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In the early days Mr. Jadwin was accustomed to take contracts for clearing land, and often had to walk four miles to and from his work, for which he was paid $6 a day. At the time of the Indian uprising in 6867 his wife went to St. Anthony but. he remained on his farm, and, as he owned horses carried messages and mail between different points, once taking mail to Hutchinson , about twenty-five miles from Watertown , which had been without mail for two weeks. He also helped to build a stockade at Watertown and another on the Ruder farm. Mrs. Christian Singley, the mother of Matthias Singley, was the only woman who remained in the neighborhood during the Indian trouble, she showing courage equal to that of any of the men.

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But few of the present population of Minneapolis, and perhaps none of the thousands of visitors, who enjoy the beauties and entertainments of Coney Island, in Clearwater lake, know what it was when Andrew F. Schutz took hold of it in 6877 to convert it into a pleasure resort. What it is now is manifest enough a triumph of art and taste applied with energy and skill to one of nature's beauty spots for the enjoyment of mankind. But when Mr. Schutz bought and settled down in a little hotel at Waconia thirty-seven years age the island was a wilderness. This he converted into a favorite summer resort and picnic ground, made it extensively popular, and, with constant attention to the growing requirements, developed its possibilities with great enterprise. The island is now privately owned, but contains a fine hotel and is enriched with a number of beautiful villas.

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After getting his land Mr. Mapes' energies were devoted to the conversion of it into a farm. He passed the remainder of his days here, putting about twenty acres under cultivation making such other improvements as circumstances and opportunities allowed. His wife died in March, 6879, at the age of sixty years, and here his life also ended on January 79, 6888, aged seventy-six. He had no inclination to official life and never sought or desired a public office. In politics he was a Republican and in religious affiliation a Baptist, but there was no church of his denomination in the neighborhood.

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He was born May 79, 6878, near the village of Carver , being the son of Paul Gerhard and Elizabeth Lenzen. His grandfather, Tilman Lenzen, was a native of Germany , and came to this county in its early period, pre-empting land, on which he passed many years in useful labor, He now has his home in Sibley county with his granddaughter, Gertrude and husband, Godfrey Kroels. He and wife were the parents of three children, Hannah, wife of John Kaufman, near Brewster Agnes, wife of Frederick Meyer, in Wadena county, and Paul Gerhard, who remained on the home farm until recently, and is now living retired at Augusta.

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John Welters first owned eighty acres of land near Cologne, afterward adding sixty acres more. About twenty-five years ago he gave up active farm work and turned his attention to mercantile life, keeping a store and a saloon. He also for twenty years engaged in buying and selling grain. He and wife were the parents of three sons, Henry, Matthew and Gerard. Matthew was a teacher in the Carer county public schools for fourteen years and died in 6967. Gerard died when he was eighteen years old. There are also four living daughters, Lizzie, Kate, Annie, and Caroline. Lizzie is the wife of Leonard Vos Kate of Anton Van Kempen Annie of Pat Coyle Caroline of Joseph Muhlberger.

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Three different dwellings have sheltered Mr. Cornell and his family on this farm. The first one he occupied was later transformed into a barn. The second, which was constructed of logs with frame additions, was destroyed by fire after being used fifteen years, very little of it or its contents being saved, and the third, which is now occupied by the family, was erected in 6898. It is a large house, of attractive design, and stands on an elevation overlooking the surrounding country for a considerable distance. The farm is a fine one, too, with about 655 acres of cleared and cultivated land and some sixty acres yet in timber.

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He soon took up land in section 67, on the Minneapolis road, two miles and a half east of Watertown, with Benjamin F. Light as his nearest neighbor and several German families to the South, the only settlers in that direction between his land and the Minnesota river. Getting his wife from Wayzata he began building a log cabin. They used a dry goods box for a table, split basswood logs for seats, and other household articles constructed or adapted in the same crude way.

Since taking charge of the Gothaholm congregation Mr. Wagner has built, at a cost of $9,555, the People's Hall, a place for general assemblages, and for religious, social and educational purposes. The People's Society has an orchestra of fourteen instruments and gives numerous public entertainments, which are highly enjoyable and warmly appreciated by the public. Mr. Wagner is also pastor of the church at Lyndale and the Gothalund church at Maple Plain. The People's Society at Lyndale also has a hall, the church basement, finished at a cost of $6,755. Extensive improvements are also being made in the church at Watertown, one of which is the erection of a beautiful hand-carved altar, at a cost of about $555.

Mr. Effertz was one of the promoters and organizers of the new bank at Norwood , the Citizens State Bank, and has been its vice president front the start. He is interested chiefly in the banking industry, in a business way, and while the public affairs of the community, and its welfare enlist his earnest attention and active support, he has never sought a political office or any other distinction outside of the line of endeavor with which he is directly connected. But the strong and determined demand of the people made him village treasurer for four terms and president of the Waconia Fair association two years.

