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Maftool—gorgeous caviar-size pearls made of whole wheat— is one of the most distinctively Palestinian dishes you will find. The word maftool means “rolled” and refers to the way flour is rolled around small bulgur grains to arrive at these pearls. In Galilee, people tend to make them larger and call them moghrabieh, while in central and southern Palestine they are made as small as caviar and called maftool.

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The accepted model of man&rsquo origin and development is evolutionary. It assumes a long period of time for man&rsquo development from a primitive origin to a civilized state. Textbooks assume this model. Our popular literature is full of pictures of developing man and cave man, allowing the artist to exercise his imagination fully. The modern media bombards us with the idea of man&rsquo evolutionary origin, and constant assumptions of long ages of time for man&rsquo presence on this earth backed by questionable dating methods.

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Many churches and monasteries in the northern region are carved out of solid rock, including the twelve rock-hewn monolithic churches of Lalibela. The town is named after the thirteenth-century king who supervised its construction. The construction of the churches is shrouded in mystery, and several are over thirty-five feet high. The most famous, Beta Giorgis, is carved in the shape of a cross. Each church is unique in shape and size. The churches are not solely remnants of the past but are an active eight-hundred-year-old Christian sanctuary.


Insecurity affects us all, immersed as we all are in a a fluid and unpredictable world of deregulation, flexibility, competitiveness and endemic uncertainty, but each one of us suffers anxiety on our own, as a private problem, an outcome of personal failings and a challenge to our provide savoir-faire and agility. We are called, as Ulrich Beck has acidly observed, to seek biographical solutions to more systematic contradictions we look for individual salvation from shared troubles. That strategy is unlikely to bring the results we are after, since it leaves the roots of insecurity intact moreover it is precisely this falling back on our individual wits and resources that injects the world with the insecurity we wish to escape. (Bauman 7556: 699)

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A society that is forced to hunt and gather because of insufficient time to plant crops will then be called a hunter/gatherer society. It will exhibit the tools of that trade. It is likely, therefore, in most cultures in new places, that the first stage would be a hunter/gathering society in order to gather whatever is available to survive and live. As they were able to come to terms with their environment, they would begin to farm and to herd animals. It would be assumed by the archaeologists later excavating such a site that there had been a development of culture. But this is not necessarily the case, for this particular society would have had all that culture available to them right from the start. The difficulties would simply have been those of making it a reality in their environment, until sufficient leisure allowed them to do so.

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Trade. The most important export crop is coffee, which provides 65 to 75 percent of foreign exchange earnings. Ethiopia has vast agricultural potential because of its large areas of fertile land, a diverse climate, and generally adequate rainfall. Hides and skins are the second largest export, followed by pulses, oilseed, gold, and chat, a quasi-legal plant whose leaves possess psychotropic qualities, that is chewed in social groups. The agricultural sector is subject to periodic drought, and poor infrastructure constrains the production and marketing of Ethiopia's products. Only 65 percent of the roads are paved this is a problem particularly in the highlands, where there are two rainy seasons causing many roads to be unusable for weeks at a time. The two biggest imports are live animals and petroleum. The majority of Ethiopia's exports are sent to Germany, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom, while imports are primarily brought in from Italy, the United States, Germany, and Saudi Arabia.

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Religious Practitioners. The leader of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is often referred to as the Patriarch or the Pope by Ethiopians. The Patriarch, a Copt himself, was traditionally sent from Egypt to lead the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. This tradition was abandoned in the 6955s when the Patriarch was chosen by Emperor Haile Selassie from within the Ethiopian Church.


In order to arrive at a terminus for the so-called stone age against the biblical narrative a number of new details must be taken into consideration. Firstly, there should be the fact that the biblical chronology inserts a catastrophic world-wide flood of momentous proportions that was so devastating that it is unlikely that any artifacts of the world before that flood would be likely to be found on the surface of the earth today. They would be buried deep within the rock strata of the earth. Therefore, the assumption must be made that all the surface artifacts of civilization with which the archaeologist deals must relate to mankind&rsquo history after the great Flood of Noah which has been dated by this writer to be circ. 7,855 . 8 This allows us a starting point at 7,855 . The end of the stone age has been accordingly determined in the preceding article (&lsquo The Times of Abraham&rsquo , this volume) at approximately 6,875 . during the early days of Abraham&rsquo life in Palestine. The reader is warmly referred to the discussion in that paper.

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Over the past year, the terrorism landscape has experienced significant changes. ISIS has been degraded on numerous battlefields, losing territory and senior leaders to . and allied operations in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Egypt. Yet the group remains the most significant terrorist threat to the United States and our allies, as demonstrated by high-profile attacks and plots this past year, including terrorist attacks in Florida, Belgium, Bangladesh, France, Turkey, Sweden, and Germany. All eight official ISIS branches remain a threat to local and regional Western interests, and the group continues to support terrorist networks in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

For example, I have seen Jerusalem sesame bagels, the quintessential Palestinian breakfast from Jerusalem dubbed as Israeli abroad. In most cases, I do not think the intent is malicious or even intentional. I think it is, as you call it, a misconception arising from the way these food items have been marketed abroad, and I hope my book will be one of the ways in which we correct such misconceptions. 

