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one night cas wasn&rsquo t there when dean woke up from a nightmare. he panicked, calling desperately out for both cas and sam. stumbling half asleep down the hall with scared eyes filling with tears. the second cas heard him call he came running down the hall, grabbing dean&rsquo s face to promise that he was there. dean broke down crying. &ldquo i thought they got you. i thought they had taken you away from me,&rdquo he sobbed.

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You shook your head. “No…it’s not that.” Backing up, you felt the bed against your legs and sat down. “I mean, we’ve had sex. Like… a lot.” You were staring at the ground. “Am I going to hell? Oh no, did you find ’ oh my God ’ offensive?” You looked at him, worried. The panic was setting in. “I’m going to hell. I had sex with God. I used his name in well…vain. Oh God… Fuck !” You buried your face in your hands.

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Ned&rsquo s a fuckin&rsquo necromancer so while that may be his reality, it&rsquo s not really anyone else&rsquo s besides Chuck his alive agained girlfriend that he can&rsquo t touch lest he kill her. Chuck, should technically be dead, but she&rsquo s not so her reality is just skewed by that fact alone. Come on, you&rsquo re dead, then you&rsquo re not dead? Reality doesn&rsquo t really matter anymore when you&rsquo ve cheated death.

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&ldquo Sammy, Y/N! Wake up, we&rsquo re home!&rdquo I&rsquo d only been driving for the last four hours but I was ready to get into bed with Y/N and sleep for the rest of the night and all day tomorrow. This last job had really taken it&rsquo s toll on all of us. Espeically since the Vamp nest we had raided turned out to have more vamps than expected. Shit, I&rsquo m pretty sure that&rsquo s the most I&rsquo ve killed in a week. I smirked to myself as I thought about the new personal record. I pushed Sammy once more, must be exhausted too. He jumped awake and looked at me startled.

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when dean wakes up bathed in sweat in the middle of the night, night terrors making his heart race the first thing he does is to check cas is still there and that he&rsquo s okay. cas always wakes up, like he can sense dean&rsquo s distress even in his sleep. every time cas gets out of bed and holds dean&rsquo s hand as they quietly goes to check sam is okay. dean apologizes for waking him up every time, but cas just kisses his temple and pulls him close with a &ldquo i&rsquo m not gonna let them hurt you, or sam.&rdquo

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Chuck was actually amused. “Now, why would you go to hell for sleeping with me?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. “If I didn’t want to have sex- I wouldn’t. Newsflash- I enjoy sex. A lot. Especially with you. No worries about landing in hell.” He sat next to you and pulled you to him. “As for saying ’ oh God ’ during sex, I don’t find it offensive. I know that’s pretty much what everyone says. I just consider it you saying my name two different ways.” He chuckled.

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Y/N had been extremely quiet the entire way home, quieter than usual. Normally she&rsquo s acting like a 5 year old asking where we are and if we are almost there. I&rsquo m pretty sure she just does it to get me going and most of the time it works. She&rsquo s the biggest pain in the ass, but she&rsquo s mine and I&rsquo d do anything to protect and keep her mine. She wasn&rsquo t getting up so I stepped out of the car and opened the back door so I could pick her up and carry her to bed. That&rsquo s when I noticed she wasn&rsquo t there..

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My mind&rsquo s going crazy. Where could she be, we only stopped once and it was back in Tulsa.. Where the hell could she be? Think Dean think.. She was in the car when we stopped at that gas station. I remember because I could hear her soft breathing coming from the back seat, and when I looked back I remember thinking how beautiful and lucky I was to have her in my life. God, if I lose her I don&rsquo t know what I&rsquo m going to do.

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&ldquo I&rsquo ve been sitting here for hours and you didn&rsquo t even notice I was gone. What the fuck is wrong with you guys!? You guys fucking left me at the gas station in Tulsa! &rdquo her angry but beautiful voice screamed at me through the phone. I pulled the phone away from my ear and smiled at Sammy once again. He could definitely hear her on the phone and this time he bowed his head and by the movements I could tell he was trying to hold his laughter in so Y/N didn&rsquo t hear. I on the other hand did no such thing.

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chuck stops by sometimes. for coffee or a beer. in the beginning dean kept his distance to cas while chuck was there. it kept ringing in the back of his head that chuck technically is cas&rsquo dad. after it had been like that a couple of times chuck pulled dean to the side and went &ldquo it&rsquo s cool, i know.&rdquo dean was confused and asked what he was talking about, but chuck just laughed. &ldquo i&rsquo m god remember? i know everything. you think i chose cas to save you by coincidence? i knew even before you did.&rdquo across the room cas sent him a smile and dean felt nervous. &ldquo hey, if i didn&rsquo t want it happening i had stopped it long ago.&rdquo the rest of the day was awkward with dean walking around on eggshells, but when chuck was about to leave he told cas, in front of everyone &ldquo i approve.&rdquo and then he grabbed dean and cas&rsquo hands to put them together before snapping his fingers and disappearing. after that visit dean never left cas&rsquo side even when chuck was there.