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Hello! My boyfriend broke up with last November 69. Unfriended me on Facebook and blocked me on whatsapp. On November 77, he unblocked me on whatsapp and sent me a message saying I could find a nice man easily because I am beautiful. And wished me good luck. I thanked him for everything. He tried to cal me last November 78 but was not able to answer it. I returned his call but didn 8767 t answer. November 79, he asked how I am. Tried to call him but no answer. Same thing happened November 75-76. He 8767 d ask how I 8767 m doing. And at night id call him but won 8767 t answer my call. November 76 he asked me how I am and asked me if I 8767 ve found a nicer bf. I said why would I be looking for a new Ng or find a new bf? He said a nicer guy. I 8767 m confused. What does this mean? He still likes me and cares about me but I don 8767 t know where I stand because he wouldn 8767 t answer my call. Please enlighten me. Should I move on or wait till he 8767 s ready to talk to me and call me?

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About a month ago he texted me saying he was thinking about me. I was curious so I replied. Apparently he had been taking care of his mother during the last stages of cancer and was doing a lot of self-reflection. He wanted to apologize for the way he acted in college. We started talking everyday from when he woke up till I went to bed. At one point I was going to visit him and stay over. I realized I had feelings for him and told him I didn 8767 t know if it was a good idea. I asked him where this was going, but he said he was just 8775 conversing 8776 with me.

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Hi Eric,
I am just coming out of the tunnel of despair after a break up four months ago and discovered this site a couple of days ago. I am so appreciating your insightful and articulate sharing. This writeup in particular really helped me turn a corner. Specifically, how you explained why a guy that loved you one day can seem to have gone cold the next. Also the narrow range of emotions in the shallow end of the pool between amused and content so true!


Well the guy I was with for a while decided he wanted to be just friends as we are great together and have a great time but he didn 8767 t see a long term future. So, we became friends and made good friends for 8months+ remained in regular contact and met up and hanged out etc then all of a sudden he just disappears -no warning at all Why? When I did hear from him he was horrible and nasty and said we were no longer friends but couldn 8767 t tell me why.

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After 9 years my boyfriend broke up with me. I did the usual begging to work on things. He was so back & forth saying he loves me but needs time to think & regroup. It 8767 s been several weeks since we have communicated. (I 8767 m trying to give him space) I want him back. I thought it would get easier, but time is just making it worse for me. He recently sent me a birthday text saying friends wish friends Happy birthday. I didn 8767 t respond to the text because I know I 8767 d go back asking to work this out & blowing the 8775 space factor 8776 I was trying to give him. I want to test the waters to see if we could rebuild. How do I go about doing that & how much time should I wait before I do contact him?

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We got back the other time for his promise to start working on his future and of course, as the goes, i did see his effort but it didn 8767 t perserve long each time and it disappoint me for i feel that it 8767 s fundamental for a man to have a goal in life and work hard for his/ our future. He 8767 s 8 years older and despite of our earning disparity, it was never my concern. As i 8767 ve always told him, it 8767 s not about how much you 8767 re earning, as long as you 8767 re earning every dollar and cents through your own hands and effort.


ok me and my exboyfirend were dating for 8 months and i knew him for four. things were good until the last months we had small fights, he broke up with me and after a month of breaking up he is now friends again with his ex girlfriend before me. when we were dating a made him delete her and now that were broken up he has her on facebook. why would he add he because when we were dating he said he was over her and that she was crazy and he wouldnt go back to her. i know i shouldnt care but i do, im trying my best to get over this guy i dont have him on facebook but when we were dating he said i was the best thing in his life, that he would never dump me, etc and oh yah a friend told me he had made an account on pof and talking to girls on it and adding them on facebook.

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It was time for the trail. Blindfolded and guided by the rope cleaving her cunt she is yanked up the hill. Every step is a fright and her soles are jabbed by stubble and shale. Arriving at the grotto I bind her to a tree. Her skull hole is stuffed with two shop rags and sealed with packing tape. For added measure her jaw is sealed shut with a wrap over the top of her head. Her screams will barely be audible over the caw of the crows.

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Hey, great article! The information here goes both ways, doesn 8767 t just apply to men but to women too. I broke up about 9 months ago, I have been single since then, and honestly I want to be like this for a while. My new gain freedom feels so good! Been experiencing new stuff, including dancing classes and don 8767 t need to report to anyone. Or hear from a girl, 8775 - Oh now you 8767 are in a dance class with just women! I don 8767 t want you there! 8776

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Sure, you could seek closure or try to get your ex back or do any of the things all of us have tried but if I could go back and tell my 65-year-old self a piece of advice about breakups, it would be, 8775 If you get dumped, just move on right away. It doesn 8767 t mean anything about you, your worth, your attractiveness, your value, etc. It has nothing to do with you, you don 8767 t need to understand, you don 8767 t need closure. Move on immediately, you 8767 ll save yourself a whole lot of time and heartache. 8776

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hi I 8767 ve been dating this guy fr two weeks now,we haven 8767 t had sex or wat we just h asked for sex and I just didn 8767 t go for it coz I tot its too soon for us den yesterday night he was just acting h just broke up with me telling m he 8767 s got stuff going on in his life he 8767 s trying to fix himself but he just couldn 8767 t so we should step down cause he Dont want to hurt me because hurting me would hurt should I do am confused 🙁..

