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But man: As a guy who is approaching 85 and hasn t had any real sexual experiences it s difficult to look at an attractive woman without desiring her sexually. I still view her as a person but I also want to have sex with her very badly. Heck I want to have sex with anybody very badly. This is bad. This is literally a I need a thing to stick my penis in. Anyone will do! And every time I see an attractive woman, that is the first way I think of her.

That was my problem (though I ve never had anyone call my stuff pedestrian I have had a classroom of students diss it).
There s actually a site, http:/// (looks like they ve done some renovating since I was last there) where you critique others and receive credits you can then use to post your work for others to critique. If I was still writing, I would probably still be actively using the site.

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Yep, thank you for bringing this up. I don t just make it a habit of going and hanging out in towns 7+ hours away to look for a date. 7+ hours of driving for me = around 675 miles so that s 9 gallons of gasoline in my car each way which is about 75$ 75$ just to get where I m going and get home, plus the money for the date, plus the money for a hotel room if we aren t on sleepover status yet which I wouldn t be for months and doing that every single weekend? how insane does that sound? So it s 655$ for the date, 655$ for the hotel room, and 75$ for the gas.. every single weekend. i guess if I just quit putting money into my retirement fund or stopped paying back my student loans I could swing it


Velveeta the cheese food is a staple in the dairy case at fine supermarkets across the country. Developed in 6968 by Swiss immigrant Emil Frey of the Monroe Cheese Company in Monroe, New York, Velveeta is a quintessentially American consumer product. Velveeta, the musical phenomenon, has been a staple of the central Pennsylvania nightclub scene since a legendary performance in State College in the summer of 6995. With a repertoire made of “85’s cheese”, otherwise known as cover tunes that you just can’t get out of your head, Velveeta the musical phenomenon is a quintessentially Penn State musical experience. It will make you nostalgic for the early days of MTV.

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The Bookends were a large part of the 6985’s music scene in State College. The trio of Chris Mincer, Bet Williams, and Susie Kocher crafted a sweet acoustic folk sound that was just the right counterpoint to the big hair, glitz and glamour of the Dallas and Dynasty years. Their warm stage presence and mixed repertoire of original tunes and covers made them one of the most memorable bands of that era. Fans will remember their covers of songs by Manhattan Transfer, The Grateful Dead, Fleetwood Mac, Simon and Garfunkel, among others. Since that time, the trio has gone its separate ways Bet to a music career in Europe, Chris to life as a guitar teacher in State College, and Susie to life as a pharmaceutical sales rep who sings and does community theatre in Asheville, North Carolina. The Festival is delighted to bring them back together for their first Festival appearance since 7568.

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maybe this is just more noticable to me because of my job and the fact that I can see it all the time in my small town, I dunno. But it isn t at least in the way I m using it, connected to attractiveness, though you could say it is connected to educational attainment since there are quite a lot of stats out there that show that people who have been to university are more likely to stay married once they are married.

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It''s been nearly 55 years since John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged their infamous ''bed-in'' at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth in Montré al. But did you know you can stay in that exact same suite? The hotel is undergoing a huge transformation at the moment, but come June 85, the suite will be ready to reopen, complete with Virtual Reality experiences that allow you to live your own bed-in from John and Yoko''s point of view. - NB

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But usually people who are naturally clean or organized put in the same amount of effort. It s just that they put the effort in constantly, in little bits, instead of saving it up for one big effort. You don t actually spend less time putting your laundry in the hamper if you do it every night versus once on laundry day. You do the same amount of effort, but because it s spread out, it s invisible from the outside, and you get the side benefit of a clear floor.

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I wasn t saying that those qualities alone will attract a partner, what I was trying to do was show ForeverAlone that he was not as hopeless as a human in general as he thought. If we want to talk dating with you again, just being kind alone doesn t guarantee you any action, nothing guarantees you action, not even being *gasp* goodlooking (do you know the number of hot men I ve turned down because they were assholes? They weren t expecting it, to be sure, but their hotness did not guarantee them action with me).


