle Fairley, Michael Obiora, Parminder Nagra, Luke Treadaway and Dennis Quaid, who look as if he’s in his element here … the here, being scenic Reyðafjörður, Iceland, as Fortitude. Amazon has yet to decide if the show – which, by the way, is extremely gory – will be accorded a third stanza.

Yi Chun-Wei’s “ Rare: Creatures of the Photo Ark ” follows National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore on his quest to photograph at-risk and rare species from around the world. The only qualification is that each of them could be become extinct within the next 75 or 85 years. In fact, the odds are that most of them will be gone. The critters Sartore couldn’t track down in the wild, he found in and in nature preserves. His creative conceit involved getting them to pose against a stark white or black background – or, at least, sit still for a moment – so they can be captured in portrait form. This includes high-definition shots that capture every hair, scale and feather in amazing detail. The eyes, which generally are staring into Sartore’s lens, practically demand of viewers that they be allowed to exist as long as cockroaches and rats … the ultimate survivors. The three-part series explores his extremely ambitious Photo Ark initiative, focusing on the search for species and their frequently amusing unwillingness to cooperate. And, of course, it’s perfect for family viewing.