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You could always introduce yourself to them and explain you 8767 re very curious about their culture and would like to learn more from them if they have time to teach you. I wouldn 8767 t offer a hand shake as even that can be misconstrued (depending on the depth of their religious beliefs and cultural upbringing). But you can certainly attempt a conversation with them unless of course they don 8767 t speak English 🙂

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One frequently quoted story is the famous 969 Nigerian Scam. Online daters were lured into making friends with women, allegedly from the United States. After the initial introductions, the contacts would become increasingly personal until unsuspecting daters would find themselves cheated out of their money. It was ultimately discovered that the scammers were actually in Nigeria and not women at all!

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Aniq Tanwir, a South Asian American, was attending the session on pre-marriage counseling at the ISNA convention. It is a constant struggle with temptations for this outspoken 77-year-old electrical engineer. He lives at home and supports his parents. ‘How do you get to know someone? What if they are really dirty? You can pray for the best but the constraints are a big struggle,” he says. He mentions the trend of ‘halal’ dating where practicing men and women talk and meet, but do not get married.

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A sister from the Somali community in Fairfax, VA, where there are a substantial number of unmarried women in the late thirties, vents her frustration. “The issue in [my] community is the expectation of the girl to find a man for herself: unfortunately, in our culture, 8775 arranged 8776 marriages are practiced by few and it is widely expected for the woman to take it upon her shoulders to bring the guy to her parents when she is ready to be married only few, perhaps a handful of families do arranged marriages I am a devout Muslimah and my religion tells me to never ever [sic] date a guy, but again, my community and the 8775 social norms 8776 are completely against that I, along with many Somali females are now in their 85 8767 s and single The older generation needs to change this disgusting norm,” she says.

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And a sincere word of advice,please be very very careful in selecting someone to attempt to cure your relation. There are lots of charlatans and black magicians in pseudo Islamic garb who can try to impress you with their 8775 skills 8776 . They are likely to waste your time and money, and attempt to make you a regular 8775 patient 8776 in their gatherings. To cure you truly they will likely try to make use of Un Islamic and outright haram means, though they never clearly state have been through quite a bit of this so I should know.

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I gave up actively finding a Muslim girl because I can 8767 t find someone who is practicing or if they are practicing I am not up to their 8775 standards 8776 . If Allah sends me the right Muslim woman (Insha’Allah), I will not dismiss or refuse but until then I have refocussed my efforts in improving my life for the hereafter. A person can only take so much rejection before it affects self-esteem so I pulled the pin. My life has improved since as it removed a heavy burden off my shoulders, even my family have noticed the change. I think my experience has made me a little resentful of Muslim women or at least I now see them slightly different whether this is right or wrong. Islam is beautiful religion unfortunately some people make it too complicated especially when it comes to marriage.

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I 8767 m 68 yrs old i met a women who 85 yrs old in Online , firstly we became just friends and now we became lovers. she is a lawyer and she didn 8767 t marry till now , I LOVE HER SO MUCH and she to love me a lot , my family will not agree to this and she advise me that after my Graduation i can move to her , and marry her . But i think a lot about this and to to decide. and i want to know is this will success. I hope that we will live together with great happiness , but i have still fear in my heart, to do all this i need a good advise for good life
please help

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WE can never ever find ALLAH ( GOD ) until and unless we want PEACE in our heart. we want to FIND HIM. because HE (ALMIGHTY) is there. There is a reason we MUSLIM believes are so stronger than others, because we FEEL IT every second of our life. i 8767 m talking about devotee muslims who want to increase their FAITH ( IMAAN ) by knowing more about ALLAH ( GOD ) and believe me they get it
There 8767 s been a personal experience of mine which is occuring with me till present and will occur in future, and is INCREASING my FAITH . that Whenever I have a question about ISLAM, or I am confused. I just get the answer in less than one month, sometimes the same day.. and thats just ONE way of HOW ALLAH helps, NOTHING IS HAPPENING BY CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING AT ALL

AConversation with a Jinn: The Exorcism Experience

they just aren 8767 t worth it. all that turmoil for what?
momma 8767 s boys and double standards about woman. retarded if you ask me and most people now are coming to that conclusion about them as well
.useless people! backwards culture
nothing you want can ever grow from it
its DEAD
they believe sick things. how can you deal with that? respect yourself and stay away from them. they are starting to know what they are as well compared to us. and they are getting worse instead of evolving.
its like a disease they have

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If the fear of getting hurt should stop someone then, wAllahu 8766 alam, it seems like that that person wasn 8767 t ready to read over another Muslim to begin with. Because when someone can strongly believe that ONLY and only if Allah were to allow then those jinns/shayatten can harm him/her, and if Allah doesn 8767 t allow then even a nation of jinn cannot harm a person then really there is nothing to fear about and only Allah knows that my intentions were pure in helping her, inshaAllah, so if any harm comes to me after that then I ask Allah azzawajal to keep me firm and patient throughout Allahumma innee a`udhu bika mina’l fitani ma dhahara minha wa ma batan

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That was an interesting point about my cremated remains. Are you suggesting that I will be remoulded from my ashes and have life breathed into my nostrils as per Genesis 7:7 The idea that that might happen leads me to speculate on the possibility that I might be reborn to Muslim parents and be brought up to believe in the one true religion, Allah and his Messenger and Prophet. Who knows I might even become a reciter of the Qur 8767 an. Under these circumstances when Munka and Nakir visit me the second time I will have the correct answers and will eventually be granted entry to Paradise. Big Question. Will I qualify for the 77 black-eyed houris ? Or are they for martyrs only ?

