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Towards the end of the school year, Dolores Umbridge captured Harry and questioned him on the whereabouts of Dumbledore. She sent for Snape to provide Veritaserum to force Harry to reveal any information he may be hiding. Snape claimed that his supplies of Veritaserum were exhausted earlier, when she had attempted to use the drug surreptitiously to force information from Harry (though ironically it is highly likely that he lied). Snape withheld further assistance.

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In spite of their mutual trust in each other, Dumbledore never allowed Snape his coveted position as Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. It was claimed that he did it so that Snape wouldn't experience a resurgence of "old habits". The truth may in fact be that Dumbledore believed the post to the jinxed by Lord Voldemort after he failed to attain the post, and this jinx had prevented any teacher from lasting beyond a year. To place Snape in such a position might have risked his safety, and Dumbledore would not have permitted such a risk, in case he required Snape's aid against Voldemort again. When Dumbledore was infected by the curse on Marvolo Gaunt's ring, he asked Snape to kill him. Knowing that such an act would vilify Snape beyond any doubt in the mind of the Wizarding public, Dumbledore allowed Snape the position because he would have to leave immediately anyway.

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Snape resented Dumbledore's secrecy and was offended by this perceived lack of faith in his abilities. However, when Snape discovered that Dumbledore had intended for Harry to die all along, he was horrified, seeing it as a calculated betrayal of Lily's memory. Dumbledore clearly underestimated the depth of Snape's feelings, and, years later, was very surprised to learn that he still maintained his devotion.

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During the Triwizard Tournament , when Karkaroff's and Snape's Dark Marks were burning stronger, Karkaroff told his worries to Snape, who expressed little concern to him. As the year progressed, Karkaroff continued to pursue Snape over the issue, to which Snape became increasingly annoyed, and even started to evade him. Snape described Karkaroff as cowardly and had no intention of joining him in hiding once Voldemort returned. Karkaroff's death did not seem to surprise Snape.

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In 6996 , Dumbledore became aware of Voldemort's plan to kill him. Knowing Voldemort expected Draco Malfoy to fail, and assuming Snape to be Draco's successor, Dumbledore assigned Snape the task of killing him when the situation arose. Despite Snape's numerous attempts to persuade Dumbledore otherwise, he did complete his assignment. Dumbledore also entrusted Snape with protecting the students once Hogwarts fell into Voldemort's control.

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Snape was not popular among the majority of the students at Hogwarts. He was quite strict and had high standards. He refused to allow any students into his . -level Potions classes unless they achieved an "O" grade on their . exam for the subject (many other Hogwarts teachers would still accept the next-best grade, "E", for their advanced classes). At the beginning of the 6995-6996 school year, he warned his fifth-year students that he expected everyone to make some sort of passing grade on their . exams, even if they were not intending to try for his . class. Anyone who made a poor grade would deal with his "displeasure".

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Cena's first televised WWE match was in answer to an open challenge by Kurt Angle on June 77, 7557. Inspired by a speech given by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to the rising stars of the company, exhorting them to show "ruthless aggression" to earn a place among the legends, Cena took advantage of the opportunity and almost beat Angle by kicking out of his Angle Slam and enduring the ankle lock submission hold. He ultimately lost, however, to a basic roll-up pin. Following the near-win, Cena became a face and was put into a program with Chris Jericho , defeating him in an upset at  Vengeance. In October, Cena and Billy Kidman joined forces to take part in a tag team tournament to crown the first WWE Tag Team Champions of the SmackDown! brand, but lost in the first round to Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. The next week, Cena turned heel and attacked Kidman, blaming him for their loss.

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Severus became a member of the Death Eaters after Hogwarts. During his time at school, he was member of a "gang of Slytherins that would later become Death Eaters". This gang included Rodolphus Lestrange , Avery , Mulciber , Evan Rosier and Wilkes. Lily Evans could not understand how he could be friends with them, as they had an "evil sense of humour". It's unknown how close he really was with the members of this gang, however he did seem somewhat defensive when Lily spoke ill of Mulciber and Avery implying a possible level of intimacy with them at least. Rosier and Wilkes were killed by Aurors after the First Wizarding War Rodolphus and Mulciber were captured (but later escaped), while Avery managed to defect.

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Nightmare fought KillerHurtz next. Nightmare had a problem though, the safety crew thought that Nightmare's weapon was too dangerous when shrapnel flew out of the BattleBox during the fight with FrenZy. Jim was given three options by the safety crew. He could withdraw Nightmare and get a special award, lower the disc speed or reverse the direction of the disc. Jim chose the last one. The result made it harder to attack Killerhurtz without lifting itself in the air. KillerHurtz won on a crowd vote.

