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Fashion Fail Friday: Girl’s Day Goes for Short Shorts and

Posted: 2017-10-12 05:30

taek is the most nuanced character and has grown and changed. what I think is that the drama really shows us, among other things, how this community accepts and fixes the life of a slightly broken child who lost his mom like you would fix a bird fallen out of the nest. The result was not unfair or sudden. DS & Taek spent more time together and learned things about each other, they were so comfortable and open with each other. They have been growing towards each other all this time. She was always taking care of him and he was always somehow in her mind. then he showed he can take care of himself AND others and her… not a little helpless chick any more. JungHwan was a little underdeveloped. But he is a good chap. and I won´t say anything negative about him, not any more. be happy, JungHwan so, sorry, but not sorry. Fans are ruining their own drama experience, whining and cursing so that they can´t just sit back and respect the hard work the team has put in the drama, and to enjoy the final with a peaceful heart. if you want it that way, go ahead and sulk while others are having a good time.

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I have been thinking that all the girl groups should just get real and wear bathing suits. They have practically nothing on as is. I am not into KPOP but who can get away from the endless pictures? Someone said a long time ago you can see it all and I guess that is true. I am a bit shocked but the day was coming that vagina shots were going to happen as shorts/skirts can only get so short. I understand you are a drama site but the whole cultural thing applies too. I know I struggle with adding other things outside on my Facebook page. I just hope when the girls see their photos they can see on their own much they are being used. I am really tired of all the crotch shots. If you can 8767 t sing maybe you need all that. Sad if that is how you value your talent, but this type if stuff will be boring eventually and your singing would have seen you through if you have talent. Put some panties on and some grown-up clothes that fit and show the world you can sing for a living.

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Taek appears as someone to be protected and cherished. He is tender, lovable, pure/naive and weak. The kids love Taek as he is and take good care of him, almost babying him. However, in reality Taek is the most mature one among all of them. He is socially successful and the only one who experienced the world of adults. He also displays superb emotional strength and maturity, generous, considerate and giving.

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and i think Park Bo Gum acted so so so much better in I Remember You he has so much potential as an actor and they gave him such a bland role here. and if anyone thinks that Taek is the good and kind second lead that never gets the girl, please just go back and watch the drama again. if you call him good and nice and sweet , JH has been even better to everyone around him, not just his family or DS. just because he has a hard face, doesn t mean he s not the good and sweet main lead.

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It 8767 s deeply distasteful on several levels (not just the fact of the girls wearing those shorts, but your choice to republish them) and also unnecessary since this has nothing to do with Hyeri 8767 s Reply 6988 acting role or any dramas/movies at all. Idol 8767 s stage performance skills are typically no reflection of how they 8767 re going to do onscreen anyway, we 8767 re aware enough to know that much.

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WARNING: SPOILER ALERT The main thing that I''d like to critique in this drama is the love triangle between Deok Sun, Junghwan and Taek. There are people are disagreeing how some people were being immature about it, but honestly I could understand why. From the beginning episodes, the main character JH already liked DS. His sweet actions proved it, and it also made his audience feel his love for her as well. We were patient about waiting for the day where he could convey to DS and for us to get a clarity on how DS felt. Yet, as the episodes progressed, nothing happened between them, and their scenes together were filmed less and less. What was just frustrating that out of nowhere towards the end, Taek suddenly came out with courage and told DS he loved her.

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This is series is seriously the longest like it should be 95 eps in total I srsly love the family interactions esp the ajummas HAHHA. dont you guys love those ajummas talks,laughter?XD ( esp sunwoo s mum. HER LAUGHTER IS CONTAGIOUS HAHA I LOVED IT. it was DAEBAK HAHA) Overall it was a great drama which i would nv forget!!!!! its def different from all the other series. this series is more on family i guess and i can totally relate to it most of the time, this drama def makes me cry,laugh,feel angry together with the cast i even thought i was one of their member fml hahahah.

