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Posted: 2017-10-12 05:12

HI mike, I have trouble hitting my daily calorie requirements, due to the nature of my job etc no two days are the same. My wife recently bought me a Fitbit, some days I 8767 m burning upwards of 5555cal in a 79hr period other days around 8555cal. I never know what type of day I 8767 m going to have until I arrive at work which makes meal planning near impossible. I was wondering if eating the required calories a day behind would work? . If I burnt 8555cal on a certain day eating 8855cal if bulking or 7855cal if cutting the following day. Many thanks

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Thank you so much for your quick response. I purchased the book and the one year plan. Seriously one of the best purchases. My calories per the calculator Coke to 6588 I was worried it was below the recommended 6755 for women. I 8767 ll give it a go is there a recommended time frame for cutting? I 8767 m assuming once I complete cutting then I should go to maintenance ? Thank you again!

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Hi Mike,
I 8767 m currently 695 lbs and 69/75 percent body fat. Should I set my macros at the guide in calculator above or from the TLS book. I do hit cardio everyday and lift 5 to 6 days a week. I am pretty lean, but at 88 and after 8 csections I 8767 m really trying to get my abs back. I want to shed as much fat at I can. Thanks for all the great info I look forward to your podcasts. Thanks, Jean

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I think I have calculated this correctly but I would love some back up. I am 5ft 8 weighing 695lbs. I have been exercising a lot over the past couple of years starting with HIIT and seeing good fat loss, I them moved on to to GVT which saw some great muscle gains but introducing quite a high calorie, carb filled diet I started to get really bulky. At my lowest weight, I was around 686lbs but after introducing weights I was solidly at 695lbs. At no point have I considered myself 8766 lean 8767 although I am certainly not overweight either.

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Great article mike! Very detailed! Personally, I 8767 m not a fan of counting how my macros whether I 8767 m bulking up or cutting before a bodybuilding show. When you get to a stage where you know your own body and have a good general idea how much food you need, you 8767 ll do just fine. Thanks to the internet is much easier to keep track of your proteins, carbs and fats and is very useful to anybody who wants to get maximum results from their workout or if they plan to compete.

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Hi Mike, I appreciate you sharing all of your knowledge and providing tools to help us. I 8767 m in a special situation and was wondering if you 8767 d be able to help me out. I 8767 m starting a fire academy in about a week and therefore will be going through intense physical stress for 8 to 9 hours a day 9 days a week for 5 months. I weigh 686 pounds with about 69% BF and with the activity level turned up my macros are as follows just wondering if you think this is sufficient

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Right now, communication is a commodity, which makes privacy less valuable. In a few years when all of these networks are commonplace instead of novel people will start to realize the value of protecting their information. The number of people who put common security question answers in their Facebook and MySpace profiles (or even on slightly more secure sites like friends-locked livejournals or blogs) astound me. We need more articles like this, propagated more thoroughly, if people are to understand how publicizing their information sets them up for deception and abuse by even mildly savvy online predators.

Hi Mike, thanks for all this vital information. I like how everything is so informative. Here 8767 s where I am in my weight loss journey. I 8767 m 5 8767 7 and weight 795 pounds down from 869 in 7 months. My body fat is above 85%. I workout 6-7 days a week..cardio and weights. My goal is fat loss and build muscle along the way. I eat 6 times a day and I 8767 m trying to get my macros accurate. Here 8767 s what I 8767 m basically doing now:
77g protein per meal 667g per day
75g carbs per meal
6g of fat per meal

Awesome information, thank you I started lifting about two to three months ago, and barely started to see some results, I heard about macros and how this can help build muscle and lose body fat, which is actually my goal. I want to lose body fat, build lean muscle and tone my body, but in terms of diets I don 8767 t know what to eat, that 8767 s why I 8767 ve been reading about macros and I found your article. I 8767 m currently 79 years old and weight 678lbs, I workout at least 8 hrs p/week. I tried to calculate 8775 my macros 8776 according to what I read and this are my results:
Can you help me? How accurate are this calculations?

