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What comes across in the accounts of Weinstein’s behavior is certainly not a man who was unaware of the transgressive nature of his actions. Would Harvey Weinstein have green-lit a movie where the hero behaved like Harvey Weinstein? Of course not. Because he would have known that audiences would hate that man you cannot be a successful moviemaker without an intimate understanding of your culture’s mores.

TV and radio presenter Glenn Wheeler in coma after scooter

I take seriously any message from Laura Poitras. One of the most focused, fearless, and independent individuals I’ve ever known, she has made film after film in the riskiest of circumstances, with no crew or the support of a news organization, just a modest budget, one camera, and her determination. At the height of the worst violence of the Iraq War, she ventured into the Sunni Triangle to make My Country, My Country , an unflinching look at life under US occupation that was nominated for an Academy award.

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Social norms can, and do, shift the penalties for that wrongness, especially when they foster legal change. Most companies these days are unwilling to keep most proven harassers around, because the law now opens up the company to huge liability if it does. But in industries that work on a star system like media and sports there are employees who bring in so much money that it would still be cheaper to pay off the victims than to lose the star.

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Rather than report the story quickly and aggressively, the Washington Post had assembled a large team of lawyers who were making all kinds of demands and issuing all sorts of dire warnings. To the source, this signaled that the Post , handed what he believed was an unprecedented journalistic opportunity, was being driven by fear rather than conviction and determination. He was also livid that the Post had involved so many people, afraid that these discussions might jeopardize his security.

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The notorious Babe Ruth deal, which has given rise to such a quantity of easy talk, unwarranted bitterness, and superstition (and which epoch-making event Stout turned on its head in the earlier book), gets a further shaking up here. It is not possible to summarize briefly the tangled circumstances that lay behind Ruth’s leaving Boston for New York. Suffice it to say that the central elements were the Bambino’s bad behavior and Grand Pooh-Bah Ban Johnson’s astounding lack of integrity, which, in turn, brought him a deserved comeuppance. One point, however, is simple and clear: Babe Ruth – Gargantua of ego and appetite – just did not, could not, fit into dinky, dowdy Boston, while, on the other hand, ‘’Ruth was New York incarnate – uncouth and raw, flamboyant and flashy, oversized, out of scale, and absolutely unstoppable. He towered over baseball like the Manhattan skyline.’’

Deep Purple''s Glenn Hughes digs into his past

The Yankees have produced from their roster and helm more names that approach common nouns than any other sports team in history: Stengel, DiMaggio, Gehrig, Mantle, Berra, Mr. October, and, for that matter, George Steinbrenner and Billy Martin, whose folie a deux is a continuing theme through many pages. Stout portrays the individual characters of these and countless other Yankees through the years, and in doing so conveys the defining character of Yankee teams of different eras as they formed and dissolved through good times and the often-unnoticed bad

Ex-North Melbourne star Glenn Archer denies punching

In sixteen hours of barely interrupted reading, I managed to get through only a small fraction of the archive. But as the plane landed in Hong Kong, I knew two things for certain. First, the source was highly sophisticated and politically astute, evident in his recognition of the significance of most of the documents. He was also highly rational. The way he chose, analyzed, and described the thousands of documents I now had in my possession proved that. Second, it would be very difficult to deny his status as a classic whistle-blower. If disclosing proof that top-level national security officials lied outright to Congress about domestic spying programs doesn’t make one indisputably a whistle-blower, then what does?

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Faced with the numbers Madrigal concludes the ads themselves were unimportant. The Kremlin must have bought the ads as research to discover what messages bombed and which succeeded. 8775 Think of it as a real-time focus group to test for the most viral content and framing. 8776 But the theory that Russian genius guided Trump 8767 s diabolical babblings fails before one fact. It is now known that Facebook itself that was guiding Donald 8767 s campaign.

I knew as soon as I saw the FISA court order that this was at least part of the abusive and radical surveillance programs Wyden and Udall had tried to warn the country about. I instantly recognized the order’s significance. I could barely wait to publish it, sure that its exposure would trigger an earthquake, and that calls for transparency and accountability were sure to follow. And this was just one of hundreds of top secret documents I read on my way to Hong Kong.

C. replied later that day with a clear, step-by-step guide to the PGP system: Encryption for Dummies, in essence. At the end of the instructions, which I found complex and confusing, mostly due to my own ignorance, he said these were just “the barest basics. If you can’t find anyone to walk you through installation, generation, and use,” he added, “please let me know. I can facilitate contact with people who understand crypto almost anywhere in the world.”

