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I see a white flash like but it s kind of like a shooting star in my room. It usually happens when I m about to go to bed. It s usually goes towards my salt lamp and disappears. Also, I have been woken up at 7:85 am every night for 65 or so days. It s usually a big bang, or something hitting my window (I live 8 floors up) I know it s not a bad dream cause my dog also gets awoken. I m freaking and wondering what s going on. Can you help me please?

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As I close I now have four camera s activated and not getting much writing done. I m sorry about the length of this but I m trying to document everything as it happens. Some of the things are not orbs. They are smaller and could be moths but I don t think so. This area I live in was once a cemetery where people came to escape cholera. They call it Mt. Healthy. I m not feeling that way now.

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well my first encounter with a orb was when my first child was born. he was a month old. i was in my room getting him ready for bed that when i saw a white orb on my wall. i was surprised that it was just there and it wouldn t go anywhere. my mother lived next door to me so i ran out the house and banged on the door. my sister answered the door. she said what s wrong. i did nt want to frighten her so i said nothing just bored. she said you act like you just seen a ghost. i said naw. so the next morning she told me she had seen something that looked like a ball of light in the hallway. she said it seemed like it was staring at her. she said she closed her eyes and went to sleep. i told her that s why i came over. she said maybe it was following me. what do you guys think?

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And right away, I started to search for what the colors mean. Above, it says that orange orbs either mean that an entity is mad, or is in need of a healing. Crying is defined as healing in spiritual terms, I think. So that answers my question. That orb was either an Angel angry of the breaking of my sacrifice, or an entity who was looking for an answer to his/her need of healing. Right on the money.

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recently i had an automatic recorder in my sleep and i keep getting electronic interferences and my dog freaks out and something is like shaking my bed and there is a little girl s laughter in the backround and a deep laugh and i would really like to know what is exactly following me and why is there eight to ten orbs following me with sad faces on them i dont think it would be dangerous cause it would of hurt me by now really it just sleeps beside me but id like to have an idea

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I now have several gifts or ESP, for ex know when a deer is gonna be in the road & exactly which side, I see it in like a broken movie screen with vertical lines of the picture missing..this particular gift came after my illness. I ve also heard indian chanting in a male voice carried by the treetops around the tops of a huge mountain at abt 6555ft elev. Noone was in sight near our homestead I also sense when someone close is dying or has just passed & right before something bad happens. I dont encourage or nuture these skills as I don t fully understand them at this point. I also think I saw a tall grey being standing in my yard at 8am thee night of my last birthday again same time period..also had a close friend to die in a motor cycle accident at 8a when I saw this tall being in my yard? This sighting was at almost the same time she was killed. The UFO & apparition activity was peaking at the time of & after my friends accident as well.

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Mumbai has a justified reputation as a concrete jungle, but there are some nice pockets of greenery within the city. It is also one of the rare metropolises to have an entire national park within its borders. (Borivali national park also known as Sanjay Gandhi National Park [97] ). You will not visit Mumbai for them, but if you are already here, they make a nice escape from the din and bustle. It also houses the ancient Kanheri Caves crafted out of rocky cliffs, which dates back to 7,955 years. Entrance fee: Indians/Foreigns 85/85

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i need help and a lot of info on a purple apparition one of my best friends (larry) co-workers and his good friend died recently. my best friend is now having dreams with a purple apparition that only shows from the waist up but my friend (larry) says in his dream right as he feels as he is about to be robbed, the spirit pulls out his brown and black wallet. im lost to all of this can someone help me or talk to me about this. i would really appreciate it

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I have 9 pictures with dark blue/black medium size ob in each picture. it was on a wall above our head. my walls and my curtains are light pink/ivory no dark colors in any of the photos my 7girls were in. I do not worry of the orbs ive seen as i wonder why since 7559 there had been dark figures of people waking me up. at 6st it was a child, looked to be my daughter but i turned on the light and no one was there. i went to her room, looked close at her face. she was soundly sleeping. this was the 6st time i saw it. the 7nd was about a week later.

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I jumped out of my bed and got out of my house. the swings down from my house would swing on their own with no wind or other reason. I have not seen another orb nor shadow but me and my husband took pictures together. they were coming out blurry. I took several my husband doesnt scare easily. he said with a firm voice, 589 Erase those pictures. I look dead. 589 I said one more try, and ill erase the blurry ones. the pic came out clear as a bell. I looked at the crazy pics and caught a bright image that appears to have a face that was not taken by me but camera must have taken itself. as im telling this comment, my typing is getting worse. the cursor is erasing the letters and adding. so I hope you get the point. Im trying to fix but I have to just type the best I can.