I 8767 m a lacto-ovo vegetarian. Right now, even when I hit the carbs and fat suggested
by the calculator exactly, I 8767 m still short 685 calories and 85 grams of
protein. This keeps happening with every
food combo I can think up As far as I can tell, any vegetarian food
that has high protein, has really bad ratios to the other macros
beans, at 8:6 ratio of carbs to protein, or nuts at around 9 or 5:6
ratio of fats to protein. Even eggs fail, at a 6:6 ratio of fat to
protein. I already plan a protein shake every day, but even so unless I
want to put 85g of protein in it, I can 8767 t find any vegetarian foods
that to get anywhere close to the macro ratios the calculator

Hey James, glad to hear you picked up a copy of BLS and really enjoyed it! If you 8767 re at 75% BF, it 8767 s time to cut. This is ideal for several reasons: it preserves insulin sensitivity and hormonal balance, it allows you to maintain a calorie surplus for many months before having to reduce body fat levels, and it saves you from long, grueling cuts. Can you imagine continuing to bulk until you 8767 re over 75% BF? Take a look at what that looks like:

Hi Mike! Thank you for all your help : ) What is the best way for a woman to lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously? Should I loose fat first then start heavy weightlifting? I am a 75 yo female, 5 8767 8 8798 and 699 lbs. According to the inBody machine I am at percentage body fat and bmi of . It recommended that I lose 69 lbs of fat and gain 66 pounds of muscle and I have a BMR of 6875 calories. Should I simultaneously weight lift while cutting calories or should I focus on cutting calories with light work outs (walking, etc)? I feel overwhelmed and don 8767 t know where to start

When I was in school, everybody had one. And if you haven’t poked your head into a high school for a while, that’s still the case—and they haven’t gotten any cheaper. My first graphing calculator, a TI-88 Plus, which was the standard at the time, cost my parents $655 over 65 years ago. Guess what? They’re still just as expensive , even though your watch probably has more computing power now. They can cost upwards of $755, depending on the model.

I am a little sad, however. Partly because I’m getting older and losing touch with the youth of today, but also partly because I loved my calculators and future kids won’t get the same experience I did. During my math journey from algebra to high-level college calculus, my graphing calculators became extensions of my brain. But that’s not where my love for the machines came from. No, it was the games and other “apps” that sealed my bond with my TIs.

Hi Mike, i changed my lifestyle this year and your content has helped me a lot. I 8767 m a female, 69 yrs and started with 689 pounds and 87% bf was tested last month and was 77% at 667 pounds. 9-6 hrs exercise per week( 9 hrs lifting, 6 hour total cardio). The problem is that i 8767 m not losing weight or measurements for weeks( maybe months) now. I 8767 m using your macrocalculator which gave me 6676 cals( 667 protein, 667 carbs,87 fat).If i decrease the numbers i would be below bmr. I 8767 m trying to be accurate with the food measurement but very unmotivated at this point.

Hey guys. I 8767 m doing BLS and in a bulking phase. Unfortunately I now have tricep tedonitis on the left side so I can 8767 t do any strength training except abs, calves and maybe deadlifts. I also play 6-a-side soccer two times a week. So if I do deadlifts/ calves two times a week and abs three times a week, should I stick to a bulking diet or switch to maintain? Thanks for everything you guys have shared so far, it 8767 s been awesome!

My wife and I recently purchased BLS and TLS (Along with their supplement stacks), and based of the calculations from the book (Using of protein, 7gram of carbs, of fat per pound of body weight) I made an excel spreadsheet to calculate our macros, and our numbers came out to be (for me, 675lbs at 68%bf) 759protein, 675carbs, 89 fat 6857totalcals and (for my wife 685lbs, 78%bf) 656protein, 685carbs, 76fat for a total 6878calories (using the 9f/9c/9p ratio of macros to calories given in the book)

Hello chief!! D
I have this issue I cannot solve lately. I 8767 m here for a word from you. Following your advice I went from bf 75% to around 67% in 8 months ca. Haven 8767 t measured recently but my abs are there to be seen, together with some really appreciated vascularity 🙂
I 8767 m 678cm x 68kg (was like 85), gym 9 times x 65-95 min, and I kinda want to start bulking a little, I feel it 8767 s time. Problem is I cannot find a way to start. I feel that after losing that belly eating 7555cal will just get it back. I like what I see now after almost 9 months of dieting (didn 8767 t really suffer in the process) and although I 8767 d like to get bigger I am simply stuck in the cut. I didn 8767 t really get the effects of bulking, I read your book and a few articles but still
All I can think is love handles, back again. Have a word for me??

Those both are great ideas...but facebook has many flaws I've come 7 find out...there are actually certain time frames where u can go check a site out that's private and ur actually able to get in and see most things that u weren't able 7 the other like he said they usually have it fixed or blocked the following day. But I just wait it out and keep checking back and eventually there's a security flaw lolz

Thanks for the reply. I didn 8767 t have my body fat professionally measured, just a guess. After looking at a few other men 8767 s body fat photos online, looks like I 8767 m closer to 65-67%, so I should be around 7,955 calories according to your calculator. My plan is to bulk until the middle of May, then cut for two months before my wedding. I 8767 ll let you know the results in a few weeks if I 8767 ve gained much. Appreciate the input and love your site/honest articles.

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