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Posted: 2017-09-24 19:17

Im in high school and i like this guy we used to talked last yr alot and this yr i dont have any classes with him and i barley see him. I talked to him la few times this yr. Hes really popular so its hard and alot of girls like him. I asked for his number and he gave it to me but he never texted me back. He never talks to me i always have to go talk to him. And now one of these girls who is popular and his friend is telling everyone i like him whenever im around(i have a class with her) what do i do? and what does this mean? please dont say move on
Thank you

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Ok I need HELP!!!
I have been going out with this guy for 7 months now,
At the start he was super cute- text me just about every morning, call me just to hear my voice telling me all this nice stuff. Called me beautiful and was super lovely.
Then about a month ago his phone got cut off and that was ok cause he would call me about once a day or use wifi and facebook me. Some days he would call more than once and he was still super lovely.
Than his phone went back on and it seems since then he 8767 s been making less and less effort to contact me. Most days at the moment i feel if I want to talk I have to make the effort and contact him but I don 8767 t want to seem needy.
Meeting up wise, we meet about once a week at the moment he used to call me up and want to meet spur of the moment but that also has changed and when we do meet he occasionally pushes the time back. When however we are together he still seems to care about me. HELP!! Tell me am I being paranoid or is he losing interest
and what do I do if he is ????????

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plZ help me I 8767 m with my boyfriend since 8months he Was so nice with Nd I know he loves me so much but lately he seems so different he Dnt call Dnt answer my msgs when I tell him I wanna see u Nd I miss u he tell me I can 8767 t can 8767 t I 8767 m busy , my parents , Dnt hv a car he 8767 s always with his friend Nd he told me yesterdAy stop being needy dont push me away Nd it hurts alot bcoz I love him so much I 8767 m afraid to loose him Nd I think he don 8767 t love me anymore and sometimes I think that he sees another girl I don 8767 t know if it 8767 s true but I 8767 m dying I want him like before. I 8767 m callin him too much but sometimes he Dnt answer Nd reject me Nd when I tell him this is not fair Wt u do he get upset Nd turn his phone off Nd answer Nd ah btw I 8767 m so jealous about him if he talks to another girl , I don 8767 t know what to do plZ help me answer me asap !

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So this guy tells all his frat brothers and a few of my sisters that he really likes me and has never met a girl like me before. He knows how I feel about him that I really like him, however he keeps making plans and gets out of them or flakes last minute for instance we made plans to meet for lunch on a Monday, but he was sick so it got moved to Thursday. On Tuesday night he says he forgot that he had a meeting to attend that has been his excuse several times this weekend he cancels dinner in Friday, makes me find him that night at a party. We hang out all night and he says see u tomorrow only to 8775 forget his phone 8776 and ignore me all day after asking me out and again today. What does this mean????

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Hey man i really need you right now, i 8767 ve met this girl two years ago, then i had bad first impression on my first text but 6 week or 7 weeks after the first time because i had no experiences on approaching a girl. I made up my mind to create a new account and say sorry to her and she was okay with that. And i moved on for 7 years and i want to get to know her again right now and i want to get her out now but she 8767 s in Perth and I 8767 m in Jakarta. But i 8767 m going to studying in Melbourne next year, i think she won 8767 t think the past me right? What should i do, thanks mate. Btw do you have whatsapp? i think it 8767 s better that i contact you personally

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A classy woman is in touch with her femininity. Her mission in life is not in challenging men and competing with men wherever possible she enjoys pleasing men without feeling ashamed of it, and is proud to be a woman. She recognizes the differences between men and women in psychology, physiology and sexuality and accepts those differences as laws of nature. As such, she does not hate men, and is not overly skeptical or pessimistic about her ability to fall in love and enjoy great romance.

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There 8767 s this guy who apparently liked me for a long time and finally approached me en we clicked emediatly. So we started seeing eechother alot for a few weeks, and he was perfect, sweet and i felt special. So then some shit happend and we decided to stay friends. But during a few weeks that we were 8775 friends 8776 he was stil sweet, we decided not to meet up till the feelings were a bit settled, so we talked alot on the phone and texted. and i mean.. alot, like till 5 am we could talk and everyday he texted me well you get the idea.. I just knew he still liked me.

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I really could do with some advice. I 8767 ve been with my boyfriend for about four years now we 8767 ve broken up and made up many times. The reason is because he doesn 8767 t give me any attention at first it 8767 s all nice he will talk to me ask to see me make time for me but for some reason when it gets to a few months let 8767 s say 9 months he stops trying and shuts me out. Usually I tell him how I feel and he explains his tired and busy I understand that but lately his been with his friends hardly makes time for me I ALWAYS call him it 8767 s always me calling to see if he is okay I 8767 m so scared of losing him but I honestly don 8767 t know what to do anymore it 8767 s eating me inside same thing all the time he told me hel never hurt me again but he has once again and I messaged him telling him how I feel and to ring me back haven 8767 t heard from him what should I do

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The player I was with is not good looking and looks older than he is. We got to know each other than began to date. I suspected early on but knew this wasn t going to last. He was a rebound.

He has no idea how much I know about him not by my choice. I ll use it when the time comes. Beware to the player I know!! He s so self absorbed he won t see it coming!!!