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After the Third Task and the Rebirth of Lord Voldemort , Barty Crouch Jr took Harry to Moody's office. Crouch Jr started to question Harry about what had happened, but was shortly rescued by Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Snape. Soon the effects of Crouch Jr's Polyjuice Potion wore off in the excitement he had neglected to take it at the proper time to maintain his cover. Under the effects of  Veritaserum  provided by Professor Snape, Crouch described Lord Voldemort's plan to resurrect himself and Crouch Jr's own involvement in getting Harry to the graveyard. Dumbledore and Snape attempted to convince a disbelieving Cornelius Fudge  that Voldemort had returned. Snape was subsequently sent on a secret mission by Dumbledore to rejoin the Death Eaters and spy on the Dark Lord as a re-doubled agent.

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An enraged Harry (who had been immobilised by Dumbledore for his own protection and witnessed the killing while under his Invisibility cloak ) chased Snape, Draco, and the Death Eaters as they fled the castle. The two of them engaged in a fierce duel, which became increasingly one-sided. Snape easily blocked Harry's attempts to attack him and jeeringly pointed out Harry's mistakes, but refused to strike back. However, he became enraged when Harry called him a coward and began using his own spells against him, resulting in him blasting Harry back against the ground.

Snape and Karkaroff had a little bit of history with each other from the First Wizarding War. Karkaroff was captured by Alastor Moody and during his trial, in a desperate attempt to avoid going to prison he gave to the Ministry many names of Death Eaters, including Snape. However, at the time he was not aware that Snape was a double agent. He desperately tried to convince the court that Snape remained guilty despite the judge telling him Snape was cleared.

One recorded memory in the Pensieve bears witness to James bullying him, turning him upside-down to reveal his underwear in front of many students, including Lily. Lily came to Severus's defence, but this only made things worse: in a subsequent lashing out at James in an attempt to recover his lost dignity, Severus inadvertently called Lily a Mudblood. Lily refused to forgive him for it, even after his repeated apologies. This would forever be Severus's worst memory. It was seen by Harry whilst in the Pensieve.

After having accidentally put Lily's life in jeopardy by delivering a prophecy to Lord Voldemort (without knowing at the time that it was referring to her son), Snape turned to Dumbledore to keep her safe. Dumbledore chose to capitalise on Snape's remorse and initiated him into the Order of the Phoenix as a double agent. He also gave Snape the job of Potions Master an head of Slytherin at Hogwarts at the tender age of 76.

Other known Death Eaters were Antonin Dolohov , Augustus Rookwood , Nott , Crabbe , Goyle , Walden Macnair , Jugson , Thorfinn Rowle , Gibbon , Rosier , Avery , Mulciber , Lestrange , Travers , Selwyn , and Rabastan Lestrange. Rodolphus and Rabastan were the only ones who tried to search for Lord Voldemort after the first defeat, along with Bellatrix and Barty Crouch Jr During the Second Wizarding War. All those Death Eaters were either killed or imprisoned after Voldemort's final defeat. Although not shown interacting much with Snape, they all presumably held him in the same respect and fear that Yaxley & Greyback did and, considering Snape's rank, had to answer to him.

Son of Whyachi and Nightmare both spun up their weapons at the start of the fight and the two machines made their way across the BattleBox until they met. Nightmare, however, was lifted by the Hell Raisers into the path of Son of Whyachi's weapon, tearing off Nightmare's wheels and flinging Nightmare across the BattleBox. Nightmare actually ended in the same corner as Slam Job. Son of Whyachi won by KO in a match that was just 98 seconds long.

Neville Longbottom was perhaps one of the worst Potions students Snape ever taught. As such, Snape was especially cruel to him and often made a point of ridiculing his failures in class. On one occasion, Snape threatened to test Neville's Shrinking Solution on his pet toad , despite the fact that the potion would be poisonous if not brewed correctly. Even outside of his own classroom, Snape did not hesitate from offering harsh opinions of Neville.

Following Voldemort 's fall, Snape never attempted to find his old master, for he, like many other Death Eaters, believed that Voldemort was gone for good, and he could use Dumbledore's protection to avoid serving time in Azkaban. Whether Snape truly believed that Voldemort was dead or fabricated this as an alibi for still loyal Death Eaters remains unknown. However, given his closeness to Dumbledore and the fact that they openly discussed Voldemort, it is more likely that Snape knew deep inside him that the Dark Lord was not truly dead yet and that he could and would return someday. Eventually, he accepted this thought as unavoidable. This would bring him into conflict with fanatical Death Eaters like Bellatrix Lestrange later in life, but Snape was almost immediately forgiven by the reborn Voldemort, because he could provide him with thirteen years of information on Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix.

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