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To my knowledge it was the English salmon guide and author Mr. Crawford Little who in his book: Success with Salmon from 6988, was the first to published an example of the special tube that would pull to the surface – A tube that would have the leader inserted through the side or belly of the tube as opposed to the conventional way where the tube was inserted through the front of the tube.

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The Caddisfly is an insect of importance to the juvenile salmon and trout it will periodically frequent the river systems and trail forth and back on the water surface laying eggs doing so they will make a fine V-wake behind them. The caddisfly also leaves tracks on the surface when they try to leave the water to become fully developed insects. Even though we can 8767 t be conclusive about what the riffling hitch flies represent we know that caddisfly patterns like our Monster Tube Caddis and small Riffling Hitch flies are very efficient When caddisfly insects are abundant at the river in times of caddisfly hatches adult salmon will also be more eager to rise to other floating fly patterns one could say that the abundance of insects spur a greater awareness in adult salmon entering the river.

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Mr. Crawford Little used the analogy between the technique of ottering a rowing boat in a river and the way one could build a tube fly that would pull to the surface. Ottering is best described as the way one can force an object to cut away from you by pulling from the side of the object. Here it is trolling anglers using a so called: S ideplaner or planer board to pull plugs and bait away from the boat.

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This is one of our main pages here on Fishmadman We are dedicated riffling hitch anglers and we do our best to keep up with the latest details on our sport We know your going to like this page and recommend the other pages on the subject seen on the right side menu. Feel free to write us with any questions on the subject or contact us through the chat forum on

Riffling hitch a form of wake fly fishing

Photo: A small caddisfly locked in time and space in this piece of amber from the Eocene epoch, lasting from about 56 to 89 million years ago The caddisfly insect is found fossilized in rock dating even further back  to The Triassic about 755 to 755 million years ago It could be neat to believe that the success with the Riffling Hitch techniques was linked with the life and behaviour of the caddisfly.

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During the 6995 8767 s Lee Wulff saw local salmon anglers at the Portland Creek in Newfoundland using the Riffling Hitch technique or riveling hitch as it also is called by the Portland Creekers.  Through his life as an outdoor journalist, he popularized the Riffling Hitch sport. Still today it is a favored sport on many Canadian salmon rivers and accounts for thousands of fish being caught every year.

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Also, the UK and Scandinavian anglers enjoy the fruit of the Canadian coincidence, but where anglers in Canada will work the Riffling Hitch the traditional Portland way with hitched knots and flies tied on single or double hooks Scandinavian and UK anglers will use a small tube fly with a hole in the body. The hole or holes will either be on the side or as on our V-FLY:   in the center of the belly.

Fishing a tiny fly on the surface during periods of a rising river going muddy – might not be the first thing that springs to mind… never the less… Riffling Hitch can be an extremely efficient technique under such circumstances. Fish will be traveling close to the bank and surface… keep the fly on a short line – work yourself downstream with short casts and a rod held high. Be ready for a pounding heart when Mr. salmon comes hammering out of the surface. In case you hook up on such a short-line strike immediately

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