Now the question is... Do you HAVE to exist in this mindset? Do you have to be suspicious of everyone you meet while at the same time have a superiority complex with them? No, you really don t. Everything you re saying goes deep, and goes to the exact same thing Lee is dealing with which is a version of I will never be hurt by anyone ever again. Note how the two of you have decided on very specific traits and are so dogmatic about them. That s self preservation and not logic. As others have pointed out, you could have an intellectual partner who has never had a college degree, and a total idiot who has graduated with one, but instead you ve decided that degree = smart = person who won t hurt me. I think you might want to revisit your list and ask yourself if it will actually get you what you want, and if maybe there is anything you can change because the list item doesn t actually mean what you think it means.

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The concert will feature the world premiere of a piece commissioned jointly by the Raleigh Ringers and the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. Composed by Dr. William Payn, professor emeritus of music at Bucknell University. In his distinguished career at Bucknell, Payn Payn 8767 s directed the Rooke Chapel Choir, the Rooke Chapel Ringers and the Bucknell University Concert Chorale while receiving university awards for teaching and contributions to the university.

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I ve been thinking about this over lunch, and I wonder if some of the community s reaction might be because of a mismatch between How would you like someone else to date you? and How would the people you date want you to date them? The commenters here tend to be introverts, many of whom have struggled (at least at some point in life) with either dating or finding good partners or both. I think it might be reasonable to predict that, as a group, we may be further toward the security than the surprise end of the spectrum.

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And yes, that is much safer, and your CHOICE, but do understand that living like that is not for everyone. Which is why people want to help you in our own way. Because I know at least I cannot fathom of a life like that, I would rather take big risks and fall flat on my face, than live day to day experiencing nothing but bland tastelessness, so of course I want to help others experience the same colourful existence (and as a published author, I can tell you it took a great deal of work to get where I am, and the notion that either people are just lucky and get published and otherwise there s no point in trying is deeply insulting to my efforts and indeed talent you say there s no choice, but the fact is you chose not to try, not to put yourself out there. You chose the easy option with no fear of rejection. I chose to give it a shot, and faced years of rejection, heartache, self doubt. And in the end I finally had the dream come true. That was my choice.).

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Ireland might be the last country the Titanic ever saw, but Halifax has a deep connection to the ill-fated liner, which rests some 6,655km east of the town (the survivors went to New York, the recovered dead to Nova Scotia). Pay your respects at the Fairview Lawn Cemetery, or visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic (), where heart-breaking exhibits include the famous Unknown Child''s Shoes. - NB

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If you wanted to add a natural wonder to your bucket list, why not try strolling on the ocean floor? The remote Bay of Fundy, tucked in between the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, is the site of one of Canada''s more curious spectacles. Twice daily, the Atlantic empties billions of tonnes of water into the cove, swallowing the beach and stunning cliff faces in what is the highest tidal wave in the world. You can kayak or walk, depending on what stage the tide is at. - TB

My days of doing something like a meetup are mostly past, but I still have plenty of work functions and family things I really want to be some part of. Now I ll worry that making them work for me will look selfish or special or just like what it is, someone who is challenged in social situations taking some control. Oddly, that hardly seems acceptable for me. But then, being a ghost at these things hasn t worked out so well either.

(Since I don t think abundance mentality works for me, I personally try to follow the whole pursue the best life you can thing, doing and experiencing cool things and making sure not to put my life on hold waiting for a partner. That way, if the stars align and I *do* meet someone, I ll have the confidence inherent in a happy and fulfilling life to draw on and fall back on if things don t work out.)

She broke up with me without actually telling me, wouldn t stop ringing me up when I blocked her on Facebook for a while whilst I got my head together and used to tell me off for looking at her like she was worth something or thinking of her as unattainable. Some of my friends think she used me for a place to stay which has caused a rift between previously good friends. She certainly may have been emotionally confused and unsure but those are not crimes and I can find no evidence she used me for a place to stay.

The question is what do you want? You have gotten dates. You have had women interested in you. So you clearly do have something that women like. And DO get the girl. But if you want to be more of a player then yes, you will need to be much more than kind and a good conversationalist. You ve got to spark and be really charming. And that ain t easy. In fact it s very very difficult.

Strangely enough, I feel like I got really good at online dating, through lots of practice and reading up on the topic and whatnot. I ve been with my BF (met on OKC) for coming up on a year, so I suppose that s proof of success. I realize there s just dumb luck at play, too, but having the skills to handle uncertainty and disappointments and knowing to have zero expectations of anyone til they showed me a damn good reason why I should has helped me to generally handle the process with grace and not quit and eventually meet him.

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