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I loved DOFP it 8767 s right up there with the best comic book movies I 8767 ve seen, but there was one thing that had me scratching my head the whole movie
Remember that post-credit scene from The Wolverine where Magneto and Professor X surprise Wolverine in the Airport? That had NOTHING to do with the movie it wasn 8767 t even mentioned or referenced WHATSUPWITDAT?!?!?!?

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I really can 8767 t watch Family Guy these days. I used to be such a fan as well when it first started, now though I can no longer watch it. American Dad had potential in the beginning, but even that has gone stale. If it wasn 8767 t for Steve in those shows, I just wouldn 8767 t bother. As for The Cleveland Show well no one seemed to like that, at least I heard that it has been cancelled.

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And Mike, I don 8767 t know why I have to explain this, but the part where NPH made the crappy pun about Seth being a Sheeper before the gun fight was supposed to show his decline from the suave cool guy in the beginning to the shallow idiot he really was. This was extremely obvious and implying this was a pun that was supposed to be funny is unfair to the movie. And while obvious this one joke doesn 8767 t turn things around for the movie completely, it was just a very obvious example of you guys either just not 8775 getting 8776 something or (more likely) feigning not getting it to further disparage the movie.

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Same experience here. in the row below me a woman brought her two kids, one of them a girl about 5-years-old. I rolled my eyes and started enjoying the movie (Yes, I enjoyed the Watchmen movie come at me bros). As soon as Dr. Manhattan 8767 s giant blue penis came on screen the little girl cried out, 8775 What is that! Gross! 8776 She sounded close to tears. I almost cracked a rib stifling laughter as the woman hurriedly shuffled her two kids out of the theater.


Are you kidding? The first three Family Guy seasons were the best the show ever was. It was never classic Simpsons quality but it was decently written, the characters were likeable and the humour was both outrageous but also charming. Beginning with season 9, the show started relying too much on cutaways, gross-out gags, mean-spirited humour and social commentary with the subtly of a bulldozer crashing through a brick wall.

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I actually didn 8767 t mind STID, but yet again I 8767 m not a Star Trek fan nor do I know much about the previous TV shows or movies. What bothered me was how dumb the film was, with the 8766 cold fusion 8767 bomb to freeze the volcano, how they hid the Enterprise underwater, the lame reveal of Khan [oh wow, his name is different from before, how dramatic for the characters in the film], the Tribble blood death cure, the decision to make the Enterprise poop out little Smurf turds, etc.

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You think Seth MacFarlane 8775 put out a critique of the West from a cynical, modern, point of view 8776 ? Now, that 8767 s just as silly as a bubbly Mexican woman in garish clothing, pretending to be a film critic. He strung together a bunch of sex jokes around some Monument Valley footage. His point of view is the end of his own dick. MacFarlane is, now, what he has always been a smirking, lucky, insufferable frat-boy who thinks poo is really, really, really hilarious.

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Keep in mind, the first 7 (or is it 8?) seasons of Family Guy are filled w/misogyny, mean-spiritedness, and pointless 8767 85s references, and it wasn 8767 t until Fox assigned a new showrunner to the series that it actually became a show which had good voice work, intelligent stories, and real societal commentary. There 8767 s still far too much misogyny in the series for my taste, but at least it 8767 s usually surrounded by something clever.

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And I read the book and I thought, "What the hell happens next?" Well, next issue, Galactus shows up. Holy shit! And next issue [after that], they beat him, and that wasn''t even the end of the issue, that was 67 pages in and then Johnny Storm goes off to his first day of college. I mean, could you imagine in a modern book closing out the battle between the heroes and Galactus the first time? The battle between the heroes and ultimate super-villain two-thirds of the way through the book, and the last third is pure character about one of the guys leaving home and going off to college? I mean, that would be laughed out the door.

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I 8767 m quite sure I saw what was being portrayed. The antagonists were high testosterone, facial hair growing men who were thriving in a tough environment. The protagonist and his buddy were raging pussies and failures in life, they made damn sure we knew that. If they hadn 8767 t slotted in a full minute a piece ensuring the audience knew the tough guys were the bad guys and undesirable for some reason you wouldn 8767 t accuse me of projecting.

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It is if you 8767 re into getting the same white men over and over again (mostly talking about Batman and Superman and my longing for different stories. I 8767 m not even that much of a comic fan but OMG how many different Batman stories can put on screen?)
Though I 8767 d like Marvel to stop going overboard with straight white men, like, i want Black Widow, i want Blade (and Karen Jenson because she is flawless), i 8767 d love to see a Spawn remake, hopefully with the Daredevil TV Show we 8767 ll also get to see Elektra.

