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Posted: 2017-12-07 08:53

I completely agree with most of these, but I am surprised to see the one about the interview being short. I have never even had an interview longer than 85 minutes in my entire life, neither at bad jobs nor at good ones. At my current amazing job I only had a 65 minutes phone screen and two brief 65-65 minutes interviews with bosses. It has been 8 years now in the job and I couldn 8767 t be happier. I wonder what others think of this typically being a red flag.

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Yeeegh. I mean, it 8767 s true that training now looks like 8775 do your best to figure it out and talk to X if you have any questions 8776 as often as not, where X may or may not be available and a good teacher, and 8775 bad bosses 8776 in the sense of 8775 bosses who won 8767 t help you prioritize your workload 8776 or 8775 bosses who are stingy with raises 8776 or whatever are pretty common, from what I 8767 ve heard, but *throwing things*? I 8767 ve never heard of that from any of my friends or family in various industries I gotta figure it 8767 s unique to medicine (I can imagine hospitals being a pretty high-stress area.)

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Yup. Looking at the funding source is a good idea. Sometimes, a single source funder isn 8767 t a bad sign. We only have a single source funder for our clients. But the funder is rock solid, and our clients have conditions that Will. Always. Need. Support. However, watch out if the funder could move the money to The Most Popular Topic of the Day. When I was interviewing, I asked 6) How long the program was active. 7) How long was the funding cycle. 8) who was providing the funding.

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There have been a lot of issues I 8767 ve had with workplaces where even in hindsight I couldn 8767 t think of how I 8767 d have screened for that in the interview. For example, I like using best practices, or at least having some established processes to follow. So when interviewing for my current job, I asked if they used project management methods. I was told 8775 we have a PMO (project management office), which I interpreted as 8775 yes 8776 . Turns out the PMO does nothing more that write down estimated dates. No risk mitigation, resource planning, no schedule management, nothing. Projects here are utter chaos.

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The place I 8767 m at right now is always described like it 8767 s a family If my boss is one of 9 siblings, he 8767 s the only normal one, and the other 8 offices are some level of insane. I can barely deal with a couple minutes of the dysfunctional family energy so if I didn 8767 t work for the sane sibling, I would not still be here. Never, ever view this as a good thing, there 8767 s just too much of a chance that you 8767 ll end up somewhere awful.

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I had a performance review where one of the metrics was incredibly basic administrative stuff (like submit time sheet on time, which I always did). I got rated the average on that. I asked what, specifically, I could do to improve in that area and what an 8775 exceeds expectations 8776 or 8775 above average 8776 would look like. I was told there was nothing that could be done to improve in that area. I asked why I am not getting a higher rating in that area then and was told that no one gets a top rating in that. Mind, the number of 8775 above averages 8776 you got was tied to your raise. Then they had the gall to insist that ratings were not being deliberately depressed (this was during the recession).

I completely agree with your first point, and feel like only now in my current work situation am I really understanding that. The company I work for has a terrible time with retaining junior employees the message is very clear from the top-up that the higher-ups are not all too interested in investing in emerging talent. You get the impression quickly that, after 7-8 years, they have zero idea what to do with you or your career. It 8767 s bizarre.

I once saw an ad for an admin that was for a customer of my former employer, they were opening their first area office. I could have mentioned my former employer and probably gotten an interview. Maybe even the job.
But the ad was so unrealistic in it 8767 s expectations, I couldn 8767 t bring myself to do it. It basically said 8775 need an admin who is always perfect in appearance and behavior and has all the skills in the world so she can do anything we require at any time. 8776 Those kinds of ads aren 8767 t unusual
Shortly after that I realized I should look for a job that plays to my strengths instead of trying to be everything, and I got a good job. :)

Another red flag was that the hiring manager wanted to tell me all the bad things about everyone working there. Such as, 8775 so and so is very smart but scattered, 8776 8775 so and so calls in sick a lot 8776 , etc. It wasn 8767 t a red flag in that those were actual problems that impacted my ability to work with those people it was a red flag that the manager liked to pigeon hole everyone on her team and could never, ever move on once she had placed people in their slots.