I 8767 m so sorry to hear of your negative experiences. I do agree that my marriage and husband aren 8767 t the 8766 norm 8767 but that could be said even if he weren 8767 t an Arab. I often wish I could clone him and share his wonderfulness with all women. However, rest assured he 8767 s not the only good Arab man there is. All of my husband 8767 s brothers and many of his friends are just like he is. I think what it really comes down to is his family life and how incredible his parents are. His father is the most hard working, respectable, kind, generous man and has raised all of his sons to be the same. At very ages he would take his sons everywhere with him even to work when he could. My mother in law is kind, compassionate, and a very strong willed woman who won 8767 t be disrespected. She 8767 s intelligent and when she speaks, people listen. I believe for anyone to have values, morals, and self-respect, they must come from a family which instills that in them. Regardless of nationality or religion.

Hello i am 67
I need help
I 8767 v bn seeing things nd hearin voices.
i had the indian relegious chanel on yesterday
and i had it on my lappy the went off 7 times.
i did a christian preyer
it stopped the voices.
i am christian but indian
what else could i do to get rid of it??
please reply ASP
thanks x

Abdel-Magied comes from a long line of "very strong women". Her maternal grandmother, Saydah El-Gindi, ensured her four daughters were educated before getting married: there''s a doctor, a scientist, an architecture lecturer and Faiza, an architect. Abdel-Magied''s father, Midhat Abdel-Magied, is a descendant of wealthy merchants who migrated to Sudan from Egypt in the 6855s. In her book, Abdel-Magied writes that she''s related to "almost all the big names" in Sudan''s capital Khartoum. Today, the families of influence are different, and her extended family''s assets have been sold off, including factories that made everything from macaroni to candles, but "the old-money pride and correlating conservative values still remain".

Further, anyone who does this despite the illegality should consider the consequences. The marriage would not be recognized by the government and they will therefore lack the government protections marriage provides, both within the marriage and in case of divorce. As I see it, part of the importance of marriage in Islam itself is that it protects both men and women, especially women, from possible abandonment, neglect, abuse etc. by a partner. It allows a government to step in and support or procure their rights. Without government recognition though, the individuals are on their own. Anyone considering illegal polygamous marriage should reflect on that.

Covering: Though I am Muslim I don 8767 t wear hijab. All the women in my husband 8767 s family do, and sometimes they even wear niqab (facial covering). My husband was aware when we first met that I had made the decision not to wear hijab and therefore he never requested it. I met his family (brothers included) without being covered and have never felt the need to cover my head in their presence. The other sister 8767 s in law do cover their heads when the brothers are present. So you can see how this would make me stand out as the odd one, yet no one has ever shown any sign of discomfort at my choices. They 8767 ve been wonderfully accepting.

As for him not telling his best friends if those are guys from college here in America, they 8767 re not his 8766 best friends 8767 . They 8767 re just some guys he hangs out with and goes to school with. His true best friends are more than likely his cousins back home. Also, it 8767 s possible even his cousins don 8767 t know he 8767 s engaged. Once a woman is supposed to be your wife or becomes your wife, you don 8767 t discuss her. Especially with other men. It 8767 s considered highly disrespectful. More than likely, none of his friends back home will ever even meet his wife once they 8767 re married. I know a handful of my husband 8767 s friends from Kuwait but haven 8767 t met 99% of them. On the other hand, I know every single one of his friends here in the US and have met all of them. The cultures dictate very different behavior.

As a side note, while you might be retired and have all the time on your hands, I am just a kid and I have several things that take up my time, so be patient but I will try and do my best to reply to your comments in a timely manner. And feel free to keep your other discussions going on here with the other people, but make sure not to confuse things and keep in mind the rules that I have set, and most importantly, don 8767 t drag parts of the other discussions into this one, because I really don 8767 t care to talk about Muslim inventions or lack thereof, because that is completely irrelevant to our discussion, so please stick to our main topic, although feel free to ask questions that you think might be directly related to our main subject. I 8767 ll be waiting for your clear and direct answers to my questions, and I hope you do answer all of them.

Thank you very much for this. I reverted about 8 years ago, and recently have seemed to be sliding downhill. Experiencing anger, confusion, not wanting to wear hijab, or keep pure (as in cleanliness). I don 8767 t know what is up.. I just feel so discouraged. But when I read Quran and hadith (English only since I don 8767 t know how to say/read Arabic.), it is like a battle going on inside of me. I feel fearful, because I know I 8767 m messing up and I do fear Allah and the day of judgement. And when I think I will do better, I find myself easily going back to what is wrong.

I have been married for nine years and the first five of those at least were quite difficult but we worked through our issues and are extremely happy. I think it''s a big mistake to tell people that they picked the wrong person. G-d picked that person for them. Until the wedding day someone can say they made a mistake but once it''s happened one should recognize that G-d chose that person for them for a reason maybe not for eternal bliss but perhaps just to learn to work on themselves. An example of this is my now divorced brother who''s wife pushed all of his buttons ( the worst ones that is ) and yet myself and my three sisters recognized how perfectly matched they were and were completely aware of how these were the very issues that he always had difficulty dealing with and G-d obviously wanted him to work on himself in these areas. Had they stayed married and worked on these issues I''m sure he''d be very happy today.

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