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I 8767 m probably sure Dan is the father of Henry not Chuck and pretty sure Dan was the also the father of her first child since her and Dan were probably having sex the night that Lily got arrested since that 8767 s probably the reason Blair wouldn 8767 t allow Chuck in her room after his party since Dan was in there and she didn 8767 t Chuck to see that plus Dan wrote that they had sex in his book and it probably takes more then three weeks that know you 8767 re pregnanct.

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TVLINE | The Lisa Loeb cameo was a fun surprise how did that come about?
[ Laughs ] We didn 8767 t want Rufus to be alone! And he has been spending a lot of time recently with Lisa Loeb. He really enjoyed his hormone-free Thanksgiving concert that he went to. And so that just felt like a nice way to give him someone who was from his world. At the end of the day, Rufus is probably most true to who he was of all the characters.

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Did I watch the same finale (and TV show) as others commenting on this interview? Color me appropriately Natefused, as I 8767 ve had ups and downs with GG, as have most, but I will appreciate Stephanie Savage for caring about her characters deeply, too. Love the ending she gave Nate [Future NYC Mayor?] Archibald. Adore Chuck and Blair, and their happy ending, even more. Hard to let it all go! But thank you, Stephanie Savage.

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Then I push through the pass door at the end of the corridor outside the office into the sepulchral dark at the back of the Olivier, to see how the technical rehearsal for the next show is going. It is during the tech that tempers sometimes fray: a show that has been painstakingly created over six weeks in a rehearsal room is forced on to the stage, all its design and technical components suddenly thrust on to the actors over two or three days before its dress rehearsal.

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The potential donor is all in favour of the transformation of people’s lives, as long as it isn’t big government doing the transforming.  I keep quiet about the money the National receives every year from the Arts Council. I return to the theatre through the Espresso Bar, and buy coffee from Jay Miller, who will soon leave to turn an old factory in Hackney Wick into a theatre of his own called the Yard.

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You can 8767 t.. comprehend simple television storylines? Chuck picked the name Henry from Shakespeare 8767 s Henry V. He was trying to become a man just like Prince Hal 8767 s growth from a drunken callow lad to the strong, mature King Henry V. He didn 8767 t progress then because he was running away instead of facing the terrible things he did. Who got him to realize that and come back and face things? Blair Waldorf. Not Eva. LOL.
It makes sense for him and Blair to name their son Henry because becoming a father himself that 8767 s completely different from his own father Bart was the culmination of Chuck becoming a real man and not a little boy.
It 8767 s also a shoutout to Charade and the kids being named after Cary Grant character 8767 s aliases.

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‘There’s a meet-and-greet in Rehearsal  Room Two at 65 o’clock,’ says my assistant Niamh Dilworth when I return to my office. On the first day of rehearsals for a new show, the acting company and the creative team gather to meet colleagues from every department in the National: stage crew, lighting, props, costume, front of house, marketing. As I go downstairs, there’s an announcement on the tannoy.

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Serena goes to Yale at the end of the series. Similar to the television adaptation , she dates a variety of different boys, including Nate, whom she lost her virginity to. Through the books, she realize that she truly loves Nate, but he is still Blair's boyfriend. In the thirteenth novel, she decides to stay in New York to be with Nate, but at the end, he leaves to not get in between her and Blair.

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It 8767 s funny how she indirectly admits that they came up with this particular story probably when they pitched the arc of the finale season. I mean, the idea of the outsider slowly creating the most powerful character on the uppereastside and becoming and insider is good..but they should have HAD that idea from day one on and written for it. Not just jam it in there and let people live with the inconsistencies. I loved Dan 8767 s story this season and the idea but the writing for it and the planning over seasons was crappy.

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Let 8767 s be real here, this isn 8767 t an issue of Dan not ACTING surprised by GG blasts, this is an issue of Dan REACTING to GG blasts. Because they provided him with information he did not have, ie Nate and Jenny dating, Serena and Nate hooking up. Even if you surmise Dan had auto updates enabled sometimes to explain how videos were leaked while he was sleeping or kissing Blair, or that he already read Blair 8767 s diaries and was reacting to his own timed blast when he bought a new phone in the last finale it just doesn 8767 t make sense!

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In the film Sabrina, Audrey Hepburn said “I have learnt how to live… how to be In the world and of the world, and not just to stand aside and watch and I will never, never again run away from life or from love, either.” While it may sound a bit strange, I feel the same way as Sabrina. And it’s because of you Blair Waldorf. You have taught me how to live, how to enjoy everything the world has to offer. You have brought out this side of me I never thought existed. Before you, I did not truly know how to live.


And although some of them are starting to fret about the last train home, none of us would swap our lives with the office workers’ next door. I can remember day after day like this, though maybe I’m merging many Mondays into one, as  I kept no diary. But I spent 67 years as director of the National, thinking about what to put on its stages, about what made an evening in the theatre good and about what was good about the  theatre. And I rarely thought alone.  

