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Date: 2017-08-13 18:47.

I think that the guy wants to have his cake and eat it too.  Why would any woman want to deal with an ex girlfriend at holiday time or listen to the guy 8767 s mother discuss the details. I have a son and I would not do that to him! Why should she have to make friends with the ex-girlfriend? How would he feel if the situation was reversed?  Would he be willing to share her with an ex, listen to the girl 8767 s mother talk about the ex or even include the ex in holiday plans? I doubt he would be hanging around for long. 

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We were only together for 9 months. You all would laugh and say why am I feeling dead. 9 months is short. In that 9 month I got to know so much of him. His happiness and what made him happy. His sadness and how he deals with it. His stress with his farm and dropped everything, I took over and supported him. He got ill and I drove 95km at night all alone to get medicine. Then I got stressed out at work, but kept it 7 myself. Because he did not need it, I only wanted him happy and to make him happy. But I got quiet when I visited him and he decided we needed time out. Which I could not bear because with him I forgot about my own problems. Everything got to much and I tried to commit suicide and now he does not even want to see or hear from me ever again. How must I go on??

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Fast forward to dating me. I was always lying, always doing something wrong, never anything right. But all I could think of was, this man is so sweet, so sensitive okay, I 8767 ll change. I 8767 ll change my ways, maybe I 8767 m doing things wrong. And it was never his issue. It was always something I was doing wrong. Bu it was always in a polite way. He was incredibly sweet, incredibly sensitive, and the mos genuine person I 8767 d ever met. At the beginning he would admit faults. Next thing you know it was me causing his insecurities, me doing something that was wrong, I was ALWAYS lying to him, etc. HE actually pulled away, not me! And it left me broken. After reading this article though and realizing the similiarities whoa. Hit the nail on the head! Thank you.

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I think a lot of us have men say wildly inappropriate things to us that they know they shouldn 8767 t. And they either rely on our manners or good nature or aversion of confrontation to say whatever they want to us with impunity. And while it may on occasion be flattering it is still slackness. And slackness deserves a lash verbal or otherwise. Your friend needs to shut it down because it will eventually it will wear away at her self-respect. And no flattery is worth that.

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Then when I was leaving her estate I walked past her older brother who just 8766 just let onto me 8767 which I thought was strange :s because my ex a couple weeks before when we was arguing was telling me her dad and brother and family where going to 8775 batter me 8776 next time they seen me but like I said above they was fine with me..plus I still have her brother and most of her family on facebook and they have never messaged me saying anything at all :s

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The day passed by uneventfully and I watched a couple of depressing movies that made me feel worse. By late afternoon, I was even more depressed. I decided to go out and spend some time with my friends. I missed him so much, it had been a week since I had heard from him. I know we were never meant to be, but I just missed hearing his voice. As I walked down a calm and pleasant street dotted with trees and sun kissed leaves, I missed him even more. I felt lonely. I walked up to a payphone and decided to call him anonymously. He answered his phone and my mouth spread into a wide grin. I felt like a little girl calling her crush up. I held my breath and didn 8767 t answer. He hung up after a few seconds. I felt stupid. [Read: Is it love or lust ?]

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exactly. know what, i really can relate to you because we almost have the same story. but i didnt put new tat nor cut my had it colored!.lol
Perhaps, they still care?but nevertheless they 8767 ve made their choice and unfortunately we werent the ones who were chosen..perhaps they 8767 re still trying to be nice for the sake of the old times but it doesnt change a thing..though we hope it will..

Ugh, yeah. I 8767 ve had this happen myself. And yes, they were a 8775 straight 8776 couple, too. I actually knew them both equally well via work. So it could have been a real nightmare. Especially since the guy was, well SO DAMN SMOKING HOT!! But yeah, it was so very strange. See, I felt it coming for months and months, but kept talking myself out of it. I mean, yeah, it all seemed VERY wishful thinking on my part. But then, no. One drunken night at the office party he made a move on me and I let him kiss me for far, far too long a time.

She confessed to me that he had still been seeing her and sleeping with her and I was devastated! I was so hurt I called him and confronted him and he was sorry he tried to fix things but I wanted her to hear the lies he was telling me so I 8 wayed her and him and she heard everything. I felt as if I was so weak and I cried he began not to care and would tell me that it was all my fault because I was always insecure and he was going to eventually end things with her and get back with me. This was a lie because as the days went on he continued to contact both her and I and wanted us both to be there with him. I would speak to her and we met up and confronted him he was more upset with her because she told me everything and he felt as if she betrayed him. 

Wow, I give you kudos for responding to it in what seems like a pretty enlightened manner.  If it were me I 8767 m with Cheryl- I 8767 d be pretty upset!
The bottom line here seems to be that he knows how this situation with his ex makes you feel (since you 8767 ve told him), and it 8767 s up to him to either do something about it, or not.
On your end, you have to decide if you 8767 re OK with his actions (or inaction) on that front.  Like Evan says: if this guy isn 8767 t giving you what you personally need to feel secure well, after letting him know your feelings and giving it some time, all that 8767 s left is to leave.
I 8767 d advise maybe taking a step back, getting into your own hobbies, hanging out with some friends put yourself in a happy place and see where this goes.

when you say to go out with friends what you mean? boy friends or girlfriends?
when you bring friends home what is your position in the living room or dinning room or bed room with close door?
you get kidding me if it happen another way that i am thinking.
you know secure woman ans secure man can be easy to insecure man and woman arent because human is always in situaton that he wants to take adventages.
For me insecure has be wanting to be like if your guy is jalouse you have to know and deal with that in correct broke up but talk talk..

