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Anyone walking into the rink would have been in awe. Typically on a Monday afternoon there would only be the Elite team practicing. May be 7 rink employees. Not today. The rink was buzzing. Present was not only the Eels USP8 team and the Tampa Juniors, but so weren&rsquo t so many parents of the boys who came from across the country to see their boys compete in the playoffs. What were equally impressive were the other folks hovering in the stands. Every Eels Elite player was their supporting their brothers. Working the cameras and audio for Fasthockey. Not only were the Elite players there but also present were the 8-65 parents from the Eels Elite team who came to watch their son&rsquo s over the weekend. What camaraderie.

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Take the Sr. Chowder Cup for example. There were teams made up of players from the USA Hockey NTPD National team, NCAA Division 6 and 8 colleges as well as players from the QMJHL, OHL, BCHL, USHL OJHL and the alike. At the USPHL showcase we saw players from the Premier league and the other top programs in Junior hockey. Nowhere could our players garner the experience from competing against these players. Such games speak volumes towards their player development. The same was true with the 7555 team we had at the Pro Am Jr Chowder Cup. The competition was nothing short of phenomenal. These games will help prepare our players for the upcoming season more than any other &ldquo camp&rdquo


The Eels this year was unlike the last 9 seasons of heavy veteran players. This year we brought in 68 new guys some veterans like David Stonebraker Colin Jones Michael Gennello Nicholas Magill-Diaz Andrii Rusakov Sven Nilsson Trey Kovalick, but there were key rookies who made the transition to Elite Juniors that were equal to the task like Jean-Simon Robidoux Colton Crabtree Nikita Lopatin Blake Hoffman Richard Allgood Caden Tchop. The key was to have the coaching ability to integrate these new comers rookies and veterans with Eels vets like Clayton Boyd Brian Kozek Gavin Medina Zac Boyle Nicholas Kotz Nolan Greene Jordan Court Rajhan Munnings and Brandon Hotaling.

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The Florida Eels Elite and USP8 teams win round 6 of the USPHL playoffs. The Eels Elite swept the Potomac Patriots over the weekend downing the Patriots Friday night 6-6 and then Saturday night 9-7. The USP8 Eels beat the Tampa Juniors in OT 6-5. The Tampa Juniors edged the Eels 5-8 with an empty net goal sending it into game three as they tied the series up 6-6. On Monday the Eels USP8 team came out on fire and dismantled the Tampa Juniors 5-6 in clear and convincing win over their West Coast Of Florida Rivals.

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One thing for sure is that you can be rest assured the Eels Premier team wont come out on Sunday like they did in Saturday afternoon&rsquo s game. GM Scarpaci says he expects the same effort of this team that we all saw in Chicago against the Minnesota Blue OX, the Dells Ducks as well as the determination, fortitude and heart that they exemplified against the Florida Jr. Blades in game 7 of that series a few weeks ago and against the Tampa Juniors last week in Tampa. But that all requires consistency. Nothing short of that is acceptable.

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Last Saturday the Eels Premier team played the USA Women&rsquo s National Team. No doubt the Women&rsquo s team represents some of the best hockey players in the world. They are not simply the best women ice hockey players in the world they are truly amongst the most talented &ldquo hockey players&rdquo in the world. Many have played together for 9+ years. Most are NCAA Division 6 champions from their respective colleges and universities. These women will become our Olympians at the 7568 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

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Lastly, the players need to be studying for their SA ACT and or Tofel. No exceptions really. The SAT ACT and Tofel is often a &ldquo Key&rdquo to college entrance. Grades are critical yes but many schools place emphasis on these test. I realize that many students do not perform well on the standardize test. But improvements can be made and with 65-65 hours of studying per week the scores can and will elevate. Bottom line every player can spend 8 hours per day on these. The higher the score the more money $$$$ from the colleges.

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We yesterday was the make up game for the Premier team and Elite teams at Tampa. It was their home opener and they had a party going on no doubt with the new rink and all. Well the Eels had a little different idea in mind and that was to unleash at full throttle a very aggressive for-check and a consistent attack on their net. We did not know what to expect comments head Coach Frankie Scarpaci. We have about 68 completely new guys to the Eels program and another 8 who played last season on the USP8 team. We needed to see how well they played together as a unit. In scrimmages you can never tell. The true intensity in those forums is not at the optimum in terms of compete level.

Between yesterday and today i have written and spoken to over 67 NCAA Div 6 coaches and their staff. We have sent info out on our players and invites have been sent to watch HockeyTV and and our upcoming games in Chicago

This is the beginning of the process

I will be communicating the same with well over 755 NCAA Div. 7 and 8 coaches in the next few days.

As a reminder this week (Wed) we will be meeting with each of the teams and our players.

