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Transitioning from one gender to another is a complex process and may involve transition to a gender that is neither traditionally male nor female. People who transition often start by expressing their preferred gender in situations where they feel safe. They typically work up to living full time as members of their preferred gender by making many changes a little at a time. While there is no “right” way to transition genders, there are some common social changes transgender people experience that may involve one or more of the following: adopting the appearance of the desired sex through changes in clothing and grooming, adopting a new name, changing sex designation on identity documents (if possible), using hormone therapy treatment, and/or undergoing medical procedures that modify their body to conform with their gender identity.

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Maybe the term African before American furthers their identity. It tells of their story, the history of their forefathers and what they endured, their culture, struggle, achievements etc. African American is a term on its own, and with its own history. It certainly does not mean an African, in America. Those are two different and I may add separate things, and leaving everything else out, history. It 8767 s an identity of its own. I, an Akan from Ghana like many others have a totally different history from that of an African American. I cannot relate or understand the struggle that their folks endured because it 8767 s not mine. Maybe taking the African out May also be dismissing their heritage, history or most importantly their identity.

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I 8767 m challenging you to be honest in your discussion of sex. If you want to discuss the material reality of 8775 sex 8776 we will need to discuss ontology essentialist reductionism isn 8767 t a valid metric. If you want to discuss how we know what 8775 sex 8776 looks like when the material reality is observed, we will need discuss phenomenology copypasting word definitions isn 8767 t an observation. If you want to have an honest discussion about 8775 sex, 8776 let 8767 s have it.

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One of the most important factors in the community dynamics of Ghanaian Americans is the numerous ethnic associations found in cities there the bulk of Ghanaian Americans have made their homes. These associations are not a phenomenon of the Ghanaian immigrant experience in the United States, but rather have their roots in the urban centers of Ghana. Even in 6956, nearly 67,555 people belonged to one of the 99 ethnic associations in the greater metropolitan area of Accra alone. Of these associations, 95 were dedicated to people of the same ethnic group, district or state, and 85 were dedicated to persons from the same town or village in total, 77 ethnic divisions were represented. Many of the ethnic associations in Ghana could be classified as cultural, political, economic, or any combination of these roles.

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Nope, it 8767 s not. It 8767 s also not the female collective 8767 s responsibility to hinder their own safety for anyone else 8767 s. If you want or need something, get together and build what you need. Don 8767 t seek to confiscate the safety that women have carved out for themselves, add surgical privileges to your identity, and legislate for those special privileges. We fought hard, and it wasn 8767 t for you. It was for women. You aren 8767 t a woman. If you want us to fight for you, then stop demanding, ask nicely, and give us a cause that 8767 s not self-harming.

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If the material reality is giving life to the construct of language, then those terms are the identification of that material reality. Male/Man and Female/Woman are a material reality. Any label given to them is still a material reality. They are not interchangeable in material reality, and therefore the construction of these words has to depict that. They do. You 8767 re argument here is really that man and woman aren 8767 t just the material reality, but they are, and while I 8767 ve explained that already, I 8767 ll do so again as I respond here in the hopes that you 8767 ll be honest with yourself. Or you, like the blogger, believe that because language is constructed, then it cannot fully convey material reality.

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I agree! Black is a label that is a better fit for me if all you are concerned about is labeling me. And really Brown is more accurate. Yes, I am aware that I have African ancestors, but are you positive? Which tribe or tribes did they come from? I know nothing about life in Africa any more than most White (European) Americans know about Europe. And the label 8775 White 8776 is used to label North Africans and others that have color to their skin I am also made of many other races To chose one label to define me means to reject all others and there is not one person that is 655% one race. We are all mixed from different lands, but we all have the same general makeup! We are people!

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The notion that truly revolutionary radical feminism is trans-inclusive is a no brainer. I honestly do not understand how or why a strain of radical feminism has emerged that favors a biology-based/sex-essentialist theory of ‘sex caste’ over the theory of ‘sex class’ as set forth in the work of Witting, Andrea, and MacKinnon. Can radical feminism be ‘reclaimed’ so that its trans-inclusivity—which is inherent—is made apparent? I hope so .

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Do you see the inconsistencies in your argument yet? You say that reality is separate from conception or perception. On this we agree because it 8767 s a fact, again something indisputable. But then you turn around and say that reality is based on ideology and/or perception, which means that reality can 8767 t be reality. To be honest, I 8767 m perplexed by this stance as well. It negates itself into absolute nothingness. Reality cannot and does not account for feelings or thoughts. Then you say that I 8767 m asserting that male and female are based on what it perceived, that what someone looks like determines how they 8767 re body works, which is just not the case. A trans man on testosterone still produces viable ova and can become pregnant without surgery that does not change their sex, but removes only it 8767 s function.

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In more inclusive women 8767 s groups, Burghammer would face a process of adult female and more specifically feminist socialization. As an newcomer to women 8767 s culture, she would need to 8775 check her privilege 8776 and be aware of some possible male-socialized behaviors to recognize and unlearn. She might also need to deal with a problem widespread among women, internalized misogyny, from a special angle, having been surrounded for many years by male peers likely voicing antifeminist stereotypes not directed (to their knowledge) against her, who was assumed to be a male!