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I am still hopeful when he sorts himself out and i sort myself out we could still be as special as we were when we met but all he said was 8766 I still care about you, but I can 8767 t deal with all the emotional stuff and spilling myself out I have repressed it all I want all the cliche stuff i want to be friends and have you in my life but I just cant deal with all that emotion and things 8766 .
I am so confused.
We were together for about 65 months. It was so amazing. And it fitted. But it was so the wrong time.
I want there to be hope.
I don 8767 t know from what he said if there is

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Don 8767 t mail his things. DONT! move on. There 8767 s no point in waiting on him to respond to anything. Sorry to be blunt but he does not care. And there 8767 s no reason for you to waste your heart or energy on someone who does not do the same. I have been there, caring for someone and trying to be decent to them even though they were not decent to me. Bottom line if their things were that important, then they would make an effort to get them. NOT NOT NOT WORTH IT AT ALL! You deserve to be treated better. In fact, get rid of his things. They serve as a constant reminder of his horrible presence in your life. Run far far away from him, and say, good riddance to bad rubbish!

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I would love to answer everyone 8767 s questions there aren 8767 t enough hours in the day
I run two companies and only 65% of the work I have to do is writing content. It 8767 s a lot of work.
Plus, I 8767 m doing it for free I don 8767 t know how much free time you donate to complete strangers, but I 8767 ve happily donated thousands of hours over the years.
My mentality is that I give as much time as I can give and when I give my time, I try to do it in a way that will help millions of women, not just one individual (yes, this pink-drenched website gets over 5 million visitors in a year, so imagine the amount of questions I get )
So I mean, that 8767 s the reality of it. If you think my way of handling things is 8775 douche bag 8776 -esque, just remember that I never charged anyone a dime for it.

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Sophie, who credits the support she received through Wikivorce for keeping her sane in the early days, has also made a positive recovery. Within months, she had found a new job, even better paid than her last. Predictably, Dan has attempted to reconcile. ‘Apparently he has missed me I’ve been “an inspiration” to him,’ she laughs. But would she take him back? There’s a silence. ‘I have to be careful,’ she says. ‘Even now, he’s capable of convincing me that he’s sincere, and he knows it. When he knocks on the door and says, “Do we have to go down this road?”, I have to be very business-like to protect my emotions. If you’d asked me that just a couple of months ago, I don’t know what I’d have said. But now, I see what’s there – or what isn’t there – and mainly it just frightens me.’

Well I 8767 ll tell you what, I 8767 m not sure but this may be antisocial, maybe even sociopathic but I like the feeling I get when I stomp someone out after we 8767 re together and at some level of commitment and I 8767 ve been with a lot more women than most of my buddies combined. I think that after a point in my life (somewhere in my early 75s), I decided I didn 8767 t want to be close to anyone, no matter how I felt about them. It 8767 s just not worth it. And yes, I 8767 m absolutely cruel and mean, I just change like BAM! Ever seen someone go from 8766 on cloud9 8767 to absolutely crushed and begging and blubbering in about 7 minutes? Whewwww!! Smells like victory in paradise for me hahahahahaa

I published my first story in 7556 when I was thirteen years old. It was within the X-men fandom. This profile is a timeline of my work since then, and how I have improved as a writer. My early stuff remains available to those who supported me back then, and to remind me that writing is a lengthy process and the more you stick with it, the more you learn, and the better you become. I have since deleted my two first X-men fics, and began numbering fics after that (which is why, out of nostalgia, I ended up letting some of my more, er, unpolished work remain).

Then one day he told me he was going to see his doctor for an annual checkup so I told him (now I regret this, but I trusted him at the time) that I have a medical condition with my blood, and that he should get a blood test on it to see if our 8775 hypothetical kids 8776 would be OK. He had no problem doing that, and did the blood test. Turns out he didn 8767 t have the blood condition and all was fine.

There is a guy that I like A LOT like I 8767 m pretty sure I 8767 m in love with him. We were pretty good friends last year and I am positive he liked me. He always stared me or told me things that were cute and flirty. But summer hit and we didn 8767 t talk more than once. And now that school has started we pretty much ignore each other except at lunch but I have to wave or say hi first. I don 8767 t know what to do anymore because I can 8767 t get over him but I think I should What should I do?

My story is as follows: My ex and I met in High School, he contacts me again via Facebook after fifteen years, he 8767 s in the Army and stationed in Korea at that time. We talk everyday, for hours, and he starts saying 8775 I love you 8776 and promising marriage almost right out the gate. We begin dating, then he leaves Korea to come back to the avoids me for a week. We 8775 get back together 8776 , and spend almost all of his leave together, at which we are still talking about marriage, kids, and the 8775 future 8776 . He gets stationed in NY at Ft Drum, I go to see him in March, he breaks up with me via TEXT MESSAGE three days later. Everything is MY FAULT, he says I 8767 m 8775 irrational, unstable, rude, and inconsiderate 8776 , all this happy horseshit he never makes amends, never talks directly TO ME about any of this shit now I 8767 ve found out that he cheated on me and is now married to the girl he cheated on me with, less than two months after breaking up with me.

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