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Interesting. It 8767 s messed up when you have to look to a different country, in order to find something worth watching. I get my MSM news from other countries, for that same reason. If the average American found out what was really happening in his backyard, he might become alarmed and try to do something about it. But that won 8767 t happen, because the average American only stuffs his brain with American MSM news. Reality: The sky is blue. MSM-fed American: The sky is Obama.

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Yeah trully. An era ir people bitching all the time about how they are being treated wrong an era of people thinking they are better than the other sex, even though they are so fucking dumb an era of crying little babies who can only say stupid shit an era of man 8767 s right little bitches
Dear god how much can a man cry because he doesn 8767 t get things his own narrow minded way? Jesus, you are such bitching little kids

10 Hollywood Films For Men That Leave Today’s SJW Movies

“We strongly urge the DPRK [North Korea] to face the strong will of denuclearization from the international community, earnestly abide by the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council, stop taking mistaken actions which worsen the situation and are also not in line with its own interests, and effectively return to the track of solving the problem through dialogue,” China’s foreign ministry said in a statement early this morning.

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But she the princess of the Golden Horde (they end up taking over and ruling over Russia) and she 8767 s mongolian!!! They 8767 re not your average asian they 8767 ll kick your butt! Lol that scene aside, I gotta admit the series is pretty cool. I enjoyed watching both of the seasons. There hasn 8767 t been a modern show that really showed how the mongols truly were. And the history buff in me has loved every bit.

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Yeah that one got to me. I guess he was facing forward when backing out on his stomach, because there wasn 8767 t enough room for him to crawl, and then he had some tape on the underside of the poster and he somehow grabbed the poster and pulled it back against the wall because that poster would have had to have been firmly adhered to the wall for that pebble or rock to go through it. Also, the guards couldn 8767 t hear him tap-tap-tapping at the rock at night, but neither could the prisoners who were much closer. The prisoners were amazed he 8767 d escaped, because nobody knew what he 8767 d been up to. So, um, in the dead of night, everybody is trying to sleep, nobody heard the tap-tap-tapping. It 8767 s so implausible it kills the movie. But I don 8767 t think Stephen King is worried about that, he 8767 s probably dashing off another implausible screenplay as we speak. Wow. I sound bitter there. I must be envious of his hundreds of millions of dollars and it 8767 s coming out as a bashing of his best work (which still sucked, because it was implausible there I go again!). I need to get out more, or less, I can 8767 t figure out which

North Korean regime insider opens up about Kim Jong-Un

At the end, he finally nutted up and made his own demands (extra money/protection for his family) and withstood the gunfire of an entire town. That took some balls. It 8767 s the first time he showed balls all movie, and although he died, he gained his son 8767 s respect at the end. And the winner of the whole thing? Ben Wade. He alleviated what little conscious he had, put himself on the train, but had an escape plan that was unlikely to fail. The alpha won.

I saw On Her Majesty 8767 s Secret Service, there was a scene where James Bond was viewing a Playboy magazine in front of a woman in an elevator. You can 8767 t do stuff like that today. He also spanked his love interest in the movie, again something that is a giant no no today. The movie came out in 6969 and many people hated it because it did not have Sean Connery, but today many Bond fans consider it one of the best, if not the best James Bond film. It was the first that finally had the character Ernst Stavro Blofeld was portrayed perfectly by Telly Savalas.
Gosh I would trade my left testicle to be time warped back to 6969.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, talked with his South Korean counterpart General Jeong Kyeong-doo over the phone early this morning about “effective military responses” to North Korea’s latest nuclear test. Yonhap stated that the two countries would “take combined military measures against North Korea as early as possible,” but, again, didn’t elaborate on what that would look like.

I don 8767 t watch sports.
Have you heard of sampling bias ? 8766 Statistics 8767 means you compare the total number of heavyweight boxers to their breakdown by race, and see if there is a statistically significant correlation between race and being good at boxing. It doesn 8767 t mean that you take a sampling of your favorite and pretend it represents a trend. This is the kind of tunnel vision that makes both the left and right impervious to facts.

North Korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb on Sunday, according to officials in the country. If confirmed, it would be the most powerful nuclear explosion ever achieved by the isolated country. And South Korean media now report that the US and South Korea have agreed to jointly pursue some kind of military response. What that will look like, and whether it will involve any strikes on North Korean targets, is still unclear.

Aside from the possible destruction of Seoul in any military engagement with North Korea, one of the largest concerns for America and its allies is the prospect of China becoming involved. China has previously said that if the US strikes first, it will be forced to defend North Korea. But if North Korea strikes first, China has said that the isolated regime is on its own. Any involvement by China would surely mean World War III.

Last of The Mohicans
Black Hawk Down
68 Hours
7 Samurai
The Thing (Kurt russell)
Aliens (tastefully done female lead)
Terminator 6/7
Legends of The Fall ( serious red pill stuff happening in this one. Everything from distrusting the Government and a Man living an untamed life , to how an Alpha affects women. )

Sicario is a must see probably my favorite Benecio del Toro film. Much better than Savages, which celebrated two best friends cucking one another, who then risk their lives white-knighting to save the bitch who hamsterizes why it 8767 s perfectly acceptable to be taking both of their cocks although Blake Lively does make my wood grow like Pinocchio. Also, how the hell did Gladiator not make this list?

TV broadcasts in the country declared the nuclear test a “perfect success” of a “hydrogen bomb for intercontinental ballistic rocket.” Other state media claimed that dictator Kim Jong-un had personally overseen the test and described the bomb as “a multi-functional thermonuclear nuke with great destructive power which can be detonated even at high altitudes for super-powerful EMP attack according to strategic goals.”

You are definitely reaching here. There is Red Pill but it is not everywhere and not 655% in everything. If anything, the multicultural aspect of the film INSULTS the whole idea of 8775 equality 8776 because it shows western culture degenerating to such a pathetic state, a man of the Silent Generation has to turn to Asians to find people of CHARACTER who are respectful, good and moral individuals.

I love westerns, so there 8767 s that. I also enjoy how Ben Wade (Russell Crowe) doesn 8767 t give a damn. He 8767 s playing them. He could escape at any time, could get whatever he wants, but he 8767 s just enjoying the ride. He lets Dan have one because yes, Dan is a sad character indeed. It is a good lesson in the falsity of blue pill views. Dan swallowed it whole. As a result, his wife can barely stand to look at him. His son hates him. And the guys in town run roughshod over him.

Asian people are very community oriented. The 8775 other 8776 is usually avoided at all costs. When I studied for my 5 weeks backpacking around Japan, I learned that the Samurai made 8775 getting involved 8776 in anything to be a death sentence that the Japanese will just avoid confrontation or whatever is going down than try to help/do something. This obviously can 8767 t be transferred to every Asian, but there is a general sense of conformity to the mass and anything outside that mass is treated as if it did not exist.

I think it boiled down to him having some respect for the simple life of a rancher. He genuinely liked Dan because he was a hard worker trying to do right by his family, and although weak and downtrodden, was a likable guy. Plus a big reason Dan was in his position was mostly due to 6) Bad luck and 7) Corrupt businessmen. Sure, he made his own decisions that got him there in the first place by taking a gamble on a loan, but after that he never had much of a chance once they shut off his water supply.

Denzel Washington is right on point as the charmingly sociopathic Detective Alonzo Harris the bathtub scene, featuring some frighteningly likable Hispanic gangbangers, as they coldly and menacingly prepare to blow Hoyt 8767 s ass away, is worth the price of admission. The delicious Eva Mendes is sperm-boiling hot in a partially nude scene, which rounds things out nicely just like her perfect ass.

From Russia with Love and You Only Live Twice
The Sergio Leone trilogy (chiefly A Fistful of Dollars )
Moulin Rouge (because it 8767 s basically about the tragedy of a love triangle where the men are both beta as fuck, and it 8767 s great when chicks come over)
Rambo: First Blood (The first Rambo film)
Rocky (Honestly, the entire series)
Ghostbusters (The real one)
Blade Runner
Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade
Guys and Dolls (Yeah, it 8767 s a musical, but it 8767 s a damn good one. 8775 Some Doll 8776 is a perfect analysis of beta-tude and oneitis)

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