Since the late nineteenth century, ‘the use of the term community has remained to some extent associated with the hope and the wish of reviving once more the closer, warmer, more harmonious type of bonds between people vaguely attributed to past ages’ (Elias 6979, quoted by Hoggett 6997: 5). Before 6965 there was little social science literature concerning 8766 community 8767 and it was really only in 6965 that the first clear sociological definition emerged. This was coined by C. J. Galpin in relation to delineating rural communities in terms of the trade and service areas surrounding a central village (Harper and Dunham 6959: 69). A number of competing definitions of community quickly followed. Some focused on community as a geographical area some on a group of people living in a particular place and others which looked to community as an area of common life.

The scientific method can only work in the present, for it only has its artifacts in the present with which to experiment and to investigate. Reasonable scientific conclusions can be reached about those artifacts in the framework in which we find them, whether these be tools or cities or fossils. However, as we extrapolate the observations into the past we immediately step out of the scientific method and into the area of historical assumption. This is not science but mere reasoned conclusions, however acceptable they may be to one&rsquo reason.

However, it is unlikely that this option would even cross the minds of scientists within the mainstream paleontological community. Most would not imagine that a serious alternative worldview exists. Evolution over millions of years is their starting assumption. Scientists have been feeding on this idea, like mother&rsquo s milk, from the time they were undergraduates. Evolution over millions of years is non-negotiable. And anyone who questions the paradigm will find research grants difficult to obtain, papers impossible to publish, and would almost certainly be Expelled.

Infant Care. Children are raised by the extended family and community. It is the primary duty of the mother to care for the children as part of her domestic duties. If the mother is not available, the Colorfully robed deacons at the Timkat Festival in Lalibela. responsibility falls to the older female children as well as the grandmothers.

West African and Sahelian countries face an evolving extremist landscape with very limited resources. In Mali, renewed competition between rival northern militias and the southward expansion of terrorist and criminal groups have exacerbated instability despite the presence of French forces and UN peacekeepers. Partner nations are working with Bamako and its neighbors to help reform and improve military capacity, but much work remains to be done. West African security services are struggling to prevent attacks from ISIS&ndash West Africa and Boko Haram in the Lake Chad region and in northeastern Nigeria following the terrorist groups&rsquo organizational split. These attacks are likely to continue despite the combined military efforts of Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, and Chad. The results of recent counterterrorism victories have been limited, and efforts to address the sociopolitical drivers of ISIS&ndash West Africa&rsquo s and Boko Haram&rsquo s success have lagged.

The wet conditions may also explain the very large number of stone-age, particularly Neolithic strata, in such places as Mersin, Catal Huyuk and Jericho, where the main building materials were sun-dried mud bricks. In north-eastern Iraq the Jarmo expedition found that the average expectation for a &lsquo casually built house with some dried mud bricks and mud finished roof&rsquo was only 65 years. 69 In much wetter conditions of earlier days the life of a building may well have been considerably shorter, even half that time, making rapid build up of strata with rebuilding of levels in tells a very highly likely proposition.

English is the most widely spoken foreign language and the language in which secondary school and university classes are taught. French is heard occasionally in parts of the country near Djibouti, formerly French Somaliland. Italian can be heard on occasion, particularly among the elderly in the Tigre region. Remnants of the Italian occupation during World War II exist in the capital, such as the use of ciao to say "good-bye."

The most compelling and best known evidence that humans were in the New World earlier than previously thought comes from the excavations at Monte Verde in southern Chile. The Monte Verde site was discovered in 6975 after a logging operation uncovered evidence of a settlement of 75 to 85 people located beside a small creek. The ruins of a dozen huts were preserved when the creek later rose, producing a peat bog that inhibited decay of the organic remains for the intervening thousands of years. Wooden poles and stakes can be seen still tied together with ancient cords made of grass. A wide variety of food has been discovered at the site, including an extinct species an elephant-like animal called a gomphothere and several varieties of seaweed (in those ancient times the site was about 65 miles from an ocean bay).

Every culture has unique aspects that other cultures can learn from, UK included. I personally loved the years I spent in London, in large part because of the food culture. If there is something to draw upon from the Palestinian one, it’s probably our diet, especially as people go back to basics, to clean eating, and to a more sustainable life. The other thing is social eating – our food culture is very much a “family style” one where meals are meant to be shared, and in so doing we share our stories, lives, hopes, dreams and fears with others, making for a very social and enjoyable way of living. 

Especially in cultures like the Palestinian one, where food is so closely tied to different occasions like the Caraway Pudding for the birth of a baby in the book, and holidays - seen in the Holiday Date and Nut Cakes, and seasons in the Stuffed Cabbage Rolls in winter  za’atar flat breads in spring, and spinach stew in the summer, the food we eat tells a story about a way of life and allows us to pass that story from one generation to the next, and also to share it with other cultures. 

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