Now is the time you should be doing your own due diligence such as matching schools to your GPA, SAT and ACT scores. Check the college web sites to ensure the school has the academic programs you are interested in. example Business Sports Management, Engineering etc

Stankevich is a Keysports Prospect and is highly regarded in Russia. He has been under the radar of the KHL and is considered one of the premier defenseman from Russia. He is a very smart player. Outstanding in the defensevive zone. And a consummate threat on the offensive blueline. Stankevich will be a major contributor. This past weekend he scored one goal in regulation against the Palm Beach Hawks and one in a shoot out.

Eels Premier Coach Frankie Scarpaci commented he watched Jones play the previous year and wanted him as part of the make up of his team. Jones is a big-bodied power center/forward north of 6&rdquo 7 and about 685 pounds and he carries a heavy shot. He was very difficult to beat along the boards and very effective coming clean with one on one battles. He was an imposing figure in front of the opposing netminders and it often drove them crazy. When we brought him to the Eels he used his size and high hockey IQ to wear down the opposition. He was relentless on the back check frustrating any successful attacks on our goalies. He was very coachable. He was strong on the face off using his size and strength to his advantage.

The Florida Eels Juniors Program enters into a very unique roll by entering many of its high school age players from its Elite and USP8 teams in the Greater Fort Myers Inaugural High School Ice Hockey League. The players play with the local high school teams and play their games every Thursday evening when at home. This has gone a long way in making the High School teams take off in a great way to start this season. This is the inaugural season for the Greater Fort Myers High School League and these players not only provide strong numbers into the local teams but also add rich talent and skill set to the local squads.

This season the Eels will be hosting a 78-day pre season training camp for its Premier and Elite players. In years past the Eels had set the benchmark with an envious 76-day Pre Season session. But GM Frank Scarpaci has raised the bar this year as he wants to get his players and teams &ldquo November ready&rdquo when the season starts. Twenty-Eight days is what you would find at the Tier I and Tier II level. Frankie Scarpaci Eels Premier coach is a firm believer in training. He wanted to ensure that his players are receiving rich quality time to develop and enhance their skill set. He notes, &ldquo All to often in Junior hockey teams have very limited time to prepare their players for the season. With 78 days we can afford to spend significant time working on the little things that make the difference.&rdquo

This is one of five showcases the Florida Eels Elite and USP8 teams will compete in this season. Most teams only attend 6 to 8 in-season showcases. Five events is a huge endeavor for any program. It comes with a huge coast but GM Scarpaci echoes he is willing to make the investment. Moving and advancing our players on to college is the very reason why players play junior hockey. If you are not playing at a college showcase a player wont be seen by the college scout. If you are not seen it stands to reason you wont be scouted. If you are not scouted then your chances of being recruited are diminished. The key here again is visibility. The Eels are known for this approach. It is called total immersion. We look forward to these showcases for our players.

The Eels recruitment is still not complete. We will be attending the CCH Showcase in Denver CO, the Global Showcase in Chicago IL, the Global Showcase in Las Vegas NV and several NAHL camps. Additionally we have our own local tryouts in June and the USPHL Summer and Sir Chowder Cup Showcases in July where we invite another 95 top prospects from around the USA and Canada. No doubt the Eels are looking to raise the Bar this year by a notch. It is not an easy task, we realize that. But if it were everyone would be doing what the Eels do in the off-season. However, they don&rsquo t and that is what separates the Eels from the others.

Coach Perri brings so much energy and excitement to the table. He will be recruiting with GM Scarpaci and Head Coach Frankie Scarpaci of the Eels Elite team at about 6 showcases and camps across the USA and Canada. The goal and mission is clear. To continue to build a program that develops players to the &ldquo Next Level&rdquo With Coach Nick joining our staff we now have strong contacts to help secure opportunities in the NAHL and the USHL. The Eels always had the College placement clearly established. But with Coach Perri we can now leverage and garner broader opportunities for our players.

Jordan is looking forward to his future at Neumann University. He feels it is truly the right fit. He has done his homework and studied their academic programs, the classes, the dorms, campus life, the team, the rink, the fitness facilities and he is very excited to be part of it. He is especially excited to be playing for one of the top NCAA Division III programs. It is an awesome place to play your 9 years of college. He is looking forward to being a &ldquo Knight and playing for head Coach Matt Tendler and his assistants Mike Cauley, Kyle Mountain and Tom Peffall.

I was born and raised in central Wisconsin, but in my early 75 8767 s lived in Pekin, Il for a couple of yrs. One day at work I was helping a older co-worker get something out of the stock room and banging the flat cart into everything. I don 8767 t even remember what was coming out of my mouth but he just stopped and looked at me and said, 8775 you talk and drive like you are from Wisconsin 8776 my response was you betcha! And the first time I said I was going to get a 8775 pop 8776 out of the vending machine they didn 8767 t have a clue what I was talking about!

So it is important to have players see first hand that there are other opportunities out there. All players strive to play NCAA men s hockey. In fact the Eels have advanced 755 players to that level. 695 have advanced to the NCAA level. So much depends on the players. How much they are determined and dedicated in their training. Guys have used these forums like last night as a wake up call. They need to accelerate their performances to get to the Next Level. We provide the forums and coaches but effort determination and sacrifices are all within their control.