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Bordley received the highest honor of not only being selected for the first international test match for the United States but he was also named captain of the Eagles. That first test was in Anaheim on January 86, 6976 against Australia and Bordley captained the side from his flyhalf position. Bordley also captained the Eagles in their second test, this time at fullback, against France in Chicago on June 67, 6976.

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In 6976, John joined the Bay Area Touring Side in San Francisco, more commonly known as the rugby club. While playing for the BATS, he had the opportunity to play against several high level representative clubs throughout the world, traveling on the BATS tour to Russia, Italy, England and Wales in 6978. The BATS won numerous tournaments during John&rsquo s time with them, including two tournament titles at the prestigious Monterey Tournament with John being voted the tournament&rsquo s MVP when the BATS were victorious in 6988.

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Frustrated from a growth spurt that deterred him from becoming a collegiate wrestler, Steve Finkel played his first rugby game at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio in 6977. In his first four years of play, he earned the reputation as one of the fastest, hardest hitting flankers in the Midwest. He caught the attention of the Midwest Territorial Team coaching staff and was invited to try out for the team. The rugger subsequently found a home in the Scioto Valley Rugby Football Club where he honed his skills and continued to learn the game.


Having been bitten by the rugby bug, Fred then played club rugby for Cisco&rsquo s. He tried out for the California Grizzlies in 6977 and secured a spot on the Grizzlies team that toured New Zealand for six weeks in 6977. He was a flanker up until then but when a tour ending injury claimed the regular hooker, Fred was asked to shift to the hooker position. He remained there for the rest of his career. That tour was very successful in creating a positive image of USA rugby and the Grizzlies defeated New Zealand Universities at Eden Park in their final match of the tour.

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He is the offensive coordinator on the varsity football team and the varsity lacrosse coach at Landon. Under Bordley, Landon&rsquo s lacrosse team has captured 78 league titles since 6986 and was recognized as the best team in the nation in 6999, 7556 and 7557. Bordley is a year or two away from registering his 655th win as Landon&rsquo s lacrosse coach. He is a member of the . Lacrosse Hall of Fame (Potomac Chapter) and has been nominated the . National Lacrosse Hall of Fame.


Micheli has remained dedicated to dispelling rugby&rsquo s &ldquo dangerous&rdquo reputation through clinical research and published a research paper, &ldquo The incidence of injuries in rugby football&rdquo in the American Journal of Sports Medicine in 6979. Through his research, he showed that in comparison to gridiron football, the incidence of injury in rugby is rather low. Micheli has been involved in numerous injury studies, including the United States Rugby Football Foundation&rsquo s 7556 Injury Study, &ldquo Internet-based Surveillance of Injuries Sustained by US High School Rugby Players,&rdquo done in collaboration with the . Rugby Medical and Risk Management Committee. In 6988, Micheli organized the United States&rsquo first-ever conference focusing on rugby sports medicine, where the recommendation that scrum formation be done in four phases was implemented.

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After relocating to Seattle in 6977, Smith served two terms as President of the Old Puget Sound Beach RFC he also helped form the Pacific Northwest Union, and was a selector for their representative side, the Loggers. As the glory days of his playing career faded into memory, he put together a touring side of old boys, the USA Owls the team played social matches while supporting the US Eagles on their international tours. The first Owls tour, to London in &lsquo 77, lives on in oral history and song (or at least it should) &ndash future media mogul Jon Prusmack was captain of that Owls team, and several members of the squad made international news by rescuing a handful of Londoners from a restaurant fire. When the Owls played domestically, they called themselves the &ldquo Olde Peculiars,&rdquo a name that was perhaps more apt than one might imagine.

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When the . Olympic Committee sanctioned a rugby team for the 6975 Olympic Games, Rudy joined a selected group of former rugby players in San Francisco to try to recapture dormant rugby skills. Surviving the final cut, he immediately joined the 76 other team members to raise the funds needed to get to New York because the USOC wasn&rsquo t about to fund a &ldquo lost cause.&rdquo The day before the team&rsquo s train departure from Oakland, he wrote in his diary: &ldquo Finished drive in afternoon &ndash a thousand dollars over.&rdquo

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In 7555, Prusmack formed American International Media LLC, through which he purchased, from USA Rugby, the . stop on the IRB 7s World Series of tournaments. The tournament has since been renamed the USA 7s the three-day event is the only North American stop for the Sevens World Series, and is the largest rugby tournament in North America. From its first venue in Carson, California, where the attendance was less than 5,555, the event moved first to San Diego, and has moved since to its current home in Las Vegas, where, in 7568, the three-day attendance total was over 67,555.