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It''s all a part of corporate machines like Disney or Fox. The fundamental reality is, in the global scheme of things, who gives a fuck about Bryan Singer or me? The point is, how if at all possible to get the X-Men back into the Marvel fold, so then Kevin [Feige] can sit down and figure out a scenario whereby in five years you can relaunch the whole kit and kaboodle and do it even better.

She would recommend a $555 blender or a $755 8775 Conscious Tee 8776 and not realize how expensive that is for normal people. She thinks her acting job is harder than a working mother 8767 s job because it 8767 s not a typical 9-5 job, even though she can keep her kids in a on-set trailer with a maid when we can 8767 t afford that. She thinks every home should have an outdoor woodfire oven so you can make vegan pizzas for your kids properly.

At best it 8767 s subtextual. We could make hay about the character having a Napoleon complex, or being even more fearful about the human race 8767 s fate because he himself is weaker than other plain normal humans, let alone mutants, and this has informed his worldview, or even the fact that he himself is a 8775 genetic anomaly 8776 who is hypocritically wanting to kill all mutants just because they 8767 re different (well, that and they have super powers, but anyway), victims of a twist of fate just like himself.

I suppose it 8767 s a different experience for comic book fans, who have longed to see those characters brought to life on the big screen. For those of us who don 8767 t particularly care about comics, what seemed like a neat idea in the early stages (Burton 8767 s Batman, Raimi 8767 s Spiderman) now feels like late stage cinematic cancer. We 8767 ve gotten a few legitimately good, even great films out of comic books (Donner 8767 s original 8775 Superman 8776 and Nolan 8767 s 8775 Dark Knight 8776 particularly shine, and I think they 8767 ll endure the test of time). But the atmospheric and thematic sameness of most of these films apocalyptic millenialism, Niezchean anti-heroism, hot butts in spandex usually isn 8767 t even interesting enough to be offensive. Zack Snyder managed the feat of being both uninteresting and offensive with 8775 Man of Steel. 8776 He 8767 s the most horrible anti-artist of our time. They should have given him the reigns to the new Star Wars films, just for the morbid pleasure of watching him mutilate them even worse than the prequels..

The film was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation , but lost to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon . X-Men was successful at the Saturn Awards. It won categories for Best Science Fiction Film , direction (Singer), writing (David Hayter), costume design , Best Actor ( Hugh Jackman ) and Supporting Actress ( Rebecca Romijn ). Nominations included Performance by a Actor ( Anna Paquin ), Supporting Actor ( Patrick Stewart ), Special Effects and Make-up. Empire readers voted Singer Best Director. [9]

What about the substitution of Senator Kelley for Trask? I also thought Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask was way cool. As I said, I see couldn''t how Bryan was going to do it in one film. Because there was so much there to play with. And a classic example of which was the scene where Stryker comes into Trask''s work area where he plopping Mystique''s blood and analyzing it. And he suddenly realizes, "I don''t hate them, I''m fascinated by them, think of what we could do, how we could use their abilities to make the world better."

I get the vibe they 8767 re going for a comic book type thing. If you look at all of the X-Men movies, including First Class and Wolverine and Wolverine again, a lot doesn 8767 t line up even without this movie. Days of Future Past is just another one where things don 8767 t perfectly line up, like most of the others. They 8767 re each their own movie, and I don 8767 t think they 8767 re trying to actually tell a connected story like LotR or something.

He does base most of his comedy either on pop culture references or very old jokes that would 8767 ve been relevant when they came out. For instance, in Family Guy, which should 8767 ve stayed canceled, they redid a Bounty commercial joke where this old maid touts how Bounty is so absorbent, but Peter is in it and he wants her to clean up this warm yellow liquid he has (his pee). That would 8767 ve been funny back when those Bounty commercials were on, but it 8767 s so out of date that Peter has to command her to 8775 clean my pee 8776 in order to get a laugh. Family Guy is mostly comprised of stuff like this.

Born in India, brought up in Canada, and moving to Australia in her early teens, Bridget is best known to Australian and UK audiences for her role of "Lana Crawford" in Neighbours, where she had the controversial task of playing the show''s first openly gay character. It marked a huge change from her earlier work in children''s television, most notably playing "Elizabeth Hawke" in Series I & II of the award-winning Wicked Science and "Reine Davidson" in Guinevere Jones. Bridget''s other screen roles include "Jess" in Mercury, "Amber" in Kath and Kim and "Anne Windele" in Ken''s Bad Day. On stage, she has played "Madeline Fleming" in The 79 Hour Window, "Abigail" in The Crucible and "Peppermint Patty" in You''re A Good Man Charlie Brown and "Amelia" in Chasing Pegasus - A Play In Ten Chords. Bridget has just completed filming the role of "The Banshee" in the Australian independent feature film of the same name - The Banshee