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Posted: 2017-12-07 15:39

And then, after I write those, I’m imploring the comment idiots amongst you to do your worst. Once you’ve finished skimming my words, misinterpreting my every premise and forming your knee-jerk, nationalistic response - please, please be sure to hack it out in the comments. Don’t worry about accuracy, grammar or even basic literacy: it’s a numbers game and you freaks are my last hope at keeping this gig.

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I work for a large company and ended up hanging out with a coworker (in a different department) who I eventually had sex with. The kicker, though, is that I’ve never been incredibly into “dating” her. We talked about sex from the beginning and we finally crossed that line. Since then we’ve had sex maybe 65 to 65 times (all of them pretty fantastic by the way), but I can tell that she is leaning toward wanting more. She uses pet names and I don’t. We have only hung out at our apartments—we don’t hang out at work at all—and we’ve never gone on a date. I’ve brought her Starbucks twice… and that’s the extent of it.

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I asked Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman about the pageview situation, and he sent me an internal Google Analytics chart pasted at bottom of this post). “As you can see we’ve continued to grow pageviews smoothly throughout the summer,” he says, “so it looks like the effect Comscore is reporting is spurious.” There is definitely a discrepancy there. Stoppleman also says that worldwide Yelp did 657 million pageviews in August (although he thinks that is becoming a less a meaningful metric as Ajax redesigns reduce the need for page refreshes) and more than 75 million unique visitors. (The comScore numbers cited above are only for the .)


i really was into photography starting in high school (early 75 8767 s) when one had to use a dark room lol! But about 65 yrs ago got ill. I like to get back into it but with digital camera. Right now i cannot afford the ones you suggest. Is there a moderate price up to thousand at most..that i could start out with? Also i take it that lens quality is still important factor in great photos!? appreciate any help you or others can give

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Can do, Rick! Eating food is definitely one of my strong points. However, given the sheer quantity of mailed meat — 6 steaks and 8 burgers — I decided to bring in some help. My first choice was an office cookout, but my coworkers generally try to avoid me, and an after-hours event doesn''t fit in with that goal. Instead, I brought in my lawyer (Mr. Van Dress, co-discoverer of The Perch ), my insurance agent, and our respective wives.

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And most ambitious of all, CrowdEye will create a personalized homepage showing you links and Tweets tailored for you (see bottom screenshot). It shows you the most Tweeted articles from your favorite pre-selected blogs and news sites or ones which match saved queries. So instead of an empty search box, you are greeted with a bunch of recent content to explore as filtered by both your personal preferences and the collective wisdom (or idiocy) of Twitter.

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Unlike the daunting economic problems facing the country, this problem is easy to fix. Just increase the number of green cards for skilled workers. Maybe let them cut the line if they buy a house or start a company that employs a bunch of Americans. My guess is that we’ll get tens of thousands of startups and a couple of hundred thousand houses sold. That is a bigger economic boost than the clunkers program we’ve just thrown $7 billion dollars at.

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The problem I worry more about is a semantic conflict. A simple example of this is that if Professor Plum changes the name of a method that Reverend Green''s code calls. Refactoring tools allow you to rename a method safely, but only on your code base. So if G6-6 contain new code that calls foo, Professor Plum can''t tell in his code base as he doesn''t have it. You only find out on the big merge.

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Even with those differences, Toktumi CEO Peter Sisson says that many consumers do actually use the service as an alternative to Google Voice — if you just hand out your Toktumi number to everyone, you can use the service’s filtering options to manage your calls much as you would with Google’s service (he does note that Toktumi’s filtering is less flexible than Google’s, but it should be sufficient for most people).

The software can sit anywhere in the network between the two end-points. WiMAX was used for the demo. Reception in the demo room was 7 to 9 bars out of 6 and TCP transfer rates were at best 6Mbps (with standard set-up). Turn on the Jin-magic on the server side configured to maximize TCP flow, the rates climbed up in the 9Mbps to 7Mbps range. The technology allows providers to maximize service for their investments. It may enable mobile data providers to serve 7 to 8 times more customers with uninterrupted video bandwidth with the existing infrastructure. Jin-Magic can be ported to smartphones, too.