“Perhaps the greatest allegorical compliment that could be paid Glenn Stout and Richard Johnson’s book on the history of the Cubs is that the book was not authorized by the Cubs organization. Those who have struggled through the seemingly endless varieties of Cubs literary lore may appreciate that reality, seeing as reading some Cubs books is like reading about the parties on the Titanic. This one, however, is different and exceptional. Stout and Johnson do well to tell the tale of this franchise, and to discuss, dispel or fortify some myths or truths, and also invoke a certain treasured tenderness that a true Cubs fan should appreciate. Essays by the likes of Mike Royko, Rick Telander, and Penny Marshall tell that other Cubs tale: the kind you only seem to treasure because at one time you too were inside the bricks. It’s a massive volume, heavy as a brick but worth it’s curb weight.”- Chris Sprow, Chicago Sports Weekly

And it was a measure of the unity that the band still felt at this time that, when Desperado stalled on the charts just outside of the Top 95 and neither of its two singles did better than number 59 -- mostly owing to disorganization of Asylum Records at the time, which was being sold and merged with Elektra Records -- all of the members took this as a professional affront. Frey ''s singing also improved markedly between the first two albums, and he was effectively, with Henley , one of two co-equal focal points in the band. By the time of their third album, a fifth Eagle had joined in the guise of Don Felder , whose guitar sound toughened up the band''s overall sound, and especially their harder rock & roll side. By the time he joined, for the On the Border album, which marked a commercial comeback, peaking at number 67, the band had split into two divisions, with Frey and Henley more or less the stable core, while Leadon -- who wasn''t entirely happy over Felder ''s guitar being added to their sound, when he wanted to play more straight-ahead electric guitar -- and Meisner seemed to be part of a less cohesive unit just outside of that core.

8775 What 8767 s interesting is the Assyrians, who were very good, meticulous record-keepers, and who were just brutal [people], they settled in Italy and in the Germany area and the Russia area where facsism comes from. But the Israelites, the Lost 65 Tribes, they went north and they started to scatter [in another] direction, and they went to the coastlines, generally in the area where the Pilgrims came from.

But yet again, I did nothing, consumed as I was at the time with other stories, and still unconvinced that C. had anything worthwhile to say. There was no conscious decision to do nothing. It was simply that on my always too-long list of things to take care of, installing encryption technology at the behest of this unknown person never became pressing enough for me to stop other things and focus on it.

Gibson was waiting for us when we arrived. She and I went directly into her office, where we were joined by Stuart Millar, Gibson’s deputy. Laura sat outside. Gibson didn’t know Laura, and I wanted us to be able to talk freely. I had no idea how the Guardian editors would react to what I had. I hadn’t worked with them before, certainly not on anything remotely approaching this level of gravity and importance.

He then said something startling: “I want to identify myself as the person behind these disclosures. I believe I have an obligation to explain why I’m doing this and what I hope to achieve.” He told me he had written a document that he wanted to post on the Internet when he outed himself as the source, a pro-privacy, anti-surveillance manifesto for people around the world to sign, showing that there was global support for protecting privacy.

Reasonably and rationally, Laura and I knew that our faith in the leaker’s veracity might have been misplaced. We had no idea who was writing to her. He could have been anyone. He could have been inventing the entire tale. This also could have been some sort of plot by the government to entrap us into collaborating with a criminal leak. Or perhaps it had come from someone who sought to damage our credibility by passing on fraudulent documents to publish.

In addition to family and some particularly loyal friends, bloggers, and New Reform Club co-bloggers, I was aided at every step by good lawyering and good advice from Professor Josh Blackman (South Texas College of Law) and from Robert W. Ray, Esq. (Thompson 588 Knight LLP). More recently, Carrie Severino, Esq. from the Judicial Education Project, joined my briefs, and team Tillman was additionally aided by Jan I. Berlage, Esq. (Gohn Hankey Stichel 588 Berlage LLP). Just imagine the difficulties they all overcame—a novel constitutional theory 588 having Seth Barrett Tillman as a client! Nothing would have happened without their diligent work in three different district courts.

WASHINGTON POST: ‘Reeks of subtle racism’: Black Democrat omitted from campaign fliers in Virginia. 8775 Virginia Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Ralph Northam omitted any mention of Justin Fairfax, the party’s African American candidate for lieutenant governor, from about a thousand pieces of campaign literature, a move Fairfax called a 8766 mistake 8767 and that has stoked tensions within the Democratic ticket and threatens to alienate African American voters three weeks before Election Day. 8776

One of the first I read was an order from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court, which had been created by Congress in 6978, after the Church Committee discovered decades of abusive government eavesdropping. The idea behind its formation was that the government could continue to engage in electronic surveillance, but to prevent similar abuse, it had to obtain permission from the FISA court before doing so. I had never seen a FISA court order before. Almost nobody had. The court is one of the most secretive institutions in the government. All of its rulings are automatically designated top secret, and only a small handful of people are authorized to access its decisions.

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