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Many were already uneasy at the idea of Captain America being made a fascist in a time when white supremacy has risen to an ugly prominence on a national level in America. But as the months dragged on, it felt like Secret Empire continued to heedlessly court controversy at every turn, from Captain America’s descent into supervillainy to variant covers putting heroes and villains alike in the crossfire of consumer ire. A great story might, in some ways, have been worth weathering the storm of fury and criticism Marvel Comics has faced this year. One that ends in such a lackluster manner as Secret Empire does, does not feel like it was worth the immense backlash Marvel faced.

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But this is a comic book event, which means that the Good Guys have got to win, and they’ve got to win thanks to a clever plan that nobody, not even a man with cosmic omniscience could see coming. After Steve erases all of the physical devastation he’s inflicted upon the world, he’s surprised by a visit from Sam Wilson, the current Captain America, who just so happens to have the final piece of the Cosmic Cube that would turn Steve into a god if he managed to get his hands on it.


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If this journey, one that’s dragged Steve Rogers’ character and Marvel’s own reputation through mud, was one meant to be worth going on, its culmination being the simple message that “Hey, maybe you should stand up and fight back against the bad guys”—a message so explicitly obvious in the realm of superhero comics the fact that it is presented here as a grand statement feels almost disingenuous—rings hollow.

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Evil Steve’s horror at the fact that he’s been outsmarted immediately intensifies when he comes face to face with Good Steve who, because of the way that the Cosmic Cube works, is now a real flesh and blood person. As Kobik undoes all of the changes to reality that Evil Steve made and the Avengers are resurrected, the two Steves face off Civil War- style and proceed to beat the shit out of each other in classic comic book fashion.

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After months of brutal battles and painful deaths, Earth’s mightiest heroes all finally get a chance to take on Steve Rogers himself, newly in possession of a nearly-complete Cosmic Cube and a Hydra-themed suit that allows him to harness its power. As the heroes all dive at Steve, more than prepared to bring the world’s suffering to an end, it’s obvious that even now Secret Empire ’s more interested in “shocking” plot twists than trying to actually say or do anything interesting with its story.

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I’m being rather glib about all of this because there’s absolutely nothing about any of these sequences that at all feels novel or truly creative, especially when you consider the sorts of ideas that big comics events have tried to tackle in the past. No one watching the two Steves fight questions them or unpacks the symbolism of their clash, and that feels like a major mistake. It’s a sorely missed opportunity for Spencer to at least try and have Secret Empire’s characters say something meaningful or lasting about Steve, a living concept at this point, and the ways that he’s put them all through hell.

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At this point in the story, there’s nothing much that Sam can really do to fight Steve. He’s outgunned and his friends are all dead, so he does the sensible thing and bends the knee to Steve, offering his piece of the Cube as a show of good will. But it’s a trick! Though the piece of the Cube is real, buried deep within it are Ant-Man and Bucky Barnes, shrunken down so small that they’re in the microverse within the Cube itself which, it turns out, is a place we’ve seen before.

Mismatched expectations around Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays—all the holidays—are really mismatched expectations about values, family, and celebrations. These kind of conflicts are best resolved, say Smythe, through “intentional conversations” about how each member of the couple feels valued and appreciated, how you demonstrate your affection for each other, and how you want to include (or not include) your other relatives in your immediate family’s celebrations. “Couples that tend to be successful—that are happy, that have high degrees of emotional connection—actually do have intentional conversations about traditions, holidays, and rituals that are meaningful to them. They talk about why things are meaningful, and they’re working together to create a sense of shared meaning within the couple and for the family as well.”

Given the generic outcome of its whole premise—and the convenient manner with which America at large forgets how easily it fell under the fascist thrall of Steve Rogers’ Hydra is swept aside by the end of Secret Empire #65— it’s hard to see what this series will be remembered for beyond the vast controversy it leaves in its wake. Bad comic book events are usually forgotten, save for being remembered as a point of mockery by readers years later. With Secret Empire, however, the series ultimately made its biggest impact in the anger it generated, rather than anything that happened in its pages.

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Mother’s Day is Sunday. Does anyone need to put that on their calendar? If you have a mom in your life and you haven’t already placed an order for flowers/made a dinner reservation/procured a card, now is the time to do so! If you are fortunate enough to have more than one mom in your life (say, your mom, the mother of your children, and your mother-in-law) Mother’s Day can get overwhelming, fast.

All of the dreamy flashes to the land bathed in white where an amnesiac alt-Steve has been encountering his friends and loved ones during all of Secret Empire ? That’s all happening inside the Cube where Kobik—a living embodiment of the Cube’s powers who’s taken the form of a little girl—has been hiding from the mess she’s made of the world. Through some comics weirdness that’s never adequately explained, Bucky travels into Kobik’s pocket universe, grabs her and the Good Steve by the hand, and manages to make his way back into the larger universe all within a matter of seconds.

For all its grandstanding and shocking headline grabs, in the end Secret Empire was little more than your typical big superhero event: good guys fighting bad versions of themselves instead of each other, for once, but still a story that superhero comics have told a thousand times before. The lackluster reveal tells readers that the “absolutely-totally-real” version of Captain America Marvel has assured us we’ve been following for over a year at this point is nothing more than a Cosmic Cube-created evil clone, one who’s had the real Cap sitting in his soul all along. That convoluted mechanic speaks to the grand aimlessness of the series. Secret Empire spent too much time wallowing in the grim nature of its premise, its moments of heroism few and far between and coming much too late into the run—and that’s after Marvel extended the whole thing by an issue for good measure, only to end in an awkward rush, like butter over far too much bread.

Other mothers might feel valued by, well, being released from the household entirely for a period of time—several women in my moms group want to celebrate Mother’s Day with a couple of girlfriends and a fat blunt. One woman I interviewed goes for chicken and waffles with her wife and son, and then they go for a hike as a family. Who knows? The point of the intentional conversations is to avoid the frantic rifling of picked-over cards at the Rite Aid at 8 . on Sunday morning, and to develop an affectionate and joyful culture of celebration in your family. And what goes around comes around. Pardon me while I price out Telecasters.

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Mothers’ opinions are divided right down the middle here. Claire Zulkey, a writer and a mom of two in Evanston, Illinois, says, “I have come to realize how silly it is for a partner to sit back and expect someone to magically know your deepest wishes. I think my husband loves it when I’m like ‘I want to stay in bed on Mother’s Day’ or ‘I want to go a baseball game on Mother’s Day,’ because then he is always happy to oblige, but doesn’t have to spend time trying to discern what I want deep down. He’ll do a little something that is his own surprise/treat, but I otherwise manifest my own good day.”

Sure, one of these men is ostensibly supposed to be good and the other bad, but both of them are beings who wouldn’t exist without the Cosmic Cube. Secret Empire wants you to feel as if Captain America is a person redeeming himself for the sins of his darker half, but in reality he’s just a physical construct going through the narrative motions of a predicable hero’s narrative. Even that wouldn’t be all that bad if it weren’t for the heavy-handed, coded language of resistance scattered throughout the panels.