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I t’s no secret that there’s no love lost between Trump and comedian O’Donnell. Perhaps his most notorious rant against her came on American TV show Entertainment Tonight in 7556, when he said: “Rosie O'Donnell is disgusting, both inside and out. If you take a look at her, she's a slob. How does she even get on television? If I were running The View, I'd fire Rosie. I'd look her right in that fat, ugly face of hers and say, 'Rosie, you're fired.'

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Meh, everyone has dealt with/ learned something from bad dating experiences and its brought into the next one Everyone has baggage, its just a matter of whos baggage you are willing to deal with and be patient as they get thru it. I grew and changed alot as a person when I was honest with a guy about my baggage and he said 8775 I 8767 m different then any guy you 8767 ve met, if you give me a chance you 8767 ll see and I can be patient 8776 . At first I thought it was a line, but no he was honestly patient. We never dated, but we are still friends and if he hadnt accept my baggage, I might still be stuck suffocating in it. I was honest and myself, if he could sense bitterness it didnt stop him and I think some people are real and human enough to realize it I mean, really how good does your shit smell??

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Steve is right on , I have been on eHarmony for about close to 6 months, i am going to cancel it any day now. I get matched with 85% matches out of my selected range, 55% are no picture profile free accounts and the other 75% belong in the dog pound. 8% out of all i described actually was truthful on how they described their figure, and looks. If I check mark the spot that describes my taste in women and how important it is , shouldn 8767 t I be selected with that type of women ? NOOOOOO!!.. because that 8% cross their fingers when they check the selection (about average) when they in reality they are not even close to my standard..WTF is this the selective shit i pay for?, why the fuck do i need someone to pick who i am attracted to for fuck sakes!! No offence ladies , don 8767 t lie when you fill out your beginning questionnaire.
$ 755 bucks for 6 months down the toilet for this match making fail website, you have a better chance in meeting your match in snow storm stranded in the woods for a week straight looking in the eyes of death than you ever will on this fail match making site.


I'm not messaging guys out of my league. I don't want a guy that's super fit and looks like a movie star. I want a guy that I'm attracted to, but that I'll feel comfortable around. Eventually there would be sex, which won't happen if I'm too self-conscious or if I'm grossed out at the thought. So if I dream up my perfect man, he's going to be a little hefty, he's going to have a receding hairline and his face won't be clean shaven, he's going to wear comic book characters tshirts, he's also not going to be hugely successful, but he'll have his act together, he'll be well educated, and sarcastic, and a little bit dark, and if I were that guy, yeah, I'd date me because I'm pretty sure if I were a guy, this is the guy I'd be. I think perhaps you're reflecting your own insecurities and prejudices on others.

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Wow..thank you to all the ladies (and gents) who are going through what I am! Its my 88rd birthday on Saturday, and my guy is 75!! Am I crazy? No!!! I am tired of the crap I have been putting up with for the last 65 years from guys my own age, and older. My guy is sensitive, caring, handsome, loving..I could go on and on, but when he looks at me with those gorgeous brown eyes, and pulls me close to him with his big strong arms, all the world is right! Age is nothing but a number honey!!! All ladies need to keep on keeping on and enjoy your guys! There s no one better for us! I m loving every minute!

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Ha ha!! Lets work together cuz by my intuition, so far everyone that I see dating long term or marrying actually does now, I 8767 m not cupid but I knew enough about these people or I just saw how they looked at each other as 8775 just friends 8776 , well plus a number of calculations 7 years ago, I knew by looking at a guy that he 8767 d be marrying my friend. First time meeting him and she thought he was ugly a year later, they married and 6 years later still act like it happened yesterday. Offline success stories! I got you beat Eharmony!

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Shout out to sugar mummies on dis wall. Am hot a vibrant,hot and energetic guy of 78yrs,i reside here in Lagos,Nigeria,a native of Edo state. I m seriously inneed of 6 sugar mummy of any age,dat will blow my mind with what she gat both the front,back and the pleasure below. And i toooo will please her like never before on bed with my sexy dic*,anytime she want me to. Give me a call on 57566998799 so we both get thing started. Waiting Waiting Waiting . 9 ur call

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However it's the same for me dudes, if you are tall nowadays you're not creepy and slimy, you're creepy and threatening. I don't have the greatest social skills but I've been out with friends at bars/clubs who were 5'5 and my same weight and they were just happy cheerful butterballs and could get an entire table of women warming up to them, the same women that gave me the bad boy looking tall dude who women have told me I'm on the Brad Pitt scale on looks basically the cold shoulder.

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Yeah..when I was online dating, I messaged quite a few men. SEVERAL. All at a similar level of attractiveness to myself. Not a single one replied. And in case you're wondering, my photos were quite nice, and my profile was thoughtful and grammatically correct. All the guys online sift through looking for the "hot girls" and don't give a crap about anything else -- and then whine that online dating is so hard.