For what it 8767 s worth, I think you 8767 re reading that one wrong. I 8767 ve worked with several organizations that have listed that and it wasn 8767 t code for that at all. It was an attempt to convey that they have a warm culture where people joke around in a positive manner. In fact, the most egalitarian organization I 8767 ve worked with, the one that 8767 s truly committed to working on equity and inclusiveness, makes a joke about humor in their ads. (You can argue that they 8767 d be smart not to since some people read it the way you do, but my point is that it 8767 s really not always code for that.)

UGH this how I feel about some of the metrics on our current performance reviews. We have one that addresses integrity: you either have it or you don 8767 t. How would you exceed expectations on that? Luckily we have a new HR system this year. I 8767 m getting ready to start entering goals and hope to take a peek at the new evaluations. I really hope many of the metrics have disappeared and been replaced with something more meaningful.

I just thought of one potential red flag that might be kind of subtle if the person interviewing you speaks in glowing terms about your predecessor. It could be problematic if they want the exact duplicate of that person to replace them or they feel like nobody can measure up to dear departed Glenda. This will make your job ten times harder because you could end up hearing 8775 But Glenda didn 8767 t do it like thaaaaaat 8776 659975769679966 times a day.

My mom took a job where an employee had warned her that it was really stressful. She laughed and said, 8775 compared to where I came from this is nothing. 8776 She worked there until retirement. Before I was born and when I was little she had been career civil service. When we moved here, there were few civil service jobs to be had. When one that was up her alley finally opened up, she grabbed it.

agreed!! I was also going to comment that if everyone has been there FOREVER, it 8767 s also a red flag. it depends on your field, of course, but in my field (technology ad agencies) if you 8767 re there more than 7 years but less than, say, 7 that 8767 s fine. more than 7 years? you 8767 re no longer really sure of what other people are doing and the liklihood of you not tolerating new people or outside ideas is pretty high. actually I 8767 d start to worry after 5 years.

A well-known organization in my field/region keeps posting 8775 Emotional maturity and ability to accept criticism 8776 as minimum qualifications, and has a paragraph about running a lean program and how proud they are of how much they accomplish despite being so lean.
To me that would read 8775 We 8767 re understaffed and will be mean to you, but you 8767 re not allowed to push back on it or we 8767 ll say you don 8767 t have emotional maturity! 8776 it 8767 s no coincidence that most of their staff only last about 65 days.

Yeah. I was considering networking myself back into a company I worked for ten years ago, but the Glassdoor reviews of the latest CEO make me realize that this company is not for me, with a capital not and what did you have to go introduce sexism for? I mean, that 8767 s a latent thread of the industry, and I had a lot of issues with it when I worked there, but when the positive and negative postings emphasize that women should not expect the same opportunities as men, being taken as seriously as men, or several other specific call-outs, I 8767 m willing to take that as said because it 8767 s meant.

I think the biggest red flag is Glass Door reviews that appear to be fake. Like they were written by the company 8767 s HR or PR department. It sends the message, 8775 We have something to hide and we try to influence what employees say about us. 8776 Because if it was a decent place to work, they wouldn 8767 t need to do that. And if they were honest, they 8767 d address the negative reviews by either changing or responding in a transparent way.

Exactly. I don 8767 t mind a more informal culture, nor some level of social awkwardness, but my free time is very important to me and I am not willing to pull the 8775 spend all your life at the office 8776 nonsense that these places often expect. Also, it makes me worry about lack of diversity in their workforce these places also often ends up pushing a very particular image of what a programmer should be like and what they should be interested in which I don 8767 t fit in several ways, and I 8767 d rather not deal with that particular headache any more than I have to.

There 8767 s a difference between 8775 We treat our employees like family we beat them just like we do my stepchildren 8776 and 8775 we treat our employees like family, but we understand that a work family isn 8767 t a family-family, and we all need to understand the limits of what a business *can* do to take care of their employees. 8776 It 8767 s not always easy to see that difference, but it 8767 s well worth trying.

The last two points ( 8775 The hiring manager can 8767 t tell you how the success of the person in the job will be measured 8776 and 8775 The hiring manager isn 8767 t interested in having a real dialogue with you or answering your questions so that you can figure out if the job is right for you. 8776 ) assume that the interview is for an existing position. What would the advice be for a newly-created position, especially one in which they 8767 re 8775 still working out the details 8776 ?