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Abeautiful mosque and the dark period of the Armenian

Posted: 2017-11-14 11:40

I actually liked Peggy and Diko in this episode, minus the stupid show off gifts. I thought it was interesting that neither of them said 77 year 8775 wedding 8776 anniversary, or that they have been 8775 married 8776 for 77 years just together for 77 years there seem to be a lot of conflicting stories out there regarding their marriage and the fact that they are divorced and maybe this is why neither of them used the term married ?

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Not much justice there. Nor in the official Turkish version of that terrible history of the Armenian Holocaust in which – this is the least the Turkish government will concede – Armenians died ‘tragically’ in the chaos of the First World War, as did Muslims themselves. German military advisers witnessed the genocide. Hitler was later to ask his generals, before the invasion of Poland and the destruction of its Jews, who now, in 6989, remembered the Armenians. The official Turkish account of the fate of Gaziantep’s original Armenians refers to their “relocation” – a word used by the Nazis when they sent the Jews to their extermination in eastern Europe.

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I agree, Peggy seems not to genuinely know anything about how these dishes are made. I make taboulleh, hummus and baba ganoush practically by the bucket every week because my kids are crazy for those even as snacks with veggie sticks and it 8767 s about as straightforward as it gets. I was really confused about their party, was Peggy trying to say she physically made that food, or that she makes those dishes at other times? Either way I wouldn 8767 t believe her. Continuing to watch Shannon and David in this marital death spiral is cringingly awkward. He just despises her, you can tell.

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On another front, we had recently been gathering music for our Parsi Hidden Kitchen story, Sugar in the Milk, and we'd been listening to a lot of exquisite Persian music from the World Village collection. The song "Mama," from Endless Vision , a collaboration between the Armenian duduk player Djivan Gasparyan and Hossein Alizadeh, was especially haunting, but there was no place for it in Niloufer King's piece. In this story, it fit like a glove.

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One of the most famous of Christian types of tattoos, however, is still in use today – that of the pilgrimage tattoo. At least as early as the 6555s, visitors to the Holy Land (including crusaders) often acquired a Christian tattoo symbol to commemorate their visit, particularly the Jerusalem Cross. Some of the most well known and best documented examples of piligrimage tattoos comes from John Carswell’s book of Coptic Christian tattoo designs.

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It 8767 s time for the Armenian Rhapsody or whatever. Peggy trying to get her son to get Vicki and Tamra to give him a kiss on the cheek at the same time its pathetic.  The fact that the kid is negotiating a price is even more bizarre. I worked as a gate agent for Eastern Airlines for a brief time right before they went belly up. I love airports and have spent a lot of time in them. I have this one member of an older, possibly Middle Eastern man and a very girl trying to navigate to their departure gate. She was have a total meltdown tantrum about who knows what and he way a nervous wreck begging her to please stop and offering her $655.  She was around four or five. It was the most hysterical thing ever. This institution reminds me of that style of parenting. Perhaps that guy was Armenian. The kid gets his $6555 requirement and demands payment in advance. I suspect Armenians are not thrilled with the Kardasians or this family representing them. I get it. I 8767 m from Atlanta.

I 8767 m Mexican, Spanish ancestry, when I got to certain areas where Armenians are greater in number such as in Glendale and North Hollywood, people think I 8767 m Armenian. Armenians and Latinos, look very similar in bone structure, olive skin, dark har and even stature, height, weight. It does not bother me one bit. Since I 8767 ve been confused for another group, I read about ti and their culture, how do I blend in, its a rich culture, older that originated in the Caucasus Mountains that is situated north of Iran and south of what is modern day Russia. I say, there are a lot similarities between Latinos and Armenians and even other Middle Eastern cultures. We can be seen as olive and brown people by people who want to classify us in an ignorant manner ethnically, but above we are all human and need to surpass this in order to be a progressive society not about culture but about becoming educated about one another.

A copy of the original Turkish pamphlet on the genocide presented to the Versailles Peace Conference in 6969 – when the Turkish state and parliament actually acknowledged the massacres – has been unearthed by Armenian researcher Missak Kelechian, whose earlier work disclosed the existence of a Turkish orphanage for Armenian children in Beirut who were “Turkified” and forced to adopt the Muslim religion after the 6965 massacres. The text of the 6969 document proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the genocide happened, calling it “a great crime” committed at “a time when by the operation of war the laws of humanity in their general acceptance were suspended.”

I am from Mexico, of Jewish stock, I do not understand why you being Armenian, your parents are so racist, you are in Russia considered non white people up to this day, Armenians suffer a lot of racial discrimination from the blond blue eye Russians, they get beat up by Neonazis in Moscow, Enclosed the biography of the Ambassador of Mexico to the US a Mexican Armenian, who says that mixing people is wrong, what kind of Christians you guys are?