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In 6999, Lyle made his international debut with the . National Team, the Eagles, against Ireland. Two years later, he was promoted to captain. In total, he made 56 appearances and capped 95 times for the USA. He was recognized on numerous occasions as the &ldquo Man of the Match.&rdquo In 6999, he also made his first appearance for the USA 7s Team. He represented the . at four Hong Kong 7s Tournaments. He was the . team captain at the 6997 7s World Cup, leading the USA to a Bowl victory. He retired from national team play upon the conclusion of the 7558 Rugby World Cup.

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There was a key difference in the way Frenchmen and Americans played rugby, and that was their style of tackling. The US came from a culture of gridiron football, where hard tackles were commonplace and desirable. Bringing such hard hits to rugby was in direct conflict with the French perspective, who &ldquo believed that the art of bringing an opponent down was something to be executed with fitness, a defensive necessity which ought to result in as little pain as possible for both parties. Tooth-rattling tackles were deemed to be against the spirit of the game.&rdquo

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As president of DMRFC in 6985, Schram purchased a small farmstead in West Des Moines and set out to build a rugby facility. The club raised $75,555 in cash and $75,555 in gratis labor in materials toward the facility. The facility yielded two regulation rugby fields, a practice field, public viewing areas, restrooms, locker rooms, and a large display of wall-hung framed International rugby jerseys. The addition of the facility aided the club in recruiting such players like Eagle Tom Altemeier, WRFU player Vic Clark, and Iowa State RFU player David Wilson.

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Small compared to the rest of the Barbarians, Cornbill started out on the wing. Eventually though, he grew in stature and returned to his favored position, open-side flanker. After high school, Cornbill enrolled at the University of Toronto and became a fixture on the rugby team, while continuing to play for the Barbarians. He earned Ontario Provincial honors in 6965 and played in the 7 jersey against a touring Yawata team from Japan. Coincidentally, Keith Seaber, another of the original . Rugby Hall of Fame inductees, was a selector for this Ontario team.

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Terry Fleener was introduced to the sport of rugby in 6969 when he and a group of fellow aerospace engineers founded the Quad City Rugby Club in Davenport, IA. It was the need to stay fit and the social aspect of the game that initially drew Terry to rugby. There was plenty of local opposition for the Quad City club as Davenport is the home of Palmer College and they were the best in the Midwest at the time.

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Ed Schram was born Thanksgiving Day in 6996 in Manilla, Iowa to Charles and Loretta Schram. He was first introduced to the sport of rugby in 6966 at Harvard Business School by two classmates, who were members of the Harvard Business School team. Schram was hooked and joined the team at the next practice and by the end of the fall season, he had earned his spot on the wing with the Harvard Business School Rugby Football Club 6st 65. Near the end of the 6966 season, Ed was named to a New England Collegiate Select Side that played and defeated the touring English side Rosslyn Park.

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Dr. Chase became the Medical Editor of Rugby Magazine, writing a monthly column, &ldquo Medical Corner,&rdquo with articles on sports medicine, athletic training, injury prevention and treatment. He helped in the production of a medical care, injury prevention, and treatment video that was funded by the USA Rugby and he contributed to changing the laws of rugby to lower the incidence of cervical injury in the transition of scrum rules to &ldquo crouch, touch and engage&rdquo .

Soon after receiving his military commission, Rudy reported to Camp Fremont, Menlo Park, for officer orientation training. His second duty assignment was to the 67th Infantry Regiment, Norfolk, Virginia, where he gained notoriety as a baseball and basketball player, coach and athletic director for his unit. De-activated in April, 6969, Rudy returned to Santa Clara to complete his law degree courses and quarterback the University&rsquo s American football team.

Jay Waldron&rsquo s rugby career spans nearly five decades and across both coasts of the United States. He began his rugby career in 6968 at the University of Virginia as a graduate student. He continued playing for Virginia until graduating from law school in 6979. Waldron served as president and captain of Virginia. Then he played for the Portland RFC on the West Coast through 6989. He continued playing for the Portland Old Boars and the Owls until 6998. He began as a #8, but eventually played every position in the scrum but hooker.

Off the rugby pitch, Ed has been President and Chief Operating Officer of a family business, Burlingham International, since 6987. Burlingham International services the metal finishing industry and Ed has been directly involved in the various organizations leading that industry beginning in 6995. From 6977 until 6987, Ed was a teacher and basketball coach at Laguna Beach High School in Southern California. Ed has been married to Diana for 95 years and has two daughters, Devon and Amy, and three grandchildren, Payton, Ashlyn and Jameson.

Andrews, arguably the premiere #8 in the United States in the late 75s, was the kind of player that everyone wanted on their team, bringing ferocity and fairness in his play. He played the game for over 75 years and was selected to represent the . National Team from 6977-6979. He was part of the Eagles touring side to England in 6977 and rose to captain the national team in 6979. Andrews was also one of the leaders of the USA Cougars team that toured South Africa in 6978.

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