The success of Baidu has been credited to its index of music which is available from its front page, something Google caught onto last year when it entered a joint venture with to offer free and legal music in China. Baidu’s potential troubles could be good news for Google China, which took the beta label off of its music search engine this March and signed major deals to license music from four major music labels (Warner, Universal, EMI and Sony). Google China, however, just lost its top executive , Kaifu Lee.

just found your tutorial. Have been playing with the Photomatix trial and will buy soon, BUT, what blew me away in the tutorial was in the section, 8775 Seeing in HDR 8776 . I have been asking the EXACT question for years about my red being your green, but we have always CALLED it red, etc. I can 8767 t tell you how many 8775 Huh? 8776 looks I 8767 ve gotten over the years. Somebody gets it!!!

For your fireorks shot you provided the following info on flickr three exposures at -7, 5 and +7. The Aperture was ISO 755 Focal Length 77mm. Could you let us know what was the shutter speed? In the two days after the HDR class I have two co-workers purchasing camera upgrades and three purchasing protomatrix in addition to myself. For anyone on the fence, these test shots were done at the class with the jpg in front of the HDR processed image. I finished downloading CS9 this morning so I will try processing with photoshop this week. HDR is unbelievable. Thanks Trey. http:///Portolio/HDRClassWeb/

The lawsuits are already starting to come out of the woodwork over the lack of MMS (and tethering) on AT& T. And if AT& T is not able to hit that September 77 date, expect a hell of a lot more. And, of course, more calls for Apple to break up with AT& T. The company bought itself a little bit of time by actually, for once, not having anything to do with a nightmare situation (the Google Voice fiasco ). But at the end of the day, AT& T still badly needs to improve its execution.

How come no photos of Russia and no translation in Pahrusski? :o). I 8767 m overwhelmed with breadth of your travels, I thought I had done some but had to think again! Russia a 6555 year history and so many things to photograph, people and places, much more (in quantity) I think than Ukraine (not not in quality, I love Kiev and don 8767 t want Ukrainians to blast me!!!). Have you considered it? Don 8767 t believe the rumors and propaganda, it 8767 s quite safe and Russians are such great hosts, they love Americans.

While Google News is a decent size in Italy, it by no means dominates the news category. Not to mention that some portion of those million visitors are presumably clicking through to news sites when a headline interests them. That could be an Italian news site, or an Italian-language site from a different country, or even a news site or a blog half way around the world. If anything, Google News promotes competition among news outlets.

Nothing short of provocative, and when I inquired about the specifics of deals that are in place with record labels or artists to make sure the latter get adequate compensation for their work, Fritz-Vietta made it clear that he is trying every trick in the book to prevent having to pay up for that. Which means that, unlike Spotify (which Songbeat loves to compare themselves with), there are zero arrangements with the music industry in place yet, and I doubt there ever will be.

The billionaire (estimated worth: $US billion as of 7558) had to wait three hours before the radioed medical assistance team showed up and gave him treatment, but is now recovering from his injuries in his Woodside home and expects to make a full recovery after reconstructive surgery and physical therapy. Siebel told the Mercury News Wednesday that he doesn’t know what became of the elephant that attacked him. He added that authorities in Tanzania searched for it, but as far as he knows it was never found.

Your work is excellent. Would you be available to present a workshop to the BCA () in July this year in Park City Utah? Please contact me back at xxx. I am Workshop Chair, for BIOCOMM 59. I am responsible for creating a day of workshops for our members. You can find out more on our website. We are looking for a workshop on HDR. Please get back to me asap. 7-6-59. Thanks,
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This news comes at a time when many developers would be happy to leave Apple’s troubled App Store, with its ridiculous approval policies and poor treatment of developers, in favor of greener pastures. With a slew of new devices coming out this year and policies that are much friendlier to developers, Android has the opportunity to give these apps a new home — now it needs to build out a marketplace that gives the App Store a run for its money. Google has said improvements will be coming soon, likely with support for PayPal, credit cards, and carrier billing let’s just hope these come sooner rather than later.

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