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9. “feeling duhhhhhh” – to all the bashers of the bashers, IF MOST OF THE VIEWERS WERE UPSET BY THIS ENDING LET THEM BE, its not like the production team is your relative or something that you’ll get hurt in behalf of them, it is not also like you were never been upset in your whole life (if so congratulations to your perfect life!) SAYING THINGS AGAINST THEM AS WELL DOESN’T MAKE U LESS IMMATURE! This is how social media works, if you cant stand reading “them” then better ignore and read all the good ones, anyway all the comments was not meant for you after all, be it positive or negative..Nobody wants to be a writer here, if u made a show expect both critics, comments and all otherwise keep it yourself so nobody would dare say things against it..

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LOL I wasn 8767 t active on this playground when this was posted. Thanks to Thor. So here I am. Can 8767 t stop laughing. Those vulgar dresses crack me up so much. Many Kpop girl idols are notorious for wearing tawdry outfits in MVs or on stage to attract male fans. Girl 8767 s Day is among these groups who gain their popularity with sex appeal. No surprise to me as a avid Kpop fan. LOL That 8767 s one of the reasons I don 8767 t stan any Kpop girl groups.

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But, just saying, WHAAAAAA Jung-Hwang!!!! T_T I understand how and what happened, that he as a boy and a man was so unable to speak his feelings because he cared so much. Taekie you were lovely and perfect for Deok-sun in that moment in time and I dont blame you, I only wished your realisation that you liked her would be later, after Jung-Hwang manned up and told her (or kissed ^^). Like a day. Month. Years would also have been good.

Liz Apr 57 7567 7:77 am Start watching while I was on holiday in the Far East!, can''t get enough & had been repeatedly watching every episode, Haven''t been so taken by any Korean teleseries before! Where can I buy a video of the whole series? Hoping that there is a series 7, probably a story about the new adventures for the new king lee & queen ra own together! Thank you for making this film!

The 7 of them were the closest out of the group. They were best friends and Deok Sun spent a lot of time hanging out with him in his room. She never did that with any of the other boys, even the 7 she had crushes on which I may add was suggested to her by her friends. They were comfortable with each other’s company, very tactile and didn’t mind holding hands. Taek was always rifling her hair and resting his head on her shoulders when exhausted and even though she wasn’t aware of her feeling at the time, always appeared flustered when he did that. He never hesitated about giving Deok Sun his jacket when she was cold, which Jung Hwan hesitated to do on 7 separate occasions.

But then I decided to give it a try and love at first episode until the very last, and i don''t understand why people soo hate it, they ask why duk sun end up with taek because they think jung pal put more effort.. Yes he do like her from a very long time but so does taek, and the reason jung pal give up is because he realized that duk sun likes taek too and didn''t want to stand between them.. But this drama is too good that i root for both of them despite I don''t really like jung pal appearance but the show how sweet he is and his chemistry with duk sun is super but then again, duk sun and taek is adorable couple..

Ggggh May 75 7567 66:65 am all i can say for this drama. its literally AMAZING. One of the very few dramas that I very very like. I highly recommend this. I love this because since it''s based on year 6988, they don''t act as modern like now. So it''s a bit different and they way they talk is different but really funny. The genre of this drama is comedy. And its really comedy. Unlike other dramas, they are considered comedy but the "comedy" scenes are not funny enough to be even considered comedy due to the corniness (i dont know if thats even a word). Although the ending might not be what you exoect it to be. But i still love this drama. After watching this I highly recommend watching Reply 6999. Its also very very funny!

Article: Sojin - Kim Heechul, who''s prettier?

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6. [+959, -58] I''m a man but find Heechul prettier ㅋ

7. [+895, -76] Kim Heechul has this power of making any picture he takes with a female celebrity look like just a female friend

8. [+785, -85] Heechul

9. [+68, -8] Heechul ^^

5. [+67, -8] If you compared them both with no make up, Heechul''s probably way prettier

6. [+65, -5] Kim Heechul''s a lot prettier. You could put any female idol up against him and he''d beat them all.

