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Posted: 2017-10-12 03:45

Born wetin? Do you think that old man still has sperm swimming in the right direction? Can he even get it up? You just read they caught her in hotel room with her lover, so clearly even viagra wasn 8767 t working and a girl like Dabota still has needs. My thoughts are she attempted to pull an Anna Nicole on the Aku man, but the reality of being a wife to a near geriatric is very different from watching it on TV and she couldn 8767 t take it anymore.

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wow mission accomplished. she obviously married the man to get money so as to make her life that has been done ,she has a good biz , money in d bank and fame. now i guess she will move on to marry for real . all those excuse of the man being married b9, na wash .. she just wanted to v an alibi.!!!! the man has been played, or does he think the lady loves him. joker! miss Dabota, u tried! i salute u ..#itabttimemengotserved# m sure his other 8766 real 8767 wife might take him back!

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You are actually not well at all. Do you realize that some people commenting are leading happy lives and know what what horse shit is from a mile away and therefore are commenting? Not everyone is chopping beating. SOme of us commenting have never even had our men raise their voices, talk less of beating. Some of us know what respect an true love is, not identifying with 8775 husband 8767 s money 8776 . We make our own, and our men make theirs too!!!

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chai i blame the american show biz for giving dis girl dis wisdom, and linda ikeji for challenging her. i can also imagine this man 8767 s kids telling him 8776 dadii ! shey we warn u? 8776 or his wife saying 8775 nntoorrr 8776 . However i hope this will not serve as an inspiring story for one very black papa and his very fair and foreign wife who has never shown any sign of happiness when they strike a pose publicly

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She knew what she was doing by not having kids. And ppl dat will say 8766 is it her dat will create the kids 8767 . To me she only intended marrying dis man for a while, acquire and leave. By Dec 7569 till now, knowing ur husband is a 655yrs old, most women will like to start making babies rite about now. But her intention was never to do that. She 8767 s still and beautiful and most importantly childless, d fake marriage will probably be annulled and she 8767 ll move on to sm6 that can actually satisfy her in bed and start a family.

Let 8767 s be honest! She was caught cheating. Sunny was the one that threw her out. She only filed for divorce first to save face. Like u said, if her claim is valid, it should have been an annulment not a divorce. Those who knows the true story know that the babe has been messing up big time. Secondly she 8767 s leaving with absolutely nothing but her makeup business and the car he gifted her. Let me quote another insider who knows the tea.
8775 When she made that fake video citing how happy they were, I commented and said it wasn 8767 t true. As they were having serious problems

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Serves the old fool right. Sorry for my language. You have a beautiful wife and lovely kids, you left them to marry this goldigger and fame whore. I hope your first wife doesn 8767 t take you back, and if she does I hope she makes you kiss the stars and dine with them first. Dabota married you for money to sustain herself and create businesses, her makeup and skin line. Now, Dabota what do you intend to do with your business logo Billionaire Wives? Smh at you and the old man.

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But BN, y 8767 all are just wicked! See the way you captioned the photos. LOL, 8775 enjoying the billionaire wife life 8776 , kwa? As if y 8767 all are saying 8775 Well say goodbye now, bitch! 8776
BTW, I doubt she 8767 s leaving with anything. Especially if she was caught with another man like I heard. Ladies oh, if you want to be forming 8775 billionaire 8767 s wife, 8776 biko choose on the ff options. You can either a) do martyr style and just stomach the nonsense a la Caroline Danjuma style or b) enlist the services of a powerful babalawo a la Sade Okoya style. This is naija so if you leave at this early stage I doubt you will get much of his money.

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the marriage was not meant to last in the first place, Dabota knew exactly what she wanted, she damned all people were saying and pretended to be married to him just to acquire as much money as she could to make a name for herself,. she was not going to tie herself down with the old man, all the private jets she was flying and setting up her business were some of her targets. she knew very well that Aku was still married and went ahead to marry him. very greedy somebori.

Sometimes I just think the press owe us some form of investigation before exercising their urge to break stories. If you find out that your husband had been 8775 technically married 8776 it cannot be divorce that you seek, you seek for nullification of marriage. This means that the marriage never even took place at all all. So it 8767 s either the press didn 8767 t get the facts right and others joined in the brigade of copy and paste or the lawyers chose the path of divorce which I daresay is an exercise in futility lol oyiboka

Elessaris, why fall my hand naaah. Pre-nup for Nigeria?? Hian
Pls. anyone know what 8775 fear of the unknown 8776 mean? The money yaff finnish?
Any woozies, l admire a girl who is able to walk away when she is no longer happy.
For those who will vilify this girl, abeegii goan sit dan. You date a yeye boyfriend who beats you like a celestial drum everyday yet, chooses to stay or dating a married man is worse than marrying an older man. At least he made a 8775 honest 8776 woman of her.

You are so right. Some people abusing the girl have chopped beating today or will chop later today. Some will still hand over their pay check to that useless boyfriend o. To marry a rich old man is not easy especially if he has grown up daughters from his previous marriage. We use to hear of how ojukwu 8767 s daughters beat up Bianca. Will the man disown his daughters? No he will only tell them off. The girl alone can tell why she took a walk. At least he did not pursue her away. Congrats to her for having the courage to leave.