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Posted: 2017-09-11 20:19

My Personality by David Stillwell administers a brief psychological exam that is based off of a real psychological personality questionnaire used in actual scientific research. It offers a brief explanation of your results and allows you to compare your personality to your friends. I answered a minimal amount of questions to get an idea for how it works. You can answer over a hundred questions to get a more accurate psychological profile. As with any app of this nature, treat it truly as Just for Fun. That said, I felt it made a pretty accurate assessment of my personality.

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What makes this app also useful for dating is they offer a comprehensive personality search engine. You can find personality twins or specify you 8767 re own criteria such as selecting from different personality traits (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism) or various adjectives like calm, sensitive or reliable (many more). A quick search for my own personality twins pulled up 95 or so in my network.

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This is fantastic news for the already 655,555 plus Facebook developers because this means they 8767 ll be able to make their Facebook applications available to other social networks with virtually no work at all. Suddenly OpenSocial isn 8767 t looking so strong. However this all plays out, it 8767 s sure to be a bumpy ride in the beginning as different networks battle it out over what will eventually become the de facto standards for application development. Has Facebook already won that title? Only time will tell.

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I deactivated my lost my boyfriend to refused to accept my friend found out why. He was flirting with an ex girlfriend..liking each others posts way too much and leaving comments about let 8767 s go here and there..disgusting. When I approached him about it, he said I am not interested in things you post.. know he broke up with me after I discovered everything. He also flirts with other women he doesn 8767 t even know and are his friends. From Central America?..that is very scary to me. Who would be friends with people out of the country you don 8767 t even know. Thank god I snooped on his FB page otherwise I wouldn 8767 t of known who he really is.

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In the Facebook version of Smarty Pants you start a new game by inviting all of your friends that you wish to challenge. Each game consists of 65 random trivia questions from several categories that include art, books, entertainment, fashion, games, places and people, science, and sports. Each player takes his or her turn answering the same set of 65 questions conveniently on their own time. Once you start answering though there is a very fast clock that counts down each question. The longer you take the answer each question, the difficulty of the question, and the correctness of your answer all contribute towards the points you earn. The player with the most points per game is the winner.

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GoToQuiz is a site created by and for our visitors. We give you the tools to make really good quizzes. We rank the top quizzes and track visitor ratings as well. New quizzes are added daily, even hourly, so check back often to see what has been added. We have Facebook integration to share quizzes with your friends. Plus, don''t miss this featured quiz: When Will I Die?. Additionally, the site owner has started a web coding blog which you may find interesting.

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There 8767 s not too much I would change about the application. It works really well as it stands. One thing that is ridiculously obnoxious is that they flood your mini feed EVERYTIME you send a flirt. In the future, I hope they add support to limit profiles by proximity and add more profile options to set yourself apart. Also, a 8775 back 8776 link would be nice, if you were a little quick on the trigger.

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The Smarty Pants Facebook port was developed by social application development house, Context Optional, Inc. for EA. The 8775 smarty pants 8776 over at Context Optional, Inc. are well versed in developing viral applications for Facebook and their expertise is very noticeable in Smarty Pants. One such viral feature involves upgrading a pair of so called smarty pants that each player starts off. As players earn more points they level up and acquire upgraded pants and 8775 bling 8776 to match them. The higher the level of pants you possess the more bragging rights you have. Your pants are proudly on display in your Smarty Pants Profile Box and every upgrade is broadcast to your Mini-Feed. Discovering the different pairs of pants you can earn, like clown pants, can be entertaining at first but eventually feels too aggressive at the pace in which they are earned and broadcast.

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With recent announcements the list of social networks all offering their own application platform is growing. Now we have APIs for Friendster, Bebo , LinkedIn, and more. This is obviously great for users and developers alike, but could also lead to a lot of frustration amongst developers having to manage several different platforms for their applications. This is where OpenSocial is was supposed to come in and save the day by providing a standard across many, many, many social networking sites. Nearly all of the major ones, except, you guessed it, Facebook.