We ran into each other at the Movies a few months later. Movies meaning we were both there with dates!!! Little did i know, i was sitting exactly 8 rows in front of him, making out with this random date i had. Until he told me, he couldnt watch the movie, cause he got sick and had to leave. He was there with his Ex. He said yea i seen you the whole damn movie, you sat in front of me.

My partner was doing all the things a cheat does and claimed he was working one night but he wasn 8767 t -?
I text him and told him that I was packing his stuff he came home the next morning but I was so mad we had been together for 8 years and I just wanted the truth. He didn 8767 t say a lot and said he wasn 8767 t going to argue and went. Two days later he turned up to collect his clothes I offered him a coffee but he said he had to go to his brothers house to take his gear for storing (even though he had just said that he had not told any of his family about our break up) he just wanted to get out of the house.- He wanted to come back the following day to collect the rest of his gear but I tried to phone him and he was just ignoring me so I said that he was lying yet again and that I would drop his stuff round, and that he should say where.
I have not heard from him since it has been two weeks and as much as I would really love to call him, I know that he won 8767 t pick the phone up as he is stubborn.
This happened before but he did not leave, this time he has just gone.

His life is becoming unhinged, he is in a financial downspin, about to lose everything he has, probably going to jail, is an alcoholic and a pothead, and of course cheaters are liars and liars cannot be trusted. I realized finally that I would never be free to pursue a man who respects me, desires and trusts me in a way that is healthy and brings both of us happiness. I wish him no harm, but now it 8767 s time to either block his number or change mine so we don 8767 t have to speak again..

Lastly, jealousy only truly goes away when he feels secure, comfortable and loved and he knows you won 8767 t leave him. Tell him that you love him. Stroke his ego tell him how good he looks in that color/shirt/position. Tell him you feel safer when you 8767 re with him. Tell him that you 8767 re lucky to have him. Spend more time alone with him and I mean REALLY alone, . no texts/phone calls to other people. Kiss him out of the blue, when he asks why, say 8775 because you 8767 re irresistible. 8776 That sort of thing. But this doesn 8767 t mean that you throw yourself at him.

Well dear if thats the case about yours you just need to give it a shot of being patient and if you said trying to confront him wont work out since he mention that he is over her then just be it atleast he ready knew it that u dont like him mentioning her nsme what is nice thing to do is, whenever he suddenly mention his ex name, try to just be silent.. till he feel that u felt less special about him keep repeating that. Any ways if he really loves you then you will see that through his acts, probably he still is not yet totaly ober with his ex 8767 s name? But somehow he love you now. And just say to yourself just like me, happy that this guy is mine now so im the winner! 🙂 Nd be more sweet even it really sucks so atleast he knows that you really love him FYI dear it is so hard for guys to let go of girls they know really love them.

Both of are families knew how much we loved each other and my family got on with her really well and they made her feel part of the family and loved..just like the way her family was to me they would always ask about me and always tell her how much of a lovely lad I was and how lucky she was! Even her little cousins, Nan, aunties etc loved me and her older brothers (my age) did as well and would ask about me and when I was next going down to a family event or when they where next going to see me 🙂
All my friends got to like her and they all got on with her and even considered her a good friend and part of the group ..again the same with me and her friends we all got along and they would all tell how much she loved me and my friends would do the same.

I 8767 ll take the constructions workers over an ex or 8775 friend 8776 saying inappropriate things any day! One of my best friend 8767 s husband 8767 s hit on me when I was visiting them (out of country) and she was out of town for the first two days on unexpected business. Normally it would be no big deal but because he acted the ass my first night there it was the worst two days ever. You are in this horrible position because a husband getting handsy isn 8767 t enough of a reason to end a marriage on (that has kids) but it is enough of a reason to fade out the friend. So I couldn 8767 t make a scene but I still had to stop it. And then I was left trying to figure out what/how much to tell my friend. It was just ridiculous. I 8767 m still mad at the husband for that BS and avoid being around just him on pain of death.

Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 8 years we don 8767 t live together he lives with his dad that is 85 so I understand why we don 8767 t he still has a house in his name with his ex gf. I was wondering if I had any right with being mad at him for telling me that when him and his ex was together that he tried to take her on a romantic boatwhere u eat dinner but she didnt go and he has never took me anywhere romantic i have asked for months if we could do something romantic for months and he kept sayin he dojt do romantic should I have gotten mad at him?

Thank u sooooo much for this website!!! My ex broke up with me two months ago after 5 years. Up til 9 days ago weve been friends. Knowing hes seeing someone new (which he didnt tell me himself) i still stayed cause i still loved him and he told me we had to be friends to see if we got anything left. 9days ago i found out that he had brought the girl home to meet the crushed me again to pieces so i finally told him that i was done and we cant be friends anymore. I hope one day he realizes all the pain and hurt he caused me and regrets it and thinks of me. Im super clise with all his family and they are very supportive. Any advice? I kno hes not the one but everyday i still think about him and cry.

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