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Posted: 2017-10-15 15:42

I dont understand why people say white do better in asia, blacks dont, etc etc. is about the person really.
In every race there is good looking people, ugly people, cool, losers etc. you just cant put a whole race in a bag. Is like thinking that someone that looks like ed o 8767 neill is going to do better than shemar moore or Enrique iglesias only because he is white!.
Well im south american studied in australia and travel through asia before going back home and the truth is it doesnt matter whats your race.
i dont find really attractive asian women but i went clubbing in seoul with some mates. went to octagon bugatti syndrome club arena in gangnam and i think girls are really approchable and really flirty. I think it is because there is no much competition, I mean i read reviews before going and said it was really fancy and classy, i was thinking something like a reggata in sydney or in melbourne cup where you see people that can appear in tv. but really is not like that. anyway good look you guys interested in asian women and believe my wise words lol.

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I gurantee that generally speaking, Korean girls with good family backgound and higher education would not associate with foreigners as dating partners in the first place, as tabooed. If the Korean girl has parents with a distinguised social position (., prestigious doctor/professor/businessman and etc), NO NO for dating non-Korean guys. But if you are as good as her family s social position (., your parents are a CEO of some respectful company, doctors, lawyers, or something like that), can be acceptable.
Korean parents always see their children future materials. If the parents say no, most of the children (even if they are grownups) tend to follow thier parents decision.

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Lmfao. From my humble observation, the korean women who ends up with foreign men are either plain fugly or are seriously f-ed in the head. Half way good looking, half way traditional woman from a decent, loving family usually do not marry foreigners. It is extremely rare to see a good looking korean woman with tall, successful, handsome white male couple in korea. I have also noticed this phenomenon in north america where butt ugly asian broads (usually brown skinned southeast asians) with not so very good looking, bottom of the barrel type of white males. I just laugh every time I see posts like this. I can just imagine what these men and women would look like in real life.

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Dude, so are you saying when a woman gets pregnant it 8767 s her fault? Well I am asking because that 8767 s what it sounds like. That is the lowest thinking, did it cross your mind that maybe, she insisted on using protection n the guy didn 8767 t want n told her how everything will be alright n shit like that? You have a girlfriend n am sure u jump in with no protection, if she falls pregnant, will you blame her?

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As someone who has worked all over Asia for several years, the statement that Korean women have the best bodies in all of Asia is complete horse sh!+!!. The hot ones u see in gangnam are completely fake (plastic) and 99% are what we call 8775 fat-skinny. 8776 They are naturally thin, but have no fitness definition because they are relatively lazy. They wear tight pants with fake butt pads and stuffed bras to give the illusion of being fit, but very few will take off their clothes without all the lights off because their fraudulent bodies will completely disappoint you. Japanese girls, on average, have far better naturally fit bodies and much better personalities. Some of the other listed attributes are somewhat accurate, but 8775 best bodies in Asia? 8776 Not even close. They are also notorious for not grooming their covered areas~ only the fake visible areas.

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Koreans are probably the best at heart I mean they are great people but they are very gentle and kind racists..it 8767 s not usual racism it 8767 s just The Korean thing. As far as language stuff goes I can never get used to korean it just turns me off..I dont know I think its just for them..
On the other hand, japan is incomparable with Koreans or any other asians. The only problem in Japan is to find the real japanese who are not korean ethnic or others. Once you find that you will know about Japanese. Totally sexist minds with complete perversion and that 8767 s what I love about it..im a pervert and I owe that to japan
So I would say you can have the best of korea just dont touch my JAPAN

Obviously you 8767 ve spent too much time in university listening to your professor who has a hidden agenda for brain-washing minds. There are many like you, it 8767 s not radical or original and it has happened before. At least you 8767 re right that the USA isn 8767 t a democracy (as if that was some kind of secret). Seriously, get some world experience before speaking as if you know something about other countries. Read literature from various sides of an issue, not what ONE side TELLS you the other side thinks. Trotsky was a spoilt rich kid loser who ended up with an ice-pick in his head because he tried to spout rubbish to a man who had been around the block named Stalin (not a nice fellow). Communism has never worked because it is anti-nature. Anyway, unless you can expand this conversation into which regimes have the sexiest girl uniforms it seems pretty boring and off topic for this forum.

A very educated person or someobe in a good position should not avoid relating with an individual for not being korean or being from an specific country. Korean people is friendly and I think that the only problem is that they don 8767 t feel confident about using a diferent language, if you get to relate with them they are very loyal, honest and support you as a friend (REGARDLESS OF YOUR NATIONALITY) but at first they are not so open. We can 8767 t set a model of girl but at least my female friends are very good persons and I wouldn 8767 t describe them as money seekers, sluts or any bad adjective but instead as funny, honest, happy and very shy for some reason which in my opinion is very attractive.