While there are many who feel that morality must be built into law, I believe that the elimination of transsexualism is not best achieved by legislation prohibiting transsexual treatment and surgery but rather by legislation that limits it and by other legislation that lessens the support given to sex-role stereotyping, which generated the problem to begin with. Any legislation should be aimed at the social conditions that initiate and promote the surgery as well as the growth of the medical-institutional complex that translates these stereotypes into flesh and blood.

Now, to your point, if the facts are dug into and a new way to implement that fact comes to light, a new symbol is created. Ontology facilitates this. For resistors, there 8767 s a squiggly line with a straight arrow through it. This means that it 8767 s still a resistor, but it has varying degrees of resistance, just like a thermostat. To say that because we don 8767 t know about variable resistors yet, resistor symbols don 8767 t relate fact, is provably wrong. Especially when the reverse is true. Without finding the fact of resistance first, and accepting that fact, and symbolizing that fact to make it functional, you cannot find that resistance is variable.

8775 But you’re not accounting for the fact that language doesn’t expand to the extent that it negates itself. 8776
That 8767 s because it does! It 8767 s not even uncommon. Check out Wittgenstein 8767 s work on symbolic language and meaning, tautology and contradiction, or (lighter reading) chapter 6 of 8775 Through the Looking Glass 8776 . In political science, the word 8775 liberal 8776 means 8775 minimum government interference 8776 , but it has almost the opposite meaning in the USA today. It 8767 s more than fair to say that the American idiomatic use of the word 8775 liberal 8776 negates its classical definition.
Another example (gender related): Until the late 6955s the word 8775 girl 8776 meant 8775 child 8776 (of whatever sex).

Good reply. Yeah, I 8767 ve known a lot of 8775 white 8776 folks in my time, and I agree. They are just as rotten as the 8775 black 8776 folks, at times. I have witnessed this type of 8775 anti-dark 8776 sentiments in children and adults of all colors. Growing up with a lot of 8775 dark 8776 friends, I never really gave a lot of thought to the idea of being mean to them because of their color.

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I think the term African American was self serving for Black obviously did not consider people like me who are black and from the Caribbean or Black people from other about white people living in America but are from South to would be considered African prefer not to be referred to as African American because it omits my Caribbean resent that and so do many others.

To your point though, if science found a way to make it happen, then the fact remains that same-sex couples cannot conceive a biological child, but genetically engineer one. Again, it 8767 s a work around for the biological facts that are still in place. Now, as to trans persons, if science can find a way to actually cause a person to swap sexes, I would concede in the same way. I truly hope that this is a reality at some point in the evolution of our species to help individuals like yourself.

The Ga-Adangbe live in the Accra Plains along Ghana''s southern coastal area. They are two distinct yet culturally similar groups, the Ga and the Adangbe. Their languages stem from the same root, but are today unintelligible to each other. Today the Adangbe include a number of subgroups all speaking different dialects like the Shai, Ningi, Kpone, La, Gbugle, Krobo, and the Ada. Among the Ga are groups such as the Ga-Mashie, who are found in the neighborhoods of central Accra, as well as those who have immigrated to this area from Akwamu, Akwapim, Anecho (in neighboring Togo), and other areas surrounding Accra. Ga communities are prominent within the capital city of Accra, and much of Ga culture is still practiced in such urban settings.

What I shall term 8775 sex/gender-inflexible 8776 flavors of feminism, which turn to the sex binary as a moral compass, might find this scenario an especially perplexing one. A simple 8775 Sex Not Gender 8776 approach might require that Burghammer, now identifying as female after giving birth to her daughter Elizabeth, be accepted instantly and effortlessly as a female (or woman) despite having lived in a male status and undergone childhood male socialization, etc. And a simple 8775 Woman Born Female 8776 (WBF) approach as the definition of who is a woman or female, as opposed to a definition for asubgroup of women who might sometimes seek spaces of their own would permanently exclude from the entire women 8767 s community a self-identified female who had given birth.

While intersex people have mixed sex characteristics from birth as a natural variation or trait, transsex people have such characteristics as a result of consensual medical intervention, most of us having been deemed at birth as endosex (nonintersex) members of a binary sex from which we have transitioned. The intersex and transsex conditions are conceptually and often in reality quite distinct, although a minority of people in each group also come within the other, and experience both types of oppression associated with these conditions under patriarchy.

Male dominant society has defined women as a discrete biological group forever. If this was going to produce liberation, we’d be free.… To me, women is a political group . I never had much occasion to say that, or work with it, until the last few years when there has been a lot of discussion about whether transwomen are women  I always thought I don’t care how someone becomes a woman or a man it does not matter to me. It is just part of their specificity, their uniqueness, like everyone else’s. Anybody who identifies as a woman, wants to be a woman, is going around being a woman, as far as I’m concerned, is a woman.

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