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El video corresponde a una cámara oculta que un periodista italiano le hizo a un cura del instituto Próvolo de Verona acusado de abusos contra alumnos de esa institución, haciéndose pasar por un ex interno. Y aunque está desde febrero subido a YouTube, sólo en las últimas horas se difundió provocando una gran conmoción, ya que en él, el entrevistado reconoce que al menos diez sacerdotes abusaban de los menores en el instituto y que, cuando eran descubiertos, inmediatamente se los trasladaba a la Argentina.

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On this day, the Royal Commission into ­Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse wanted answers from Ridsdale about what his superiors knew and when. Ridsdale is a child rapist, a Catholic priest convicted of abusing more than 55 kids, some as as four. The first complaints to the church about his abuse were in the early 6965s, within a year of his ordination, and each time his crimes became an embarrassment he was shifted to a fresh parish where he offended again.

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E harmony didnt even want me to join, i filled out the long tedious iq personality test honestly (although a few questions didnt apply since i had to idea how to answer because of lack of experience) needless to say after all that i get told they cant find any matches for me within the state i live in, with no requirements other then she be female, childless, not a religious zealot and between the ages of 68 and 85. and they must have felt i was truely undateable because they sent me away forever.

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From my experience, I don 8767 t get approached much outside of extremely social situations that have alcohol (Ex: Parties, Bars, Clubs). It seems like most men need a little 8775 liquid courage 8776 before they approach me. That 8767 s why I take the liberty of approaching the men I find interesting. I know that approach/rejection anxiety is pretty rough for some men, so I cut them off at the pass to make things easier.

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On a related note, a key piece of seduction is deflecting a woman 8767 s beauty this is why classic PUA lines are among the lines of 8775 it sounds like there is more to you than your looks 8776 or 8775 you are not just attractive, you are also interesting. 8776 Letting her know that you know it 8767 s there, but you are noticing other things as well. Feeding her snowflake engine: people notice her body all the time, but you frame yourself as the only guy who understands what 8767 s underneath.

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May 67, 7567 Parishioner claims priest who 'sexually assaulted' her was fired only for breaking his vows - and when she complained to the church was told 'what man wouldn't want a piece of a** every now and then?' CALIFORNIA
Daily Mail (UK)

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Is it bad if I pretty much identify with everything in the video? I 8767 ve had guys pretend to be gay as a strategy to try to hookup. Seriously. And I don 8767 t consider myself that attractive. I 8767 m definitely not a 9 or a 65, and if I 8767 m an 8 it 8767 s because someone likes something very specific about me, like a big butt on an otherwise small frame, and there 8767 s no way % of guys would even put me close to up there, I 8767 m probably like a 6. Like I 8767 m definitely not up there but I agree with the video and I 8767 ve gotten a lot of free stuff, not on dates but all places without even thinking about it really, and I 8767 m starting to wonder if maybe people just have low standards, or maybe I am a bit more attractive than I think I am, and I 8767 ve had girls tell me in college they thought I would never talk to them, because I was 8775 the pretty girl. 8776 My head 8767 s swirling.

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Hey Tony I 8767 ve got an interesting situation and some help would be appreciated. I 8767 ve known this girl for over a year (throuh a sport, we don 8767 t go to school together) and this year I quit to focus on other things. On the last day that I went, she showed some signs that she was interested in me, and other people saw it too and were messing with me about it. At the time, I wasn 8767 t really interested in her, so I didn 8767 t pay as much attention as I would have liked to now looking back on it. It 8767 s been a few months since I 8767 ve seen her, and we used to text a lot, but recently she seems to always cut off the conversation early on. She usually gets back to me a day later with some excuse but it has been happening a lot lately so it gets kind of annoying. We also had talked about hanging out (she seemed pretty eager) but we haven 8767 t gone into details. I don 8767 t really know if I should continue to go after her or wait for her to text me first to show that she still cares. Please help me figure out what to do! Thanks in advance!

Hey Tony,
First of all thanks,
I was just wonderinf though i like this girl, well more like interested in her.
She first wants to get to know me through texting Ok i guess
But she always a lot of time to reply to a simple text! Look most of the time i am chilled, but like its frustrating i just dunno man what it means, she blowing me off or she just has something else to do. Look i understande she has school and all but like it doesnt take long to reply to a text.
Anyways, i always giving up after she sarts like not wanting to hang or if she takes a long time to reply to a text.
Anyways thanks for this i 8767 ll take in everything you said.

Cardinal George Pell, Pope Francis' top financial adviser and Australia's most senior Catholic, has long been dogged by allegations he mishandled cases of clergy abuse when he was archbishop of Melbourne and, later, Sydney. More recently, Pell has faced accusations of child abuse himself when he was a priest in the 6975s. Pell, who runs the Vatican's economy ministry, has repeatedly denied all the allegations.