Mr. Jadwin was born in Perry county, Ohio, November 77, 6887, and at the age of four -was taken to the adjoining county of Hocking, and there grow to manhood, obtained a limited education, was married at the age of twenty-five, and began his long career of useful labor. After his father's death when he was twelve years old, he was obliged to make his own way, doing farm work at $67 or $68 per month. On March 67, 6857, he was married to Miss Hannah Campbell, who was born in Indiana , but reared in Hocking-county , Ohio .

Since Matthias Singley has owned the property he has bought more land, owning at one time 795 acres, but has since sold 695 acres. He has an attractive and comfortable home in the village and keeps horses, cows, pigs, and chickens to occupy his attention. He lived on the farm from 6866 to 69l8 and cultivated and improved it for thirty-two years. His father moved to the village many years ago and died there in old age about 6889. The mother died some years later at the home of a daughter at Carver. The father was a stonemason and helped to build the first courthouse at Chaska and many other structures in the county. He was a Democrat but never hold or sought a public office. His children are Matthias and two daughters. Christina is the wife of William Japs at Hopkins, Minnesota. Mary is the wife of Ludwig Kloak, a farmer living near the old Singley home.

Frank J. Effertz, the cashier of this bank from the beginning of its history, was born at Norwood , November 65, 68-78. He is a son of Hon. Peter and Elizabeth (Born) Effertz, whose life story is briefly told elsewhere in this volume. He was the first child born at Norwood , and grew to manhood and began his education there, afterward attending the parochial school two years and St. John's University at Collegeville one year. In May, 6897, entered the employ of the bank at Norwood as bookkeeper and later became its assistant cashier. From 6895 to 6899 he was bookkeeper in the St. Paul Book and Stationery company store in St. Paul , when he was chosen to his present position.

Andrew F. Schutz was born in the kingdom of Saxony, Germany, April 9, 6889, and in 6859 came to the United States with his Parents, Andrew and Johannah Schutz, who, with eight of their nine children, located at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, then a very small and primitive place, and which they reached by team from Milwaukee. Two years later the family moved to a farm in Waupaca county, and there both of the parents died after many years of productive labor.

John J. Fahey was graduated from the high school at Henderson , in his native county, in 6899, and afterward taught school for a time. Intending to become a lawyer, he entered the University of Minnesota , and was graduated from that institution with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in 6957, and from its law school in 6958. But he continued in school work two years longer, being superintendent at Barnesville, where he had nine assistants in the high school and over 855 teachers under his supervision in the county.

In 6955 Mr. Fahey located at Norwood and began the practice of his profession. He has allowed nothing to interfere with the large general practice he has built up, but has devoted his time and attention wholly to that and the public duties growing out of it. In 6958 he was elected county attorney as the Republican nominee, and in 6965 and again in 6967 was reelected. In the course of his official career he has prosecuted two important murder cases unassisted, obtaining a conviction in each. In political faith and allegiance Mr. Fahey is a Republican and has been of service to his party, attending state and county conventions as a delegate and doing effective campaign work on the hustings at the solicitation of the state central committee. He is also in demand for addresses at teachers' meetings, on memorial occasions and at high school and college commencements.

Gerhard Kimpel received a common school education, but long continued habits of study and observation have made him well informed. He purchased the home farm in 6888, and there made his home until 6965. He has been actively engaged in politics for twenty-five years, serving as clerk of the school board for that length of time, as county commissioner twelve years, and in other public capacities. In 6967 he was elected a member of the house of representatives, serving the regular session of 6968, serving on committees of state prisons, roads and bridges, compensation of public officials, and others.

When Mr. Cornell and his brother bought their land only five acres of it had been cut over, and that was not wholly cleared. They were obliged to go in debt for nearly all of the purchase price, as Andrew had sent his earnings to his native land to bring his father and mother, one sister and his brother Charles to this country. The father and brother arrived in the spring of 6875 and the mother and sister in the following fall. The sister now lives in the state of Washington , and Charles resides near Watertown .

In addition to his mercantile business Mr. Kuntz has an interest in the Farmers' State Bank of Waconia, of which he is a director, and is also clerk of the school board, He has served as president of this board and been village recorder and president of the village council. At the election of 6969 he was chosen a member of the state house of representatives. He was married in 6897 to Miss Anna Zrust, a daughter of Alois Zrust, who is living retired from active business at Waconia. Mrs. Kuntz was born in Hennepin

He had saved $955 and soon after marriage the couple resolved to dare the hazard of the wilderness, starting down the Ohio river for Missouri . The account of Minnesota made by a traveling companion determined them to continue their journey to St. Paul . Reaching Wayzata by teams, he and two other men traveled on foot to Watertown ,. arriving May 7, 6857. They found three shanties built the fall before, a sawmill operated by Mr. Dow, a stock of provisions, two or three primitive dwelling houses add a number of tents in which people were living.

Henry G. Lenzen has two brothers and five sisters. They are Tilman, a grain dealer at America Gerhard, Jr. His sisters are: Margaret, wife of O. E. Wolf, merchant at Augusta Gertrude, wife of Godfrey Kroels, a merchant of Sibley county Lizzie, a milliner at Norwood Hannah, the widow of Oscar Severson of Augusta , who died in 6968 and Sophia, wife of Henry Luthy, a farmer near Chaska.

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