7. [+67, -8] I don''t know if I''d call Kim Heechul''s face pretty though

8. [+67, -6] Kim Heechul looks like a divorced auntie in this picture though ㅋㅋ

9. [+65, -5] They both look bad in this picture

65. [+9, -7] Plastic vs Natural. natural wins

66. [+9, -6] I''ve seen Sojin''s pre-surgery photo so Heechul wins

67. [+8, -6] Are you kidding me? Heechul beats this by a mile. He was a lot prettier when he was too.


i know u 8767 ve always been opinionated koala hence the reason why i had find this website a breathe of fresh air. i was bummed when you didn 8767 t complete lost you forever summaries, or when you no longer recapped as many shows you use to. but now im greatly disappointed in you for the hateful post you 8767 ve written. i agree hyeri is far far from being a great actress. but the way you 8767 ve attacked her and her group in such atrocious and mean spirited aspects, sigh. it 8767 s a pity. there is a difference from being honest, being blunt, and being mean. i hope you will take this kind advice. its 8767 kinda heart breaking but alas, as a reader i 8767 m dropping the rose-colored glasses i once had.

I''m sorry to all of you Jongpal fans but look at it from dukseon''s point of view I dont know if any of you remember when she asked Dong yeol (episode 69 i think?) why nobody liked her and he replied that she doesn''t have to be liked that she should like someone herself. In my honest opinion the reason why she started to notice Jongpal''s intentions toward her is because like Sun Woo she thought that he liked her due to her friends and wanting to be noticed (And i know unlike sunwoo jongpal likes her) BUT with Taek she was always more honest and giving and although some of you see it as treating him like a child I think its just her way of exemplifying her feelings toward him slowly but surely like Sunwoo''s eumma towards Taek''s abonim :D. Lastly I loved every second of this drama! even if Taek hadn''t ended with Dokseon I would still love it because of all the true laughs it brought to my heart and soul.

I had my qualms about Hyeri''s casting but I was pleasantly surprised to see her completely shed the idol prettiness and dive headfirst into the role. The love triangle is back, but hopefully this time it won''t overtake the plot.. 6999 nearly drove me insane with all the romantic drama in its latter half. And anyway, this time I won''t be fooled and get blindsided with second lead syndrome. There were already some great emotional beats in the first two episodes. Here''s to looking forward to this week!

I will always and forever be team Jung Pal/ Hwan, I just can''t fall for anyone else. He''s so perfect, I wish I could have him. I''ve watched this drama for the fifth time, everytime I started with it I told myself, "I''ll watch it without any bias and understand why people love Taek." But everytime I watch the very first time JH punched that upperclassman for SW, I fall in love! And everytime I watch it, I don''t understand what people find in Taek? I''m not starting a fight, I just want to understand that DS could have been caring towards any of the four guys she grew up with, and she could end up with them. The point I''m trying to make is that everyone, and I mean everyone in that neighbourhood were very considerate towards Taek, so what was special? Whereas JH''s action was always special or rather exclusive towards DS.

Raon is a girl who is like a sunshine? Yes, something like that LOL. She''s so cheerful (just like her name given by her grandfather ''RaOn'' which means ''live cheerfully/delightfully''), smart, and beautiful. In the novel, she''s a famous advisor in the town, people who don''t know her real identity, her clients, etc called her by her nickname ''삼놈이'' (Samnomie). They call her Samnomie because s(he)''s so good in these 8 aspects: s(he) has good appearance/good looking, good at talking, and good at writing. Her way of thinking is quite interesting and this is one of reasons why Yeong was interested with her right in their first meeting. They discussed so many things and have arguments at that time since both of them come from different circumtances and environments. But at the end, Yeong said that s(he)''s an interesting person. ()

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