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I believe there 8767 s something wrong with EHarmony. As per my experience in about 9 months I noticed that my matches don 8767 t even bother to look at my profile! I didn 8767 t receive any message at all and if I send a smile/message 99% of the times no reply.
I 8767 m not expecting EVERYONE to like me but on OKCupid I receive messages every day worst like spam and I reply very selectively

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Zann, I want to thank you for having the unselfishness and appreciation to make the effort to write back to the majority of men who write you. Being ignored and made to feel invisible is rude and insensitive. As a man I get very few first contacts and when I do, frankly the women are often unattractive and do so out of desperation. I answer every single one and if I have no attraction to then at all I offer a neutral response with a cheerful attitude and wish them good luck. We 8767 re all looking for love and no matter how unappealing a person may be, by filling out a profile and writing people they are at least trying. 

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I understand you points. Sometimes a man will hope to change your mind or will not take the rejection well. But, since it is a numbers game, you are missing out on the exposure to new propects that a new friend can offer. If you are unselfish, genuine and smart you can offer something of value, social interesction to the person you rejected. Google 8775 the corridor theory 8776 .

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I 8767 m 68 yrs old i met a women who 85 yrs old in Online , firstly we became just friends and now we became lovers. she is a lawyer and she didn 8767 t marry till now , I LOVE HER SO MUCH and she to love me a lot , my family will not agree to this and she advise me that after my Graduation i can move to her , and marry her . But i think a lot about this and to to decide. and i want to know is this will success. I hope that we will live together with great happiness , but i have still fear in my heart, to do all this i need a good advise for good life
please help

But I see plenty of women out there that have women who are taller than he is. What are they doing that you aren 8767 t? Also, are you insisting on the whole package? Well, I have news for you, if you are shorter, you aren 8767 t the whole package if a woman is going to be with you, shorter probably wasn 8767 t her preference, so she is settling for something less than the whole package. She is focusing instead on education, personality, etc Maybe you have to settle for a woman who is overweight, or some other issue that isn 8767 t your preference.

Then I get down to the decent messages. We chat. I have to ask where they live and work and I flag with them that they are my standard initial questions due to my situation. I don't mind where they live, but where they work is important because I only have lunch times during work days to do initial coffee/meet-ups. My daughter lives with me, but alternate weekends she is with her father. I don't want to commit my free weekends to anyone until I've met them first and have decided that I would like to progress. My free time is scarce so I'd like it to not go to waste.

But what 8767 s really going on in many cases is plain old deceptive marketing: a computer- or employee-generated series of messages that gets sent to you to try to convert you from a free member to a paid member. (Aka, from someone with money to someone who just gave all their money to the dating site.) It 8767 s basically like Wall Streeters that promise people they 8767 ll make them rich, then rob them blind, go 8775 bankrupt 8776 , and open up a new 8775 business 8776 next door. Anyway, as an experiment I paid for one a few years ago, but since it clearly failed, I didn 8767 t spend another dime.

My situation is like yours, but more new and more analysis on the front end. I feel he is more mature than I am, although he is half my age. So, I am looking all all HIS best interests and options in advance in case those issues ever come up. I cannot birth babies, but I CAN afford a surrogate Not too worried about the old lady syndrome as I seem to be getting Odd as that is. After reading your story, I am keeping ALL my cards on the table not just dismissing this as a temp situation for sure. Thank you.

Thank you so much! I really needed a laugh a eHarmony and you 8767 ve just turned me from a rage machine into a far more giggly, placid person. You see I 8767 ve just spent the last 95mins doing the stupid compatibility questions, got right to the end eventually, after loosing the will to live on more than one occasion and guess what I 8767 m not eligible for an account. It seems that if you choose the 8766 separated 8767 option they won 8767 t let you have one. Why on earth they couldn 8767 t tell me this before wasting my time! I 8767 ve been separated for over 6 months now, my wife left me after deciding we weren 8767 t compatible, well her and all men, and I can 8767 t afford a divorce. But it 8767 s ok because eHarmony has now judged me unsuitable to date, cheers for that. But having read your blog Steve I feel like it was a near miss, my thanks.

Some dogs will let a stern reprimand roll off their backs, while others take even a dirty look to heart. Low-sensitivity dogs, also called "easygoing," "tolerant," "resilient," and even "thick-skinned," can better handle a noisy, chaotic household, a louder or more assertive owner, and an inconsistent or variable routine. Do you have kids, throw lots of dinner parties, play in a garage band, or lead a hectic life? Go with a low-sensitivity dog.

I joined eHarmony about 65 years ago and found a terrific man. We married and celebrated several years of happiness before he died a couple of yrs ago. I recently reached out to eHarmony again. I have had plenty of communication from Nigeria/Romania/Iceland, etc. Also, evidently there is NO one in a 655 mile radius who matches me in any way. But the real kicker is that my husband 8767 s account is still showing. It DOES say that it 8767 s been over a month since he 8767 s been active. Technically, that is true

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