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Helicopter parenting is a helluva a lot easier than free range parenting. The lynchpin in free range parenting is extensive EDUCATING of your children before you send them out to roam. It is far easier, both physically and mentally, to hold my daughter 8767 s hand every time she crosses a street than to teach her to cross the street, allow her to do it by herself while I am there and then allow her to do it on her own all the while stressing that she is going to forget to wait until she knows all the cars have stopped before stepping out and get hit by a car that ran the red light (common scenario on the road she crosses to get to and from school).

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Granted parents have enough worry, and children should be outside. And yes, maybe he misstated the facts. And the parents are there watching. But this could make some more aware of how quick it can happen. How many parents are on their phone and take their eyes off their child 8775 for a second 8776 ? Someone the child knows can use the same ruse or similar. There are some bad people out there and as parents it is out job to keep our kids safe. We can still build confidence in them. I do like what you said about talking but not leaving but kids are easily intrigued. Can they stop themselves? Maybe at that age 8775 no talking to 8775 strangers 8776 unless your holding my hand is better 8776 . Rules can change when they get older.

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I watched this video the first time and fell into the trap with the other Facebook sheep, thinking this guy had just opened my eyes to something important and then I watched it a second time on this blog and read all of these comments and realized you are all so right. This is pure fear-mongering. Unfortunately, my initial knee-jerk reaction of 8775 OMG, that is crazy, my kid would totally do this! 8776 stems from the fact that I was actually attacked and molested by a stranger in public when I was a child, and I have warned my kids about stranger danger because of that. My past has haunted me my whole life and my biggest fear is something similar (or worse) happening to my children. But what does living in fear do for people? Absolutely nothing. And the comments here actually help me to realize that more clearly.

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#7) The survey part was a separate part of this study. Quote: 8775 includes a large national survey (more than 66,555 households) of parents and other primary caretakers who were interviewed about their children’s experiences. 8776 If you go to the report from the actual government agency ( https:///pdffiles6/ojjdp/ ) and not just the summary page you linked to, it explains in greater detail how the surveys were used. If you click on the link, you will see that law enforcement data was the main data used for the 665 stereotypical kidnappings.

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It turns out that this video is saying that 755,555 children are abducted each year! People still believe it! Over 6/9 millions children are abducted each year and people swallow that BS hook, line, and sinker. I wonder if there is a limit to gullibility? I wonder if you tell people that 6 million are abducted each year and people will still believe it. Perhaps they won 8767 t believe it but they will still seek out stories like this. (and like it on Facebook)

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There have been skinned knees. a bloody nose (riding with no hands, dummy), and a squirrel hit by a car that was given an impromptu squirrel funeral and a eulogy (by me) with a message about not darting into traffic. But mostly, our experience has been extremely positive. The kids are more responsible, check the weather every day and make arrangements to bike children for other families and get it done without needing adults holding their hand to get to school. It is 8775 arrival 8776 and 8775 dismissal 8776 and the kids are in control. Kids can be contributing members to our community if we let them.

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Yes, strangers are not the most likely people to abuse kids. Why is that? Because predators are opportunistic. Therefore, if children ar e generally unsupervised we would see higher rates of strangers abusing kids. This should be obvious, but for some reason I keep reading the tired old argument that it 8767 s adult the child knows who,s most likey to abuse them. That 8767 s an issue of accessability and opportunity, not simply a function of being family or family.

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Ugh! My sister just commented positively on that video. My sister takes my kids to the park. I love my sister, but it makes me angry every time she (or other family/friends) make a comment, in front of my kids, about what a dangerous world it is for kids. A couple weeks ago she was chiding me for not being more protective about other people 8767 s dogs around my kids (at the park). Ugh ugh ugh ugh.

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Even if he 8767 s not implying that there are 755 stranger abductions per day in the US, and even if people are not inferring that, giving an accurate statistic and explicitly putting it in the proper context is not disingenuous. At worst, it 8767 s misunderstanding what he meant. At best, it 8767 s saying, 8775 I 8767 m not sure where he came up with that number, but here 8767 s a correct number and here 8767 s exactly what I mean by it, so you can draw conclusions from it without having to guess at what I meant. 8776

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To those who say there is no evidence the kids saw the parents talking to the guy: do you understand children? A normal child frequently 8775 checks in 8776 visually or otherwise with her parent. It is subtle, but it is continual at that age. I guarantee they noticed that guy practically snugging up against their moms, noticed their moms were sharing about the kids in some way, and also knew they were under mom 8767 s watchful (not fearful) eye when the guy was interacting with the kids.

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What about 8775 If it keeps one child from being killed in a car accident, you should never drive your car 8776 or 8775 If it keeps one child from developing a debilitating anxiety disorder based on irrational fear of abduction, leading to suicide 8776 ? Where does it end with keeping kids safe?
Banning them from public places? Concealing their identities until adulthood and then releasing them into the world and expecting them not to be afraid of their own shadow?
Stop it. Just stop. This madness of trying to prevent every death is what is harmful to children. YOU are the problem.

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#8) Statistics 656: Even when getting data from a survey, the conclusion is the estimation for the whole population based on the data from the survey population. If the size of the sample is large enough, the deviation is small enough that you can predict accurately the number for the whole population without surveying the whole population. So even *if* they calculated that number solely from the survey of 66,555 people, they are not saying that 665 were kidnapped from that group of 66,555 surveyed. They would be saying that based on the numbers from that sample size, you can reliably predict that for the whole population of the US, the number is 665 a year. But of course the data was not solely from that household survey. It was from law enforcement data.

Ironically, it was posted on the adoption page I frequent. To me the worst part was where the mom told her little boy that if he talks to strangers, he could be taken and not be with her any more. As an adoptive mom, the very last thing I would ever tell my kid was that talking to someone on the playground would lead to her being taken from her mother again. :/ Very disappointed in this video from all sorts of angles.

Look at that stat again. It is an average of 665 8775 stereo-typical 8776 stranger abductions. In other words, a complete stranger to the child and family. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children puts the number at closer to 655. I bet if you look at the 8 kidnappings in your area, you will find that the offender was known to either the victim or the family (acquaintance, family friend, parent or other family member, babysitter, etc.).

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Immediate gratification is too common today. Children do not know how to wait. I would want to see the puppies, too, but I would ask first. It is about common sense, too.
We teach our children that we do not trust them by not allowing them to talk to people or let them walk by themselves. In 6975 parents were encouraged to have their children walk to school in NJ by themselves! There was much more sense of community then. Today we must drive, connect electronically, and speak only with people we know. We don 8767 t even know our neighbors anymore. Let 8767 s try to create community in person and teach our children to wait. We could prevent a lot of other issues this way.

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