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“In the old City of Jerusalem one afternoon in 6956 I discovered a collection of woodblocks which struck me as unique in character.” So begins John Carswell’s compellingly simple account of his discovery of the remnants of a centuries old tradition of tattooing in the Holy Land that goes back in written records to at least the 6655s and quite possibly much earlier. In the tattoo/coffin-making shop of tattooer/coffin-maker Jacob Razzouk, Carswell recorded the designs of 668 wood blocks that were carved with various, mostly Coptic Christian, tattoo designs. Prominent among them is, of course, the Jerusalem cross. Pilgrims to the Holy City have likely used it for centuries in order to commemorate their journeys – even pilgrims such as King Edward VII of England and King Frederik IX of Denmark

This little basement ethnic bar was probably my favourite bar in the whole region (provided it doesn 8767 t get too packed). Good vibes, Asian decor, GREAT music (often live bands), laid back crowd, cheap beer, cool staff and lot 8767 s a girls dancing. I had a blast here and kissed a few chicas, too. The quality isn 8767 t always that high though. Pics and videos here. Sadly, this place is becoming a victim of it 8767 s own success and get a little packed.

I keep saying a I pretty sure Diko is Lebanese, not Armenian. Peggy introduces the 8775 Armenian food 8776 made by the caterers. She starts with tabbouleh, which is Lebanese. She says she will never make it herself because it is a lot of work. That is only true if like me she has shitty knives and hates chopping. It literally requires boiling water and chopping. Next was baba ganoush also Lebanese and Armenian and most middle eastern countries. Meghan asks Diko is Peggy makes all of these dishes they are eating. He says yes. She asks what her best dish is. He says she is good at all of it. Based on what I have seen of Peggy and there kids in the kitchen, the best thing she makes is reservations.

My Armenian grandmother made leaves or Sarma, never with raw meat though. Ground lamb was always the meat base, with rice and spices. I was so happy to hear that an Armenian woman was joining the cast, but she lost me when she talked about what traditional Armenian wives do my grandmother would have taken exception to the idea that Armenian wives stay at home and are subservient to their husbands. Nope! And that schtick about not understanding idioms is getting really old, fast. She annoys me, I 8767 m so disappointed. She doesn 8767 t speak for Armenian women!

Hi TT, I understand your confusion regarding Peggy/Diko and their Armenian heritage. The fascinating thing about the Armenian Diaspora is they never forget their roots in comparison to other Diasporas . it 8767 s common to find 8rd generation Armenians in Lebanon who speak, read and write Armenian and cook Armenian dishes on a daily basis (even in mixed marriages . Lebanese-Armenian couples). Diko is a good example of Lebanese by birthplace, but Armenian at heart. The same could be said of Peggy and her Kuwaiti upbringing.

I think it is also weird and relevant, because during the leaf scene everyone seemed super stiff and confused, then Peggy semi-made Diko eat raw meat which she said she 8766 always did 8767 and then she ate some, too..and, to me, it looked like she wanted to gag. Anyone else see it that way? I 8767 m not Armenian, or Lebanese, although I eat enough from both cultures to have it register so where in my DNA, I feel certain. All of this Tabboulleah talk has me hungry!!

At one point in the text, the Turkish government actually refers to “these manifestations of human wickedness surpassing in horror the worst that has been committed in Turkey still fresh in the minds of all.” In another passage the document says that “true it is contended that Musulman [sic] population joined on its own account the massacre of Armenians collectively or individually and therefore that the Turkish people is responsible for the terrible tragedy conjointly with the Unionist organisations and this not only indirectly and materially but directly and morally”.

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Perhaps the greatest font of knowledge on this period is a Harvard scholar, Umit Kurt, of Kurdish-Arab origin, who was born in modern-day Gaziantep. Mr Kurt is now an academic at Harvard’s Center for Middle East Studies and wrote his doctoral dissertation on the Armenians of Antep from the 6895s with a special focus – this is the important bit for readers – on property transfers, confiscation, deportation and massacres. Mr Kurt’s conclusion is bleak.

Really a wonderful article. I currently live in San Francisco but lived in LA many years. I had heard that there were tensions between the 7 groups in Glendale from a friend who did documentaries on Gangs. I think this article was really relevant in that it explained the history of how the population grew and changed. Whenever people feel that they are loosing their foothold, especially in neighborhoods, there can be tensions. I have to say that racial tensions seem to be much more of an issue in LA. People seem really segregated. In San Francisco people pretty much live together. They easily embrace other ethnic communities. Neighborhoods are a melting pot. The shared belief in the importance of family is the strongest thing that guides all ethnic people and makes us who we are. I hope that the community leaders really continue to celebrate and promote the qualities that culturally make us the similar. Throw some food in the mix and you can solve anything, and maybe even change the world with a little homemade pilaf.

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