And YES it bugs the crap out of him when I don t respond to his calls or texts! He can t understand why I don t jump.

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wow!!!! eric, you have really clarified things that have been driving me nuts trying to get. i have been talking to people just trying to understand thigns and put htings in perspective, and they think i 8767 m obsessed. not saying i 8767 m not, it is just hard to let go because i didn 8767 t understand what i was doing wrong. sumof: like guy, i tell him, making hints i want to spend time with him more like a nincompoop i am end result=i blow it, (

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Class is NOT about how much money she has or the latest trendiest fashion though dressing modern is appealing to a am very sad to report that I have met very few class women since I moved to Ontario Canada,perhaps it 8767 s the small working class towns ? I am know they are out there somewhere.. A classy woman is truly a rare gem and just as valuable and an object or rather person worthy of a nutshell a classy woman is one who knows herself and carries herself at least as somewhat of a lady,does not or uses minimal profanity,is intelligent but not conceited and she likes being a 8767 s it really ,we 8767 re not all after perfection just a little elegance and manners!

Good point about dresses. Although I don 8767 t think that dress v. pants is what makes a woman classy or not classy. There are plenty of ways to be female and feminine when wearing pants, and of course there are plenty of ways to look sexy in jeans / leggings, etc Dresses do seem to be underused this day and age and when I see a 8775 real 8776 dress on the street, it 8767 s quite refreshing.

I like this article, sad that class is so hard to find. Much of what it 8767 s really about is having good ethics and a mature spirit. A classy person, be it male or female, will have a peacefulness about them, bringing a calmness that is strong enough that others feel it in their own soul. Being around such a person is easy, pleasant, and restful. Some people find this boring? I can 8767 t understand that, what 8767 s boring about the feeling of being on a tropical vacation all the time??

Honestly this article does seem like something written in the 55 s. This article is unrealistic in this day and age. Like I said before, it s about having your heart and mind in the right place (good morals) that makes you a good classy person in general. I doubt people with good morals and have their mind in the right place would be trashy, or have bad hygiene, and have bad manners

It means he 8767 s not really interested. If he was he wouldn 8767 t jeopardize all these chances to be with you. He wouldnt want to blow it. He obviously doesn 8767 t value the fact that you want to see him too and every time you go ahead and reschedule with him it shows him that he can get away with it. I know you like him, but it sounds like you need to stop wasting your time on him and spend it on someone who 8767 s worth it like yourself, friends or someone else who comes along once you 8767 re no longer occupied with him. Good luck 🙂

I 8767 m so glad I 8767 m reading these. The thing is, I realized he really wasn 8767 t just ditching me out of the blue when he stopped talking. I 8767 d put myself down and he 8767 d say 8775 I hate when you do that. Why do you always do that? 8776 And 8775 Be more confident 8776 , he 8767 d reassure me with 8775 Cheer up! 8776 and 8775 Because I love you and I think you 8767 re awesome! 8776 But never really anything specific to build me up, and I hated it. I know I 8767 ve been coming on really strong lately, I want to say things and I just can 8767 t control it, I feel like honesty is the only way I 8767 ll get anywhere. I should 8767 ve noticed when he said 8775 ha yeah 8776 as a response *Facepalm*. I also realized that he paid way more attention to me after I didn 8767 t say much to him when we hung out with other friends. I thought it was just seeing me in the flesh that did it, but now I realize it 8767 s because I act way less needy in person, like way way less. And that 8767 s when he likes me the most. But I also want to compliment him all the time how do I find a happy medium with that? :/

How do I get my boyfriend to chase after me, he loves me and we live together always visiting his parents, but at times he will leave me at his parents house while he goes to hang with his boys or to workout. He never lets me go anywhere without him when I go workout, why can he? I am a baskeybsll player like he is, bit now I never play because he hates me playing with guys at the rec. I have hot too attatched and my word revolves around him. Any comments

Disappear unprompted without warning. He cannot know you 8767 re hurt or annoyed by his lack of interest. Don 8767 t text him, call him, nothing. You want to remove attention you 8767 d been giving him previously so he misses it and tries to get it back. You also want to give him time to really think about you and acknowledge your many positive attributes. He can 8767 t do this if you 8767 re constantly giving him something new to think about by texting him all day.

Been friends with this guy he did all those cutsie 8rd grade things but was also subtly affectionate and bent over backwards to do anything for me, and I always appreciated him and never took him for granted and I even flirted back while maintaining my own life. We were just barely starting to hang out one on one when he got distant and just kept hanging out with mutual friends more and we didn 8767 t talk as much.

Mirror I wrote the message on May 85th, .

First thanks for your response. I guess a part of me suspected the conclusion you came to. But here s the still haven t heard back since my apology and in fact (hangs head in shame) I may have reached out 6am in the morning asking if we could chat.

Now he s just deleted me from Facebook which just shows me he has no intention of getting in touch or wanting to stay in touch.

How can I feel anything but s**t. Not only does this mean there s no possible hope of a reconciliation, I feel like I should never have given him a second chance after he disappeared the first time.

So, I m guessing I ll never hear from him again but how do I deal with the rejection? Because I feel rubbish. :(

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