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First, he’s probably not going to friend you first so don’t worry about that. It means nothing.  So now that we’ve established that you’ll be doing the friending the question is when. I am a staunch believer in holding out as long as possible.  Facebook has pictures and statuses of you since when you were 68 years old.  Maybe earlier.  As twisted as it may seem, FB is a deep look into who you really are.  What you believe in.  Democrat or Republican. Gay or Straight.  Funny or Boring. Has been to 75 Dave Matthews Band concerts, or despises them.

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The game obviously serves as one giant advertisement for the Wii version with its noticible banner on every page but I would have to say that I 8767 ve probably had more fun competing with all of my friends on Facebook than I have playing it on the Wii. I wouldn 8767 t be surprised if the Facebook version does more harm than good for EA by cannabilizing sales of Smarty Pants. Not an uncommon problem for third party services who try to draw Facebook users onto their own services only to find out that their Facebook application performs better than their standalone application. Context Optional, Inc. did a beautiful job in porting Smarty Pants to Facebook, perhaps too good of a job.

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I have been on LinkedIn for professional purposes and now use Facebook, as well. I agree with olegna, above, that MySpace is still useful for musical endeavors and I still have friends who use it for that purpose. It might also be noted that LinkedIn has recently started to add some features akin to Facebook, such as Status and Currently Reading. It may be that it is trying to prevent itself from being relegated to has-been status in the world of social networking.

But if you’re interested in testing the security flaw (or stealing someone’s account), hear this: As Galloway’s post was picked up by numerous news organizations, Myspace pulled the recovery page that Galloway cites in her post (/account/recovery). We’re not sure when, exactly, Myspace made the change, but that URL now redirects to a “Log in” support page. The original form is still viewable via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

Looking for a place to rent? Need a roommate desperately? Check out a new app for Facebook called Roomster. It lets you easily post classified ads and search for a room or apartment to rent. In my experience, the best places to rent have always come from word of mouth. I 8767 ve tried using Craigslist , but came across a lot of weirdos in the process. The Facebook platform is perfect for this purpose.

First signing up will get you $675 AceBucks, inviting friends will get you $5 AceBucks and $75 AceBucks if they actually join. There are also 66 different Faceboook games that reward you with AceBucks. (yes AceBucks has an API). You can earn additional AceBucks with 8rd party offers from companies like NetFlix, PetSmart, Disney, Walmart, etc. Signing up for newsletters will earn you AceBucks. You can also sell your own items for AceBucks.

Most of you went to college and most of you partied really, really, really, hard.  Who needs to see that over and over again?  By the way you can always save the pictures to your computer that you can’t let go of.  Go on your facebook and take a hard look at every picture and ask yourself, “Is sexy Halloween cow girl riding the bull at The Roxy the image I’m going for? 8776 If it is by all means keep it up there just expect a cowboy in return.  And cowboys usually don’t stick around in one town for too long.

One thing Roomster impressed me with was the sheer number of results they returned for a roommate search in Los Angeles. The results seem to be current and members active, which is a problem with many websites I 8767 ve used in the past that are cluttered with old listings. Once they add the ability to narrow a search, this is definitely a 9-star app. If anyone 8767 s found a roommate or apt using this service, leave a comment!

I 8767 ve been talking to this guy I met from tinder for the past 6months, we 8767 ve been just talking on the phone sometimes, and if meet up just for a quick make out. Obviously he just into hook ups only but I find him so attractive nevertheless. I wonder why he has yet to add me on fb? The reason might be pretty obvious but maybe I just need to be told or I just think too much. Should I add him on fb?

Overall as a trivia game Smarty Pants for Facebook is very entertaining, the clock is fast and sends your heart racing trying to compete against your friends scores. Some users have complained on the forums that the questions were too targeted towards US residents, especially the sports related questions, so they have made an effort to strike a better balance for foreigners by reducing the number of sports related questions. This is just one of the many issues that Context Optional, Inc. had to overcome while porting Smarty Pants from the Wii to Facebook.

I can 8767 t decide whether to send my crush a request!! I know he checked out my page when we first met because he told me so. That was about 6 weeks ago. He didn 8767 t send me a request. We 8767 ve really gotten to know each other and see each other quite a bit although we haven 8767 t gone on a date yet. I feel like if I was going to send a request, I should have already done it and that to send it now would seem weird. What do you think?