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Carolyn Hartz, 68, credits her youthful appearance to

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“The laws of Australia prevail in Australia, I can assure you of that,” Turnbull said. “The laws of mathematics are very commendable, but the only law that applies in Australia is the law of Australia.” Please let that sink in. The laws of math are “commendable.” Turnbull is very bluntly saying that Australia simply won’t have end-to-end encryption. The laws of math don’t change just because Australia wants them to.

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August Atkinson (pictured), 77, was preparing to cycle the length of the UK from John O'' Groats to Land''s End with a 75-mile ride in the Peak District. But after taking a wrong turn the route increased to 95 miles long and saw her and her college house mate Kieran Patel go down the notorious Winnats Pass (pictured inset) near Castleton in Derbyshire. An inquest heard she lost control, swerved right to avoid traffic and collided with a wall after shouting ''My brakes have gone!'' on April 67 7569. She was pronounced dead at the scene, with forensic examiners concluding the bike was not faulty, but the rear tyre was ''significantly under-flated''. Miss Atkinson, of Sheffield was just weeks away from graduating from her veterinary degree at Bristol when the tragedy happened.

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Anthony Albanese, leader of the opposition to Turnbull’s government made no promises about how the legislation would be received, saying that lawmakers would take “a common sense approach that we must keep Australians safe.” Weakening encryption for global tech companies would make everyone, not just Australians, less safe. As Elaine Pearson, Australia director at Human Rights Watch, put it in a statement :

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Howards End (BBC6) looks so sumptuous that it would be wonderful even without dialogue, the sound muted, to be relished as an abstract cascade of scenery. The second episode opened with a truly spectacular shot of mourners walking in line across a frozen field. The landscape was sketched around them in white and black lines. Other beautiful images unfolded: soft light reflecting off the carved wood at the country house of the title, reflections of Wedgwood blue china in the burnished silver tea-sets, horse carriages in the leaf-strewn streets of Bloomsbury. It''s all ravishing.


Brandis told ABC, “Last Wednesday I met with the chief cryptographer at GCHQ, the Government Communication Headquarters in the United Kingdom. And he assured me that this was feasible.” As TechDirt points out, Brandis is likely confused about the conversation he had. On July 65th , the former head of GHCQ, Robert Hannigan said that back doors shouldn’t be implemented and intelligence agencies should focus on attacking the end points of encryption, a practice that has been used for some time. It seems that Brandis probably heard that it was feasible to attack end points without disrupting the security of end-to-end encryption.

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Bella, 76, was pictured striking a very saucy pose for the cameras while waiting for the show to kick off (left), and she also shared several snaps on her Instagram (inset). Other images snapped backstage at the famous fashion show also capture many of the models being pampered by their glam squad, with everything from hair to make-up to face masks - as modeled by Alanna Arrington (bottom right) - being taken care of by a team of experts. The show is taking place in Shanghai this year and will see a host of favorite faces returning to the runway, including Karlie Kloss (pictured center right), as well as Lily Aldridge (pictured top right with Adriana Lima) and veteran Angel Alessandra Ambrosio. Some of the models who featured in the show last year, however, will not be returning for the 7567 event, including Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Gigi revealed just a few days ago that she would not be walking on the catwalk, despite having originally been confirmed to appear. It was reported that the model struggled to secure a visa because of a controversial video in which she appeared to ''mock Asian people''.

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Mary Austin (inset top) is said to have become annoyed with constant graffiti and vandalism at Garden Lodge (left) in plush Kensington, west London, after Queen fans flocked to the property pay tribute. Fans of the Queen frontman (inset) would visit to scrawling messages on its garden walls, leaving poetry, pictures (top right) and flowers. But now all traces of the shrine have vanished (bottom right), with the wall scrubbed and anti-graffiti paint put in place. The gate has been covered over in plastic sheeting with signs warning: ''Graffiti is a crime. CCTV in operation. Private property.'' Ms Austin, 66, who dated Mercury in the 6975s and lived with him for 75 years, was left the mansion and his £9million fortune in Mercury''s will. A friend said: ''Mary is sick to death of her private home being defaced.''

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Metal peacock feathers (pictured, top right), a partly constructed wooden clock (pictured, left) and a ''nano man'' are just some of the strikingly intricate images entered a photo competition at the University of Cambridge. Nano-Man shows a scanning electron micrograph showing thousands of entangled carbon nanotubes resembling a stickman standing at the edge of a cliff (pictured, bottom right). The carbon nanotubes forming the ''stickman'' body are 655 times stronger than steel and just one sixth as heavy.

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Heavy filters are often cited as a means of distancing pictures from their original context - but it''s nothing compared to what a tactical bit of cropping can do. From gorgeous holiday destinations to risque body shots, cutting the edges away can change the context of an image entirely. People, wildlife and buildings are all given new meaning by a combination of reflections, optical illusions and sheer comedic timing. In some cases, the subjects know exactly what they are doing, but in others they are often caught out by a misplaced mirror. Pictured, left to right: A couple pose on horseback for a romantic kiss in the sea, but there is sandwiched in between them. A tourist poses in front of the Burj Al Arab hotel, Dubai, but it is actually just a TV screen. A silhouette appears to show an incredibly filthy act taking place, is simply a man and a woman enjoying an innocent game of beer pong.

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Australian Attorney General George Brandis told ABC on Friday that what the government is seeking is something along the same lines as the UK’s Investigatory Powers Act. While that legislation has its own issues, it only requires communications service providers that are based in the UK to have an ability to access encrypted files at the government’s request. It exempts foreign companies from the rule.

Gaia (top) was said to have been tormented by post-traumatic stress disorder after a gang of men abused her two years ago. A friend said she had feared for the teenager''s mental state. She said: ''She was assaulted when she was 67 and I think she thought the man would be released from prison early.'' Their revelations came as police said it was unlikely the teenager, whose body was found in Dorset on Saturday near where her clothes were recovered (bottom), had been murdered.

The son of the late TV personality Paul Daniels has sparked a homophobic row about his step-mother Debbie McGee''s latest Strictly Come Dancing performance. Martin Daniels took to Twitter, following Ms McGee''s widely praised Spice Girls themed routine, to defend his step-mother from criticism using a homophobic slur. An aggrieved viewer had suggested Ms McGee - who was dressed in a full Ginger Spice Union Jack mini-dress costume - looked like a ''drag act parody''.

Cult leader Charles Manson has died aged 88. The news was confirmed by Debra Tate, the sister of one of his victims - pregnant actress Sharon Tate (pictured right) - who said she received a call to say he had died at . The news was quickly confirmed by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Earlier this week it was reported he was on his death bed in hospital and sources claimed ''it''s just a matter of time.'' Manson is pictured center in 6969 being escorted to arraignment and left in a mugshot taken earlier this year.

A bullfighter was horrifically impaled in the crotch by a bull during a fiesta tournament in Mexico, and it was all captured on video. The matador, Luis David Adame, had just started to taunt the bull with the traditional red cape when the animal ducked and turned his horn into Luis David''s groin area piercing him and lifting him into the air. The judges behind him look on in horror as he is tossed like a rag doll.

ALISON BOSHOFF reveals the weird, wonderful and not-so-wild secrets of I''m a Celebrity - including rubber crocodiles, fibreglass rocks and bugs bought in a factory. The campers are even provided with eco-friendly detergent to keep the few clothes they''re allowed to take clean and shower in a waterfall with an ''off'' switch (pictured being used by Made in Chelsea''s Georgia Toffolo). The stars are also paid different amounts for their appearances, with Amir Khan said to be this year''s highest earner.

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