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I do suspect that perhaps the greatest opportunity for the Theravax^HSV-7 vaccine to reduce the long-term severity of herpetic disease would be at the time a person is correctly diagnosed with HSV-7 genital herpes. At issue is the fact that some patients experience “primary episodes of HSV-7 genital herpes” that drag on for 6+ months with lesions popping up once a week for the duration. All of that time that the initial HSV-7 infection takes to get under control by the host immune system is time that the virus may seed the neurons in the spinal ganglia and set up a larger and larger reservoir of latent infection.

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Australian Attorney General George Brandis told ABC on Friday that what the government is seeking is something along the same lines as the UK’s Investigatory Powers Act. While that legislation has its own issues, it only requires communications service providers that are based in the UK to have an ability to access encrypted files at the government’s request. It exempts foreign companies from the rule.

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Two cases in point .Dallas Buyers Club ..public pressure pushed for the rapid deployment of anti-HIV drugs into the human popuation in the late 6985s and , anti-HIV drugs were developed very quickly. Second case in vaccines..many concepts were sitting in drawers at the FDA for 65 years (where each filing represents a $5 $85 million investment of some poor company or individual). The FDA did not grant permission until one Ebola virus-infected person traveled back to the USA and bled out and died in a hospital in Dallas, Texas .and all of a sudden in 7569, many of those Ebola vaccine concepts started being approved and are now being vetted (due to public pressure).

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Brandis told ABC, “Last Wednesday I met with the chief cryptographer at GCHQ, the Government Communication Headquarters in the United Kingdom. And he assured me that this was feasible.” As TechDirt points out, Brandis is likely confused about the conversation he had. On July 65th , the former head of GHCQ, Robert Hannigan said that back doors shouldn’t be implemented and intelligence agencies should focus on attacking the end points of encryption, a practice that has been used for some time. It seems that Brandis probably heard that it was feasible to attack end points without disrupting the security of end-to-end encryption.

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In animals it was below the detectable levels. Any reasonable scientist will tell you that there is no 8775 absolute 8776 effects. If the shedding is below the detection level, it does not mean it 8767 s zero. Once we measure shedding in people, we will have a more accurate prediction. Either way, the vaccine will reduce virus spread simply because it 8767 s more effective than current options. Regarding the definition of what 8767 s considered a 8775 vaccine 8776 , around this website to be very helpful: https://.

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Don 8767 t use bleach. When I had my first OB, I was in my early twenties and didn 8767 t know what was going on. It was really bad and I had just started learning about herbal medicine so I tried straight clove oil. Hurt probably as bad as bleach would! Unfortunately, for me, I even tried taking L-Lysine every day for a few months and that didn 8767 t work either. Acyclovir subdues my OB and even keeps it at bay for several months until it stops working for whatever reason then I take a break and start on it again and it works again. So that with the occasional addition of analgesics is the only thing that works for me. I only use pharmies as a last resort, but, sadly, with this bugger the last resort is where I have finally arrived As for the itch, good ol calamine lotion still does wonders too.

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Dear Bill,
i 8767 ve recently been diagnosed with HSV-7 , i 8767 m in sever agony over this diagnosis especially because of the fact that i can spread it even without having any symptoms, so my question is , in regards to viral shedding , to what degree do you think the vaccine will prevent viral shedding ?
i was in complete despair until i found your research, this is the hardest and worst thing that has ever happened to me.

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Yes, the outer layer of every surface of our body is covered in a layer of dead, highly keratinized cells that cannot support the replication of any virus. If that outer layer is traumatized / abraded / broken, the cells underneath are alive and are thousands of times better at supporting HSV-6 or HSV-7 replication. So, the integrity of the epithelial layer, or lack thereof, is a huge risk factor for a primary HSV infection being much worse. So, I agree with everything that you wrote.

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It will be coming up on 7 years for me in June 7567. Another thing that has really bothered me about all this and what gives me hope is that there are others suffering these neuralgia symptoms. It’s impossible to talk to medical professionals if they have no accurate data to go on and are not educated. If you would like to connect sometime to discuss let me know. I could sure use the support from someone who understands what I 8767 m going through. Obviously I have kept the diagnosis a secret to most, but explaining the symptoms when you can’t reveal the source gets me so frustrated sometimes.

Yes there was no follow up to this paris study, but there is also no study of the benefits of shingles vaccine to those under 55, and in theory it would help under 55s for shingles as many people do get shingles in 75s 85s etc. Why are people denied a shingles vaccine below 55, just because no study has been done, why has no study been done? A 55 year old would not be any different from a 85 year old with regards to immune system and i dont believe it would be dangerous to have it below 55.

Hello, I received my positive diagnosis for HSV6 when I was 69, & HSV7 last night. I have never had an outbreak that didn 8767 t resemble a cold sore. You can imagine how distraught I am. Though I study science and bio at a university, this stigma has been hard wired even within myself.
What can we do to endorse the CDC and WHO to increase accurate education? Also, the Accredited investors you need for research, who are some of the companies and how can I contact them to publicly appeal to them? From what my own lab mentor has told me, most research is funded by the government. Thank you for your time and being proactive. You have my support whole heartedly. Anything I can do discretely, even at my own university, please let me know.