Again i still stand by my opinion that some women by having a 8766 type 8767 may be shooting themsleves in the foot. It actually suprises me to think that if tehre was a man that was good looking, a nice person and had a good job but didnt fit their typical 8766 type 8767 would women honestly turn them away? (but again.. this is probably the women that are single in thir 95s and complaing the women who are happily married will be the ones that DID date the man..)

I should have phrased what I said better. I don 8767 t get offended when people hit on me. It 8767 s just when I see those nice guys who I 8767 m just not interested in, either because of differences in values, personalities or just because I 8767 m not physically attracted to them, and I see them trying to hit on me constantly or make advances, I get a little nervous because I hate rejecting people, so I try to avoid their eyes and drop subtle hints that I 8767 m not interested in hopes that they 8767 d back off before getting hurt! Because I know all too well what it 8767 s like to be lead on and then left dangling there wondering what went wrong.

Oh Steve 😉 that was the best read I 8767 ve had in like forever it was so hilariously true I 8767 m on eharmony getting ready to get off and no not in a good way. It was very lame and your right you get past the stupid first question and then nothing but you see they have looked at your profile a half a dozen times geez either respond or move on already. Well if you had sent me a request I would have responded or I would have moved on but I 8767 m not one to sit and do nothing. Best of luck to you it looks like you got lots of responses now :-))

NO IT 8767 s NOT! I have no problem with women and no problem with pretty women (despite the fact I 8767 ve been rejected even being everything they claim to want) I judge each person individually. But for someone who gets everything they want (or damn near it) and has countless opportunities to complain or to have to deal with a little ogling in PREPOSTEROUS! ABSOLUTELY PREPOSTEROUS! Everyone has problems but when a person 8767 s benefits dues to any of their attributes outweighs the minuscule cons they have NO RIGHT to piss and moan. And when they do they look like shallow morons because they are.

Initially a girl wants to be seen as more than a sex object, but later she will want drama so she doesn 8767 t feel guilty because her true self esteem issues come out and she wants to feel loved and secure. This usually comes in the form of more fucking, driving the man away or cheating, or tolerating a cheating man that was no good to begin with that already was exploiting her with her subconscious approval. Sexual attachment, and common interests keep most people together. When one or both starts to go, then it 8767 s good bye.

In February, Father Joseph Maskell's body was exhumed. His remains were tested by a forensics lab, and his DNA did not match a sample that was taken from the Cesnik crime scene. "For now, we've pretty well reached the end of the road when it comes to forensic evidence," said a spokesperson for the Baltimore County Police Department. "Our best hope for solving this case at this point lies with the people who are still alive. And we hope that someone will be able to come forward with conclusive information about the murder.

I know you mean well, Tony, but I don 8767 t think telling guys to text a girl every three days or so is a wise choice. But that is just my opinion. If a guy were to text me every few days and I don 8767 t respond whatsoever, I would be annoyed and so pissed! If i 8767 m not interested then that means I 8767 M NOT INTERESTED NOW GO AWAY! I 8767 m kind of going through that issue now. I met a guy who had great personality and he was good looking, but after only three days of knowing him, I realized he was one of those guys who just can 8767 t take a hint and buzz off. It 8767 s been about three months since I last talked to him and he STILL texts me. I never reply. Omg, he is so irritating! Like just STFU already damn. Guys, please, do not continue to be a major pest if a girl never responds. Do not text her if she is clearly not going to reply. It 8767 s never going to happen, so move on. Stop being creepy and desperate.

However, when it comes to dating.. I don 8767 t have much luck. I 8767 ve been burner over and over, yet I still stay open-minded and I 8767 m not jaded. I 8767 ve been cheated on numerous times, taken advantage of, treated poorly, been deemed as a 8775 trophy 8776 , constantly am talked to with degradation, been look at as unintelligent and a 8775 dumb blonde 8776 , and have been assumed as very high maintenance and superficial by people who don 8767 t even know me on a conversation level (based on looks alone).

ha i can top that
a few years ago i had a rendition of James Blunt 8767 s 8766 you 8767 re beautiful 8767 by 7 drunk Australian idiots in 8766 all bar one 8767 .
I was sat alone whilst My partner was at the bar taking ages to get drinks. They were so drunk they didn 8767 t even see me leave to wait outside- they were singing to an empty table.
and about 65 mins later when my other half caught up with me outside we watched in horror through the window as they did the exact same thing to 7 girls trying a have a quiet drink a few tables down. Nice. And Mortifying. The jackasses.

BTW, I don 8767 t think I contradicted myself in the last two posts. My point was that even though we can 8767 t eliminate our 8775 choosers 8776 (. the bundle of ideas in our brains that cause us to involuntarily be initially and superficially attracted to someone) we CAN question how reliable our 8775 choosers 8776 are. But only rarely do we ever do so, at least not until we 8767 re in our late 75s at the Therefore, we need to change the culture so that it encourages (even demands) skepticism about our 8775 choosers 8776 , even as we can 8767 t eliminate our urges.

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