Right! I would surmise The women 8767 s issue Toward men is due to That of which you mention and NOT Treating the women with High regard. ALL women want to feel like a Princess. If you have a Woman that treats You like a King why would you Not Treat her Highly as the Princess earned. Right? This is Same in Parts of China. Thing is I dont think Chinese women are Comfortable Marrying or Dating outside their Own race due to Mother and Father influencing. That can make a sucky way to go For someone as myself that ONLY wants Asian or Women of Color!

I really wouldn 8767 t read too much into this article.
First of all…
#6. No one wants to look easy, not just Korean girls.
#7. The remark about the phone: How does one expect both men and women to get treated fairly if preferential treatment is expected when looking at another persons phone? Trust should and is earned amidst mutual respect from either person.
#8. A year of free sex? Since when is sex ever free? 🙂 When you take someone out for dinner or drinks, (more frequently the gentleman asks the lady,) either way it still costs time and money.
#6. Show them the money? Did a Korean write this or an American?
#7. No-one is in competition with anybody. Being yourself should be enough.
#8. Birth Control: Many Asians are very respectful, it’s unlikely that when writing, would use the word ‘dick.’ I’m sure if you are respectful addressing one another, if you both like one another, you will find the talk of contraception won’t in fact bring about any arguments.
#65 ???

As for me, I search for love, not a slave. Someone who has morals and ethics and would know how to raise a child, rather than the nihilists here in America who teach them to give up because life is meaningless. I don 8767 t look for sex, but marriage and a family and I would rather search for meaning in life and love through knowledge rather than ignorance and playing a guessing game while dating. Funny thing is you preach ignorance while preaching against it as well. Study sociology and you will notice there are differences in race and ethnicity that even in a melting pot such as America still hold strong from generation to generation inside the American culture.

Not actually too surprised to hear that violence is so prevalent in ROK. It goes right along with Authoritarian Nationalism, and the corresponding strict hierarchy. It was a country kept artificially alive by force, for economic benefit of western nations. and the US has a very solid record of supporting the same type of friends, then selling these Nationalist monstrosities as organic Democratic governments. The ROK think they are great, they are actually terrible, but just look less bad from the ugly friend effect.

I am Korean-Aussie mixed girl(My mom is Aussie) lives in Korea now(for about 9 years now) due to grandparents being old and sick. To be honest, I think most of these are true but. not all these are true. However.. some girls who are obsessed with white guys just because they are white makes me very mad, because me walking around with my white husband makes hard and look bad in Korea.

Those are ALL attributed to Upbringings, Gov influencing and wanting better than the hand they were dealt.
Abortion rate=Gov and disturbance in marital or accidental pregnancy
Plastic Surgery= media push to be more of something they are not.
Prostitution=controlling their own wealth or falling prey to trafficking or being forced in a manner.
which, in reality, is none different than many other Countries, especially America.

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The majority of our readers are in the USA maybe surprisingly. What 8767 s not surprising, though, is the Americentric view of the world that most of our commenters have. People reading this stuff should realize that the rest of the world has very different values and a very different perspective of themselves & the world than Americans have. But, of course, you 8767 re free to live in your little bubble of ignorance and Americentrism if you wish.

In their society, their are more men needing women then women meeting men its a females market. As a result their s less pressure for them to develope their character. So the likelihood of finding superficial girls, still acting like they are in highschool is higher. On the other side of the ledger, the men tend to have better character traits. Funny the difference supply & demand makes. If the fruit just falls off the tree into your lap versus having to work hard and struggle to have enough to stay alive that sort of thing.

b) Koreans are excellent at English, they have that over Japan. So there 8767 d likely be less in the way of communication issues, though possibly less chance for a Western man wanting to become part of the local culture, as I 8767 ve done in Japan. I 8767 m not sure if Korea would welcome foreigners into their culture as Japan does. (This is for people in Korea or in heavily Korean areas like .)

I 8767 m a generation Korean girl, meaning I was born in Korea but raised in Canada since I was very I have heard and seen some of the sterotypes described in this article, and I must admit, I 8767 m quite similar in some sense. I love sex, I love giving little thoughtful gifts, and I work hard trying to be dressed appropriately for the day. It 8767 s as if I get a thrill of happiness that shivers down my spine when I 8767 m able to brighten someone 8767 s day giving, 8775 Happy Non-Birthday! 8776 gifts.

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