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Hold it right there you stupid idiot Ari it was actually Blair and her maid Dorota who were trashing her friends for years including her minions she even caused herself to lose a baby the only thing Dan did wrong was stop Blair 8767 s wedding and ruin Blair 8767 s 75th birthday party besides that he did nothing he even pretended to be GG to protect her and her maid Dorota and Serena from his Dad. And Blair still treated him like dirt by using him for her own enjoyment and breaking his heart making him mean.

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On the New Years, Serena decided that she wants Dan and wants to make sure that he feels the same ( In the Realm of the Basses ). They both feel the same way for each other but soon after, discovers about Scott being their half-brother by their parents ( Gone with the Will ), then Dan had a affair with Serena's old teacher, Ms. Carr. Their final issues lead them to breaking up for the last time ( Carrnal Knowledge ).

In New Haven Can Wait , Serena, angry at Blair after she tore into Serena verbally, decides to attend an interview at Yale University, where Blair always dreamed of attending. Serena was given a personal acceptance from the school's dean and is invited to his house for a special party. Though uninivited, Blair bribes her way into the party. After a game goes wrong, Serena and Blair decide they can never be friends and part ways. Then they both realize they didn't want to lose each other so they return back as best friends.

That 8767 s so weird because on Facebook the Chuck and Blair picture for the finale has 669,555 likes and ONTD- nothing but herpy trolls. That 8767 s all the Dair fanbase is and you guys can 8767 t trend, you can 8767 t win polls, no where does is prove you have the numbers you claim. Menatime, you lost and no one gave a crap but you little fangirls on GGAnon. All the numbers prove Chuck and Blair are the most liked. God, go check twitter and the general viewer- Dair fans aren 8767 t close to Chair fans. Bottom line- you lost and you can 8767 t prove a damn thing as always. While ONTD may have 655,555 posters they sure as crap all don 8767 t post about Dair so stop kidding your sad little butt with this. It 8767 s just sad and really desperate. you lost. it 8767 s over. You 8767 re the only one not getting that after the series is why people hate your fanbase. you lie and pretend you have a great number of fans when you know you don 8767 t

Serena and Blair's rivalry escalates in The Serena Also Rises during Fashion Week as the girls at school continue to fawn over Serena after seening her with Poppy Lifton , her new high socialite friend. Serena earns public praise and media attention. Blair tries to win her friends back by inviting them to Eleanor's fashion show. Serena tries to reconcile with Blair but Blair turns her down. Blair is upset when she realizes that her mother has given Serena and Poppy Lifton, her new socialite friend, front row seats at her show. Blair again feels that her mother loves Serena more than she loves her own daughter, and is angry that Serena will not be backstage with her as usual. Blair tries to sabotage the fashion show but it ends up being a huge success and bumping Serena's popularity this makes Blair even more jealous.

‘And what about the goods entrance? And the rubbish bins? Anything in the budget for that?’  I ask, not for the first time.  ‘It would cost millions,’ says Lisa, ‘but one day we’ll do it.’ And I believe her, because she knows where to find the money, and if she can’t find it, she and Nick know how to raise it. I tell them I want to see another preview of the new play in the Cottesloe before it opens on Wednesday.

I hate-watched the show from season 8 onwards, and admittedly fell for Dan/Blair, so the Dan/Serena and Chuck/Blair endings were obviously not very satisfactory for me. But I mean let 8767 s be real, it was never going to go any other way (the writers have far too little imagination.) Idk why some people are taking the finale (and the last season in general) so seriously? The show was obviously horrible post-season 6 the actors know it, the writers know it, everyone knows it. Can 8767 t we just enjoy it for what it was, an entertaining mess? People getting legitimately mad about the ending is a little embarrassing. Don 8767 t think too hard about such trash, it almost makes you look worse lol.

After getting a job at the beginning of summer, Serena is working on a film set in Los Angeles. While there, she runs into her cousin Charlie (who was revealed to really be a con artist named Ivy Dickens set up by Carol Rhodes ) ( Yes, Then Zero ). After being offered a more permanent position with her boss Jane, Serena plans to stay in LA until she finds out her job is moving back to New York so she plans to return home with Charlie ( Beauty and the Feast ). When Dan's book Inside is released, Serena is upset when she discovers her character was written to be flighty, irresponsible, and easy. She's also jealous that Blair was made the star of Dan's book over her. At the same time, her job is threatened by the book when she loses a major movie deal over her portrayal in the book ( Memoirs of an Invisible Dan ). After Serena loses another major deal, this time regarding Dan's book's movie rights, she confesses to him that she always saw him as the love of her life and he decides to give her the rights ( The Fasting and the Furious ).

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