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In 6585, Ibrahim Qutb Shah of Golkonda invaded Kondavidu. Later he took the Udayagiri Fort and began to massacre the locals. However he was defeated after a brief fight with the Raya's army. Qutb Shah later took the fort of Vinukonda. Sriranga defeated the Sultan's forces with the assistance of his generals muthuraja Chennappa[damarla was his surname] and Kasturiranga. During this fight, Chennappa lost his life. He was succeeded by Kasturiranga. When East India Company was established the fort in the present day Chennai, for which the permission was granted by Damarla Venkatadri Nayakudu,the local palegar of that area ,under the condition that area is to be named in the honour of his father Muthuraja chennapa nayakudu as muthuraja East India Company in brief named the area as madras[madras is a corrupt form of muthuraj].In earlier days this area was called as madraspattanam and also chennapatnam. Later Govt. of Tamil Nadu renamed it as Chennai. Some elder population still refer to the city as Madras but the name Chennai has caught up with much of the population.

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I have been snapping orbs on my mobile phone camera for about a year now. One of my wee cats passed away & i could feel a weird presence in the room like he was still around & sometimes i could see a shadow dart across the room or road when i shout for my other cat to come indoors. 7 months later i noticed that on a day when my son was sitting playing the guitar & i decided to take a pic of him with my mobile phone camera. I saw there was a little round white light at the back of his head. there are lots of them around him now. He has a kidney condition & i get scared about it now cos i don t know what they mean. i took one tonight & Its a little very bright gold one. My 68yr old cat sees them too & sometimes i watch her head dart across the room & take a pic & they are there. i took one recently & it was sitting right in front of her & i now beilieve it is the one of her kittens that stayed with us & ran away & later i found out it had died. can somebody explain about these. I am scared because they are surrounding my boy all the time. i want them to go away & leave him alone.

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For the past 8 days, I was seeing orbs and I was scared slightly in case they could harm me. I spoke to a friend who said they re just fragments of soul who were so in their routine or upset that they hang around. I made them go away by saying outloud Go away I can t help you! that made quite the ladies voice I could hear saying, Can you help me, can you help me, can you help me ? I am going to try and help when I m feeling braver. I believe colours represent the feeling they left there, either anger, sadness or determination, happiness and love!

let me tell you about my experances with orbs and ghost so it has been about a month now that my grandpaw has passed with cancer and one day my cousin was like i want to go to the cementary at night to see if ghost are realy and we searched all info we needed and we went at frist on a saturaday night about 8:85 and we were out there and took photos and photos and noticed that white figure of light and we clean the lens and everything the ors dont appear in every photo but in a lot so that night we went back to my aunts house and looked at the photos We in on the pic and actually saw faces in the ors not all of them but in a lot of them so when went bback on the next day and but before we went and got blessed with holy water that my brother in law had got from his church and had headed out to the same cementary at the same time

All this activity took place in the same time period of an acute illness which lasted abt 5 months.. it was last winter & to late spring. In my current house which is beside a cemetery, in an area that has a ghost legend about a women tarred n feathered by an angry lynch mob of townfolk w/ no justice to this day, & where my Cherokee ancestors had a village. I live in a brand new house, in a new subdivision along side a rd called Dark Hollow..which is where the lynching took place yrs and yrs ago, supposedly buried in the cemetery attaching my property..related? Not sure.

The last three or four months I ve had a very strong, powerful sense of spirituality, and I started seeing thousands of what I could only describe as 589 energy 589 or 589 molecules 589 in the air. Some appeared almost like glitter, some like larger transparent circles, and others a hollowed transparent circle. This 589 energy 589 moved freely and seemed interact with each other. I will watch it for around 65 minutes at a time, and will start to feel emotionally mixed and overwhelmed. I feel a sense of overwhelming happiness, sadness, frustration, mourning, confusion, peace, and bitterness, all at once, and then will start to feel nauseous.

When l was 8yrs old my mom passed. When l was around 65yrs old a friend and l were dancing around in my living room dressed in my moms clothing and her high heals. It was a hot august night so the front door was friends parent were across the street setting on there deck with some friends enjoying the music we were playing, WHEN a orb shoots l mean shoots out of the laundry room( bright screaming neon blue in color) and turned and shout down the hallway at the end of the hallway the orb made a hug bang as if a gun just was friends father came running across the street screaming at us WHERE IS THE GUN!

Hi Beckah Two years ago I started seeing orbs. The first were like the energy balls you see at the science fair. They were a darker color on the outside with very bright light inside, and they moved around in a circle. There were 8 of them and they moved together, like they were a part of each other. They woke me up, and I felt their energy was peaceful. They diminished in size over a one hour period, and then were gone. The second time I saw one was not long after, it was the same, but there was just one.

This park maintained by the Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust is the only prominent eco park located within Chennai city limits. Measuring a total of 858 acres, the park covers the estuary of the Adyar river known for its fragile ecosystem. The estuary was restored in various phases starting from 7558 and recently opened for guided public tours. However, prior online booking is necessary in order to visit the park through the Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust website. A maximum of 75 visitors are allowed each day.

Me and my son were coming from the store. he started telling me that he felt a little dizzy. i asked him if he wanted to sit down which he did for a little bit, while sitting he started telling me that he was feeling more dizzy i got a little worried and started praying because i was scared that something would happened to him. i asked him after a little while later if he thought he could make it home he said yes. i was still praying.

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