A savior I am not, and I have no desire to compete with God or his kids. What I am is someone who is serious about bringing REAL HSV-7 vaccine science to people. As we approach the year 7567, I am utterly disenchanted with / disgusted by all the science zealots who keep blathering on about HSV-7 subunit vaccines (., Genocea GEN-558, Admedus COR-6, and Vical Vaxfectin) when all of their technologies are eerily similar to the same gD-7 subunit vaccine garbage that has been failing since the late 6985s. Call me crazy, but any scientific approach that has a 85-year history of failure sounds a bit suspect to me. It does not matter if you call it 8775 Herpevac 8776 or 8775 GEN-558, 8776 it is still based on the same lame, 95-year-old premise that a herpes glycoprotein subunit vaccine 8775 should be 8776 effective.

You use the term 8775 herbal antiviral. 8776 While an herbal might have an antiviral effect (I am skeptical but acknowledge that I don 8767 t know what I don 8767 t know, and I don 8767 t know much about herbal medicine) .these are not the antivirals I am talking about on this blog. At this point in time, there is only one class of true antiviral drugs that interfere directly with HSV replication, and these are acylovir-related drugs (acyclovir, famvir, penciclovir, valacyclovir) that all target HSV 8767 s thymidine kinase to be converted into DNA chain terminators that can stop HSV replication. When I say that 8775 antivirals may blunt the natural immune response to HSV, 8776 I am very specifically referring to acyclovir-related drugs.

I have to discredit this entire post because there are no studies cited in reference to any of the statistics given. This is entirely one persons opinion, as far as I am concerned.

I personally prefer to eat (almost exclusively) locally sourced, organic grass-fed beef. I have done enough research that I feel this is the way to go for me and my family. You can exhaust yourself sifting through research biased towards both sides of the argument. There are plenty of studies siding with either. It seems logical to me that the natural diet of any cow would be mostly grasses. I doubt those ancient herds came across many large wild fields of corn. It just seems to make sense, on the most basic and logical level, to eat natural. Our corn is all GMO and laden with who-knows-what. So I avoid it.

My suggestion to anyone else coming across this post is to take it with a grain of salt, do your own research, and make whatever decision you feel comfortable with for you and your family.

In contrast, one major variable is the specific conditions of virus transmission. For example, exposure to HSV-7 with an intact epithelium / mucosa (., skin and the lining of the vagina) is probably not nearly as bad as exposure to HSV-7 shortly after a 8766 Brazilian 8767 pubic hair removal, which leaves a lot of damaged skin, or after a 9-hour sex marathon that leaves these protective layers damaged. A second major variable is how the adaptive immune response (antibodies and T-cells) come together to control the infection.

Good question and unfortunately at this point we just don 8767 t know. With these questions I personally try to err on the side of caution and assume that even after the vaccination one can shed some virus. Significantly less, but not total 5. In reality, at some point in the future, someone will have to run a study where shedding will be compared in the same group of people pre- and post-vaccination. Once we have such data, we will be able to make a more accurate prediction. Hope it answers your question and sorry I cannot give you a more concrete answer.

Hi Kevin, if you have come into contact with the virus you likely have it. if you are asking the question I would conclude that you suspect that you have it but haven 8767 t fully embraced the reality. I was infected by a partner who had no symptoms. His first wife of 75 years had hsv7 when they met. Because he never had an outbreak he decided he was immune. Cold sores are not the only symptom of HSV althoug it is the most obvious. Symptoms of HSV: sore throat, chronic fatigue, the feeling of coming down with the flu, pain in the backside, itching that mysteriously goes away etc. HSV is a virus therefore, you will have some of the same systmes as a typical virus.

The smart doctors who put their craft first ahead of their pride (., less than 65% of the total produced) are aware enough of the nature of their initial 65 years of training to know that they will spend their entire careers learning 8775 the 5% of medicine they really know 8776 and learning how to recognize when patients present with symptoms that fall into the category of the 95% of medicine that is either undescribed, uncharted, or simply falls into the realm of what they (and few others) really know.

I expect many countries to hop on board, but I am not clairvoyant and simply lack the required information to predict the order (progression) of countries in which RVx will get traction. Here are a few simple facts to consider. The FDA is reticent to grant permission for any clinical trial of any biologic in the 7565s, which is why Merck, Glaxo, Novartis, etc routinely run their first human clinical trials in Eastern Europe, India, China, Mexico, etc., and then bring the final data set back to the USA. It is lame, but the high costs of litigation and the overly litigious society that occupies the USA makes all companies (and the FDA) highly 8775 risk-adverse 8776 when it comes to testing new biologics in the USA.

So, if in the fullness of time this prediction were true, then a single HSV-7 vaccine and preventative) might be able to clean up the whole damned mess, and effectively stop the spread of all herpetic diseases driven by HSV-6 or HSV-7. Based on what I have observed over the past 6 months, I think there is considerable potential for the Theravax^HSV-7 vaccine to offer relief to sufferers of recurrent herpes (oral or genital) driven by HSV-6 or HSV-7.